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"You don't think I should be worried about my clone?" I asked, sitting beside Jace on the couch.

Jace sighed, "I'm just saying that maybe you should relax and just be here, with me." He said, snaking his arm around my shoulder.

"Maybe you're right." I smiled, "Then again, you are blonde. Like..."

"Like Ryan Gosling, do you know how tired I am of hearing that? Can't I just look like Jace?" He smirked.

"I'm all moved in." I smiled, "I can't believe I'm moved in with a guy."

"Who's not Scott?" He asked.

"Who's anybody." I said, "I do have this sneaking fear of commitment and happiness."

"So, I've seen." He chuckled, "I was thinking..."

"Uh oh."

"...Why shouldn't we talk about marriage." Jace said, "I mean, we're living together."

"I've been here for a few nights." I said.

"It's not like I'm suggesting kids. I want you forever." Jace said.

My heart melted.

"I love you, you jerk and I think we should get married." Jace smiled.

I thought about it. I mean, he was right. Marriage wouldn't be too far a leap. And I wasn't getting any younger. I'm only twenty one but I'm old enough to drink and...this feels right. Jace was smiling at me.

"Can I just have a little while to think about it? It's a big step." I asked.

Jace nodded, "As long as you really think about it." He said, kissing me on the forehead.

Chapter 113: Living Adjustment

I walked into Connor's office. I was visibly shaken.

"What's wrong?" Connor asked, looking up from paper work.

"Jace has a two bedroom." I said.

"Yeah? So do me and Raid." Connor said.

"You and Raid are married." I said, "And we picked our own apartments! I picked a one bedroom because I'm one person."

Connor chuckled.

"He wants kids and soon!" I said.

"Or eventually." Connor said.

"How would you know?"

"He told me. He got close with all of us while you were gone." Connor said, "You know, while you were sleeping with the millionaire that looked like Robert Pattinson."

"Wow, I've been sleeping with a lot of celebrities." I said, "And that joke was not funny."

"He ask you to marry him yet?"

I stared at him.

"A guess...it was bound to happen." Connor said quickly, "Look, it's an extra room. David is staying in ours so think of it as a guest room."

"How am I supposed to do that when I know it's a baby room?!" I asked.

"You have a guy who wants to be with you and start a family with you..."

"What are we, the Fantastic..." I paused.

Connor looked at me slowly.

"The point is how am I supposed to deal with all these changes? I'm already a father. Or a DNA donor." I said.

"You did what a real father would do." Connor said.

"I used to be so cool and witty now I'm stale." I frowned, "I'm becoming stale. Marriage? Children?"

"Just because you get married and have kids doesn't mean you're stale." Connor frowned, "You're growing up and believe me, there's no way you could ever get stale."

"This is all backwards." I said quickly, "I'm the one who should want to get married and have kids. I'm the bottom. Neither one of us particularly feminine but seriously, I'm the more feminine one."

"I didn't need to know that." Connor said, visibly disturbed.

"I have never been the brains of this operation but seriously...this is stupid. I can't marry him knowing that I cheated." I said quickly.

"So, what, you going to wipe your mind?" Connor joked.

I smirked at him.

"No!" Connor said, "You do that and I swear I'll do something really bad."

"Like what?" I asked.

"Convince you that you're addicted to Miley Cyrus." Connor said.

"That's low." I said.

"Don't you have leader things to do?" Connor asked.

"You just want me to leave so you can make out with your wife." I smirked.

Connor stammered over words for a minute.

I chuckled, "Ewww." I said, leaving.


I stood in the training room, watching Jace and Declan work out. The muscles and sweat and everything made me feel very excited. My arms were folded and I was leaning on the door. I got tired of sitting in my office and figured I didn't want to walk in on Raiden and Connor in the middle of...whatever they were doing. I turned when I heard footsteps and smiled at Captain America.

"Pane, I didn't expect you to be at the training room." Captain smiled.

"Well, Steve, I didn't expect to run into you either." I smiled, "The Avengers have been busy as of lately."

"Yeah, we have." Cap said, "I need your help on a mission."

