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As Dayton Lewis ran through the cold, dark streets of New York, he had a feeling of being watched. Dayton, just hours earlier, had become an outed mutant and homosexual. His powers had manifested after he had been attacked by P.A.G., or People Against Homosexuals, an organization that had seeked him out after he had made a move on one of the member, unknowingly. They had alerted his mother and attempted to cure him. He had only escaped by turning into a puddle and slinking out of the installation! It made the hair on his back stand up, that they could come and take him with his parent's permission. He had always been their one and only, their apple. Now he wished he could just scratch their eyes out. Dayton had tried his hardest to keep his homosexuality a secret to his parents, even though it was easy to tell to anyone who saw him. He had been walking the streets, trying to find a place to go. The streets were a lot more bare than usual. As he walked, he still felt he was being watched. He looked back to see a shadowy figure following him, but shook it off and continued ahead, and then stopped a few blocks ahead to see the figure still following him. He cut through the alley, hoping to become water and escape unscathed. He closed his eyes and concentrated on becoming water, but before he could fully liquefy, a warm feeling hit his chest and the air escaped him! He opened his eyes to see a man, a severely scarred man, whose bottom lip had been severed and left eyeball had been ripped out! The man's hand was on Dayton's chest and was glowing. Dayton closed his eyes again, this time concentrating as hard as he could and turned into water, sliding away into the sewer!



Chapter 73: It Gets Cold

"So, you blew up a building?" Raiden asked as she sat on the desk in the office, "Rockin."

John stood in the corner, looking around, "Yeah, I'm a total badass." He said.

Connor chortled.

"You think you can take me, meat head?" John asked.

"I think I'd twist you into a pretzel." Connor said, "Personally, I don't like you being here, but Pane says you're cool, despite the fact that you sold us out to Magneto."

"Hey, it was my job." John said, "You were never in much danger."

"Much?" Raiden asked.

"Magneto's no cuddly teddy bear, but he seems to have a soft spot for our resident depowered friend." John said, "Grandson thing."

"Why did you leave the Mansion? It's so cool there." Raiden said.

"They're the good guys, they don't get their hands dirty. Magneto does." John said, "It just made sense, everything he said clicked."

"Oh." Raiden said, "Magneto is kind of hot, in an older than me type of way."

"Eww." Connor said, "That's disgusting, Raid."

"So, where is our saint?" John asked.

"He helps at the community center and sometimes he stays a little longer than he thinks he will. For some reason, he loves the place." Connor said.

Raiden chuckled.

"What?" They asked.

"Nothing." Raiden smirked.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Connor said.

In walked Bobby "Iceman" Drake.

"Crap." John said.

"What are you doing here?" Bobby asked.

"You two know each other?" Raiden asked.


I sat down after we (Max and I) finished our basketball game. I was getting much better, but he was still kicking my ass at basketball and it was cool of him to pretend that I was good. I took a swig from my water bottle and looked at him sideways. He was so beautiful! Robert Pattinson...dead ringer. I looked away when he looked at me.

"So, why do you really keep coming here?" I asked.

Max looked at me oddly.

"Community service? Publicity?" I asked.

"I meant it when I said that I love these kids." Max said, "I'm a businessman, but that's not the only thing I am."

I nodded.

"Why are you here?" Max asked.

"College." I said, "That's why I came, I stayed because it's good to feel like I can do something worthwhile, which is so cliché but it's true."

"Ditto." Max said, "So, what do you do for a living?"

I looked at him quickly, trying not to let my face betray me, "Private investigator." I said quickly, "I'm a psych major, though."

"A psych major, huh? Analyze me." Max smirked.

"Kind, caring, sensitive...a good catch. Self-motivated. But there's something behind that mask, something just below it." I said, not taking my eyes off him.

"Wow, that was dead on." Max joked, "You really believe all that?"

"I do." I said.

"So, your girlfriend..." Max said.

"Girl...friend, what?" I asked, "Oh, Raiden, no, she's my friend that happens to be a girl."

"Oh." Max said.

I looked away and down at the floor, "I have to go." I said, "I've got some investigating to do."

"Work on your jump-shot." Max smirked.

"I will." I smiled, heading straight from the Community Center through the alley behind it. It was the shortest way to my house, even though it was dark and I had been mugged here before. Stupid me. No, lazy me. I walked on.

