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The dance floor was hot as Just Dance by Lady Gaga blasted over the club! People were dancing, most seductively, but they were excited and dancing as hard as they could! The club was so packed that no one could have possibly noticed Mitchell was absent from the dance floor. He had slipped out sometime in the middle of the song and was taking a drag of his cigarette outside the hip new club! He took a drag before turning to go back into the club, but stopped at the sight of trenchcoated figure with a fedora.

"Christ, dude, you scared the shit out of me!" Mitchell said breathlessly.

The figure and its fedora turned its head on the side.

"Right. Well, enough of this Jason shit, I'm going back inside." Mitchell said, walking to the door.

The figure outreached his hand and placed it on Mitchell's chest, absorbing his energy! Mitchell tried to turn into sand, but couldn't. He could only stammer as he felt his life essence being drained.

Elsewhere in the club...

"This is a fun night." Raiden smiled as we danced on the packed dancefloor!



Chapter 75: | Unstoppable |

After a night of hard partying, none of us really wanted to get back to business. But it was back to business as usual. There was a certain lack of energy as we found ourselves back in position to work.

Suddenly, a paper slammed on the desk!

"What the hell!" John groaned.

"Another mutant murder! It was at the same club we were at!" Connor said, "This guy..."

"Could be a girl." Raiden added quickly.

"...Or girl, could be targeting specific mutants." Connor said.

"It looks random." Raiden said.

"But it can't be." Connor said, "There's something we're missing."

"I think you're wrong." I said, "I think the link is just being mutant. They died because they're mutants and any one of us could be next."

"It's not only us." Connor said, "The X-Men...Avengers...who knows who else."

"I think they're safe, it's only been attacking locals." I frowned, "It's a crime to just be who you are."

"What a life lesson for the kids." John sneered.

"It's hard world out there, bub." Logan said, causing us to look to the door.

"Logan?" I asked, getting up and running to him, hugging him on sight, "What're you doing here?"

"Juggernaut's been sprung." Logan said, John catching his eye, "What's he doin here?"

I looked from him to John, "He helps us." I said.

"I don't like this." Logan growled.

"Been there, said that." Connor sighed, "Hi Logan."

"Hey!" Raiden waved.

Logan nodded to them.

"So, Juggernaut...the only one that can dent him here is Connor." I said.

"We're going to need more than brute strength, short stuff." Logan said.

"So, this is a team effort?" I asked, "I don't know, I can't really help at all, but I'm sure Raiden can sneak up behind him and Connor could kick his ass."

John cleared his throat.

"And, of course, John can blind him while you tug at his helmet." I said.

"His helmet?" Raiden asked.

"Don't you remember from the S.H.I.E.L.D. files? His helmet and the cytro-rock." Connor said.

"It has a name." John said.

"I forget it." Connor said.

"Crimson Gem of Cyttorak." John said, "I've worked with the guy, not much can stop him."

"We can." Connor said confidently.

John and I had a pessimistic look on our faces.

"Can't we?" Connor asked.

"Stopped `im before." Logan said pulling out a cigar, "Mind if I smoke?"

I couldn't say anything, I just smirked and laughed.

"Kind of wish you wouldn't..." Connor started.

Logan lit it and took a puff, offering it to him, "Want a puff, junior?" he asked.

"No thanks." Connor frowned.


People ran in terror as the giant Juggernaut stomped through downtown New York! He had been terrorizing downtown, having a great time! He was a little surprised that no one had tried to stop him. Then again, he didn't care! He had taken down four buildings, thrown six cars, and injured who knows how many people! He was unstoppable! The news was covering him, live. There was so much rage and so much aggression pent up inside him and he'd been imprisoned for a year or so now and he was ready to stomp through Tokyo!

"Hey, bub," Logan said, tossing his cigar to the side, "You might wanna rethink this."

Juggernaut turned to see Connor, John, Raiden, Logan, and I standing in a line; we were all in street clothes except for Logan, who was in...

