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As I walked to my special classes, I felt eyes on me. I hadn't felt so watched since I had come to the Mansion the first time. It felt like all eyes on Pane.

"Yeah, that's him." A girl whispered, "He even wiped Professor's mind."

"I heard he can rip people to pieces." Another girl whispered.

"I heard he can kill you with a look." A boy whispered.

They had every reason to say those things...after all; I had done a bad thing. I made my way to class quickly, trying not to think too much about it.


Chapter 54: Spectacle

I sat on the roof of the Mansion, looking out into the night. It was the only place that was safe from persecution. Whoever said that time heals all is severely disturbed.

"They will not just stand by." Magneto said.

I didn't look up at him, "You came all this way to tell me that?" I asked.

"Yes." Magneto said, "The humans already fear you, they will not stand by and let you do something this big and be independent."

"They can come for me, but they'll have to kill me to take me." I said.

"They will try." Magneto said, "It will be a dark time in your life."

"I vacation in the dark." I said, "Besides, when isn't my life dark?"

"Do you wish that you had lived the lie?" Magneto asked.

"Yes." I said, "I wish I lived in that lie."

"With the power you have, you will never be safe." Magneto said, "You will always be sought after."

"You've said this before." I said, "And you weren't wrong."

"Oh?" Magneto said, shocked.

"I deserved it. All of it." I said, "I deserve to have it ripped away from me."

"Do you?" Magneto asked, "Do you really believe that?"

"I don't deserve any of it." I said, "I deserve justice."

"And is this Justice? Waiting for them to make the first move? Is that what Charles is teaching you?" Magneto asked.

"I am teaching him that vengeance is cheap." Xavier said.

"Look at him Charles, he is an unstoppable machine." Magneto smirked, handing me something, "Mutants have a chance for peace. This is it."

I read it. M.A.R.s, Mutants Against Registration, was the hip new thing.

"We will all meet the new day." Magneto said, levitating into the air and away.

"You must control your anger." Xavier said.

"What do you know about my anger?" I asked.

"I know that it will be your undoing." Xavier said, "I know that as long as I've known you, you've had an entirely challenging life."

"Ya think?" I asked.

"You are stronger than anyone, including me, gives you credit for and for that, I am sorry." Xavier said, "You are somewhat of a commodity."

"Yeah, the power..."

"No, your heart." Xavier corrected, "You have never let your powers rule you before, do not start now."

"It's hard not to give in." I said, "I should go inside. I need to be ready for the human-mutant togetherness thing."

"It is a bold step in the right direction." Xavier said.

I nodded, "It is, but are we sure we're ready to tread?" I asked.

"You should go to bed." Xavier smiled.

I smiled and left the rooftop. As I got closer to my room, I heard arguing and stopped to listen.

"I don't think he should be allowed to join the team again, not only did he erase memories..." Emma said.

"...You can't be serious, you've done worse." Scott said.

Emma ignored him, "...But he's a loose cannon. He's volatile."

Scott sighed, "Emma, are you sure this isn't about something else?" he asked.

"What are you insinuating?" Emma asked, "That this is mere jealousy? Well, Scott Summers, I have never been jealous in my life." She huffed, leaving him standing in the middle of the hall.

Scott turned to walk away and saw me, despite me trying to hide around the corner.

"I saw you." Scott smiled.

I stepped into his view, "Sorry, I didn't mean to overhear what I overheard." I apologized.

"It was about you, so I guess you had a right to know." Scott said.

"She's right." I said quickly, "I'm volatile, a loose cannon, and I made a mistake."


"But I'm learning from my mistakes and I'm trying." I said, "I don't know if I was ready for what happened to me, everything that happened to me, but I can't hide behind that forever."

"Emma was just being pretentious." Scott said.

"Maybe," I said.

"She feels threatened by you." Scott said.

"Should she?" I asked.

"Yes." Scott said seriously.

There was a silence, an understanding that we go no further.

"We've got a big day tomorrow." Scott said, "You need to be rested."

"I will be." I said, walking to my room.


