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As Pane walked into the lobby, he saw Bianca, Tobias, Raiden, David, and Connor running to him!

"Pane!" Connor panted, "The Avengers, they're..."

Before he could say anything else, Pane slapped him so hard that he flew across the entire lobby!

"Pane!" Raiden said.

Pane threw his hands into the air, causing them to fly to either side of him, and then he continued out of the building.



Chapter 60: Friends

"I'm tellin ya, Chuck, this wasn't our boy." Logan said quickly.

"Indeed." Professor Xavier said, "I cannot locate Pane anywhere, not even on the Astral Plane."

"What does that mean, Professor?" Ororo asked.

"That means, my dear Ororo, that Pane has ceased to exist." Professor said, causing everyone in the room to look at him in shock.

"You can't mean that, Professor." Scott said.

"I do." Professor said grimly.

"So, there's someone wearing a Pane-shaped suit?" Bianca asked.

"It is more than that." Professor explained, "It's as if he were never here."

"He wasn't using his power." Logan said, "He's got some super-strength now."

"He really is the most powerful mutant isn't he?" Tobias asked.

"This is no mutant." Professor warned, "He is an entity."

"So, he...it is a he?" Raiden asked.

"No one knows." Scott said.

"How do we help him?" Connor asked.

"There is no solution." Professor said, "But I do know where he is going."

"Where?" Scott asked.

"To the place where his dissent started." Professor Xavier said.


The Hollow stood in the middle of all the debris, remembering pieces of Pane's memory. All the memories conflicted and there was an honest, genuine feeling. The Hollow had saved Pane on more than one occasion and genuinely cared, but with all the power he commanded, he could have done great things, but he was human, just human. Humans, with their feelings and emotions and their stupid fighting, even when they have no chance of winning. It was pathetic, yet endearing. Mostly pathetic. Even though Pane didn't know who was behind the mutant-human massacre, The Hollow did. It was a mutant club...The Hellfire Club.

"I have been waiting for you to show up." Sebastian Shaw, the Black king, said standing beside The Hollow.

"I knew you would." The Hollow said.


"Do you know anything at all?" Nick Fury asked.

"No, he just hit me and left." Connor said, nursing his black eye.

"He's not himself." Professor Xavier said.

"We have to help him." Thor said.

"Where would he go next?" Fury asked.

"You don't got all the answers, do ya, bub." Logan growled.

"Nobody has all the answers Logan." Fury said, "But I'm close."

"Maybe I can go around the world fast and find him." Quicksilver said.

"Even if you find him, how are you going to stop him?" Connor asked.

"I would say that the Hollow is out for revenge." Professor said, "His host was almost decimated."

"The Mutant-Human co-existence convention?" Ororo asked.

"Yes." Professor said.

"Who did it?" Bianca asked.

"We don't know, humans maybe." Logan said.

"The Hellfire Club." Fury said.

"How do you know?" Professor Xavier asked.

"We have evidence that leads directly to them, a scarf left right outside the complex." Nick Fury said.

"When were you planning on letting us in on this?" Logan asked.

"We were sending a team in on it." Nick said.

"The kids." Scott asked, "You were going to send the newbie squad?"

They all looked at Fury.

"You were going to send us in?" Connor asked.

"To our deaths?" Bianca asked.

"We were training you to be able to handle them." Nick said.

"But we're not." Bianca said.

"You were going to lead us into that place and who knows what could have happened to us." Tobias said.

Even the Avengers looked to Fury.

"You wouldn't have been alone." Nick said.

"And when were you to let us in on this?" Tobias asked.

"Soon." Ironman said.

"After we died?" Bianca asked.

"I promise, we wouldn't have sent you in without making sure you could handle it." Captain America promised.

"Da." Black Widow said from the corner.

"And why would other mutants want to kill mutants?" Raiden asked.

"The Hellfire club ain't much for tact." Logan said.

"Back to the issue at hand..." Fury said.

"The issue is around 5'8 and kicking our asses." Scott sneered.

"We took down Ultron and the Masters, now..." Fury started.

"We?" Logan asked.

