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Mitchell Cox stood at the end of an alley, smoking a cigarette. He had just pulled off the biggest heist in his career! He had single-handedly robbed a bank for little over twenty thousand dollars! It was the best thing ever. He had discovered his powers when he was only twelve and they had evolved over the years. He had been able to turn his extremities into sand, and then he was able to do two, then three, then four. Now he had found a way to turn his entire body into sand. He didn't want to become a super villain, no, that took too much planning. He just wanted money and fast. There was no nobility behind his theft, he loved money. He needed it. He had never had it. Growing up in a foster home after your parents die puts you in a financially undone state. He had, however, developed monikers in case he ever went into the villain game. He thought of the `Sandman', but it was taken. Dust! But no, that just wasn't his style. He'd decided on Soilant. It wasn't the flashiest name or the most well thought out, but it was a start. He had just pulled off the biggest heist in his life and now he stood in the alley behind his apartment, smoking a cigarette. His whole body told him that it was a lie, they were following him. Someone was. He felt it. He put out his cigarette and walked back into his building, not aware that he was being watched closer than he ever knew.



Chapter 74: Military Actions

"Look at this." Connor said, slamming the newspaper down on the desk, "A bank, some guy came and took money."

"I hope they put up a fight." Raiden said.

"He turned into sand." Connor said.

"Damn! It's always sand. Why not orchids or something sweet like that?" I asked, reclining in the chair.

"This is serious, guys." Connor said, "This could be the straw that breaks the camel's back."

"Sounds like the Sandman to me." I said.

"No, he's in prison." Connor said, "Been there for a while."

"So, we've got a mutant doing this?" I asked.

"Or a mummy." John chuckled.

"Do we have this guy's M.O.? If it is a guy..." Raiden said.

Connor shrugged, "Get in, steal, get out." He said.

"Sounds like all great plans." An old woman wearing a dark brown shawl and a long mumu said, standing at the door.

"Sorry, ma'am, we didn't hear you come in." Connor said, extending his hand, "My name is Connor, what can we do for you?"

The woman looked at his hand and ignored it, "Pane." She said.

There was something familiar in her voice.

"Yes, think back." She said. Suddenly, she transformed into Mystique, who wore tight black latex pants and a matching bra with her red hair flowing down to her shoulders.

"Get out!" Connor said, awestruck.

Raiden seemed to share his awe, but John looked at her with mild amusement.

"What're you doing here?" I asked.

"I need your help." Mystique said.

"I don't have any powers, maybe you should talk to John or Connor or Raiden." I said.

"I'll need her too." Mystique said, "We're breaking into a government installation."

"We're what? Hold on!" I said.

"Oooh, sounds like so much fun." Raiden said quickly.

"A military installation? Mystique what's this about?" I asked.

"Project Wideawake." Mystique said, "Henry Gyrich. He's making a new version of sentinels. He plans a mass hunt-down of mutants."

"He can't do that." I said.

"He can and will, he's just waiting for the president to give him the word. He's going to start at Genosha." Mystique explained.

"They'll have to steal `em away from Magneto." Connor said.

"Do you think you could last in a concentration camp?" Mystique asked.

"It's like history all over again." John said.

"We need the protocols." Mystique said, showing a chip, "I have to insert this virus."

"So, that's the mission Magneto sent you on!" Raiden said.

"Why me?" I asked.

"You have a set of skills I need." Mystique said.

I looked at her oddly, "I'm not good in hand-to-hand, I have no powers, and I'm not a technowizard. What could I possibly do that's worth anything?" I asked.

Mystique pulled out a gun and tossed it to me, "Here's all the power you need." She said.

I looked at the gun, mulling over what she was saying, "We need to talk." I said, "Mystique..."

"Meet me at this address in an hour." Mystique said, handing me a piece of paper with an address written on it and leaving.

"Mystique may be back-stabbing, but she's not wrong." John said.

"John's absolutely right." I said, "But she can't be trusted."

"So..." Connor said.

"While Raiden and I are infiltrating a military info base, you guys have to do two things." I said.