The day had arrived. It was time for the world to put up or shut up. I walked around the crowded room, making my through the sea of people, both mutant and human. It was almost time to start. I saw Scott and the X-Men standing onstage. Everyone looked so happy. On stage, Scott and Professor Xavier stood with the rest of the X-Men, though Professor Xavier had a fear he couldn't shake, something that wouldn't let go of his mind.

"What is it Professor?" Scott asked.

"I'm sure that it is nothing." Professor Xavier said.

Scott frowned, "Are you sure?" he said.

"I just can't shake the feeling that something inevitably bad is about to happen." Professor Xavier said.

Scott looked around, "Any particular vibe?" he asked, spotting me in the audience.

"It is curious that even after all these years, some feelings never fade." Professor Xavier smiled.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know I was broadcasting." Scott said quickly, "I guess I should be more careful."

"Indeed, especially with Emma at your side." Professor said.

Scott found me again in the audience, "Nothing can ruin this day." He said.

I found myself smiling up at Scott and the X-Men, who all seemed to be enjoying the environment. Bobby smiled down at me also, his cool blue eyes boring into me, and I felt inner joy. First time for everything. The moment was great.

"Nothing can ruin this day." I said to myself.

"I'd like to welcome you all to the festivities," A jolly mutant man said, "today is a new day in mutant history."

A throat was cleared.

"In all history." He corrected himself, "A day when mutant and humans can come together in harmony. To bring together a peaceful existence."

"No such animal." Another me said, stand beside me.

I looked around, wondering why no one else thought this was strange, for there to be two of us.

"They can't see me." He said, "You're used to seeing me in your head."

"You can come out of my head now?" I asked.

"The answer is obvious." Hollow said.

"Is it?" I asked.

The Hollow frowned, "I'm the one asking the questions." He said, "And you know this can't ever happen. People out there will never let this happen, yet you continue to hope. What is it with you humans that can't break your ever-lasting optimism?"

"Why can't they just let this be?" I asked.

"Even as we speak, a plan is in motion." The Hollow broke, "Everything you know is about to change."

"I'm tired of my world changing, why can't my world ever be normal?" I asked.

"Such an odd name, Legacy. Your last moniker, Stormcat, was obvious, your latent agility mixed with your command over the elements, but Legacy...this is a human thing. Part of your...emotions?"

"Why do I have to answer your questions? You never answer any of mine." I asked impatiently.

"The answers to your questions, you already know." The Hollow said, "I am only a visitor in your mind, I could never control it."

I was about to ask another question, but there was a quiet rumble and a bright light that came at me so fast, I couldn't move! The light exploded through the crowd and threw them in every direction! The last thing I felt was an intense, searing pain as I was tossed into the sky!


"I'm Tracy Sacremoto coming to you from downtown Manhattan, where the Human-Mutant Peace Coalition was the site of a brutal attack." She said, looking off camera, "This attack was...a massacre. No word yet on if there are any suspects, but folks, this doesn't look good. We're not even sure how many people are alive; there is pain and ..."

Under the rubble, there was another story. There was pain, misery, and crushed dreams. Everything was fucked up. I didn't even know if the other X-Men were alive. The only thing I knew was that I hurt all over. The pain, the hurt, the misery, I fed on it. My powers expanded and it all went to my mind, everything fed into my mind at once and with a quick wince, my inhibition was gone.

Professor X <Are you able to move?>

There wasn't so many thoughts racing through my mind, many of them not even mine, then there was that one clear thought.

"Yes." I said out loud as the rock around me began to move and the rubble disintegrated in front of my eyes. I sat up and looked around to see motionless bodies, "Oh God." I said to myself. I tried to stand, but there was no room. I concentrated on the debris, but all the thoughts rushing through me confused me.

Professor X <Listen to me, concentrate on my voice...I shall help you to the best of my ability. We must focus all of our energy on moving this debris or many more will die.>

I did as he said. I was slowly doing it, clearing my mind so that I could concentrate on the work ahead of me. I could feel the energy and the voices had dissipated to mere whispers. I thought about all the people I could save.

Professor X <All Psychics, I need your strength to move the debris!>

Suddenly, I was straining anymore, and debris was moving and I could see farther down the halls. I could feel more psychics awake and their energy as they helped. After a while, I could see people trying to help. The last thing I remember was red, white, and blue...


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