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Ultron made his way across the debris all around him, he liked it.



One threat found. Threat: Omega-Level Mutant. Destroy.

"Ouch." I said, standing wobbly with my clothes hanging off me, burned and shredded. My eyes centered on him and I was sure that my eyes had turned completely black, "Looks like we're the last me...things standing."

"Destroy!" Ultron said, pointing a laser gun at me.



Chapter 59: Ultron-ed


Hours earlier...

"He's in a coma." Connor explained.

"Why? How?" Scott Summers asked.

"He just didn't wake up." Captain America said, "We've tried several attempts, some more radical than others, but we couldn't."

"Is there nothing we could do?" Ororo Munroe asked, staring down at him.

"We've got our best medics on it." Nick Fury said.

"There must be something." Thor said.

"I shall see what I can do." Professor Xavier said, wheeling to Pane.

"NO!" Tony Stark said, but it was too late, Professor Xavier had attempted to touch Pane, but to his shock, literally, he was sent flying across the room!

Scott ran to him, "Professor." He said.

"Kids always coming up with innovative ways..." Logan chuckled.

"What happened?" Scott asked.

Professor was helped back into his chair, "Pane, something inside of him is attacking." He said.

Inside Pane's mind...

A bloodied Pane crawled across the Astral Plane. The setting had changed so many times, it was hard for him to keep track. A foot came across and kicked Pane in the side, causing him to flip over and skid to a stop!

"I have been trapped in here, like an animal." The Hollow, taken the appearance of a dark Pane, said, "Do you not feel it? The end."


"He's peaceful." Ororo said.

"Ororo, we both know he's anything but." Scott said, "We shouldn't have let him leave."

"It is not your fault." Ororo said.

"I said we." Scott said.

"I know it's not my fault." Ororo smiled, "He's an adult and he made an adult choice."

"Ororo, his choice got him comatose." Scott said.

"But this would have happened anyways." Professor Xavier said.

"You know what's happening Professor?" Ororo asked.

"I believe so." Professor Xavier said, "He is not a child anymore, Scott, we can only try to protect him."

"We're doing a good job." Scott said quickly.

"Maybe it was not your job anymore." Thor said, walking into the room.

"Hello Thor." Professor Xavier said.

"Hello, X-Men." Thor said, "Has there been any change?"

"No." Professor said, "We were hoping for something, no matter how minute, but there is no change."

"Would it be possible...if I might..." Thor stumbled through his words.

"Of course, X-Men let us go and see if there have been any further revelations with Hank and Dr. Pym." Professor said, ushering the X-Men out of the room.

Thor walked over, placing his hand on Pane's head. Scott stopped at the door, watching the exchange. It was clear that there was more to their interaction than met the eye. He could see it in the way Thor looked at Pane. Thor looked up to see Scott looking at them and at first they just stared at each other.

"I'm sorry." Scott spoke first.

"It is quite alright." Thor smiled, "It is amazing how his short stay has inspired such emotions, he is a leader."

"I know the feeling." Scott said, "Do you..."

Just then, an alarm went off!

"What is going on?" Scott asked.

Captain America marched in, the Avengers at his side, "Ultron is attacking." He said.


I stood, wobbly, trying to understand what was happening. I knew I was being attacked and I knew I wasn't awake, but what I couldn't understand was that I was hurting. Dreams never hurt...ever. I stood across from me, which was getting more and more weird each time it happened. Was this me a future me or the Hollow?

"The human spirit is strong." The Hollow said, telekinetically grabbing me by the throat and hoisting me up in the air, "But I am stronger."

"I..." I choked, "I..."

"You what?" The Hollow asked.

"I think you suck." I said, weakly waving my hand and causing the Hollow to jump a little.

"That tickled." The Hollow said blankly, tilting his head slightly.

I choked, massaging my neck, "Get ready to laugh." I said, throwing my hand up!


"How do we take out Ultron?" Logan asked.

"We don't, the Avengers can handle it." Nick Fury said.

"With all due respect, Colonel Fury, it would be wise to take advantage of our skills." Professor Xavier said.

"My guys got it." Nick Fury said, watching the fight over a monitor, "Any advancement?"

"No, he is still asleep." Professor said.

"Nice time to take a nap." Fury said.

"I'm going to help." Logan said, zipping up his costume.

"Logan!" Professor Xavier said.

"Listen, Chuck, I've seen what this machine can do and it ain't good." Logan said walking off.

"Let him go, Professor." Ororo said, "He is right."

"My team can do this." Nick said, trying to convince himself.


"Duck!" Raiden said, becoming visible to her teammates, "I saw one of the soldiers get hit! Captain America and Ironman are down, too!"

"What about the other Avengers?" Tobias asked.

"I don't know. There were a lot of Avengers down." Raiden said.

"We could really use a telekinetic." David said.

"Noted." Connor said.

Just then a piece of the street came flying out of nowhere and the team dodged it!

"Damn, that thing is strong!" Bianca said.

"I wonder is our boy up and ready?" Connor asked.


"The only choice here is to let go." The Hollow said, "Why do you cling?"

"The same reason you do." I said.

"You cannot expect to win this." The Hollow said.

"Every few months, you try to escape and I always beat you." I said, "This time's no different."

"Such insolence!" The Hollow cried, "It will be the end of you!"

"I'm not going to stop fighting for this body!" I said.

"Not even for your friends?" The Hollow asked.

"What?" I asked.

The Hollow stepped forward, outstretching its hand, "See for yourself." He said.


"Calling all X-men!" Scott said, "The Avengers' headquarters are under attack! We have a decommissioned Pane and the attacker is Ultron!"

"The Lobby's just been compromised, sir and the teams are down!" A soldier explained to Nick Fury, who didn't seem too worried.

"I shall hold him off." Ororo said, levitating into the air and flying out of the room.

"I should go too." Scott said, taking another look back at Pane, "Take care of him." He said, running out.

Professor smiled as he left, then turned to Fury.

Fury looked at him, annoyed, "How was I supposed to know?" he said.

"Is it not your job to know?" Professor Xavier said, "If you had let me and my X-Men..."

"Xavier!" Fury said, "This was all a set-up."


"No!" I said, stumbling back and sitting on the ground.

"The only enemy is you." The Hollow said.

I looked up at him, "Fine." I said.

Back in the real world...

Ultron blasted his way past Xavier and Nick Fury, stopping at Pane.

Computing...Threat. Hostile.

"Hey, Bub!" Wolverine said behind them, "We're not finished."


Pane sat up, and turned to them, tilting his head.

"Kid, get out of here!" Wolverine shouted.

Pane reached out and grabbed Ultron by the throat, tightening his grip so that the machine's throat began crackle and crunch. Ultron fell to the floor, broken and Pane stood, walking over to Logan.

"Wow, kid, ya got some power there. What happened?" Wolverine asked.

Pane grabbed Wolverine by the collar and threw him out the window, off the twentieth floor! Outside the room, Cyclops was making his way back to Pane when the door burst from its hinges and Pane walked into view.

"Pane?" Cyclops asked, looking up from the floor.

Pane tilted his head to the left, looking down at Cyclops, "You dare speak our name?" he asked.

Cyclops looked at him with a look of realization, "No!" he said.

Pane said nothing, just walked away.

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