"What's that?" John asked.

"I'm not bonding with him." Connor sneered.

"I'm not exactly jumping at the chance to be your friend myself." John sneered back.

"I meant find this Sand-guy," I said, "And pray we don't get busted."


I walked into the Community Center, I was trembling at the thought of going into a place where I could either be killed or tortured. Most likely tortured. I made my way through the sea of kids and into the offices. I bumped into Max as I walked and we both stopped. He smelled so good! He looked even better.

"Hey, where's the fire?" Max smiled, "Got time for a little one-on-one?"

"No, I was just on my way to tell Ken that I can't come in today." I said.

"You could have called." Max said, "Because then you would have realized that Ken is out for the day."

"Oh." I said quickly.

Max chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"You came in to say you're not coming in." Max smiled.

I chuckled, "Sorry, I know we have a ritual kicking of my ass in basketball, but I do have to go." I said.

"Another time." Max smiled.

"Yeah." I said, walking away.


Connor and John made their way through so many dives in the city, trying to get a lead on the Sand Mutant. Connor had met a mutant like him at the Mansion, Dust, but she was a more heroic person. Way more heroic than John. If there was one person who didn't deserve a second chance, it was John. Why were they even calling him John? He wanted to be known as Pyro! He was working with Magneto to enslave mutants that didn't agree with him. It was disgraceful, especially compared to The Mansion. Raiden acted as if it were just another guy, but this guy had blown places up, had done unthinkable things! He'd even given them up to Magneto! Connor cringed! This was supposed to be his team, so why did it seem like Pane was calling the shots? Pane was off with Mystique and Raiden doing the cool job while he was slumming with Sparky. Pyro was having the same thoughts, but more centered on having left the cool missions behind for work like this. Pane could be in trouble, he should have gone with him. If anything happened to him, Pyro didn't know what he'd do. Probably die because Magneto would kill him!

"Diega." Connor said.

Pyro looked to the woman in front of them. She looked to be Latino, not much older than Connor himself. She was very pretty with golden brown hair and a fit body. Diega looked at him with a spark of recognition and the two hugged.

"Connor!" Diega said, coming out of the hug, "How are you?"

"I'm great. You look great, how are you?" Connor said, looking her over.

Diega's eyes drifted over Connor's buff body, "You're no slouch yourself." She smiled, "What are you doing in this dive?"

"Manhunt, you?" Connor asked.

"I work here." Diega said, "I just started."

"Where are your par..."

"They kicked me out." Diega said, "Who's your friend?"

"Pyro." Pyro smiled, shaking his hand.

Diega looked as if she was thinking something she really wanted to say, "Pyro? That's...nice." She said.

"No, it's not. And he's not my friend." Connor frowned.

"Oh." Diega said.

"Hey, lady! Get those cute buns over here! Now!" A customer barked at her.

The bar began to shake and Pyro could feel heat generating from her.

"She's a mutant?" Pyro whispered.

"Just calm down, Diega." Connor said.

"What's her power?" Pyro asked, "Incinerating us all?"

They both looked at Pyro with a look of surprise.

"Oh shit." Pyro uttered.


As Raiden and I stood outside the giant building, waiting for Mystique, I couldn't help but feel a little scared. I was about to break into a highly secure building for files on mutants. A military type building with military type guards. Raiden shifted her feet against the wind and reapplied her chap stick while I looked around. There was an eerie feeling in the pit of my stomach. I wondered if abandoning the gun was a good idea. Mystique wasn't exactly known for being able to be trusted. She was using us, that much for sure, but I wanted to know what this was about. Something big was going on in the world, something that she wasn't telling us.

"I didn't think you'd come." Mystique said, walking from the shadows.

"Finally." Raiden said quickly.

I frowned, "I need some info about this place." I said.

"I already told you, this place has files on more than a few high level mutants." Mystique said, "It's dangerous in the wrong hands."

"High level mutants, does that mean..."

"Just because you've lost your powers doesn't mean you're off their radar." Mystique said.

"Then let's do this." I said seriously.