"Straightforward." I nodded, "I can have the team..."

"No, just you." Captain America said.

I smiled, "I'm not even the strongest person on my team, all powers set aside. I'm not strong or flexible..."

"Normally, I'd go for some sort of stealth, but this needs a mutant's touch." Captain America smiled, "Can I count on you?"

I nodded.

Captain America looked past me at Jace and Declan training and smiled, walking away.


"You're going on A Cap mission?" Raiden asked.

"I am." I smiled.

We all gathered with our assistants. Connor and Raiden shared an assistant as well as Declan and Jace. Connor and Raiden's assistant was named Irinia and she was a beautiful with glasses. She was confident but very quiet. Declan and Jace had a young college grad named Nick. He was totally cool and eager. Melissa's assistant was definitely the oddest. She had hand-picked a girl she knew growing up named Gia. The girl was a teenager and had a purple and pink Mohawk. She was rebellious and, in a weird way, I could see Melissa knowing her. Barton was also there, taking notes. Irinia was watching with fascination. Nick was watching Irinia. Gia seemed bored.

"That is freakin cool...why do you always get the good missions?" Raiden asked.

"Yeah, cause getting my ass kicked in a trailer park was just the epitome of awesome." I smirked.

Jace folded his arms, "Seriously? Steve Rogers?" he asked.

"Don't tell me you're jealous." I frowned.

"He's buff, blonde, and freakin Captain America." Jace said.

"I would tap that." Raiden said, gaining a stare from Connor.

"Me too." Melissa smirked.

"So not my type." Gia frowned.

I chuckled, "I'm marrying you, dork." I frowned.

"Is he even still Captain America?" Jace asked.

"Actually Winter Soldier..." Connor started.

"Who?" Melissa asked.

"...Bucky Barnes." Connor said, "Is now Captain America."

"So, who's Steve Rogers?" I asked.

"Steve Rogers." Connor said, "He's a Secret Avenger."

"There's another Avenger squad?" I asked.

"Do you know what you're going to be doing?" Jace asked.

"No." I frowned, "I guess I should have asked that, right?"

"I'd say infiltration." Irinia said, standing.

I looked at her oddly, "You're probably right." I said, "Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing." Irinia said, pulling a gun.

Everyone ducked as Irinia began shooting. Jace pushed me out of the way as a bullet clipped him and took him off his feet! I threw my hand up at her and she moved, causing plaster to fall off the wall where she once stood! She took off down the hall. I walked over to Jace and surveyed his arm.

"Go!" He panted.

I nodded. I stood and took off down the hall, following the mess she had made. Any time of day, the halls were sure to be packed with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and others who worked for them. People were standing again and there was a clear path. I ran as fast as I could and turned the corner, following the paper trail. I found myself running down stairs and through the next level of the building. I wondered why she didn't take the elevator, but that would be dumb. I wondered how she thought she would get out of this huge, superhero-filled building. I sped out of the door and through a few more hallways before I paused. Irinia was standing in front of Captain America, whose shield lay on the floor in front of her.

"It's good to see you again, Captain America." Irinia smirked, "Wish I had more time to talk to you, but I've got places to be."

"A self-hating American, Laurena." Steve frowned.

"Goodbye, Captain America..."

I threw my hand forward and a mini-explosion rocked her off her feet! I ran over and tackled her to the ground. The gun slid right to Captain America and he picked it up, aiming at her. I elbowed me, causing me to stumble back. She stood, contemplating what she should do.

"No way out Laurena." Steve said, still aiming the gun.


I stood, watching Jace get medical attention. They made me move back when they began. Raiden put her arms around my shoulder. Jace looked so helpless, but still very sexy. I wondered was he a clone of Ryan Gosling. I also wondered about Irinia, or Laurena. I had chosen love over my job so many times. I'd denied my destiny for so long for guys. It always left me emptier than I started because they always left.

"Go." Jace shouted.

"What?" I asked.

"You know you want to go." Jace said, "It's okay. I knew this when I asked you to marry me."

"I'll keep an eye on him." Raiden said.