"Pane Rawlings." A voice said.

I turned to see a really cute blonde man standing behind, "What?" I asked.

"Is it true that you're a fag?" he asked.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"We are People Against Gays." The blonde said.

"PAG? Really? Where's the rest of the group? Out hate criming?" I asked.

Suddenly, there was a shuffle of feet.

"Oh crap." I said, "What do you care if I'm gay or not, I'm not sleeping with you."

"It is an abomination!" The blonde said.

"Yeah, yeah, it's a sin and blah-d-blah. Can we get to a point?" I asked.

"You don't feel even the slightest bit shamed?" The blonde asked.

"Yes," I said, "If you would have waited, you could have gotten those creepy sweaters for less at Wal Mart...see, conscious cleared."

"Get him." The Blonde said.

The group of four advanced on me and I felt a terrible ache in the pit of my stomach, this wasn't going to be good. As I was about to spring into action, one of them grabbed me from behind and I raised myself up and kicked off another one, sending us crashing into trashcans! I got to my feet to see another coming after me. I concentrated and levitated in the air, kicking one of the guys in the face. The Blonde pulled a gun out and pointed it directly at me.

"Do you have a permit for that?" I asked.

Before he could pull the trigger, something flew out of nowhere and clipped his hand! The dark figure from before bounded into view, taking the Blonde's hand in his and flipped him to the ground! The caped man then moved to the remaining members and kicked their asses. They scrambled to get away from the one-man wrecking crew.

"Thanks." I smiled.

The Dark figure looked as if he were about to leave, but I grabbed his muscular shoulder.

"You keep saving me." I said.

Darkness nodded.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Darkness." He said, propelling himself in the sky using a small device.


I walked into the office to find Bobby and John at each other's throat. I was shocked to see Bobby standing in the middle of the office. It was trippy. I mean, I hadn't seen him in quite some time and now here he was. Raiden and Connor sat at the desk, watching.

"Fire and Ice." I said.

They both stopped and looked at me.

"Hey." Bobby said.

I hugged him, "What're you doing here?" I asked.

"I just came to see you." Bobby said, "You guys have something really good going here."

"We have problems." I said, "Raid, find anything you can have on PAG." I said.

"Okay." Raiden said, sitting at the desk and typing on the computer.

I turned to Connor, "Can you do me a solid and find anything on the streets about the murderer." I said.

"Hey, I'm the leader here." Connor said.

"You could stay and listen to our conversation." I said.

"Really?" Connor asked.

I shook my head, "No! Look, we have a killer on the loose oh fearless leader." I groaned.

"Fine, I didn't wanna listen to you guys anyway." Connor said, walking into the back.

I turned to Bobby and John, "So, why're you here?" I asked.

"You asked me an...wait, you don't mean me do you?" John asked.

"No." I said.

"What is he doing here?" Bobby asked.

"Because everybody needs a little heat." John smirked.

"He's here because he has a lot to make up for." I said.

"Right." Bobby said.

"Now, why are you here, iceboy." John asked.

"Bite Me, scorch mark." Bobby frowned.

"John, I think Raiden can use some help." I said.

John looked at Bobby, who was smiling, then at me, "Fine." He said, walking to the back.

Bobby waited until he was out of the room before he spoke again, "I don't like him being here. He's Magneto's left arm and it's dangerous. He's dangerous." Bobby said, "Listen, I know you've got a soft spot for the hot-head, but having him here..."

"Is my decision." I said, "In my warped mind, it brings me back to the question, why are you here?"

"Professor's been tracking a mutant, a guy who can turn himself into water." Bobby explained, "He could be pretty powerful."

"So Professor wants to recruit him?" I asked.

"He's just a kid." Bobby said, "He's living on the streets, he was kicked out a few days ago."

"Right, and you need our help?" I asked.

"Yeah." Bobby said, "You know the territory."

"Not well." I said, "But we'll help the best we can."

Bobby just stared at me.

"What?" I asked.

"I just missed seeing you." Bobby smiled.

I smiled too, but behind the door I heard a cough and a distinct word, `Bullshit', and a scuffling.

"Did I mention that I really don't like him?" Bobby asked.

"You mentioned it." I said quickly.

In the back, Raiden sat at the computer while Connor sifted through newspapers. John stood at the doorway, staring at the door, waiting for Bobby and Pane to come through it.

