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Wolverine felt like he'd tumbled to his death! It felt like these would be his last thoughts, even though it couldn't be possible! Suddenly, something caught him by the neck and the scene slowly shimmered into place. The Hollow looked pissed and for the first time, its face was contorted into a frown.

"I am going to rip out every bone your body!" it said through gritted teeth.

Wolverine looked around, wondering where he was. It a spacy place with newly painted walls. It looked like a church, with pews, but the window revealed that they were perched high above everything else. The room was very old school with many shields and a few heads of...well, not creatures of Earth. It was then he noticed that the walls weren't painted, they were wet with blood. The smell was enough to make even Logan gag. It was a Castle. An old castle, but then again where there any other types of castles?

"You remember this place?" It said.

"Argh!" Wolverine said, slashing at him!



Chapter 63: Genocide

Scott sat at his desk, playing with his pen on the desk. He couldn't stop himself from wondering where Pane had gone. Had he just disappeared? How could he just disappear? Pane was a good guy, never really did anything wrong...So why him? It wasn't fair that this happened. Some abomination was out there, running around in his skin while he had been dejected like just some other guy. He wasn't just some other guy, damn it! Scott threw the pen across the room and it stuck in the wall. His eyes travelled from the wall to Emma, who had appeared in the doorway. At first, they just stared, then Scott broke the stare and looked away at the papers on his desk.

"You've been in here all day, I had to sub for your class." Emma said, "Not that I mind..."

Scott said nothing.

"I haven't seen you like this since Jean." Emma said, causing him to look up.

Scott's face got even thinner, "I'm not in the mood, Emma." He said.

"He's not here anymore." Emma said.

"Stay out of my head!" he snapped, "Stay away from my thoughts."

"I can't help, you're broadcasting." Emma said, "Every empath and telepath in the Mansion can feel it."

"Has Professor found Logan?" Scott asked, ignoring her.

Emma sighed, "Men." She said, "No. It has been unsuccessful."

Scott nodded.

"Maybe if you stop living in your self-imposed exile, you'll see that we need you." Emma said snootily.

Scott watched her walk away. She was right, no matter what her motives were.


"We're going out into the world." Future Pane said, "The world outside of here."

I don't want to go outside.


"But you have to." Pane said, "There are things you have to accept."

Why do I have to accept anything? I don't want to live forever.

"Who really wants to live forever?" Pane asked, "Vampires, but they suck."


"I was so thinking the same thing." Pane said.

Great minds and all.

Pane hit an invisible button, causing a screen to pop up from nowhere. Pane punched at screen so fast I couldn't make out what was happening. Soon a circular projector flew from the ceiling and opened a portal.

"The safest place I know is here." Pane said, "It's where I've been all these centuries, where I've lost."

If we're so powerful, how could we not save our friends?

Pane ignored my question and continued to work the computer.

I know you can hear me! Did we kill them too?

Pane stopped and looked around at me. There was intensity in his eyes like I'd never seen in myself, "Don't you ever..." he trailed, looking off, "Don't you think I had the same dream?! To be normal, to be a superstar...to just be. They took it from us! They took my life! They took everything from me and I never asked for anything in return!"

I know. I'm living it!

"I wish I had told them that it wasn't my problem and walked away. But like a good little boy I did it." Pane said.

And now we have nothing.


"Which is why I'm going to take you into the world, to show what happens when we all do what we're told." Pane said, walking through the portal. I followed.


"Why do you continue to survive?" The Hollow asked, deep lacerations and cuts all over his face.

"If one of us is gonna die, it ain't gonna be me, bub!" Logan said, lashing out again!

The Hollow grabbed him with no hesitation or stress and tossed him, "I like you. Stick around." He said.

"You're back." A man in robes asked.

"I didn't hear the magic words." The Hollow said, looking him over, "You are still alive?"

"Were we supposed to die off in your absence?" the man asked.

"Yes." The Hollow said simply.

The man chuckled, amused at the Hollow. Logan couldn't understand what was going on, it was a castle, with no houses or distinguishing landmarks around. This place was stuck in the dark ages! This man, there was something off about him, other than he was talking to the Hollow as if he the Hollow couldn't rip him to shreds. The man seemed confident.

"We mourned your death, then moved on." The man said, "I didn't think you'd return."

"So you proclaimed yourself leader of my kingdom?" The Hollow asked.

"Your kingdom?" the man chortled, "My kingdom."

In a sudden burst, there were guards all around the Hollow, their sharp instruments at his throat.

