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I sat opposite Bruce Banner, both of us in a meditative position, and we held hands. There was inner calm. Nothing loud or obnoxious, just us and silence.


We both opened our eyes, but while I was looking into his eyes, his eyes had glazed over.


"Who..." but before I could get the rest out, I noticed Bruce's eyes turn a bright shade of green. I pulled my hands back because I felt his hand grow and squeeze my hands! I stood up, trying to figure out what to do next, "HELP!" I called.


Then the Hulk hit me so hard, I flew back through the wall!


Chapter 57: Hulk Have Rage

"I don't know what happened." I said, reiterating my whole story, "There was a voice, then nothing."

"A voice?" Colonel Fury asked.

"Yeah, it was...telepathic." I said, "Scared the crap out of both of us."

"And he turned?" Colonel fury asked.

"Obviously." I frowned, "Now he's out there."

"We should find him. I want the Avengers at all points..." Colonel Fury started, but the alarm went off, "Move it, people, this could get dicey."

"What about us?" Connor asked.

"Suit up, but stay back." Colonel Fury said, "You're our last resorts."

"Nice." A girl said, smiling at me, "Hi, I'm Raiden, your other partner."

"Pane." I said.

"I know. We've all heard about you with the X-Men." Raiden smiled, "Nice to have another teammate."

"So, the Hulk." Connor said, joining us, "Any idea how we approach this?"

"You're the captain, remember?" Raiden said as we walked away.


I stood in a line of kids, older than me, yes, but just kids. I looked at the kid to my immediate left. It was a blonde girl. She was shorter than me, had to be around 5'6. We met each other's gaze and the same question went through both our minds as we stood in the helicopter, ready to be thrown into action.

"Telepath." I said.

"Matter digester." She smiled.

"So, you could eat, like, a human?" I asked.

She thought about it, "I guess. I would never, though." She said, "I'm Bianca."

"Pane." I said. She looked at me oddly, "I know, it's a...family name."

"Who else in your family had that name?" she asked.

"My...umm, I don't know." I said.

There was a rumble.

"Get ready." Colonel Fury said, his strong voice echoing through the helicopter.

A space in the bottom of the helicopter moved, exposing the battle going on below! The Avengers were fighting the Hulk and losing badly. I watched long enough to see Hulk grab Thor and throw him across a road. The Hulk began towards him and I dove through the hole in the copter, hoping and praying that I could catch myself before I hit the ground! Right before I hit the ground, I telekinetically grabbed myself, jerking to a stop! The Hulk was upon the semiconscious Thor and about to hit him with a piece of the road he'd scooped up. I raised my hand, causing the piece of road to fly from his hands. I had trouble focusing on the piece of road, on just moving it. My powers hadn't fully bounced back from the mind erase. I had barely stopped myself from hitting the ground and even that took so much energy from me. The Hulk stopped and turned, realizing what had happened.

"Oh crap." I said, levitating over his head.

Hulk frowned and jumped up to reach me, but I dropped to the ground and ran as fast as I could in the other direction. I could feel his footsteps behind me and I looked back, which is always a generally bad idea, and saw that no one was chasing me. I knew better, so I turned to run, but bumped into something big and green.

"HULK SMASH!" Hulk said.

"Doctor Banner, please..." I said.

At the sound of his name, his hesitated. His eyes met mine and just for a moment, I saw into his mind.

"Oh God." I said with fear.

"By the Gods of Vahalla!" Thor's mighty voice said, causing lightning to shoot from the sky and into the Hulk, who flew backwards and landed a few feet away.

Thor helped me to my feet, "Thanks, remind me to ask for your autograph." I smiled.

Thor smiled, "You have saved me." He said, "Thank you."

"I saved a God." I smiled, "Funny story, I used to think..."

Before another word could be said, a car came hurtling at us and Thor tackled me to the ground.

"Take cover!" Thor ordered as the Hulk jumped over to us and threw Thor into a glass building!

As the Hulk was about to hit me, I noticed his fist stop and looked up to see Connor holding his fist. I smiled and watched as Connor was swatted away like a fly.

"Are you okay?" A short, African American guy around my age asked, "I'm Tobias."

"Watch out!" I said, causing a telekinetic shield to pop up around us.