"Ya know he's trying to push up on him," John said, "putting his pale hands on Pane."

Raiden, unlike Connor, looked up at him. She felt bad for him. It must have been hard to watch Bobby and Pane get close again when Pane was still in his heart. It wasn't hard to see, anyone with half a brain could see it! It was kind of cute. Not John. John was totally hot, in more ways than one, but she meant the situation.

"You could go out there an..."

"Then it would look like I care." John said.

"Don't you?" Raiden asked.

John stared at her, then flipped the lid of his lighter, "Doesn't matter anyways." John said, "Icy balls in there is on the scene."

Connor looked up at this, "Can we not mention icy balls?" he said, shifting uncomfortably.

"That's all I've been trying to say!" John said.

"Well, if you're going to mope, then you should go into another room. It's a little hard to study with your angst in here." Raiden said, "I'm just glad that I can't read minds."

Just then, the door opened and Bobby and I walked in.

"Guys, new case." I said.

"Does it involve money?" Connor asked.

"Actually, yeah." Bobby said, "We're looking for a water mutant."

"Water mutant? And where's the money?" Connor asked, turning to him.

"His name is Dayton, be very careful, he's powerful." Bobby said, "And Professor is paying."

"Oh, well, cool." Connor said, a smile stretching across his face, "Money good."

"Yes, money good." Raiden said, "Where do we start?"

"We're down a super telepathic mutant." John said.

"Well, if you were a new mutant with no familial connection, where would you go?" Bobby asked.

"To a harbor if there were sailors." Raiden said.

We all looked at her oddly.

"I'd go to the library." Connor said.

We all laughed.

"I know, I have thousands of jokes." Connor said.

"This kids needs our help now. Besides, we don't want him joining the wrong crowd." I said.

Once again, we all stared, this time at John.

"Very funny." John sneered.

"We need to find this kid." Bobby said.

"I think I know somebody who could help." I said quickly, "What time is it?"

"Around Nine, why?" Raiden asked.

"I'll call you when I know something definitive." I said, walking out the door.

"It's almost like he's the leader." Connor growled.


I walked the dark streets, trying to find my way around the large city. I wasn't a city slicker, not that I was a country boy either, but I was just...lost. My powers were more useful than I ever gave them credit for. They were always a curse, but now they were gone, I was back to being crafty. I don't remember the last time I didn't have my powers. They were a big part of me. My mind began to wonder, back to Bobby. He looked as good as always. His icy blue eyes drove me crazy and if I were a few years younger I'd have jumped him the minute I saw him. The same with John. There was a conundrum. These two guys are so hot and they want me and I want them, but can I truly ever have them? The answers weren't so simple, hell, they were downright complicated, even without powers. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain me levitating to the guys. They were skiddish about my powers ever since the Hollow took me over. I walked the dark streets, trying to find my way. That was all that was happening. I was looking for the answers, but the answers were always vague and led me to more questions.

"Do you always walk the streets alone?" A dark, raspy voice asked.

I turned to see my hero, Darkness. He had a cowl over his face with very rounded mask. His dark cape flapped in the wind and his tight, form-fitting leather suit fit just right in the places that counted.

"Usually I have business on the corner but..." I smirked, "I need your help."

"I don't see any thugs." Darkness said.

"I'm looking for a runaway kid." I said.

"There are thousands." Darkness said.

"This one can turn into water." I said.

"I don't remember any of them doing that." Darkness said.

I frowned, "This kid, his name is Dayton Lewis." I said.

"Dayton?" Darkness said, with a hint of recognition.

"You know him?" I asked.

Darkness looked at the ground, then back up at me, "I know where he'd be." He said.


"A club? Seriously, he's like, what, 10?" John asked.

"15." Bobby said, "Are you sure he's here?"

We stood in front of a very gay club. I could see the strobe lights from outside and the techno was staggering. There were hundreds of guys standing around and even more, I'd venture, in the club. This wouldn't be easy. The club was quite large and I'd never felt so out of place.

"So, how did you know he'd be here?" Connor asked.

"A cape told me." I said.

"Huh?" Bobby asked.

"I have to say I'm a little uncomfortable with this." Connor said.

"You can go, we'll handle this." I said.

"No way! I wanna dance!" Raiden said.