"Are you sure?" Raiden asked, "This is dangerous."

"They have files on me." I said, "And probably you and Connor."

Raiden nodded.

"Cute, now let's go." Mystique said, transforming into a guard and walking through the front door.

"How are we going to get in?" Raiden asked.

I looked up, then at her.

"Wha...hey, no!" Raiden said.

I grabbed her and jumped into the air, levitating to the second floor and to a window. I opened the window and shoved Raiden inside. She tumbled across the floor before gaining her equilibrium and stood staring at me.

"Was that really necessary?" she asked.

"Shhh!" I said, looking around, "Can we be invisible now?"

"Where's Kitty when you need her?" Raiden asked.

The door opened and a guard came through the door. We both froze, not knowing what to do.

"You two don't know what slinking is, do you?" Mystique said, "Hurry, we've got to go down to the sub-levels."


Connor frowned as John watched Diega. Connor and Diega had been talking forever about their lives since they had parted. Diega had moved from city to city, trying to find a place to call her home. Her parents hadn't even looked for her! Connor's rage at her injustice was something that was unrivaled by any emotion he had ever felt. While she was telling her story, John kept playing with his freaking lighter! How could he be so cold, especially with his powers. He could at least pretend to pay attention.

"Your friend, he is uninterested in my story?" Diega asked.

"He's a little special." Connor said, "He's not entirely good."

"I am here, ya know." John frowned at them, "Besides, a million other people have the same sob story, what makes yours different?"

"I could have killed millions if I let my powers go." Diega said, "My control over my powers is of the upmost importance."

"My friend had that problem, before he was cured." John smirked.

"He was cured?" Diega asked hopefully.

"And it broke the machine." Connor said quickly, "He had a lot of power."

"Where is he now?" Diega asked.

"Breaking into a government facility." John said.

Diega looked at him.

"Remember what I said about ignoring him?" Connor asked.

"Bite me." John groaned.

"Well, I've got to get out back." Diega said, "It is my time to wash dishes."

"Cool, maybe we could talk again." Connor smiled.

"It was nice seeing you...both." Diega said, leaving.

The boys watched her leave.

"Sweet piece of ass." John said.

"Don't call her...wait, what? Aren't you gay?" Connor asked.

"Bi." John smirked, "And who's that?"

The boys watched as a long-coated figure head to the same place Diega had gone. The boys jumped into action and ran outside to find Diega getting felt up! The boys looked closer and saw that energy was pouring out of her and her eyes were shining. Connor grabbed the figure and tossed him aside, causing him to fly into the trashcans.

"Yo, Connor." John said, staring at Diega whose eyes still shone with a great intensity!

"Oh no." Connor said quickly.


The Sub-basement wasn't anything like the Mansion, it was very confusing and dilapidated. The walls were rusted and it smelled down there. I actually clutched my nose with one hand and held Raiden's hand with the other. We had managed to get pretty deep into the place, way deeper than I actually thought it could be. The guards were never suspicious of Mystique at all, they were stationed at all the important places. I wondered how we were going to pull this off. Suddenly, Mystique stopped and flashed her badge at one of the guards.

"Officer Kimichi, clearance 153." Mystique said.

The guard looked at her and nodded, "Go right in." the guard said.

Mystique waited and we took this as a sign to go in first and she followed quickly behind us. Mystique instantly changed back into herself and Raiden and I let go of each other's hand and became visible.

"Make it quick!" Raiden said sharply.

"This shouldn't take long." Mystique said, typing at the computer. After a while, she inserted something into the computer.

"What's that?" I asked.

"We can't let them keep the files." Mystique said.

"That wasn't part of the agreement." Raiden said.

"Look closer." Mystique said, landing the computer image on Pane, his information below him.

"My freaking transcript?" I asked, "My powers. My family..."

"Yes, everything they could know, they will know." Mystique said, "They will come for you, like Magneto said they would. Does your Professor Xavier still gleam to the hope that it won't happen?"

I looked back at Raiden.