I nodded and left the Medical Room. I walked the hallway and ended up down in the interrogation room. Captain America was in the room, talking to the woman. He seemed familiar with her. Anthony Stark stood outside the door with Maria Hill and two other agents, who were listening to the interrogation. They both turned to me when I walked up. Maria Hill turned back to the interrogation.

"I would have thought you would be in the Infirmary." Maria said, not looking at me.

I smirked, "I have a job to do." I said.

Maria looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"How's your teammate?" Tony asked.

"He'll be okay." I said, "She say anything?"

"Well, there was Hail Hydra and America is a cesspool." Tony said, "Besides that..."

"She's from America, right? I heard him say that." I frowned, "How could she be in Hydra?"

"Are you getting taller?" Tony asked.

"I think you're just getting used to me." I smiled.

"Are you two flirting?" Maria asked.

We both looked at her.

"No!" We both said at the same time.

"I'm straight." Tony said.

"And I'm engaged."

"What is it about you?" Maria asked, "I don't see it."

"Thanks." I said, "I was once told that it was a part of my power. The attraction thing."

"Is that how you seduce straight men?" Maria asked.

"I don't...I haven't..."

Maria turned back to the interrogation.

"Can we please remember the hundreds of women I've slept with?" Tony asked.

"Like the Skrull queen?" Maria asked.

"Wow, someone's got her skin-tight bitch pants on." I said, "I think I'm starting to like you."

"Shouldn't you go back to the country and dance with some Betty Lous?" Maria asked.

Just then Steve came out of the room and stood in front of us.

"She wants to see Pane." Steve said, "She knows about the mission."

"Oddly enough, I don't." I frowned.

"I'll explain after you talk with her." Steve said.

"Me? No. One more thing I don't need is a Hydra agent at my throat." I said.

"Get used to it." Maria said, turning to Steve, "We need to talk."

"You can do it. Just don't let her work her jedi-mind trick on you...as a matter of fact, you use yours." Tony smiled.

I nodded and walked into the room. There was a light on her but she looked calm, impressed even. I walked over as calmly as I could and sat in the chair Steve had just sat in.

She smirked and leaned forward, "Well, haven't you grown into a big, strong man?" She smiled.

"Laurena Marina Ericson." I said, "Irinia..."

Her smirk turned even bigger.

"You've been with us for months. Why didn't you try it before?" I asked.

"I was instructed to wait for the right time." Laurena said, "I knew this mission would eventually come about."

"Your mission?"

"Yours." Laurena said, "I knew S.H.I.E.L.D. would used you, sooner or later, to try and eradicate Hydra."

"How does an American come to be in Hydra?" I asked.

"I thought you'd be bigger." She said, "Imagine my surprise when I met you."

"You think they're using me?" I asked.

"Isn't everyone?" She asked, "Pathetic Americans, Madame Hydra and Red Skull are going to take over the world."

"And when are they going to do this?" I asked.

"Your mission...you don't know anything about it, do you?" Laurena asked.

"I'm new." I shrugged.

"You can't stop them. They've regained something they lost long ago." Laurena smirked, "No one can stop them."

"You shot my fiancée." I said, "You've been around long enough to know that I can do anything."

"Yes, that is pesky." Laurena said, "And we never expected you and Captain to actually team up."

"Because you were sent to kill us?" I asked.

"Yes." She said simply.

"Germany. Nazi Germany." I frowned, "I'm smarter than I look."

"Are you reading my mind?" Laurena asked.

"Not yet." I frowned, moving toward her.

"What are you doing?" Laurena asked, shocked.

"You shot my fiancée." I said, reaching out to her.

I came out of the room and cracked my neck.

"What'd you get?" Tony asked.

"Names, locations...We need to get there, like now." I said, "Skull and Hydra have bombs."

"They're going to bomb us?" Maria asked.

"Like when I first met him?" Steve asked.

"Exactly like that." I frowned.


A shield pierced the air and knocked two guards to the ground. Their unconscious bodies hit the ground with a thud and Captain America and I walked into the Hydra facility. It was huge and machines and scientists writing stuff down as they inspected the machines. They looked tesla-like. Energy surrounded the machines.

