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"Oh yeah, give it to me! Give me that big dick; pump that big dick inside of me!" A man panted as his partner fucked him furiously!

"You like this?" The other man asked.

"Yes, just do me! Do good!" The first man panted. The pumping slowed to a stop, "What're you doing?"

"My job." The other man said, breaking the first guy's neck.



Chapter 71: Crash World

"I'm telling you, that was no dream!" I said to Raiden and Connor as we walked through our tiny office. We had pooled our money to buy the office and found ourselves apartments. Life was pretty good, the job was slow though. Nothing to do until we got a case, which we never seemed to get. Lately, I'd been having these wonky dreams, no, more like premonitions! It was so real. Raiden and Connor didn't exactly share in the idea of me still having powers since the X-Men told them about the machine sucking out my powers.

"You don't even have powers." Connor said, "Besides, we have a case."

"What type of case?" I asked.

"Well, we've been working the bounty circuit, they pay well and it's only until we get on stable footing. We catch rampaging mutants and stick them where they belong." Connor said.

I frowned. In the future, I hunted mutants down in the same way Connor was discussing.

"What's wrong?" Raiden asked.

"Turning mutants over to non-mutants? Isn't it...hypocritical?" I asked.

"No. It's like X-Men or the Avengers; we protect the world from them." Connor explained, "Don't worry, this is all legit."

"Well, you guys are the big guns, I'm powerless." I said.

"You still have power, just a different kind." Raiden said sympathetically.

"I don't know." I said.

"You have all that X-Men training, maybe you can really make a difference." Connor said, "We need to learn from you."

"From me?" I asked.

"Yeah, you're no stranger to some of these villains. Like this one." Raiden said, flashing a picture of Toad.

"Toad." I said.

"See. You know how they work." Raiden said quickly, "We'll have a leg-up on him."

"Fine." I caved.


Apparently, I'm still a college student. I remember going through college and growing, but apparently that didn't happen. It's hard to say something didn't happen when you lived it. College was pretty much a show up, do work, then go back to my glamorous life as a hero type thing, without the glamour. There was training and I wasn't in the greatest shape. I mean, I'm not obese or fat, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm pretty out of shape. I guess that's what I meant, I'm not overweight, I'm just out of shape. I was in the training room of the local Community Center, training on the punching bag. I had just finished spending mandatory time with kids and now I was hitting the punching bag.

"Oh, hey, didn't know you were in here." A guy said. He was standing a few feet away and I couldn't help immediately notice that he looked like Robert Pattinson. His warm caramel eyes and soft-looking lips made me tremble a bit.

I stopped hitting the bag at the sight of him, "I was just finishing up." I said, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

"You sure? I could come back." The guy said.

"Hey, you rea...dy." Raiden said, walking in and noticing the guy in his tight muscle tee. It made me feel skinny just standing next to him, "Introduce me to your friend."

"I don't really...I didn't get a name." I said.

The guy held out his hand, "Max Gordon." He smiled.

"The Max Gordon?" Raiden asked.

I shook his hand, "The?" I asked.

"Millionaire." Raiden said, "Billionaire."

Max blushed, "Most people just call me Max...you are?" he asked.

"I'm Raiden, and this is my friend Pane." Raiden gushed, "So, you slum down here in your part time?"

"I love helping out." Max said, "The kids around here are fun."

"They're humbling." I said.

Max stared at me, "Exactly." He smiled.

"Oh, well, I guess we should leave. He's getting ready to train." I said.

"No, I...well, yeah, I'm about to train, but you could join me." Max said nervously.

Raiden looked back and forth between us, "Oh, well..." she trailed.

"You too, of course." Max said.

"Well, we have to go. Emergency." Raiden said, "But another time."

"Sure. I'm always here, except when I'm working." Max said.

I nodded as Raiden pulled me, "Okay." I said.

"See ya later." Raiden smirked as we left.


"I mean, he's so cute!" Raiden gushed as we walked home. It was getting dark and we were in a particularly bad part of town, but I wasn't afraid, even though I had no powers. I guess I hadn't gotten used to not having powers, "But he was totally into you!"

"Me?" I asked.

"Of course," Raiden said as we turned down an alley, "He was practically begging us to stay! Well, you, not me so much."

"Umm, Raiden, where are we going?" I asked.

"Short cut...I think." Raiden said, looking back.

I followed her gaze and saw the two guys heading for us. I turned with her to walk ahead and saw two other guys coming for us. I groaned. Not here, in the open, what if someone sees us?

"Oh crap." Raiden said, "Come on, we're going invisible."

"You go invisible, hit the guys behind us." I said, "I'll take the guys in front."

"Of course." Raiden said, disappearing.

I walked ahead, behind me I heard the lid come off a trashcan and the banging of a head against the lid, and then the sound of a fist hitting a chin. The guys in front of me stopped, shocked by Raiden's disappearance and looked at me, scared of what I could possibly do to them. One of them took out a knife and the other ran at me! I whirled around, using his velocity to throw him into a trashcan! The guy with the knife lurched forward, slashing at me, but I moved and kicked his feet from under him! He got up and tried to stab me, but before I knew what was going on, I was levitating in the air! The guy used my confusion to pull me from the air and slam me against the pavement! I looked up to see him coming at me with the knife, but I froze when I saw the dark figure behind him! The figure kicked the knife out of his hand and sent him to the ground with a jumping spin kick!

I stood, "Thanks." I said.

He pulled out a small device and aimed it high, shooting it into the sky and it clicked, causing him to fly upwards and out of sight.

"Who was that masked man?" Raiden asked, becoming visible again.

"I don't know." I said, still amazed.

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