"She is on the database too, special attention is being paid to your little group." Mystique said, "It's only a matter of time."

"Do it." I said seriously.

Suddenly, an alarm went off and we all looked around. Mystique went back to typing on the computer and files began disappearing. I caught a glimpse of Scott's file as it was deleted and there was an anger that I hadn't felt in a while.

"You have to shut off the alarm." Mystique said.

"How? I can't leave you guys here." Raiden said.

"If they have a target, then they won't worry about us." Mystique said.

"How about I just run?" I asked.

"No! What if you get caught?" Raiden asked.

I looked to Mystique, "No database means they can't match my face, right? I think I can avoid them." I said, walking to the door.

"Be careful, kid." Mystique said.

"What she said." Raiden said.

I nodded and took off through the door, trying to run as fast as I could I felt something hit my back and I stumbled, turning the corner, but I kept running and found a quiet place to rest. I was feeling woozy and didn't know how much longer I had until whatever they tranquilized me with started taking a more major effect. I stood against the wall, panting. I was losing it! Suddenly, I felt hands on my shoulders and something pulled me up into the vents.


Raiden easily slid by the soldiers, down the long hallway, searching for the right room that would be able to shut down the alarms and, hopefully, help out the best she could. She entered a room that was filled with computer screens and buttons. She could see Mystique on one of the screens and a bunch of soldiers outside a door, beating on the door. There were two guards watching and punching buttons. They weren't facing each other, so Raiden punched one of them in the back of the head.

The guard turned to his partner, "Luther, this isn't the time!" the guard grumbled.

"What're you talking about Campbell?" Luther uttered.

"Nothing." Campbell said, turning back to his computer.

Raiden hit him harder.

"Damn you!" Campbell shouted, pouncing on Luther. The two rolled across the floor and slammed into the wall. Raiden walked over and kicked them out into the hall, causing them to roll away into the hall beyond the door! Raiden ran back to the computers and initiated a full lockdown, but shutting off the alarms.

"Mystique." Raiden said, walking over to the speaker. Onscreen, the guards all looked around, "Do your thing."


"Can you turn off your girlfriend?" John groaned, kneeling behind a trashcan! The two had taken refuge behind dumpsters because the tar on the streets was beginning to melt. The unknown assailant had fled but they were stuck here to take care of Diega, who seemed to be floating a few inches off the ground, surrounded by fire. You could see the fire in the air and feel the heat on your skin, "What are we going to do now? She could take out the entire city, right?"

Connor nodded, looking over the dumpster, "That's a really gross underestimation. She could level cities, but she'd die if that happened." He said, hiding again. The heat had scorched his eyes, but he was still alive.

"How do we shut down the human fireball?" John asked.

"Isn't this your area of expertise?" Connor asked.

John groaned.

"We have to neutralize her." Connor said.

"Punch her in the face." John said.

"She's a girl." Connor said, "Plus, how am I supposed to get that close?"

"I deal with fire. I can make you a way, might be painful, but it's a way." John said, "Hurry."

"How am I supposed to subdue her?" Connor asked.

"Subdue?" John asked.

"Put her down?" John asked.

"Just punch the bitch in the mouth!" John said, standing and waving his arms in the air, as if he were parting the Red Sea, "Go!"

Connor stood and slowly began to walk towards Diega. He could feel the heat against his skin, but it was nowhere near as hot as before. Connor made his way to Diega, then slowed to a stop. Was he supposed to hit her? He liked her. Connor looked to the side of the alley and noticed the garbage and trashcans had begun to melt and he could hear John shouting something inaudibly behind him, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. His skin suddenly began to smolder as the flames ignited around him again.

"Do it." Diega said.

Connor nodded as grabbed her and threw her against the wall of the alley, ending her outcry.


I groaned as I saw soldiers walk by below me. I looked over to see my caped friend, Darkness. I thanked God that he sent Darkness to save me because if he hadn't who knows where I'd be. The alarms had shut down, so I assumed Raiden was successful. I sighed a breath of relief.

"Are you alright?" Darkness asked.

