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A teenage boy named Brewster ran through a dark alley, speeding toward the other end of the alley, tripping over rats and colliding with trashcans. He slowed to a stop when he realized that no one was running behind him. He took the time to catch his breath, leaning on the wall. As he recounted the day's events, he sighed to himself. He had just realized he was a mutant. His power was the ability to manipulate energy, to use it, to transform it. He had tried to use it on the being, that's the only word that could describe it, that was chasing him. He had just realized his ability, causing a flower to rot, causing fire to erupt in its place. It had almost claimed the lives of those dear to him! How could he be a mutant? He was just a boy, a normal boy. His day had started like every other day, but this is where it had gone. He couldn't go home, they wouldn't understand. He couldn't take their rejection. The just wouldn't understand. When he finally got his breath back, he looked back down the alley and saw no one and began his sprint to the other end of the alley! As he got to the end, he sighed in relief but a hand cupped his mouth pulled him back into the alley and he felt an intense burning sensation as everything faded around him!



Chapter 72: Imprisoned

"That's the fourth mutant killed this week." Connor said, eating a doughnut. He sat at the front desk, reading his newspaper and eating doughnuts. Raiden stood a few feet away, sipping coffee and watching the TV, but turned to him and nodded grimly. It was on the news. Some kid name Brewster Holland was murder late in the night, suspected to have started a fire and now he was dead. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the kid was a mutant. His parents hadn't seen or heard from him since he left for school that morning and the reporters said that a giant scorch mark was left on his chest, but there were no signs of burns inside his body, no smoke inhalation.

"I know. I wish they'd find this creep." Raiden said nervously, "You don't think...we..."

"I don't think we're on his radar yet." Connor said, "Have you talked to Pane?"

"No. Not since last night." Raiden said.

"He's been real quiet since the alley, which is really not like him." Connor said.

"Well, he just went from having no powers, to being able to fly." Raiden said.

"Levitate." Connor said, "He can't fly."

"Levitate then, this is huge! He could be regaining his powers." Raiden said.

"Sorry, but I can't say I'm excited to see that." Connor said, cupping his chin, "Last time he was unleashed, I got the bad end of it."

"We should go out." Raiden said.

"What?" Connor asked.

"I just mean, we live in this city and we haven't been out. We should all go." Raiden said.

"Oh." Connor said, "Yeah, I guess, but we've got to pay the rent."

"I don't know why we had to move out of the Mansion." Raiden said, "It was so nice there."

"Well, Connor's twenty..."

"Nineteen." Raiden said.


"That was all the Hollow's work." Raiden said, "He explained it, to everyone, time moved on, but something with the time continuum and...it made my head hurt, but he's only nineteen, thus him going to college again."

"Does he remember all of it?" Connor asked.

"No." Raiden said, "At first, he did. Now, it's fading. I think it was his powers that held it all together, so without his powers...memories go bye bye."

"Our we sure his powers are gone?" Connor asked.

"Yeah." Raiden said, "You know, for a leader, you don't know much."

"Tell me about it." Connor said.

"Broadway." Raiden said.

"Huh?" Connor asked.

"We should go into Broadway." Raiden said, "Or..."

"Or what?" Connor asked.

"Magneto." Raiden said.

"We should go into Magneto?" Connor asked.

"No," Raiden pointed to the door, "Magneto."

Connor whirled around in his chair, "Holy Magnetic Resonance!" he said.

"Is my grandson here?" Magneto asked.


I stood in the gym of the community center, shooting baskets. It was very delicate. I mean, one degree off and you lose the whole shot. I hadn't exactly been Mr. Me ever since I levitated in the alley. I mean, I didn't expect it! It was unexpected! I found myself wondering were my power coming back, which terrified me. But I hadn't manifested any other powers, I hadn't shown any other abilities. I looked around, making sure no one was looking and jumped into the air, levitating just in front of the basketball goal, and then I dunked it, falling to the ground.

