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"Look at them, with their sweaty pecs and their ripped...abs and tight..." Raiden drooled, watching Gambit and Wolverine spar.

"Thinking about Wolverine like that is icky." Jubilee said, a little grossed out.

"Yeah, Logan's like a big brother to me!" Kitty cringed.

"I don't know, they are kind of yummy." Amara smirked.

"Kind of? They are totally yummy with a side of num." Raiden said.

Logan flipped Gambit onto his back and they bowed to each other.

"Okay, totally hot!" Amara chuckled.



Chapter 67:

Bobby licked at my nipples, causing me to shiver in pleasure. Then he licked at my chest, sliding his tongue over every inch of me. He stopped at my dick, which he took in his mouth and slurped for a good five minutes, sucking and jacking. Bobby came back up to my face and we made out passionately.

"You want me?" Bobby asked, his cold, blue eyes looking into my warm, brown eyes.

"I love you." I said breathlessly.

Bobby looked at me, a smile etched across his face, "I love you too." He said, taking his dick in his hand, sticking it at the entrance of my hole. He pushed gently, guiding it in.

"Is that...that hasn't happened yet!" I said

"Maybe not for you." Pane smiled, "Don't get too excited, this is before he hooks up with Mystique."

"Oh." I said.

I lay across a table on my stomach. It was a weird sight, cause I was naked, and then Logan showed his face and that gorgeous body. It was hairy, but firm and...I shivered where I stood. Logan pressed his dick against my hole and began to rock back and forth, then he began to speed up and something I didn't expect to happen happened, Logan pulled me up, my abs in his hands, and he turned my head, kissing me passionately.

"Wow." I said.

"Logan, Logan, Logan..." Pane said, "Where to start."

"Major spoilers." I said.

"The timeline can still be changed." Pane said, "Besides, you wanted to know if you get any soon..."

"He's soon?" I asked.

"Soon is a relative term." Pane said, "Soon doesn't necessarily mean soon."

"Right." I said, "Lesson learned, history not written."

"What?" Pane asked, "No, some things are meant to happen no matter what."


"Our life is destined to be written as it is, but events change." Pane said.

"So my life is..."

"Kind of already written." Pane said, "We're meant to do what we're meant to do. Now hush up, we haven't even gotten to the good stuff."

Scott hunched over me, thrusting furiously into me. The look on my face nothing short of pure pleasure. As he thrust harder and harder, I began to moan louder. Scott leaned over and kissed me passionately, his round ass pumping into me so good! I could feel it.

"I lo..lo..love you." Scott moaned, going deeper and deeper. Soon a heightened looked came upon his face and on mine as well and he shouted, "I'm cumming, baby, oh..."

"I miss that." I said, feeling even lonelier than I did before.

"I know what you mean." Pane said quickly.


"You have endangered my students." Professor Charles Xavier said firmly, "I cannot allow..."

"Allow?" The Hollow echoed, looking at Xavier with pure malice, "You presume to allow me? I only let you and these pathetic specimens live because..."

Logan, Scott, and Storm, who sat on the other side of the room, watching, stared in shock. Xavier stared at him with equal malice.

"You are lower than me, I should rule you!" The Hollow said.

"But you don't." Professor said, "And I want you out of my school."

"I shall leave." The Hollow said, "When I return, your lives won't be spared." He said, leaving.

"Professor, are you sure..." Ororo began.

"I can't stand to look at him." Scott said.

They looked at him.

"He is a danger to us all." Professor said.

"What happened ta protectin the world?" Logan sneered.

"He is feeling the world, his snatching of Pane's body has caused some...awkward effects. He is becoming more human." Professor said, "I believe this is the key to bringing Pane back."

They sat up.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked, "I thought there was no way to bring him back!"

"There has to be a way, if there wasn't..." Professor said.

"...then Pane from the future would not be here." Ororo reasoned.

"Of course." Scott said.

Logan growled, "You're all nuts. This whole time travel bullshit is giving me a headache!" he frowned.

"Language, Logan." Professor said, wheeling himself over to the window, "I believe that we can find out how to bring him back from his future self."

"He won't say anything." Scott said, "He barely wants to be around us."

"I believe our window is closing." Professor said.

"Our window?" Ororo asked.

"Our winda ta getting our boy back." Logan said.

"Yes, the event is coming up soon. Sooner than I had expected." Professor said, "Keep a close eye on The Hollow, we will need him."

There was a knock on the door.

"You are dismissed." Professor said, causing them to leave. On their way out, Pane entered.

"You wanted to see me?" Pane asked.

