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Chapter 50: Emergence

As I landed in the abandoned warehouse, I found myself looking around for something. I knew something was here because this is where the Masters of Evil had been holed up when I saw my mother's body.

Dark me put his hand around my arm, "It's almost time for us to rest." He said.

"How do I...I mean, can it be done?" I asked.

"Yes." Dark me said, "I know you can feel it too. She isn't dead. Never was."

"What, but the machine brought her back..." I said with disbelief.

"The machine did no such thing. It was all a ploy to get you to do what they wanted and now that they're gone, you can do what you want. And this IS what we want." Dark me smiled, "You've always known. Even I could feel her astral signature."

"This'll drain me, won't it?" I asked.

"For a long time." Dark me said, "You'll be a normal guy. You'll be able to live."

"Then why are you helping me?" I asked, "This will make you go away, so why would you help me?"

"You have to feel that you fit." He said, "Only then can we be I."

I walked to my mother and looked down at her frozen features. How do I heal her? Suddenly there was energy from my hands, then...nothing.

-          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

5 Years Later...

"Pane, you not gonna be me!" Rae, my 5 year old little cousin said as she sped past me. I smirked and ran after her, catching her and playfully wrestling her to the ground. She held onto the ball like a pro and I couldn't help but smile. She had been born just after me and my mother had come back home. I was happy. Happier than I had been and right now I was at a family reunion. They were the only ones who knew that I was still alive and my mom had taken the time to explain my lineage. I had been born while at the Mansion and at that time, Magneto had been there. My real dad had really been just a non-parent and my mom had gotten close with Pietro, even married him, but they split and Pietro never knew that I wasn't his child. Xavier had been more of a dad than my mom's real dad and that explained why I wasn't the faintest bit lighter than I was. I had become a college student and then the years passed and my family grew. My mom had around five brothers and a sister, so it really grew. Rae was the closet to me because I had been right there for her mom's (my cousin, Celeste) pregnancy. Many of my cousins had been born mutants and although some had managed to go to Xavier's School, many had opted for a more normal life. I couldn't agree more. I watched as the superheroes I once knew saved the world.

"Hey, what are y'all doing?" My mom yelled from the porch, where she sat with my Aunt, Louise, and my cousin, Celeste.

"Pane's trying to beat me up!" Rae, short for Raechel, laughed as I tickled her.

As a blue Range Rover pulled up, I was nothing short of happier than ever. Rae and I stood as it pulled into the parking lot.

"Hot weather for Oklahoma." Celeste said to my mother and Aunt, who agreed, not taking their eyes off the car.

"Mommy, look, it's Pane's boyfriend!" Rae chided.

I tickled her and she ran back to her mom's arms, "Yes it is." I said, hugging and kissing him as he got out of the car. His name was Josh and he was a doctor. He stood around 6'1 and looked like Mark Wahlberg. I had met him in my sophomore year and we had been dating for around three years and he was perfect. Oh yeah, and he is also my roommate, although we do live in a house.

"Hey baby?" he asked, kissing me passionately, "How was your day."

"Great. Better now." I smiled, "What's better than great?"

"Your day." He smiled, looking past me to Rae, who ran and jumped into his arms, "Hey, little girl, what's your name?"

"You know my name." Rae laughed, "Cousin Josh, give me money!"

"Oh." I laughed, "They grow up so fast."

"Yeah, a little too fast." Celeste said, coming over and grabbing Rae's hand, "We're on our way home. Rae's got t-ball tomorrow, you guys are coming right?"

"Yeah." I smiled, "Aw, you're taking my best little friend."

"Come on, you little money loving little girl." Celeste chuckled, "See ya guys."

"Bye." We both said, looking at each other.

"So, are you ready to start your tenure at..."

"Yeah, very." I said, "I'm glad you guilted me into." I smirked.

"Me too, so now we can have summers and holidays off." He said, looking down at me as I threw my arms around his neck.

I chuckled, "Well, we could have always just made our own holidays." I smirked.

"Water house." My mother chuckled from the porch.

"Oh what? We're just talking." I chuckled as we walked to the porch.

"Right." Mom smiled, "So, you guys going out tonight? It's a Saturday."

"No." Josh said quickly, looking from my mother to me, "Wait, before you go all bananas on me, we're not going out because I've got something better planned."

"It had better not be basketball games." I sneered, "I love to play, seriously, but watching is soooooo boring."

Josh chuckled, "Okay, but it's better than that." He smirked.

"Well okay." I said, "I'm going to start lesson planning for Monday, anything you need before we leave?"

"If we think of anything, we'll call." Auntie chortled.

I nodded and walked to the car with Josh, happily.

-          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I kissed him and kissed him and kissed him again. As I laid on my stomach, I arched my ass and I could feel his hard 8' cock on my back as he leaned down and kissed me again. I giggled as he licked my back, all the way down to my ass crack, then licking it gently. When I began to moan, he stopped and I felt air slide through my crack and he inserted one finger, then another. I knew that I had to be quiet, so as I moaned, I stuffed the little, satin pillow into my mouth and moaned into it as he fingered me. He then inserted two or three more fingers, but by then I was deep into my sexual daze and I moaned louder. Josh seemed to enjoy it as he chuckled as he did it. I felt his fingers slide out and he laid flat against my back, licking my ear. I wanted to turn and see who my mystery man was, but I couldn't. I felt something slide into my ass and there was pain, but suddenly there was pleasure. The pleasure spread through my body and I moaned even louder. As I moaned, he nibbled at my ear, then stood on his knees.