"Nice." Max said, walking in behind me and putting his bag on the floor. He put out his muscular arms, "Can I see it?"

"Of course." I said, tossing him the ball.

"So, you're a basketball player?" Max asked.

"No." I said, "It just runs in the family."

Max nodded, "So, how about a game?" he asked.

I shuffled my feet, "I'm not really that good." I said.

"Aww, come on!" Max said.

"Fine." I said, "But if you beat me really bad, I'm going to turn red and die."

"When I beat you." Max said.

"Just check the ball." I smirked.


Raiden sat opposite Magneto with her hands on her laps and her legs inverted. She couldn't exactly find words to say to him. What could she possibly say to him? She had seen him on TV and had heard so many stories, good and bad, about him! Here he sat, opposite her.

"He's not picking up." Connor said, walking back into the room.

"Perhaps I should come back another time." Magneto suggested.

"I'm sure he'll be here any minute." Raiden said, "He usually comes after the community outreach thing. He needed some credit for college, even though he worked at this place called...I'm talking too much."

"My dear, what is your power?" Magneto asked.

"Invisibility." Raiden said.

"Do tell." Magneto said, "May I see it?"

Raiden nodded and disappeared in her seat.

"Magnificent!" Magneto said, "Have you ever thought about joining my Brotherhood?"

"Why do you want Pane? He's powerless." Connor said bluntly. Connor could feel Raiden's eyes, even though they were invisible, on him.

"He is, after all, my grandson." Magneto said, "I have come to offer him a home."

"He has a home." Connor said.

Magneto stood and gestured around, "Of course, to leave all this would be a crime, but I'm offering a better home." He said.

"With the Brotherhood?" Connor asked.

"In Genosha, with others like him...like you." Magneto said.

"I'm not leaving my friends." I said, standing at the door.

"Of course not, I invite all mutants to Genosha." Magneto said.

"We need to talk this over." Connor said.

"Connor, this is a chance to be around people like ourselves." Raiden said, "I'm kind of tired of being threatened."

Connor sighed, "Pane." He said.

I gathered air in my chest and slowly exhaled, "Maybe he's right." I said.

"You see." Magneto said.

"But there's always a catch." I said, "What's the catch?"

"You will be my heir." Magneto said, "To rule Genosha after I die."

"Deal." I said.

Raiden and Connor looked at me quickly.

"If I like what I see." I said.

"Looks like we're going on vacation!" Raiden said.


Genosha had always been very beautiful. The island is located off the east coast of Africa, to the north of Madagascar; it was paradise. I could tell that Raiden and Connor were enjoying themselves as they swam and had fun. I found myself contemplating moving here. If I did, I would be heir to running Genosha, which meant I would be under Magneto's thumb. Being under Magneto's thumb here wasn't so bad. The Brotherhood was here. They worked for Magneto, handing out his brand of justice. It was odd seeing him being a moral compass, but I did enjoying seeing the side of him that cared for others like him. It was refreshing to see what he could really do. There wasn't much crime, either. There was peace. No hate. No discrimination. No thoughts, just peace.

"How are you enjoying Genosha?" John, or Pyro, asked.

I smiled up at him, then back to Connor who was dunking Raiden, "It's good to not worry about paying the rent." I said.

Raiden had become invisible and suddenly, Connor's whole body was being pushed down into the water.

"If you move here, you wouldn't have to worry about that. I heard Magneto's going to let you live in that big ole' castle he owns." John joked.

"Do I sell my soul for a world of peace?" I asked.

"I say yes." John said.

"But you're biased." I said, "How do I surrender? I don't want to surrender, last time I surrendered people died."

"They say you're not so powerful anymore." John said.

"They're right." I said.

"I think they're wrong." John said, "I think you're just as powerful and dangerous as you've ever been."

I looked over at him, frowning, "Thanks?" I said.

"I just mean, you wouldn't hurt a fly." John said, "But you could always do it."

"Living here would be sa-weet!" I smirked.