"Cap, where do we start?" I asked.

"Call me, Steve." He said, "I'm going to need you to distract them."

I looked to the scientists, "Should be easy...but what are you..." I looked to where he once stood.

Steve was bounding and swinging high above me by then.

"Not going to be doing that." I frowned, turning back to the scientists. I walked forward. I didn't know what he wanted me to do. I mean, it's not like I had a host of powers now. I couldn't possibly take on an army by myself. My powers were purely telekinetic and telepathic. I could move stuff on a molecular level. I could speed up and slow down, as well as stop molecules with telekinesis. I could also hover. I mean, not a lot. There was my witchy potential, but it wasn't an exact science and it wasn't something to be taken lightly. Not that mutant powers were either...whoa, flashback to Professor Xavier.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" A guard shouted, walking to me.

I'm not blonde, I don't have blue eyes, and I'm not white. This was trouble, luckily, it was just the trouble I was looking for.

"I think I'm lost." I said.

"We have an intruder!" The guard shouted, pulling out a gun.

"Whoa, tall, dark and shrouded," I said, pulling my hands up, "I'm just a guy looking for the...um, plant."

The guard looked stumped. He was joined by three others. The scientists were starting to pay attention to us. At the word `fire', I threw my hand forward, causing the bullets to stop in mid-air. I breathed a sigh of relief. The guards were dumbfounded as a shield came from nowhere, taking all four of them out and returning to Steve. I smiled up at him and behind me the door opened, causing me to levitate into the air and unfreeze the bullets, which hit three guards and the wall! I levitated back to the ground and surveyed my surroundings.

"Anybody who doesn't want to die a horrible death, get out now!" I shouted.

The scientists didn't have to be told twice before they were all running every which way! I walked further into the facility. It was maybe three stories. There were stairwells everywhere. Platforms too. The machines were spaced out.

"I'm going for Red Skull, you take down the machines!" Steve said, swinging away onto a beam.

"Right." I nodded. I ran up to the first of four big machines. There was a keypad with a lot of information. I thought about pushing every button but I couldn't. It was times like these that I wish I could hack like Raiden. I wished I was a bit brighter. Smart, that is. I looked above the keypad, to the wires sticking everywhere. I took a step backwards and pushed my hand forward. There was a slight crackle and a poof before the machine powered down. I sighed to myself and looked to the second level. There were two more on a middle platform, which I passed under as I was walking in. I wondered how I'd get up there quickly. I could hear the sound of footsteps. I paused. I had to make a quick getaway. I stood back and ran as fast as I could, jumping forward! I shot through the air and didn't fall! I levitated to the platform, grabbing on and pulling myself up. I ran to the first one I could see and repeated what I did on the very first one. I turned to the next one, which was a few yards across the platform. Suddenly, there was a thumping. I paused. Two guards, aiming the guns at me, ran onto the platform with a huge robot-looking thing shooting fire. I noticed that it had a mental signature and realized that there was a person in it, "You have got to be shittin me."

"Surrender to Hydra." The guard said.

"Ask nicely." I smiled.

The big robot-thingy shot fire out.

"Still not the scariest thing I've seen." I smiled.


The guns flew out of their hands, "I've been looking to try out some new moves." I smiled.

The two Hydra agents closed in on me. I smiled as I slid forward, ducking one assailant's punch and taking another off his feet. I stood and spun around, grabbing the agent who was still standing and twirling him, throwing him against the rail. The agent on the ground tried to sweep my feet, but I jumped and when I landed, I kicked him in the face! The other agent punched me in the face. I chuckled to myself and stood. The agent kneed me in the stomach but I elbowed him in the gut and connected my knee to his face.

I turned to the flamethrower, "I guess they just couldn't take the heat." I said, throwing my hand forward.

Nothing happened.

"Vibranium...oh no...they're learning." I said, quickly ducking flames!

I thought about it for a quick second before the flames started again. I rolled and ducked my way out of harm's way. When he had to reload or whatever, I stood and ran towards him as fast as I could and leapt into the air, drop-kicking him into the machine. I waited to hit the ground but looked and I was floating in my position. I put my feet on the ground and looked towards him. He looked to be readying himself for another attack. I threw my hands up, causing the same crackle and spark to happen to the machine as the robot was electrified. Two birds with one stone.

