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"His name is Pane." Jorgin Belude, a shadowy, yet non-imposing figure said standing in the shadows. He was the go to guy for information about anybody. He had been contacted by a man with no name, under the impression that he would get paid for his services, as always. It had been the same since he started, he'd give all the info he had on some poor smuck and he'd get paid. The smuck, however, didn't get a very good reaction. In fact, most ended in death...but hey, that wasn't his responsibility! All he did was supply info, that's all! This guy seemed even more shadowy than he did. It was uncanny. This guy gave even him the creeps and he had seen every type of person that New York could offer, ever menacing threat, but this guy was so...so...scary. He didn't even have a name, or if he did, he wasn't sharing. Even as he gave the man the file, he immediately knew that his status quo was about to change. He knew there was no money. He couldn't move, though.

"I know." The man's voice cut through the cold air, so low yet so calm.

"Then what do you want to know?" Jorgin asked, "And where's the money?"

Though he couldn't see the man's eyes, Jorgin knew the man's eyes were cutting through him, he could feel it.

"The money." Jorgin said.

The man raised his hand, causing Jorgin to choke, "I will not kill you, but only if you give me all the information you can on him." He said.

"Why...Why's this guy so...agh, so important?!" Jorgin choked.

The man released him, "I'll see you again, next time, I want more information." He said.

"Who are you?" Jorgin asked.

"My name will darken your lips, but for now you will do as I said." The man said, disappearing.




Chapter 76: The Dead Walk

"This guy, he's been following me." Cherie, the newest client explained, "He...he's always far enough away that I can't see him. He creeps me out."

Connor nodded, "Does this guy have a name?" he asked.

"I've never met him." Cherie said.

"All the more creepy." Raiden frowned, "So, how long..."

"Since those murders started." Cherie said, "You see, I'm not like other people..."

"What do you mean?" Raiden asked.

"I'm...I'm a..."

"Mutant." I said.

She looked at me, "How'd you know?" she asked.

John, Raiden, and Connor looked at me oddly.

"Good guesser." I said.

Connor only stopped watching me to talk to Cherie, "What can you do?" he asked.

"I can create zombies." Cherie said.

"Say huh?" John asked, playing with his lighter, "Like, `I want your brains' type zombies?"

"No, no, the zombies aren't sentient, they're more like meaty machines...that I can control." Cherie said.

"That's some power." Connor said, "And you're afraid this guy is the mutant murder."

"Yes." Cherie said, "I didn't expect you to be so nice about all this."

"We're mutants, too." I smiled, "You're in good hands."

Cherie smiled, "Thank you so much." She said.

"Don't thank us yet." Raiden said, "I mean, we're going to totally kick ass, but not just yet."

"Raiden's right, we have to assess the situation." Connor said, his brow furrowing, "First we should have someone tail you."

"I'll take that position." John said, causing everyone to look at him, "Beats sitting around here and waiting to be blown up."

Cherie looked from his to Connor.

"He's...don't listen to him." Connor chuckled nervously, "Then, when we know who this is we can attack. We have to know his powers and other abilities."

"You're forgetting his weaknesses." Scott's voice said behind us.

Everyone else turned and looked quickly, but I paused, recognizing his voice. It could be Mystique...but it wasn't. I just, I could feel it, even before I turned around. I stood and turned to see Scott. I stared at him, trying to pick a thought, any of the four thousand thoughts I was thinking at once. Scott was standing in front of me, but it made no sense.

"Holy crap." John said, staring at Scott.

I ignored him. Hell, I could barely hear him.

"Pane." Scott said.

I took the time to absorb his face, his glasses...his smooth face. I had missed his face! I felt the tears well up inside me and I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

"Pane." Raiden said.

I opened my mouth again, "Pane." Was all that came out.


"Whaddya think they're talking about? Do you think it's all romantic and...sexy?" Raiden asked, blushing.

"I bet it's all tactics or something, I can't imagine Summers talking dirty." Connor said.

John sneered, "I'm sure he's just saying bye." He frowned.

Inside the back room...

Scott and I pressed our lips up against each other so hard that it was beginning to hurt, but we kept moving around and it didn't feel anything but good. I missed his lips and his tongue and what he could do with his tongue. Scott stopped and placed his hand on my cheek, staring into my eyes. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking, what he was feeling...probably the same thing I was.

"I missed you so much." I said breathlessly.

Scott smiled.

"What happened? How are you alive?" I asked.

"I thought I was vaporized by the Hollow, but Sinister found me." Scott explained, "The X-Men saved me."

"They didn't tell me." I said.