"Ah, yes, come in." Professor smiled.


As I bobbed up and down on some anonymous red-head's lap, I felt a little distant.

"What's wrong?" Pane asked, "You're not feeling it anymore?"

"I don't know what it means." I said, "Does it mean that I'm a big hoe?"

"No, it means you've gotten a lot." Pane said.

"This isn't saying much, I asked did we love." I frowned.

"Who do you think these people are? Random strangers? Look, we sleep with friends, people we forge bonds with." Pane said, "This was us loving. It's physical, it's mental, it's...it takes us over."

"It doesn't mean anything, I don't know these people." I said, "So, I connected with all those people?"

"Of course. We're good peo...person." Pane said.

"So...I didn't exactly see Guy Pearce." I chuckled.

"Funny story about that..."


"So, Kitty..." Connor said, doing chin up beside Piotr.

"Taken." Piotr said firmly.

"Sorry, just saying she's hot." Connor strained.

"We are dating, comrade." Piotr said.

"Oh, well, that's awkward." Connor said.

"It is avright." Piotr said dropping to his feet, "I thought you vere widt Raidon."

"Raiden." Connor said, "And she's just a real close friend. We've been friends ever since we were recruited for S.H.I.E.L.D's team."

"She is very interesting." Piotr smiled, "But Kitya is mine."

"Point taken." Connor said, "Wanna go and try some Danger Room sessions?"

"Sure." Piotr said as they headed to the Danger Room.


Little Pane ran through the house, but wasn't watching where he was going and whack! Pane sat on the floor, the bruise on his light caramel skin bleeding. He began to cry and soon Mom came around the corner, surveying the accident.

"Oh, Pane, you're okay." She said, tending to my wound, "You know you've got to watch where you're going."

Little Pane cried, "I'm sorry!" he said quickly.

"It's alright, it can be cleaned up." Mom said, picking the vase that was on the table up and sitting it back on the end table, "What were you running from?"

He was silent and the vase shattered.

"Calm down, Pane." Mom said, "It's okay, just go ahead, I think your aunt has something for you."

Little Pane got up and ran away.

"Okay, so this is telling me what?" I asked.

"Even when we were young, we could control our powers because..." Pane said.

"Because we're fucking awesome?" I asked.

Pane sighed, "Because we never had a choice." He said.

"Man, we're grim." I said, "You're really a downer."

I was a little older, but not by much. I walked slowly, with my friends. We laughed as we made our way across campus and picked the nearest table to watch the rest of the kids playing basket ball. I remembered this time, this fun time. Just me and my friends. Suddenly, there was a screech and a man stood between two colliding cars! I concentrated on him while everyone else watched and he levitated a few feet just before the cars collided with each other! There was an emergence of adults and other kids who called the man a `mutie' and pelted him with insults, some even threw stones. The man scurried away and I stood there, breathing hard and trying not to be noticed.

"We felt guilty." Pane said.

I frowned, "Because of us, he was labeled." I said.

"Because of us, he was saved." Pane said, "Sometimes I forget who we were."

I looked at him, "Who were we?" I asked.

"The Hero." Pane said, as if I should know, "We saved him long before anyone could call us a hero."

"We were afraid of being outed. In more ways than one." I said.

"And we were right! It wasn't our time to be outed as anything! We could never have done all the good we did unless...unless we were ready to accept it." Pane said.

A few more years flew by...

"I just, I want you to know you're not the only one around here! You're not alone." I said softly.

Stratton Finn was a guy a year older than me, his long dark hair rippled to his shoulders and his pale skin shone in the light. His eyes were a special shade of aqua and his lips were so kissable, "I'm not like you! I'm not some faggy mutant!"

That one cut deep.

"And you're not?" I asked.

"I'm not some faggy mutant! I've got power." Stratton said.

"Look, if you don't like the faggy stuff, then focus on the mutant stuff." I frowned, "It helps to have someone knows that you have power. Do your parents even know?"

"No!" Stratton said, getting into my face, "And they won't know."

I watched the scene in horror.

"We wanted to help him so bad, because he was so hot." Pane said.

"And because we thought we had found someone who could share what we went through...guess we made a mistake." I said solemnly.

"He left after that. His parents kicked him out." Pane said.

"I never knew what happened." I said.

"Apparently we do." Pane said.

"Is this another way of telling me something without telling me something?" I asked.

"Just that we have more knowledge now." Pane said.

"Why am I here? Why am I going through this again, you never really told me." I sighed.

Pane turned to me with a maniacal look on his face, "We're going to change all of this." He grinned.

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