"Hail Hydra!" A woman decked out in green shouted from the last platform, "Your foolish mission will not be completed!"

"Already halfway done, sweetheart." I smirked.

She tossed something down. For a second, I tried to see what it was. Before I could fully duck, I was blasted backwards to the edge of the platform! Where the floor had been, there was now a giant hole!

"Still alive?" She asked.

I slowly stood, "That all you got?" I asked.

Suddenly, it began raining bullets. I ran and hid behind one of the defunct machines.

"The Cosmic Cube is ours again...we will finish what we started years ago!"

"Just who am I about to murder?" I asked.

"They call me Viper."

"Madame Hydra? Haha, this is priceless." I chuckled, looking around the corner of the machine.

The platform was being held by cement columns built into the wall. I stood and walked into the open.

"You are not the brightest American scum, are you?" She asked.

"Kiss your mother with that mouth?" I smirked.

This enraged her. She began tossing grenades, two at a time. I caught them telekinetically and held them in mid-air.

She pulled out her semi-automatics, "You have worn out your welcome." She said angrily.

"You're right...and honey...the green thing is so Osborn." I said, moving the grenades from mid-air to the cement column with one hand and I threw the other up, causing one to blow, thereby causing them all to explode! The platform was destroyed and everything on it, barring Viper, fell to the second platform. Viper had escaped! Dammit! Now the second platform was giving and there was commotion farther up. As the platform I was standing on began to crumble and fall, I climbed up what was remaining of the stairs!


I sped down a short hall and stopped at a huge door. Something was going on inside the door. I could hear Capta—Steve inside, arguing with Red Skull and Viper. There was also another voice. A doctor. Dr. Hieden Meindichine. They were discussing the Cosmic Cube and their plan to level North America and start anew. It was a very delicate plan. Apparently, Viper told him about the machines. Red Skull seemed to be very angry.

Pane <Steve, I'm here.>

Steve (You made it out?)

Pane <Listen to me. Describe the scene.>

Steve relayed the layout. There were two guards. The rest had been re-routed to find me. They were pretty stupid because I walked right in. Though they might have gone to the site of the fight, while I slipped by. I was right, there was four people in the room as well as the Cosmic Cube. There was, of course, a large window. It was a lab room. There was a loud smack. Viper was now pacing the room, wondering what could be done about the machines. Red Skull stood, fuming. The doctor was heading to the cube. I could see through Steve's mind now. Red Skull had a gun and was aiming it, about to pull the trigger. He did, but a protective bubble popped up around Steve Rogers and his confines snapped in half. He sprang into action!

When I walked through the door, Viper was pointing a gun at Steve. I waved my hand, "Enough with the guns already." I frowned.

It was then that I caught sight of Red Skull. I'd never seen him up close before. He was a bit terrifying, especially when he looked at you. I could sense his angry and annoyance. I looked to the guards on the ground.

"Welcome." Red Skull said calmly.

"Don't you ever get annoyed at getting your ass kicked?" I asked.

"I believe it's time we made our exit!" Viper said, tossing a canister down in front of us.

The canister exploded with smoke. I threw my hand forward and telekinetically pulled the Cosmic Cube to myself. Steve told me not to directly touch it. It was so tempting. I could feel the power of the Cube but used all the willpower I had to keep it steady in front of me and not touch it. There was the sound of breaking glass and Steve made his way through the smoke. I followed. I saw the broken window and looked to Steve, who seemed to be in deep thought. They were gone. I didn't know how they had escaped, but they were gone.


I walked down the hall, on the way to Connor's office. Everything was fine. The Cosmic Cube was now safe...or as safe as it could be. I was commended on completing the mission. No one really knew if I could do it but Steve. Everyone was impressed. I was slowly becoming the boss. I'm sure Connor just cringed for no reason. I'd just left the debriefing and was around the corner from Connor's office. I was surprised myself. My telekinetic powers worked on a molecular level. I could levitate myself. I could manipulate the mind...I wasn't as powerful as before. Not a big deal. Actually, a relief. I was stopped by Steve. I could see Black Widow in the distance, watching us. He congratulated me and let me know that I was brilliant on the field. He said he recommended me and my team for more missions.