"Why are you here instead of at the Mansion?" Scott asked.

"I'm needed here." I said, "I'm in the world now, the real world."

"This is what you want?" Scott asked, "We could go away from all this."

"What about Emma?" I asked.

"I love you." Scott said, "I never stopped looking for you."

"I know." I smiled, "And I love you too."

"I want you to come back to the Mansion. Be my husband." Scott said.

"What?" I asked.

"Marry me." Scott said.

In the front office...

"I bet they're kissing." Raiden said dreamily.

John frowned, "I don't think so." He said.

"I think we should be talking about Cherie!" Connor said, "I mean, this could be our big break in the Mutant Killer case."

"Case? That's one of our cases now?" Raiden asked.

"Duh." Connor said, "What do you think we've been doing here?"

"Paying bills and annoying criminals." Raiden said.

"I second that." John smirked.

"Well, you can both shut your mouths." Connor sneered, "We're doing great."

"Do you really think they're kissing?" John asked.

"Oh yeah." Raiden nodded.

"Holy Zeus!" Connor sighed, walking to the bathroom.

"So, I don't have a chance now, do I?" John asked.

"Nope." Raiden said quickly.


"So, if he leaves and goes back to the mansion, where would we go?" Raiden asked, following Connor through the office.

Connor sighed, "I don't know, Raid, maybe they'd invite us back." He said.

"What if they don't?" Raiden asked, "What if they don't even want us to be around?"

"Well, then, we'll deal." Connor said, "We'll just hire some old friends or something."


"No buts, Raid!" Connor said, "Look, if he goes back, then we'll deal. End of discussion."


"They are all in their office." Mr. Sinister said with a menacing smirk. He had been watching them since the first day, waiting for just the moment to stage his attack. He had hand-picked four Marauders: Arclight, Sunfire, Vertigo, and Blockbuster; now he was ready to finally initiate his plan. They were all off on their own missions. Pane was with Summers, Connor and Raiden were too busy thinking about what they'd do when Pane was gone, and John was fuming over being passed up by Cyclops. Sinister watched them onscreen, their chemistry was so...enticing. It was real. The realest since Cyclops and Jean Grey. Mr. Sinister knew chemistry. He felt it. He had combined their DNA once and it was a big bust, the baby had...well, disappeared.

Mr. Sinister [Are you all ready?]

Blockbuster [We're all ready!]

Mr. Sinister [Then go!]


Raiden and Connor sat at a desk, working on paperwork when there was a clap of thunder and suddenly the entire wall where the front door used to be shattered inward, causing everything in the office to fly backward, including Raiden and Connor! Raiden attempted to look up, but stopped.

"Poor kids." Arclight smiled.

"What the fu..." John said, walking out from the back. Sunfire stood in front of the rest of the Marauders and started blasting fire towards him, but John raised his hand, causing the heat to stop dead in its tracks!

"Arclight." Sunfire said, straining.

Arclight stepped up, but was taken out by a red beam that knocked her back through the gigantic hole in the wall! Scott and I stood behind John, who was still battling with the flames, when Scott grabbed his head and sunk to the floor. I looked over to see a woman in a psychedelic green suit on. I took off, jumping in the air and floating (actual floating) into her chest and knocking her backwards! Blockbuster grabbed me off my feet and began choking me! There was another beam that caused him to raise his fist; his fist blocked the ray, although it caused him to scoot a few inches back. Suddenly, I felt him jerk and looked over to see Connor with Blockbuster's arms! Connor tossed him into the wall and began to wail on him! Arclight looked to be back up and walking towards me. I was still kneeled and I saw Arclight trip. Raiden shimmered into view and I sighed with relief before seeing her disappear again. I looked up to see the woman in the green suit before feeling extremely sick and losing my balance. Scott saw this and rushed to me, trying to bring me back but soon felt the same thing.

"We have them, retreat!" Vertigo smiled.

Arclight couldn't see her assailant, but knew she was around. She spun while clapping her hands, causing an African American woman to hit the wall with a sickening thud! Blockbuster backhanded Connor so hard he flew right down beside her! Before John could even register what was happening, a red beam came from nowhere and caused him to slump to the floor!

"We were on our way." Arclight said quickly.

Sinister smiled, "I had to come and secure this one myself." He smiled to himself.


"Pane. Pane!" His voice was far away, so far away, but it was Scott's voice. My head was on fire! I felt intense and out of body, like I couldn't wake up. The last thing I remember is the woman in the green psychedelic suit. That's the best word for it. Psychadelic. These people had come expecting a fight, which they got, but who were they? Why attack us?