"Come on, Raid." Connor said, grabbing her and lifting her up as he walked away.

"I really like her." Bobby said.

"She's awesome." I smiled, "Come on."

As we walked into the club, I noticed that it was a long tunnel and at the end of it was a club filled with gay guys, dancing to techno while hitting on each other.

"Paradise." I smirked.

John and Bobby looked taken back.

"We need to get on the loud speaker." Bobby said.

"I don't think we're going to need to." John said, pointing ahead to a table, "Brotherhood."

I looked ahead and saw Avalanche walking out the back door with him. I quickly made my way across the floor, pushing and shoving until we got to the door. As we got out, Avalanche and Dayton turned to us.

"Dayton?" I asked.

"Who are you?" Dayton asked.

"Such a loaded question." I frowned.

"Are you with those people?" Dayton asked.

"People?" Bobby asked.

"People Against Gays." Lance said.

"We're not." I said.

"They are." Lance said, "Look at them."

"His name's not even really Lance!" I said stupidly, "Look, these guys are the bad guys?"

"Now we're bad?" Lance asked.

"I'm confused." Dayton said.

"I'm here to offer you a world full of people like you." Bobby said, "To be on the side of good."

"Good? To be on the losing side." Lance scoffed.

"These guys are the guys who blow people up, terrorists." Bobby said.

Dayton turned to Lance, "Is he telling the truth?" he asked.

Lance looked from him to us, "Damn you!" he said, throwing his hands into the air! The Earth beneath us shook and threw us all off our feet!

"Stop!" Dayton said, grabbing his arm, but getting an elbow to the nose!

I looked up from the ground to see him walking my way before a force of ice hit him, knocking him to the ground! I looked over to Bobby, who winked at me, and from nowhere a long tongue whipped around his ankle and threw him into a nearby dumpster! I looked against the wall to see Toad. Toad hopped off the wall and started towards me, but a wall of flame surrounded him! John stood in front of me and kept the flames going. I got to my feet in time to see Toad jump above the wall of flames and spit green mucus that covered John's hands, causing the fire to die! Toad then punched him to the ground!

"Poor little powerless Pane." Toad taunted.

I frowned and jumped into the air, levitating and kicking him while he was shocked. I fell to the ground with a thud, "I gotta find out how to land." I said, walking over to Dayton, "You okay?"

"Yeah, I think so." Dayton said.

The Earth rumbled and shook beneath us, and I fell.

"I missed seeing that perfect face of yours." Lance said, "Gonna be a shame to mess it up."

"What's your power?" Dayton asked.

"Well, I can levitate...and..." I trailed.

"You can fly?" Dayton asked.

"Levitate." I said.

"Oh." Dayton said.

"But I've got experience!" I said, "Listen, you can control water..."

"I've never controlled anything but me." Dayton said.

"Just concentrate. You can do this." I said.

Dayton closed his eyes and concentrated. There was a rumble as he opened his eyes. His eyes were deeper blue than they had been and now the rumbling was getting stronger and soon the pipes shot up and water sprayed everywhere, taking out the two Brotherhood members! We used this time to get Dayton out of there.


"So, did Dayton let loose any important info?" Bobby asked as I sat on the desk, reading the big check that he had given us. Dayton had given us in-depth details on the last twenty four hours of his life. This guy that tried to kill him sounded scary, not that I was scared of him. I wasn't. I was just...terrified. Dayton's parents had given full consent and Dayton was excited, "He seems a little apprehensive."

"I think I should talk to him." I said.

"Okay." Bobby said, "Day!"

Dayton came in and sat in the chair in front of the desk, "Is this a speech?" he asked.

"Bobby..." I said.

"Oh, yeah, I have more sniping to do." Bobby said, leaving.

"Are you scared?" I asked.

"Yes." Dayton nodded.

"You should be." I said, causing him to look at me oddly, "Even though they're mutants, it's still high school."

"Thanks?" he said.

"And mutants are hated. The truth is, you're always going to be in danger." I frowned, "But Professor Xavier is truly trying to help."

Dayton looked up at me with surprise.

"You have something that not a whole lot of other people have, a real chance to understand yourself. To help others and that's what your life could be." I said, "Plus, these people are some of the best people you'll ever meet."

"Thanks." Dayton said.

"No problem." I smiled.

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