"That's awesome!" I smiled, "Thanks."

"All in a day's work."

"You'd never tell you were from a different era." I chuckled, "Except the manners and stuff."

He chuckled.

"I think your girlfriend thinks I'm going to hit on you." I smirked.

He looked to Black Widow and smiled, then turned to me, "You're not, are you?" he asked.

I closed my eyes and burst into laughter, "No! You're like...eighty. Plus, I think I've date enough coworkers." I said quickly, "And my boyfriend would definitely mind."

"Good, because that would be so awkward." Steve smiled, "Keep up the good work." He said, walking away.

I nodded and walked to Connor's office. Connor sat at his desk, searching through more files and even some books. He was so cute (in a totally not I'm-so-hot-for-you way) with his little books and research. It's hard to see someone so smart working so hard. Especially because I wasn't smart and I was, in fact, a little lazy. He was odd. He was super smart but also super strong, a rare combination indeed. When he finally looked up, I was surprised.

"Pane! I've heard about your latest excursion." Connor said.

I walked in and took a seat at the chair in front of his desk, "Can we speak in English, I'm a little tired." I smiled.

"Fascinating. Red Skull and Madame Hydra...a very, very formidable team." Connor said, "Of course you kicked ass and recovered the Cosmic Cube."

"I'm going to need to go and read up on it, huh?" I asked.

"Yes, of course." Connor chuckled, "I should ask though..."

"No." I said, "I haven't resolved it, not even in my head."

"I just don't want it to slip out in the heat of the moment." He frowned, "This could be very hurtful, not only for you."

"I'm not going to blurt "I cheated on my boyfriend" in a conversation." I smiled, "I think we've made it past high school melodrama."

Before either of us could say anything, there was an angry chuckle from the door. We both turned in horror to see Jace staring at us. The look on his face was foreign to me. I hadn't seen it before.


Before I could say anything else, Jace threw his hands up, backing away. He quickly left the room.

"Pane, go after him." Connor said frantically.

I shifted, "I don't think I should." I said quickly.

"He's been waiting for you to come after him...go!" Connor said.

I nodded and headed out the office.


Florence and the Machine: I'm not calling you a liar, so don't lie to me...I'm not calling you a thief, so don't steal from me...I'm not calling you a ghost, so don't steal from me...

[Florence and the Machine's "I'm Not Calling You A Liar" continues to play softly in the background.]

When I walked into the Condo, I couldn't see anyone. I called out for Jace, but he didn't answer. This was the moment I knew would come. How could I explain something to him that I didn't understand? I had done something unthinkable to someone I loved and not for the first time. I was supposed to be this pillar of good and here I was, making junior high mistakes. This was junior high and petty and everything that I shouldn't be! I walked into the bedroom and leaned on the door frame. Jace was throwing stuff into a suitcase. I caught myself before I spoke. He was angry. I could feel it radiating off him. I know he was aware of my presence, but he didn't break from throwing stuff into the suitcase.

Pane <You don't know the whole story. There's so much more.>

Jace stopped and turned to me.

Jace <Yeah, I missed a lot. I mean, I wish I was in on the joke.>

Pane <Joke?>

Jace <When I walked in, you and Connor were having a leisurely conversation! Oh, look at stupid Jace..>

"It wasn't like that!" I said finally, "I was trying to be happy."

Jace looked at me.

"Not that I wasn't happy before! Look, you don't understand."

"No, I guess not." Jace said, zipping his bag, "When I get back, I want you gone." He said, brushing past me.

I stood in the doorway, not chancing to turn around for fear that I'd get punched, or worse, find him staring at me. I couldn't take any stare from him. I couldn't even look in the mirror because I couldn't look at myself. My mind flashed back to the two-bedroom dilemma I had been having and I wished that it was the only problem I was having.