"Yellow and black spandex?" Connor whispered to me, "What happened to the leather?"

"I don't think anyone's complaining." Raiden said, her eyes glued to his butt.

"I can hear ya." Wolverine growled.

"You think you can stop me?" Juggernaut bellowed.

"Oh I know I can, bub." Wolverine sneered.

"Logan..." I said, causing him to look over his shoulder, "Wolverine...how are we going to stop him, exactly?"

There was a snikt and Wolverine turned back to Juggernaut, "We're going to rip him to shreds." He said.

"I so miss high school." I said softly.

Juggernaut stomped on the street, causing a piece to fly up into his hands and he tossed it. I looked at the direction and saw John take off toward it! Juggernaut planted his feet to the ground and took off like a rocket! Wolverine lunged through the air at him while Raiden disappeared and Connor followed Wolverine. I just stood by, wondering what I could possibly do. Wolverine hacked away at Juggernaut but only got punched for his trouble, flying through a nearby store window! Juggernaut made to punch Connor, but he caught Juggernaut's fist and punched him! Juggernaut didn't even stagger, but tried to punch him again and missed! Juggernaut shouldered him to the ground and picked him up by the neck, choking him.

"Hey, Jug head!" I shouted.

Juggernaut looked to me, letting Connor slip down to the ground, "Do you know who I am?" he asked.

I quaked, "You're Juggernaut...bitch." I said softly.

Two blocks away, John ran, breathlessly, trying to find the object sailing through the air! He looked ahead, seeing a playground and the piece of street seemed to be aimed dead on for them! John ran as hard as he could, shouting for them to move. Most of the parents quickly grabbed their children at the sight of the shouting man, but one kid just stared, trying to find out what was going on. John ran, not knowing if he would make it or not and he almost didn't but at the last minute he tackled the child out of the playground just as the street collided with the playground!

"Oh my God!" A woman's voice said. John looked up to see a thirty year old woman with a baby carriage. The woman grabbed the young boy up and kissed him on the forehead, then grabbed John and kissed him on the forehead, "You saved my baby! Thank you, thank you, you're my hero!"

"Hero?" John asked, "Look lady..."

"Thank you." The lady said.

Hero? John was no hero! John could never think of himself as a hero...could he?

A few blocks away...

Juggernaut had grabbed me by the neck and had now swung me into a department store window! As I lay there, I could hear someone calling my name. I could hear Raiden and I could hear Logan. I thought about Connor! Where was he?! He had to be okay! I felt an intense pain in my abdomen and tried to move my hands. I couldn't move any part of my body...I couldn't even blink on command. I tried to roll over but couldn't. I started breathing rapidly, trying to wrap my mind around not being able to move...how long would this last? Where was John? I don't care about me, were they alright? If they were hurt, how would I survive? Friends seemed to die around me. Sira. Scott. It was my curse. I could hear screaming now, it was loud outside and there was a hacking noise!

Get up. Get your ass up! They're still fighting!

My arm moved. It twitched! I raised my hand to see blood and felt around my abs, finding only blood and a really sharp piece of glass. I tried to take it out, but it hurt and I stopped. I could hear my own voice, screaming. The pain was making me numb. I didn't bother sitting, I just stood, hearing glass fall from all over me and I stood at the window and watched as Raiden became visible again standing on Juggernaut's back. She unclipped two of four latches before Juggernaut shrugged her off, causing her to crash and skid across the street! Wolverine was lying on the ground and Connor duking it out with Juggernaut, who didn't even seem tired. I climbed through the window and stumbled to the ground, causing the glass to go deeper inside me. I yelped causing Juggernaut to swat Connor away and turn to me.

"You again." Juggernaut said.

I kneeled to the ground in pain, "Do you know who I am?" I asked.

Juggernaut looked at me, astonished.

