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The wind whipped through the trees near the incinerated mansion, the X-Men found themselves watching as bodies were brought out of the mansion, some moving, some not. They wondered what had done this, hoping that it had not been...

"The Hollow!" an injured member shouted, "Save us!"

Scott and Professor Xavier looked at each other.

"Something bad is happening, Scott." Professor Xavier said.

"Ya think." Wolverine said, joining them.

"The world is changing. The winds..." Ororo said.

Up the hill, overlooking the scene, Sebastian Shaw screamed out, trying to get the attention of the people down the hill, but it was no use. He looked over at the lifeless body next to him and wondered what they had unleashed on the Earth. Suddenly, the body began to move, to snap back into place and suddenly Pane was standing before him, although he looked different, older with a scar above his eye.

"I hate when that happens." Pane said, popping his neck.



Chapter 61: Status

Hello. Is anyone there? Professor? Jean? Anybody!

"Dead." A familiar voice said.

Where am I?

"Astral Plane. A hundred and seventy years in the future." The voice said.

I can't...there's something wrong with me.

"Your astral signature has been damaged."

Will I be alright?


Why am I here?

"To know the truth."

I tried to open my eyes.

"Rest. You'll need it."


The hollow found its new world confusing. All these mortals allowed to just walk around, like they were free. They were. They wouldn't be for long. No one knew where it was. He had killed. Not Sebastian Shaw, but he had killed. A mortal tried to rob him...bad mistake. He didn't feel bad, how could he? He did not feel emotions, they were for lower beings. Emotions were weaknesses not allowed. The Hollow had been king once, lording over the Earth. It was his place of power until he was locked away, made into a mere servant to his host. He felt nothing. His host was powerful, but not expendable. The only host powerful enough to contain him. The thoughts and memories running through the host's mind, even though the host was gone...they almost overwhelmed him, but he would not be overwhelmed by mere emotion. As he cleaned blood off his hands, he looked at it, wondering what it meant to feel remorse, to feel regret. There was none. The Hollow wondered what had permitted his escape, what deliciously smart person was really behind this. Sebastian Shaw was no dummy, but it wasn't his idea. It was a feeling, a thought...A pure emotion-driven psychosis. Unlike the Phoenix, it was not his intention to feel, it was his intention to rule. To be back on top.

"Stop right there!" A dark, hoarse voice commanded.

The Hollow turned, not entirely sure he was being talked to.

The Dark figure looked at the body, then at him.

"You wish to stop me? Your true intentions are known to me." The Hollow said.

"Stay outta my mind." The figure said.

"Who are you?"

"I am the Darkness." The figure said, moving swiftly toward the Hollow.

The Hollow never moved, just waited until a punch landed, not even denting its face, then it tilted its head, "Such a noble human, even though death shall be my wrath." He said, hitting Darkness in the chest and causing him to fly backwards and into oncoming traffic. The Hollow thought to follow him, but stopped and turned, "Who are you?"

"I am the one who brought you to our domain." A sinister voice said.

"You are my savior? You have chosen to align yourself with me?" The Hollow asked.

The man stepped into the light, revealing himself to be Mr. Sinister, "Yes."

The Host's head ached with recognition, "So be it." He said.


"Does it mean that he's gone...forever?" Scott asked.

Professor sighed, "I do not know. The Hollow has taken control and from what I've seen, shows no sign of returning it to its owner." He explained, "Pane's signature should not have disappeared...unless..."

"Unless he's truly gone?" Scott asked, "I don't believe that! He's survived worse."

"No." Professor corrected him, "His essence has been stripped from his body entirely, something that is usually done with death."

"Death?" Scott asked, "He's not dead. Maybe this is some kind of trick, like the mind erase."

"No." Professor said, "I would have sensed it this time."

"So, that's it? He's gone?" Scott asked gently.

"I am sorry, I truly am, it hurts me just as much." Professor said, "But it's the truth."

"The truth? The truth is that he's out there somewhere!" Scott protested, "I was mad at him, for wanting a normal life. I wish I could take back most of the things I've said to him."

"We've all said and done things we're not proud of, Scott." Professor said, "It's the moments in life..."

"I love hearing your musings, I really do, but stop it!" Scott said, "He is alive. He is out there!"

"He is possessed." Professor X said, "I am certain that I will do everything in my possible grasp to help, to find him."

"I know you will." Scott said, "I just pray we're not too late."

There was a knock on the door and Connor and Raiden stood before them with Ororo.

"They wish to speak with you." Ororo smiled.

Professor nodded them in.

"We want to join the X-Men." Connor said.

Scott and Professor Xavier shared a look of shock.

"Do you know all that will entail?" Professor asked.

"We know that we can't just sit around and watch this happen to Pane." Raiden said, "Sorry."

"No, it's quite alright." Professor said, looking at Scott, "What do you think?"

"I think we have two new temporary X-Men." Scott smiled weakly.


"Why have you brought me into your world?" The Hollow asked, "Is it total desolation that you wish to achieve? To rule the world?"

"No." Mr. Sinister said, "I'm a villain."

"I am smarter than that." The Hollow said, a hint of anger in his voice, "My host does not trust you."

"Your host is a wise young man, but can you really believe that I would try and trick you?" Sinister asked.

"What is it, exactly, that you want?" I asked.

"I want to pull off my biggest experiment yet." Sinister said.

The Hollow looked at him, unreadable, "I see nothing in your eyes. I do not trust you." It said, "But we shall set the world ablaze."


"You can open your eyes now, although you'll probably want to close them." Future Pane said.

I opened my eyes slowly, careful not to expose my eyes to the light all around me. I looked around to see myself in the Mansion, albeit a very run-down mansion, but it was still the X-Mansion. The shine had come off the walls and it was beginning to rust and I noticed that there was an odd aroma.

"You learn to ignore the smell." Future Pane said.

What is it?

"Blood." Future Pane said, fiddling with his machine.

We're on the astral plane?

"Of course, it's the only place that is still safe." Future Pane explained, "Times are a little rough."

The mansion is still standing?

"Only in the astral plane. After Professor Xavier died, the team survived, but not for more than a few decades." Future Pane said.

Why can't I talk?

"You were seriously damaged." Future Pane said, "But do not worry, it is only temporary, as you can see."

There was silence.

"Go ahead, ask." Future Pane said, not bothering to look back at me.

Who killed Professor Xavier?

Future Pane stopped, then turned to me, a sad smirk on his face, "I did." He said simply.

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