"Black people say sa-weet?" John asked.

"African American and yes...no...sometimes." I chuckled.

"I missed that laugh." John said.

"There's no crime here." I said.

"What?" John asked.

"No crime, no opposition, nothing." I said, "No criminals."

John looked at me and even without empathy, I could feel it, he wasn't saying something.

"Don't look at me like that." John said, "There's nothing. God, can you still read minds or something?"

"No." I said nervously, "You got a little angry."

John held up his lighter, "I'm a hot-head, remember?" he smiled.

"Oh yeah, I remember."


Raiden walked through the castle, trying to figure out which way the bathroom was. She had to pee like nobody's business and she couldn't seem to find the freaking bathroom! She crept along and calmly made her way through the halls, despite not knowing where in the Hell she was going. She stopped at the sound of two loud, whispering voices.

"He knows?" Magneto shouted quietly.

"No." John said.

"He must never know, not until after it is his time to rule!" Magneto said, "I can't take the chance that he, or one of his friends might ruin our arrangement."

"It's like he knows stuff." John said, "He knows the streets are crime-free."

"Does he know why?" Magneto asked.

"No." John said.

"Then keep it to your..." Magneto stopped and looked into the hall. By this time, Raiden had turned invisible and was still listening, "I thought I heard someone."

"Have we heard from Mystique?" John asked.

"She's a renegade." Magneto said, "I have heard from the rest of the Brotherhood and they're close to catching the murderer. We just need to bide our time. They must never know about the slaves."

"Slaves?" Raiden whispered.

"Under the city." Magneto said.

"Yes, under the city." John nodded.


"I knew this was too good to be true." I said, sitting up in my bed, "Slaves?"

"Slaves." Raiden said, "Under the city."

I thought about it for a minute. Magneto was imprisoning mutants, probably those who didn't follow his rule, those who made trouble for him.

"So, what do we do?" Connor asked.

"You're our leader." Raiden said.

"Oh." Connor said, "I say our first step is finding out where the mutants are being held."

"I think I know a place." I said, "I was here before, and they were keeping mutants under the city then, maybe..."

"I can't let you guys go." John said, standing at the door.

"Guys, disappear." I said.

Raiden grabbed Connor and they literally disappeared. I stood and walked up John as the bathroom door slammed. He looked over and I pushed him against the wall!

"I don't want to hurt you." John said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his lighter.

"John, you know this is wrong." I said.

"It's a trade-off. I help keep the people in check and I get to live in the lap of luxury." John said, "Better than living on the streets."

I just stared at him; there was something sad about him.

"Don't look at me like that." John said.

"John, this is wrong." I frowned.

"The name's Pyro." John said.

"The name's John." I said, "Help me."

"I can't go against Magneto; he's stronger than all of us." Pyro said.

I nodded, "You're right, but he can't take all of us." I said.

"He knows that you know, you just sent your friends to enslavement." Pyro said.

The air escaped my chest and I grabbed his collar, "YOU ARE GOING TO HELP ME!" I said angrily.

"How?" Pyro asked, "They're guarding them heavily."

"You're going to get me in." I said.


Pyro used his status to get us into the lower levels of the city; I, on the other hand, had to dress in commando clothes in order to not be seen. I knew we couldn't break all the mutants free, so I was going to try for my friends first, and then send the X-men to free the rest of them. I wasn't particularly liking the commando look, it was too heavy and I wasn't too into the gun look. It was a metal suit, how very Magneto. Not only was he controlling, but he was a genius. It all made sense, why there was no crime in the streets. As we walked through the clearance markers, I noticed the whispers and eye movement, as if they were measuring me up. I wanted to ask John what it was all about but I didn't, I couldn't, not until we got to a safe point. Once we finally got deeper into the metal fortress, John stopped.

"You can take all that off now." John said.

"No." I said quickly, "I'm not a very good fighter. I spent half of my life with powers, didn't really learn hand-to-hand. I guess I shouldn't have slacked in Danger Room."

