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Pane threw a punch, but the Hollow ducked it and grabbed his next punch, elbowing him in the nose! The bystanders had already begun fleeing as Raiden and Connor watched from a far. They watched as The Hollow calmly took Pane's punches and they grabbed each other, Pane bringing his foot over his head and kicking Hollow in the head! The Hollow didn't even stagger, it punched Pane, then blocked a kick! The next kick was a roundhouse that sent Pane flying! Pane got up and ran back at him, punching the Hollow, who seemed to be feeling things more now. The Hollow brought its leg forward and missed, stepping forward and Pane spun around, back-handing the Hollow to the ground! The Hollow sneered and grabbed him, throwing him into a building that was getting remodeled! The Hollow stopped when a small gadget stopped before him and exploded, knocking him to his feet!

"This is my town...most days." Darkness said.

The Hollow stood back up, taking a car into his hands, "I'm going to make you a shadow!" he frowned.

Darkness's eyes raised in shock as the Hollow threw the car but it stopped in mid-air!

The debris from the building Pane had been thrown into was now floating, too, "We...are...not...done!" he growled.



Chapter 69: Destiny

The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, and the X-Men sat in the Meeting Room, watching Future Pane and the Hollow tear apart downtown Manhattan. Pane telekinetically threw a piece of pavement at the Hollow and as it collided with the Hollow, it broke to pieces!

"It's here." Professor Xavier said, "It's time for us to take a stand."

"We got our asses handed to us, Chuck, what makes ya think we can take `im down now?" Logan asked.

"I have been in close contact with Moira McTaggert, she, along with a mutant codenamed Forge, have built a machine to take away The Hollow's powers." Professor Xavier said.

"Genius." Reed Richards said, "But what effects will this have on the subject?"

"No powers." Sue Richards said.

"Well, of course, but I'm talking about long term effects." Reed said

"How fast can they get it here?" Fury asked, "No time to think, Richards."

"Scott is on his way to pick them up as we speak." Professor explained, "In the meantime, I suggest we go and try to break up the fighting."

"We shall depart." Ororo said, "X-Men, move out!"


A car sailed effortlessly through the air, crashing to the ground and leaving a giant dent in the road where it smashed! A pane of glass sped at the Hollow, but when it hit the Hollow, the particles dispersed and it shattered into pieces! The Hollow levitated toward Pane, who did the same. Both stopped to the ground and walked towards each other, their hands in the air and they seemed to be struggling, trying to overtake the other, but neither side was winning! The city bent beneath their power, the bystanders running everywhere as they struggled! Raiden and Connor stood to the side, watching in awe.

"You seem a little strained." Pane said, straining just as hard.

"I shall be your undoing." The Hollow said, "This will never be your victory."

"Won't be my tragedy, either." Pane said.

As they talked, a dome of power had surrounded them! The light from their powers reflected off Raiden's milky chocolate skin and Connor's pale white skin and the blast from their power sent everything spiraling back, causing destruction all around them!


"You said we made the wrong decision." I asked, "What decision did we make?"

"We chose us over them." Pane said.

"And that's wrong?" I asked.

"It is." Pane said, "When we have such power...after all, that's what it's all about: Power." Pane said.

"So, how do we make everything alright?" I asked.

"The decision that ruins our lives is only a few seconds away." Pane said, looking somewhere I couldn't see.

"What happened?" I asked.


The fight roared on, despite there being a mass of debris every which-a-way! Raiden and Connor made their way from the shelter they had taken so they wouldn't become debris themselves! They were shocked to see the Avengers hit the scene! The Hollow took them all on, single-handedly. Thor hit him with lightning, but the Hollow shrugged it off and continued on his way as he rushed Captain America and Ironman, who he easily dominated! The Hulk raced into the fray, his footsteps like earthquakes, and attempted to punch the Hollow, but the Hollow caught the punch and squeezed down! Pane took on the Fantastic Four! Sue Storm trapped him in a telekinetic bubble, but he and the bubble levitated into Johnny Storm, who bumped into Sue, causing the bubble to cease! Sue got to her feet and shot two bubbles at him, but he shot into the air and they hit Ben and Reed, causing them to fly backwards into a wall! Pane caught Sue telekinetically and shot her threw the wall of a nearby building!

"Leave them alone." Professor Xavier said.

Pane and the Hollow froze and looked his way.

"Which of us should crush him?" The Hollow asked.

"You're not touching him." Pane said.

"Sorry." The Hollow said, telekinetically throwing him to the ground. The Hollow made his way to Professor Xavier, grabbing him by the throat and holding him into the air! In an instant, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and the Avengers had surrounded him, but he tightened his grip before everything stopped. I found myself levitating above the scene with my future self. We looked down on the scene; I was shocked by the events.

"A guy goes away for a few...how long was I gone?" I asked.

"You have to make a decision, one that will affect the rest of your life. Forever." Pane said.

"Is this the part where I kill my friends?" I asked.

The scene began to move.

"Hollow!" Scott said, stepping away from the crowd, "We won't hurt you, just don't hurt anyone."

"I will end this!" The Hollow said quickly, but Scott tilted his head forward and sent a beam at the Hollow, but the Hollow waved his hand in a circle and the beam illuminated the whole block and when it died down, Scott was gone!

"Put me back." I said.

As they were ready to attack, I slipped back into my body.

I looked around, "Oh sh..." I said, dropping Professor Xavier, "I quit."

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