"Scott?" My scratchy voice said.

"Don't worry, I'm going to get us out of here." Scott said, "I'll get you help."

I nodded, my eyes still closed. He was going to save us both. The question was...


"...Where are they?" Raiden asked, "This is seriously irking my nerves."

"Yeah, do you know how much it's going to cost to fix this?" Connor asked, surveying the damage.

"I meant people kicking our asses!" Raiden said, putting the ice pack on her back, "Feels so good."

"What do you suggest?" Connor asked.

"I suggest we kick ass!" Raiden said, "But first we have to find out where they took Pane and Scott."

"Do we have to save Cyclops?" John asked, "He's such a bummer."

"Yes," Connor said, irritated, "We need to be more proactive about this."

"Proactive?" Raiden asked.

Connor nodded, "First we find our friends, then we come up with a plan and..."

"Then we fix this gigantic hole in the wall." Raiden said, surveying the wall.

`So, the problem is how we find them." John said.

"Who were they?" Raiden asked.

"The Marauders." A voice said, causing them all to turn. They saw Darkness, the hero that had saved Pane inside the government instillation, "They work for a guy named..."

"Sinister." Connor said, hitting his own head, "How could I forget?"

"You mean that scientist guy that experiments on mutants?" Raiden asked.

"He's bad news." John said, "Trust me."

"Why would he attack us?" Raiden asked.

Darkness walked over and placed a folder on the desk, "Data mapping and genetic tampering. Early in his life, he was infused with genetics from select few mutants." He said.

"Magneto and Professor X." John said, "That's what they mean when they say he's their grandson."

"Yes." Darkness explained, "And Pietro. There are reports of a child being able to do things that Pane has demonstrated doing earlier in these reports, but names were withheld, even from the government. That building that blew up was very resourceful."

"So, Pane's his project?" Raiden asked.

Darkness shook his head, "No, it's more than that. Pane is one of his obsessions. He is often obsessed with family lines, such as the Summers line and..."

"This is all cool, but how do we find him, I read that he has bases all over the place." Connor said.

"Yes, but I followed the Marauders after their attack." Darkness said.

"Why didn't you help us?" Raiden asked, "We got our asses handed to us!"

"If I had helped, I wouldn't be able to follow them." Darkness said.

"Where are they?" Connor asked.


Scott had blasted at the bars, but they didn't melt or even moved, but he was working on a plan to get them out when he heard applause coming from a few feet away. He was beyond furious when he looked over to see Sinister in all his pale glory. Possibly one of the greatest minds in the world trapped inside the body of a total tool.

"Sinister, you're not going to get away with this!" Scott shouted.

Sinister smiled, "Mr. Summers, we meet again." He said, "Pane doesn't look too good. I sure hope Vertigo didn't go too hard on him."

"I owe her." Scott said angrily.

"You must keep that temper in line, Summers." Sinister smirked, "Don't bother trying to blast your way out of my cage. It's not possible."

"I'm going to get us out of here!" Scott said, "What do you want from us?"

"I have work to do." Sinister said walking away.

I sat up, looking around, "The Hollow." I said in a raspy voice.

"What?" Scott said, walking back over to me, "Are you okay?"

"The Hollow! He's trying to bring the Hollow back!" I said quickly.

"Why? Didn't the Hollow kill him?" Scott asked.

"Yes." I said.

"We've got to get out of here." Scott said, walking over and rattling the bars.

"That's not going to work." I said, "We need to..."

"What?" Scott asked, "You sure you're alright?"

I nodded, then fell to the floor. Scott ran to me and picked cradled me, looking me over.

"Over here." I said outside the cage.

Scott looked up at me, mortified, "How..." he asked.

"Astral Projection." I said quickly, "I'll come back for you."

Scott nodded, "Be careful." He said.

I nodded, but left quickly. I was tired; I'd never been tired after astral projection. I had only done it a handful of times. I wasn't entirely afraid of much in this condition and I hadn't really ever been a spy-type, so I just walked the hall, ducking when I heard footsteps get too close. I found the control panel and pressed a few buttons, finding one labeled Cage. I flipped the switch and heard all cages open! I then felt an intense desire to be back in my body and suddenly, I was there. I coughed.

"Pane?" Scott asked.

The cell doors opened and all the people that had been caged were set free!

"It's open." I smiled, "Let's go." I said, standing .

"Can you walk?" Scott asked.

"I can run." I said quickly.

There was a scuffle down the hall, like fighting, and suddenly Raiden appeared before us.

"Are you okay?" Raiden asked, latching onto me?