"I'm Pane, bitch!" I said, causing him to run after me. I levitated in the air, dropping onto his head, careful not to cause the glass to go any deeper into me. I unlatched the last two latches, bringing the helmet up with me. Juggernaut looked up and I dropped the helmet onto his head, causing him to stumble back. Connor jumped to his feet and punched the Juggernaut to the ground! I dropped to the ground and Wolverine rushed over to me.

"You okay, Pane." Wolverine asked, grabbing me as I was about to fall.

"You called me by my name." I said, "Go, secure Juggernaut. I'm okay."

"Don't move." Wolverine said.

"Really not an issue." I panted. Wolverine, Connor and Raiden surrounded him, followed by John who was just running back. He looked over to me, but Wolverine grabbed him and made him help. I pulled at the glass, panting harder, trying not to scream again and it worked. I looked down to see how bad it was but there was no wound, just blood. Before I could catch my breath, a hand slipped around my mouth and I fell unconscious.

"X-Men said they're on their way." Wolverine said, looking back to try and find Pane, "Where's Pane?"

Everyone looked back to where they had left me, only to find no one.

"Holy crap. Now that's a disappearing trick." Raiden frowned, "No fair."

"I know that smell." Wolverine groaned.

"Who took him?" Connor asked.

"Daken." Wolverine frowned.


I came around, a little sluggish, but I came around. I looked around to find myself looking at an abandoned warehouse...I had seen too many of them in my time. I knew somebody was there, I don't know how, I just knew. I could feel their eyes on me. I tried to move my hands, but I couldn't, they were tied.

"I cut you, but you heal too quick." A disembodied voice said.

I looked up, trying to identify a face or the voice, "If you think I'm scared...then you don't know me." I frowned, "Who are you?"

"My name is Daken." Daken said.

"Feel like showing yourself?" I asked.

"You have never seen my face." Daken said, "You may never."

"Threats?" I asked.

"Idle, apparently." Daken said, walking into the light. It was like I was seeing a younger Wolverine. The only thing that really separated them was their hairstyle and him standing up straight, "Wolverine has affection for you."

"How do you know Wolverine?" I asked.

"I'm his son." Daken said.

I looked at him awkwardly, "Get the fuck out!" I said, shocked.

Daken moved down to face me, "You...have affection for him?" he asked.

I thought about it, "I...Yeah." I said.

Daken pressed his lips against mine, "You will watch him die." He said.

"Step away from him, Bub." Wolverine growled.

"Did you hear...were you standing there long?" I asked.

"You okay?" Wolverine asked.

"He can heal." Daken said as two claws extended from his knuckles and one from his wrists.

"Holy crap, you are his son!" I shouted.

Wolverine and Daken lunged at each other. I watched as they slashed each other and as much as I wanted to kick this guy's ass, he would have sliced me to pieces, even with this healing I seem to be doing. I watched in horror as Wolverine was sliced, wishing I could do more.

"Lucky you have invisible friends." Raiden said, untying the ropes and hugging me, "And we brought back-up."

Daken had Wolverine on the ground, "You thought you had lost me." He said, "But I found you."

"Hey!" I shouted, causing him to turn and realize that I was levitating a few inches away, "Find this!" I said, kicking him to the ground and heading to Wolverine.

"You're hurt." Wolverine said, noticing the tears and cuts in my shirt and the blood.

"I'll explain later." I said, turning to see where Daken was and he stabbed me in the abdomen. He grabbed me as I was falling and licked my lips, then let me fall.

"NO!" Wolverine shouted, crawling to me, "Stay with me, kid."

"Just watch." Daken said.

Suddenly, fire sprung up around him and John stepped into view with Connor and Raiden. Daken ran to the window and jumped out of it!

"Kid..." Logan said, watching my wounds heal, "Kid."

"I tried to tell you." I smiled.

"You okay?" John asked.

"Yeah, I think I am." I smiled.


"So, Hank, what's the cause? Is he getting his powers back?" Logan asked, sitting on a desk beside watching Beast diagnose me. They weren't kidding when they said they brought reinforcements! Beast, Storm, Colossus, Kitty, and Professor Xavier had come. I was sitting in a chair while Professor Xavier probed my mind, trying to figure out anything he could.