"You're so fuckin hot! You ready for me fuck that nice ass you got here?" He asked aggressively.



I smirked, "Only if you can handle it." I smirked, liking this odd change. It wasn't something I would have said, it just wasn't.



Josh smirked and pulled me up and began to slide in deeper. As he sliding deeper, he slid out, then in again. I moaned louder than I had moaned before and this turned him on...I could feel it. As he felt it more and more, he went faster and faster and suddenly I was in pure ecstasy and before I knew it, two hours had passed and I could hear him now panting and moaning and as his 8' dick slid in and out of me, I felt him tighten up and gasp!


"Oh Shit! Oh, fuckin yeah! I'm cumin!" Josh moaned as I bounced on his dick. He grasped me and moved faster and faster until a warm feeling busted inside me. I felt it leak out of my asshole and down the back of my leg as he continued to move in and out of me, then we collapsed on top of me. The hot, stickiness made me so hot that I came, too. I walked through my house, trying to shake off this headache that had suddenly begun pounding. I walked to the bathroom and stared into the mirror, then opened it to get some pills, then closed it again and jumped when I saw a version of me standing behind me and wearing all black. I had not seen this, or hallucinated in years! Maybe I was off my meds. I just needed to take my meds and it would all be okay. I swallowed the pill and got a sip of water, trying to close my eyes and will the phantom of my past away, but as I opened my eyes, I realized that I was going away.

"It's been a long time, son." Dark me said.

"You've been fighting to the surface for about a week now, any reason why?" I asked.

"Only to tell you that your little mind-erasing has come to an end." Dark me said, "We're juiced up again."

"What? How?" I asked.

"Jean Grey has died." He said, "Her psychic pulse severed the memory barriers set in place."

"How long ago?" I asked.

"Long enough for anyone trying to find us to find us." He said, "We have to go."

"I have a life here." I said quickly, "A family, a boyfriend...a job."

"Well, sugar, I'm sorry, but if we stay here..." There was a crash and Josh yelped, "...Those you love are in danger."

I ran out of the room and into Josh's office and saw him slumped over on the table. I ignored the warning signs and ran and bent down next to Josh, searching for a pulse and that's when I noticed the blood and the deep cuts on his body.

"You won't find a pulse." Magneto's voice called, "Not on him, anyways."

"You son of a bitch!" I yelled turning to him. Sabretooth tried to hide his bloody hand. I sent him flying backwards and as soon as he left the ground, I felt something push me out of the room and I fell on my back, looking up.

"I am truly sorry; Sabretooth does get a little starved." Magneto said, his cold features staring down at me.

I rolled out of the way and took a stance, noticing how rusty I was, "You...he just killed." I said, trying to run past him, but a tongue flew out of nowhere and slapped me across the hall!

"Ah, ah, ah." Toad said, waving his finger.

"What do you want?" I asked, holding my right cheek.

Magneto threw Toad an angry look, "You have tampered with our minds, we were under the impression that you were dead."

"I know." I said, "It's part of disappearing."

"Such a powerful act, did you attempt it alone?" Magneto asked.

"None of your business." I said, my heart breaking, "I need to get to Josh. I need to get his pulse going."

Magneto turned his back to me, looking at the pictures in the hallway, "You love this, such humble surroundings. This normal life makes you happy?" he asked, turning to see my anger, "Not anymore."

"Please, if you have any decency in your body or soul..." I said, pausing, "I have to get to him."

"That homo sapien will have never made you happy." He said.

"He already did." I said, not letting the tears go too far before I brushed them away.

"I have come to offer you invitation." Magneto said, "The battle between Humans and Mutants is coming. Starting with the Registration Act."

"And you want me to lose control." I said, on the brink, "But I won't."

Magneto looked down at me coldly, "Then you are weak." He said.

"I gave up these powers." I said, "I will not succumb to them. I'm stronger than that."

Toad and Sabretooth stood at the door.

"We should go." Magneto said, sweeping away with his cape, his minions at his cape-tail.

"I'm so sorry, oh God, I'm so sorry." I said, trying to put the blood back into him, but it didn't work. I sat down and laid his body over my legs as I sobbed in the corner, trying to control myself and put myself back together at the Joshe time. Tragedy. It's not our fault! Tragedy. It's their fault! He's dead. It's all my life breeds, tragedy. What about your mother? She died. She lives. After she died. Why are you keeping this in? If I let it out, it's out and...Oh God, breathe. They came in here and killed him. Your lover. Your confidant. Your best friend. How am I going to live without him?


Mom: Is everything okay?

Nothing is okay.

Mom: What's wrong?!

He's dead.

Mom: Who's dead?! Your powers have returned and spiked.

I don't care.

Mom: Who is dead!


Mom: Josh? Did you call the police?!


Pane: Yes.

Mom: You did and didn't?

Pane: Magneto was here...and I'm alone.

I'm never alone.

Mom: What?

Pane: Help! Damn it, help me! I can't feel him anymore. He's...I, oh God, I...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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