"Pane took him out." Scott said.

"We have to stop him." Professor Xavier said.

"Why do we necessarily have to stop him?" David spoke up, "I mean, he's going to take out the Hellfire Club. Is that so bad?"

"It is, indeed." Thor said.

"We have no idea what the Hollow's agenda is." Professor Xavier said, "Who said that he would stop at the Hellfire Club?"

"And what if he kills? Can Pane really deal with that?" Raiden said, "I don't know him that well, but I know he's a good person."

"I'll talk with Emma, get the rest of the team on their way." Professor Xavier said, leaving.

Caleb and Casha stood, offering their pins, "We quit." They said in unison, leaving.

Fury looked genuinely shocked.

"Me too." Monty said, leaving his pin.

Tobias was next. When it came to Connor and Raiden, they looked to each other, "Us too." Raiden said, "But we're going to help the X-Men."

Scott and Logan smirked.

"I like these kids." Logan smiled.


As the entire Hellfire Club stood around, watching and whispering about The Hollow, the Hollow just stood there, emotionless. It was like a machine, cold and uncaring. Sebastian took center stage, grabbing the Club's attention.

"I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our illustrious club, The Hollow." Sebastian said, "Who would have thought that bombing that stupid rally would bring forth such a wonderful force?"

The Hollow, who had been looking down at his hands, looked up, "I am not here to join your club." He said, his eyes going black, "I'm here to shut you down."

"What?" Sebastian asked, looking at him.

Selene, who stood behind Sebastian, immediately started pelting the Hollow with telepathic bolts. The Hollow jumped a little, and then tilted his head, looking directly at her! In a flash, she was sent flying back against the wall!

"Try this on for size!" Harry Leland said, "Feel the weight of the world!"

Harry tried to increase his foe's mass, but it seemed to do nothing. The Hollow looked up to the sky, and then back down at him with a sneer, "You shall pay for everything you have wrought." The Hollow said, shutting Harry's mind down.

"Do not do this, we can work this out!" Sebastian said.

The Hollow grabbed him by the neck and held him up in the air, "How can you possibly help me out?" he smirked.


"Time's up." The Hollow said, waving his hand at the room that had begun to move towards him, causing everything to slow down but him. He held Sebastian by the throat as he walked away. He only stopped when he got to the top of the hill, and then threw Sebastian to the floor, "You brought me here in the hopes of using me for your own use. But I control all. I am power at its pinnacle. You called for me, I am here." The Hollow said.

"What are you going to do? Kill me?" Sebastian asked.

"Not yet." The Hollow smiled as time blinked back into place and the Hollow waved his hand into the air, causing the entire mansion to blow up!

Sebastian looked on in disbelief, "NO!" he said.

The Hollow smiled, "Now for the gooey good part." He smiled, waving his hand and causing a piece of Sebastian's skin to fly off! Sebastian howled in pain as he tried to reach for his missing skin, but couldn't, "I think I've been around him too long."

"Use your powers on me." Sebastian said.

"No." Hollow said, "I shall leave you to watch."

"You son of a bitch!" Sebastian screamed as The Hollow walked away.

The Hollow stopped, "You wish me to cause you harm?" he asked.

Sebastian just shrieked.

"Nice work." The masked man said, floating just into view.

The Hollow tilted his head, "Nothing can break me." He said.

"I can rip you apart." The masked man said, hovering nearer.

The Hollow reached out and grabbed the masked man by the throat, "I will end you!" he hissed.

The masked man threw his hands in the air and caused the Hollow to fly backwards, crushing through the trees. The Hollow was back on its feet and walked over to the masked man.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Haven't you figured me out, yet?" The masked man asked.

"We are not one anymore. I am the power." The Hollow said.

"In my future..." The Masked man said, removing his mask and revealing himself to be Pane, "I'm the power."


"The future changes all the time." Pane smiled.

"You cannot overwhelm me!" The Hollow said.

"You're supposed to be this omnipotent force and you can't see that far into the future? Must have been my power you were leeching off." Pane said, "I'm a bonafi..."

The Hollow snapped his neck, "You talk too much." It said.

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