"My, you have been through quite a few ordeals, haven't you?" Professor smiled.

"You don't know the half of it...or, maybe you do." I smiled.

"Hank..." Logan frowned.

"Yes, Hank, I am curious too. Does this mean that his powers are back?" Ororo asked.

"No." Hank said, "His powers are..."

"He is in the room." I said.

"Uh, excuse me, your powers are returning, but on a small scale. The levitation, the healing, the reading mind..."

"The huh?" Connor asked.

"...Your powers weren't completely wiped, you still have access to some, but not all." Hank explained.

"I can't read minds." I said.

"I would say it would take a lot of concentration." Hank said, "Who knows what else you may be able to do in the coming days."

"Can Forge build another machine?" I asked.

"You want to be less powerful?" Raiden asked, "Sorry, just sayin."

"No, but if...if it comes back, then I want to know I can control it." I said.

"Can we have privacy?" Professor Xavier asked.

"Sure." Connor said.

"Maybe you could show us the office..." Ororo said as they walked out.

"If this is going to be some lecture about owning up, then..."

"I know that you would own up to anything thrown at you." Professor Xavier said, "Why are you afraid of your powers?"

"You've seen what they can do." I said, shocked.

"I've also watched as you struggled with them and you've always had the upper hand, and do you know why?" Professor asked.

I just looked at him.

"Because you have the biggest heart of anyone I've seen." Professor Xavier said, "You have back the beast that dwells within you for longer than most mutants have had powers. You wish to conceal yourself, to mask these energies so that no one will ever see but it is exactly that which makes you strongest. You, in essence, are the next step in evolution, not because of your power. Not because you are some weapon. It is truly because of your heart. The fact that you will never die easily."

"I'm a fighter." I smiled, tears in the recesses of my eyes.

"You have had to be." Professor said, "But you're not alone."


Logan stood outside, smoking a cigar. He had a lot on his mind and this cigar was going to help him sort it out. The air was chilly, or it would be to normal people. It wasn't a secret that he was worried about Pane now, not just because of Daken, but because his powers were returning. Logan had seen what he could become and he would never let that happen again.

"It's not happening again." Pane said, stepping outside.

"What?" Logan asked, "You reading my mind?"

"I was on your mind?" Pane asked.

Logan smirked and puffed his cigar.

"So, you have a son?" Pane asked.

"It was a long time ago..." Logan started.

"Those are really bad for you." Pane said, "Then again, you can't di..."

"Do you wanna hear the story?" Logan asked.

I chuckled, "Go on." Pane smirked.

"I was married once. Her name was Itsu and she killed." Logan said, "By this guy named Romulus."

"And Daken blames you?" Pane asked.

Logan took another puff.

"You came to save me." Pane said.

"I couldn't let ya die." Logan said.

"Did you hear what we said?" Pane asked.

"Yeah." Logan said, "Look, kid, I'm no good for ya. You're doing good things here."

"Mutants are dying every day. We can't even find the killer." Pane said, "The government wants us dead; I worked with Mystique to infiltrate a government facility only for it to blow up."

"Still...I'm not your guy." Logan frowned, putting the cigar out in his hands.

Pane walked over and kissed him passionately, savoring the taste of Logan's mouth. Logan kissed him back, their tongues fighting to overcome the other.

"Thank you." Pane smiled, "I care for you."

"You're happy here." Logan said, "Strong man's not givin ya trouble, is he?"

"Connor? No. And Yeah, I'm happy." Pane said.

"Logan." Professor said, standing with the X-Men, "We should be getting back to the mansion, Emma can only do so much."

"What's he..." Pane was about to ask.

"Take care of yourself, short stuff." Logan said, walking away with them.

John, Connor and Raiden walked outside and put their arms around Pane's shoulder. High overhead, Darkness looked down at them, then disappeared into the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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