I nodded, "My friend made it." I whispered, "How'd you get in here?"

"I followed you." Darkness whispered back, "This is a bigger kind of trouble. What are you doing here?"

"Destroying the mutant files." I said, "They don't have a right to be doing this."

"They aren't the ones killing mutants." Darkness said, "It's a mutant."

"What?" I asked, "It doesn't matter. We'll find him...her...it, too."

"We're going to have to fight our way out of here." Darkness said, "These air ducts are locked up."

"Sorry, Lover, I'm not a fighter." I said.

"Weren't you an X-Man?" Darkness asked.

I looked at him, "Yes, but I relied on my powers. I was a powerful doo-dad." I said.

"You're a mutant?" Darkness asked.

"Yes." I said, "Depowered, but still a mutant."

"Regardless, just stay close." Darkness said.

"Wait..." I said, but it was too late, the duct below them opened and they fell to the floor, in the midst of six soldiers, "Crap."


Mystique looked up at the monitor, seeing what was happening outside. Pane and some caped guy were fighting a group of soldiers. The caped guy was a good fighter, probably trained in ninjitsu, but it was Pane that surprised her. A soldier advanced toward him, but he levitated into the air, kicking two soldiers at once, then dropped to the ground, rolling out of the way of another oncoming soldier! A soldier caught him with a left hook, but he quickly regained his composure and kicked the soldier in the stomach!

"Pane! Get out of the building, it's rigged to explode!" Raiden's voice said over the loud speaker, "Mystique is wiping this place out."

Everyone stopped and looked at each other. Everyone began pouring out of the building, including Darkness and Pane. Mystique frowned and continued with her plan. Pane and Darkness started running down the long corridor when a door opened.

"In here!" Raiden's voice whispered.

Darkness looked around for the owner of the voice, but Pane pulled him into the room. Raiden appeared and Darkness tried to hide his shock! Raiden showed them tunnels. The tunnels led on for what seemed like little time and they came up through a sewer tunnel. They came out just in time to see the employees running from the building, some of them were caught by the massive explosion!

"That...was awesome." Raiden said in awe.

In all the commotion, Darkness had disappeared.

"He do that a lot?" Raiden asked.

Pane nodded, still staring at the massive inferno where the building used to be.


"She blew the place up?" John asked, "Can't say I'm surprised."

"Me either." I said, icing my jaw, "I'm not a fighter."

John and I were sitting in the back office, talking about our latest adventures. John had taken the ice from me and was holding it to my jaw and I could see why I fell for him in the first place. I, on the other hand, couldn't forget Darkness. He was a mystery, an enigma. He had saved me on more than one occasion. He was a hero without his powers and it served him. The world around me crumbled and it was only a matter of time before it was all out war. Mystique had destroyed their headquarters, had thrown the first blow and now nothing would be the same. They would spin it to fit their cause.

John moved it slightly, causing a light moan, "Maybe you should leave it to me to fight for you." He said.

"You're not always going to be there." I said nervously.

"What are we doing here?" John asked, taking the ice pack away, "Are we...or, are we just..."

"I don't...We shouldn't." I said.

"Is it this guy, Dark Knight?" John asked.

"Darkness." I said, "And, it's more like...tonight, I felt useful."

John nodded, the ice pack was melting in his hand.

In the front office, Connor and Raiden sat at the desk.

"So, you whacked a girl?" Raiden asked.

Connor frowned, "I wouldn't say that...technically, it was a push." He said.

"You pushed her into a wall." Raiden said, "Damn."

"She asked me to." Connor said, "What would you have done?"

"Punched her in the face." Raiden said, "But that's just me."

"You live in LaLa Land." Connor chuckled.

The door opened and Diega walked in.

"Diega." Connor said, standing.

"That's my cue." Raiden said, standing and disappearing behind the door.


"I don't want to interrupt your work, I just came to say thank you." Diega smiled, "You saved me."

"It's what I do." Connor smiled.

Diega walked up to him and kissed him.

"What was that for?" Connor asked.

"Payment." Diega smiled and pressed her lips on his again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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