John nodded.

"What was that back there?" I asked, "They looked me over and all."

John smirked, "Yeah, usually when I'm coming in with one of the soldiers, it's not because I'm just escorting them." He said.

I thought about it for a minute, "Oh! Eww!" I said.

"What? Did you think you were the only guy I'd ever want like that?" John asked.

I looked at him, then nodded.

"Get over yourself, Rawling." John said.

"Rawling?" I asked. It had been a while since anyone had called me by that name.

"You're a special...but I'm not a good guy." John said, "I don't have pure thoughts, it's pretty much get in where you fit in."

"So, you settle?" I asked.

"Settle?" John asked.

"For just being a henchman." I said, "You could be so much more."

"Sorry, I'm not Bobby." John said, "I know there's one way that the world's gonna accept me, and that's if I change it."


"We're here." John said, cutting me off.

I stopped, in awe of the space under the city. There were cages and prisons as far as the eye could see. There were mutants that instantly began yelling at us when we entered, calling us everything from "traitors" to "Fucknuts"!

"How are we going to find my friends?" I asked.

"Perhaps I can help." Magneto said.

I turned to see Magneto hovering behind us, and then turned back to John, who wore a look of shame. I walked over to him and punched him right in the face before hovering into the air under Magneto's magnetism.


I was frozen into place by the metal that had wrapped itself around me. I struggled, not even almost slipping from the metal that had hardened around me. I frowned and looked over to see Connor and Raiden in the same sort of metal prison I was stuck in. I noticed that they were trying just as hard to escape, but having about as much luck as I was having. I looked around and my eyes centered on John, who looked shaken. Magneto looked at me, disappointment etched into his face.

"I had such high hopes for you." Magneto said.

"You wanted me to rule, you had me." I said, "I won't enslave."

"What about those who disobey you?" Magneto asked.

"Jail, have you heard of jail?" I asked.

"What do you call this?" Magneto asked.

"They're locked away underground! This isn't jail, this is..it's..." I stammered.

"Wrong." Connor finished.

"What I would expect from you lot, Charles has undoubtedly had a substantial effect on you." Magneto said.

"Yup," Raiden said, "Morality is our thing."

"There is no righteous rule without sacrifices." Magneto said, "You will never change the world."

"It can happen." Raiden said, "The world is changing."

"You're right. Every day, the homo sapiens are getting closer to signing a bill that would enslave us all permanently." Magneto said, "How far we've come."

"I wish I had my powers." I said.

"So you could use them on us?" Pyro asked.

"So I could show you what I've been feeling for the past few months, to show you what it feels like to be hijacked by something and have all your morality thrown out, to see your future and know that if you hadn't saw it, you would live it! I would show you how this looks, how a Jewish man enslaving others looks silly!" I shouted, "How you can be embarrassed and humiliated and still go on knowing that you killed the one person who fought for you when no one would."

"They can never understand! They will never accept us, they don't even accept themselves! Homosexuals, like yourself, are being murdered and crimes are committed against you! God has turned from you!" Magneto said angrily.

"God will never turn from me! Never! He made me. His son died for my sins! He's the only one that can ever break me." I said intensely, "God is always with me."

"You're not afraid?" Magneto asked.

"Of course I'm afraid," I said, "But I trust in him."

The metal melted away from us and we stood looking at each other.

"Go." Magneto said.

"On two conditions." I said.

"What? What conditions?" John asked.

"One, you let these people go and let them be." I said.

"Done." Magneto said.

"Build a jail, those who commit big crimes, go there. Have justice." I said.

"Is that the second?" Magneto asked.

"No. That's part of the first." I said, "The second is...that John joins our team."

"Pyro stays." Magneto said.

"Fine, but I want John." I said.

John looked between us.

"Why do you want him?" Magneto asked.

I frowned, "He needs us." I said.

"I don't..."

"Done." Magneto said, "Be gone from this place."

"Thank you." I said.

"Magneto!" John protested.

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