"Fine. What's going on?" I asked.

"Darkness and I snuck in here while Connor and John caused a diversion!" Raiden said, "Let's get out of here!"

We jogged as fast as we could away from the cages. As we passed door after door, I found myself stopping at an open doorway.

"What are you doing?" Scott asked.

I walked into the room, only to have the door slam shut behind me. I walked into the room, remembering something. I had been here before. This room was...a memory. There was a slab in the middle of the room and a light above that and it made it impossible to see what else was beyond that.

"I knew you'd remember." Sinister smirked, stepping into the light.

"Why was I here?" I asked.

Sinister swept the dust off the slab, "I kidnapped you. Even before you were old enough to know what you were doing, you were extraordinary, the kind of find a scientist only dreams about! You won't just be a part of history some day, you will be history!" he said confidently.

I scoured my mind, trying to remember, but I couldn't. There was nothing there, I was too young.

"I will open my mind to you, to show you." Sinister said.

I stared across the slab at him, "I don't know how." I said.

"Just relax your mind." Sinister said, "Look into mine..."

We made eye contact and suddenly, it was fading, all of it was fading...

"Shhh, hush little baby...Uncle Sinister is going to give you everything you could dream of. Son of my master, master of my life. The vessel of all power." Sinister said, cradling a baby in his arms.


The baby cooed and wiggled around, trying to free himself from the hot blankets. The baby's caramel skin and curly hair made him look all the more innocent. And he was.


"Sinister put him down!" Professor Xavier said, standing with the rest of the X-Men.


"You're too late. It's already done." Sinister began laughing, a dark, sinister laugh.


...then it was all fading back into place. I fell to the floor and when I looked up, Sinister was gone! I reached up to feel my nose and felt the blood and noticed how hard I was breathing. Suddenly, the door blew off the hinges and Scott and Raiden rushed in.


"So, has he said anything?" Connor asked Raiden, who was sitting on the desk, staring at the hole.

"About what?" Raiden asked, not taking her eyes off the hole, "And who?"

"Pane and...has he decided to go or stay?" Connor asked.

"He hasn't said anything." Raiden said.

"Where's John?" Connor asked.

"He took a walk." Raiden said, "Jealousy is a very ugly thing."

"So, what're we going to do?" Connor asked.

"You could always join us." Nick Fury said at the hole.

"Is he really standing there?" Raiden asked, "It's been a long day."

"So I hear." Fury said.

"What are you doing here..." Connor asked, standing, "Sir."

"I'm here to offer you two the chance to work beside your colleagues on a new team." Fury said, "But it has to be now."

Connor and Raiden looked at him in shock.

In the back room...

Scott was sitting at the edge of one of the cots as I came in. He looked to be in deep concentration when I sat down beside him.

"Ya know, you saved a few people today." Scott said quickly.

"Not enough." I said, "It's not like we save as many people as the X-Men..."

"At first, I thought you were insane." Scott said.

"Thanks?" I chuckled.

"But you are making a difference." Scott said, "Yeah, it may not be taking down Magneto and his gang every week, but it's important."

"I'm not going to the Mansion, not to live anytime soon." I said.

"I know." Scott said, kissing my forehead, "Just be careful. I don't want you to get hurt."

"Funny thing about that is..." I smirked.

Before I could finish, Scott kissed me passionately. I moaned loudly as he ripped off my clothes and sucked on my neck. I moaned even louder, trying to keep myself under control, then I felt his finger in my ass, then it retreated and his palms grasped my butt cheeks. I felt something slowly press my asshole and there was little pain as he inched it in. I moaned as his 9 inches crept into me and he paused for a minute, leaning down to kiss my neck and nibble at my ear.

"You're so fuckin hot!" Scott moaned, pushing his cock into me.

Scott smirked and pulled me up and began to pound my asshole. It felt so good to have him pounding me and for a minute, I was lost in ecstasy and loving it! We fucked for hours, savoring our time together. I threw my ass back on his dick, gasping and writhing in ecstasy as I leaned back and kissed him.

Back in the front...a few hours later...

As Scott and I walked out, Connor and Raiden were standing, staring at the hole.

"So, I guess you're leaving." Raiden said sadly.

"We wish you all the best." Connor added.

"Yeah, what he said." Raiden said.

Scott and I looked at each other and laughed.

"I'm not going back to the Mansion." I smiled, "You're not getting rid of me that easily."

Connor and Raiden brightened and Raiden, yet again, ran and hugged me so tight I nearly lost my breath!

"Wait, what about..." Connor started.

"I'm staying." I smiled.

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