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"I do not want him around my students!" Professor Xavier said loudly.

"Professor, wouldn't it be better if he would stay?" Ororo asked.

"Ororo, I'm surprised at you! You, of all people, know how dangerous he could be." Professor Xavier said.

"He's here, that's a start, maybe we could run tests or somein." Logan said.

"He is to be kept downstairs at all times, no interaction with the students. Is that clear?" Professor asked.

"Crystal." Scott said.

"What about the other one?" Logan growled, "Something fishy about him, too."

"I shall be keeping a close eye on him, also." Professor added.

"He zays heiz from ze future." Nightcrawler said.

"Stars and garters!" Beast said, "A pane from the future and a Pane from the present inhabiting the same place and time?"

"That thing is not Pane." Ororo said coldly.

"Are we sure the other one's Pane?" Scott asked.

"He's the real thing." Logan said, pointing a claw at his nose.

"Then that is settled, Hank, I want a full evaluation." Professor said, dismissing all his students.




Chapter 66: Best Enemies

Logan sailed through the air and skidding hard across the dojo floor and hitting the wall!

"Is there no resistance?" The Hollow asked.

Logan growled and hopped to his feet, extending his claws, "You want a fight? I'll give ya a fight!" he said, lunging at the Hollow.

The Hollow tilted his head, ducking every attack! The Hollow seemed to be a blur and its scent was displaced. Logan looked around, trying to find him, but what he found was a firm, powerful fist that sent him flying backwards against the wall of the Danger Room!

"How do ya do that?" Logan asked.

"Time is an easy thing to manipulate." The Hollow said, "It flows freely."

"Makes me wanna rip ya apart!" Logan growled.

"I can feel your desire. You desire this body." The Hollow said, "If you desire it, why do you fight your emotions?"

Logan retracted his claws, "You're not him." He said.

"I feel what he feels, remember what he remembers...I have seen it in your mind." The Hollow said.

"Stay outta my mind, bub." Logan said.

The Hollow winced, "You feel guilt. It is not an honorable feeling." He said, "You feel it, I feel it."

"What would you know about honor?" Logan sneered, "You stole somebody's body."

"That is irrelevant! I wish to understand, but I don't!" The Hollow said, moving so close, he could feel Logan's breath, "I don't. Why do you ignore all that you feel?"

Logan walked away, "You're not him." He growled.


Future Pane and Scott sat directly opposite each other. Scott had so many questions and didn't exactly know where to start.

"You did bad things, why?" Scott asked.

"I'm a bad, bad boy." Pane said.

"Can you be serious?" Scott asked.

"Just because I do bad things doesn't make me bad." Pane said, "It makes me ruthless."

Scott just stared, then looked down, trying to take in all that he could.

"I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of, some that I am, and the rest is a tossup."

"Where are you? The you from my time?" Scott asked.

"I can't tell you that." Pane said avoiding his eyes.

"But you know? He's still alive?" Scott asked.

Pane frowned, "I've seen a lot. Been through even more and all I can say is that the future's not written in stone." He said.

"Something bad happens?" Scott asked.

"Doesn't it always?" Pane asked, stopping.

"What?" Scott asked.

Pane cast his hand at the window, causing it to swing open and a man clad in black levitated through it.

"Who's that?" Scott asked.

"A friend." Pane said.

"Who are you?" Scott asked.

"My name is Darkness." The man picked himself off the floor and looked to Scott.

"Another hero?" Scott asked.

"Another?" Darkness asked, "What is this place?"

"It's a school." Scott answered.

"A school?" Darkness asked, "For the gifted?"

"Yes." Scott said.

"Mutants?" Darkness asked, "I've been studying..."

"Studying? You've been here for how long?" Scott asked.

"Long enough to know that this isn't just a school." Darkness said.

"So, you're a mutant?" Darkness asked.

"Yeah." Pane said.


Connor sailed across the room, skidding to a stop on the floor!

"You dare put your filthy hands on the likes of me?" The Hollow bellowed, causing the walls to shake!

Connor wiped blood from his mouth and stood, "Just a little pay back." He said, "Now I owe you again."

"Try me." The hollow said, intensity oozing from him!

"Stop this!" Raiden said, "He might kill you!"

"I'm doing everybody a big favor by taking this cheap excuse for a God!" Connor growled.

"I will excuse your ignorance." The Hollow said, walking away.

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