"Guys." Raiden said, appearing from nowhere, "Fury's mad, the Avengers are back up and functional. He sent me to help you guys back."

"You're a teleporter?" I asked straining under the pressure Hulk was putting on the shield.

"Nope." She said, touching Tobias and I. The Hulk stopped pounding on the shield and looked around, shocked and puzzled at the same time, "Invisible." She whispered.

"That's all good, but how are we going to get all the way back there?" Tobias asked.

Before I could even answer the question, the Avengers were back in full force!

"I don't think we have anything to worry about." Raiden said breathlessly.

I watched as the Avengers squared off against the Hulk, but I couldn't help but feel pity. It wasn't him. Something was making him do it.

"You kids, get out of here!" Ironman said.

"I can help." I said, walking directly into the fight. As bodies flew around me, I almost crapped myself. It was so surreal, yet my fear was nothing compared to the anger. Someone had put the anger there, had messed with his mind.

"HULK SMASH!" Hulk screamed.

"Dr. Banner." I said, catching his attention. He began to run towards me, "Hulk no smash."

The Hulk stopped in his tracks and looked at me, perplexed, "Hulk smash."

I levitated a bit, to be eye level with him, then stretched my hand to meet his face. I saw flashes of the Hulk smashing things and a woman named Betty. Betty was surrounded by all these genuine feelings, all the love in Dr. Banner's heart. I could feel the warmth of the memories wash over me.

"What are you doing here?" A bruised Dr. Banner said, sitting with his knees at his chest and quivering. Everything around him was green and the area around him was black, desolate. I walked closer to him, "Watch out!" he shouted.

"HULK SMASH!!!!" A giant Hulk jumped at me.

I raised my hand and he froze in mid-air, "I'm not as weak here." I frowned, "You've got to take control."

"I can't." Banner said, "He's too strong."

"You're stronger, now stay with me." I said testily.

"Are you okay? You don't look so good." Banner said.

"I'm fine!" I snapped, "Look, you remember when we talked about being afraid? Well, I'm terrified, but I came here to help you and if you don't come out, the Hulk is going to smash me into Pan-nuggets."

"He's too powerful." Banner persisted.

I took a step closer, to which he twitched, "I don't think you're getting the gist of what I'm saying, unless you come out of here, we're going to end you. It's either you or me, and as much as I like you, I choose me."

Banner looked up at me, "He's going to destroy everything in his path." He said.

"You can change that. Right now." I said angrily, "Take my freakin hand!" I growled

Banner smiled, "You don't like the word no, do you?" he asked.

"I'm partial to yes." I said, holding his hands. Suddenly, I was picking myself up off the ground. Dr. Banner stood also, wearing only his very small jeans, "You okay?"

"Yeah, you?" Banner asked.


"Insubordinate." Colonel Fury raged, "The most reckless disregard for your life and the lives around you!"

"I know." I said.

"But..." Colonel Fury said.

"No buts. I saw a chance and I reacted. Wasn't the smartest move in my playbook, but it worked." I said.

"Only because your teammates helped you out." Colonel Fury said.

"They did." I said, "And without them, I would never have gotten close enough. Isn't that the definition of teamwork?"

Colonel Fury stared a hole through me, "You wait for orders next time." He said, storming off.

I took a deep breath and turned to leave when I saw Thor walking up, "Hi." I smiled.

"Hi." Thor said.

"So, you saw me get chewed out?" I asked.

"You held your own." Thor said.

"I didn't have a choice." I smiled, "How's the head?"

Thor reached up to his long, beautiful head of blonde hair, "It's fine. I've had worse." He said.

"Ditto." I said.

There was an awkward silence.

"I just wanted to thank you." He said.

"Thank me?" I asked.

"Yes. Without you, I might have been done for." He said.

"You're a God. I'm sure it'll take more than that." I smiled.

"Even so..."

"You'd do the same for me." I smiled.

"I would." Thor said.

I chuckled lightly and so did he.

"I don't mean to keep you." Thor said.

"You're not. I don't really have a particular place to be." I said quickly.

"Would you like to get coffee? Or ale?" Thor asked.

"Coffee's just fine." I smiled, walking away with him.

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