"You were prophesized to return, I knew it to be true. Did you think I would not be ready?" the man asked.

The Hollow looked around at the men, then at the man, "I didn't care." The Hollow ducked under the spears and swords, causing them to impale each other. Logan immediately expected the time pause that he did. Two bigger warriors with swords ran in the room! The Hollow ducked the swords with such quickness that Logan had rarely seen! The Hollow stopped, allowing one of the swords to pass through his torso and smiled as he snapped the warrior's neck. The other warrior watched as the Hollow pulled the sword out and discarded it, then the warrior flew backward, into the wall!

"Enough, leave this place!" The man in the purple shouted.

"Leave? My kingdom." The Hollow said, reaching inside the warrior and pulling out his still beating heart, "Not until I have finished."

The man's eyes rose in his head.

"My kingdom was forged in the power of a God!" The Hollow said, walking to the man, "My paradise is lost." He said, raising his hand and the next thing Logan knew, he was lying in a barren wasteland.


"My kingdom is no more." The Hollow said, not bothering to look around, "My world is no more. I do not understand."

"Ya don't understand?" Logan asked, getting to his feet.

"I feel this odd feeling, though I have no wound." The Hollow said.

Logan looked at it, "You feel pain? Regret?" he asked.

The Hollow looked back at him, as if he had said something unthinkable, "Feelings are for pathetic beings!" he said, "I am a God!"

Logan chuckled, "Looks like you're not much better than us." He said.

The Hollow looked at him, "I shall harm you." He said.

"Won't do ya no good." Logan said.

"Why do you follow my host? Do you lust for him? Do you wish to see his ghost?" The Hollow asked.

"Ghosts I have no problem with, it's you!" Logan said, again lunging at The Hollow! The Hollow swatted him like a fly.

"Why do you continue to fight? All hope is lost." The Hollow said.

"Not until it's over." Logan said, getting to his feet and extending his claws, "You're walking around in my friend's body!"

The Hollow stared at him, "You would like revenge...to have him back?" asked.

"You don't know da meaning of revenge, Bub!" Logan growled, running at the Hollow! The Hollow was there, then he wasn't and Logan tumbled quickly and regained his composure.

"Your will is strong, but you are no match for me." The Hollow said, "I shall crush you."

"If you were going to crush me, then you would have already." Logan snarled, "You can't. I don't die."

The Hollow didn't smile, but there was a change in its demeanor, "This body warms for you." He said.

Logan relaxed his pose, "Huh?" he asked.


"So, do we ever find a real relationship?" I asked as we stood in front of the portal.

"A real relationship?" Future Pane asked.

"Like...forget it." I frowned.

"No, what do you mean? Scott and Bobby were real relationships." Pane said.

"A mature one with mature me and...do we have kids?" I asked.

Pane sighed, "What do you want me to say? Any answer is going to change the future." He said.

"You don't think my little trip to the future changes the future?" I asked.

"Not enough." Pane said, "Apparently."

"I'm sorry, for whatever we did." I said, "Whatever we're going to do."

"It really isn't our fault." Pane said, "I have kids."

"I'm guessing you're not letting how many slip." I said, hopefully.

Pane smiled, "I'm not as crazy as you think." He said, "Living forever, you have to shake things up a little."

"I get that." I said, "Do we ever find love?"

"I don't think we ever stop finding love." Pane smiled, "Are you ready?" I was nervous, scared. He took my hand, "No harm will come to us." He said.

I liked me, even though I still thought we were kind of insane, I liked it. I think he's brave. The portal opened quickly and we slid through it.


Raiden stared out the window of the X-Jet. She was excited about their victory over Juggernaut, but something inside her didn't feel right. This team wasn't just a team, it was a family and even though they won the victory, the family was broken. Fractured, in more than one place.

"Are you okay?" Jubilee asked, sitting beside Raiden.

Raiden managed to bring a weak smile to her face, "I'm just thinking." She said.

"About Pane?" Jubilee asked.

Raiden nodded.

"I think we're all thinking about him." Jubilee said, "I was one of his first friends here."

"He told us about you." Raiden said.

"Every time he's gone away before, there's been this nagging doubt in the back of my mind. A recognition that he's still here somewhere." Jubilee smiled, "Not anymore."

Raiden looked at her, "I've been feeling that too." She said, "I've been trying to ignore it."

"I know we don't know each other, but if you need to talk, I'm here." Jubilee said.

"Thank you." Raiden sniffed, hugging her.

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