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"Well, all I'm saying is that next time we go and see a movie, do we have to see something called `Confessions of a Shopaholic'? I mean, couldn't we see `The Last House on the Left'...get a little T&A." Jacob said as he and his girlfriend Martha. They had just been inside to see the flick and while Martha openly praised the movie, Jacob had a different approach.

"You like it, you even laughed!" Martha argued.

"Well, yeah, it was funny." Jacob said, "But seriously, can we go see something not dealing with fashion or women...unless they have their tops off."

Martha playfully punched him, "Jerk." She laughed.

"Sorry, but I have to be honest." Jacob smiled, "You love it."

The couple chuckled as they walked down the street, Martha stopped when she saw a teenage boy get pulled into the alley ahead of them. She looked around, wondering why no one was saving him. She quickly made her way to the alley and stopped at the sight of a large man pulling energy from the boy's chest! Jacob sprung to action, but it was too late as the boy slumped to the floor. Jacob tried to land a punch on the figure, but the figure grabbed him and threw him against the wall! Martha pulled out her taser and aimed it at the man, who dodged her attack and slid his hand around her neck, snapping it like a twig. Jacob cried out, running toward him and meeting the sharp end of a lead pipe.

"Oh my god!" A woman screamed running back into the streets. The figure took this opportunity to leave the grisly site.



Chapter 79: Innate

"Police reports are that an unknown assailant savagely murder a young mutant and two innocent bystanders..." The news report said as Raiden, Connor and I watched. It cut deep. I cannot believe the wording! Two innocent bystanders and a young mutant...like the mutant was the cause of all this. Maybe if they weren't labeling us as weapons one of us wouldn't have become one. It was so...anger inducing.

"That happened a few blocks from here." Connor said looking down the street and seeing police cars, "That one was close."

"Do you think it was a sign?" Raiden asked.

"More like a giant red and blue wake up call." I said, "You guys, we've failed. This thing is out there killing people and we can't even find it."

"I don't think we'll have to." Raiden said.

"Right, he knows we're after him." Connor said, "That night in the alley was our calling card."

"Yeah, well that just sucks, doesn't it?" Raiden asked.

"Majorly." Connor said, "But this could work for our good."

"Your good. Not mine, I'm the weakest link." I said quickly, "I have no active power."

"You can read minds and levitate." Raiden said, "Pretty cool if you ask me."

"I can't read minds...not well, and I can't control the levitation, and I don't even go that high." I said.

"For a guy who didn't want his powers, you sure sound like you want your powers." Connor said, "Besides, we all have things we're good at."

"And that nifty little `no dying' thing you do is pretty hip." Raiden said.

"Hip?" Connor asked.

"Yeah, it's all groovy." Raiden smiled.

Connor smiled back at her. I caught it. I giggled.

Connor cleared his throat, "Maybe we're looking at this all wrong." He said.

"Yeah? How so?" I asked.

"You need to embrace your powers. Learn them." Connor said.


We all turned to see a teenager in saggy pants, polo shirt, and a ball cap on backward.

"Can we...help you?" Connor asked.

"I am..."

"Ian?" I asked.

"You remember me?" Ian asked.

"Duh." I said, walking over and hugging him, "What are you doing here?"

"Gonna introduce us?" Connor asked.

"This is Ian, he's a student at the Institute." I said in shock, "Again, what are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd visit." Ian said.

"That was good, but does he lie often?" Raiden asked.

Ian looked at her.

"She's right." I said, "What're you really doing here?"

Ian frowned.

"Umm, guys, can we have some privacy?" I asked.

Raiden sighed, but reluctantly followed Connor to the back.

"They seem cool." Ian said, looking around, "This place is great."

"It's not the mansion, but it's home." I smiled, "Now are you going to tell me what brought you all the way down here?"

"I ran away." Ian said.

"You what?" I asked, shocked, "You ran away? It's dangerous out there, especially now!"

"I know, but I..." Ian paused.

I stared.

"I don't wanna live there anymore." Ian said.

"So, you decided to come and live with me?" I asked.

"Please." Ian begged, "Just until I get on my feet. I'll...I'll do anything."

"Ian, this isn't a good fit for you." I said quickly, "You deserve to be around people like you."

"You are...were like me." Ian said.

"But there are more gifted people than I." I said, "Besides, this isn't exactly the place for you. You should be around kids your own age."

"You're not that older than me." He said.


"It's alright, ya know, I'll just find somewhere else." Ian said quickly, grabbing up his bags.

"There's still something you're not telling me." I said, "And you're not leaving. You're staying until I can find out what to do next."

"Where do I put my stuff?" Ian asked.

"In the back." I said.

Ian walked to the door and opened it, quickly slamming it again!

"What?" I asked.

"Those two are making out." Ian said.

"Seriously?" I asked, going to look.


The air was thick as Mutants stood at one side and humans stood at the other, both sides protesting the other. Humans were angry because of the mutant that had slayed the young couple, which someone had caught on tape. We were calling this mutant Mega because he had a scar on his chest with the insignia on it. Mega had murdered the couple in cold blood! The question was how did they catch it on camera? That was the killer of it. Mega was also killing mutants, to which the authorities had turned a blind eye. The crowd was deafening and all I could hear as I stood by were the chants and the slurs. It was awful! Suddenly, there was an outcry! One of the mutants had been gassed and now the crowd had erupted into a mass of hysteria! There was pushing and shoving and suddenly, I was lost in the shuffle. People were getting trampled as the riot began! Stores were looted, businesses ruined, and there was a multitude of violence! I felt my hand being pulled out as I tried to find my way out. As I came to a stop, I noticed that a man was holding my hand. The man looked like an exact copy of Tahmoh Penikett. It was really uncanny.

"Thanks...who are you?" I asked.

"Detective Richard Marcus," he said, clutching my wrists, "And you're under arrest."

I twirled around, knocking him back against the wall, "Sorry, sparky, I've got a date." I said.

We just stared for a minute.

"Get lost." He said.

I nodded, "Thanks." I said, jogging away.


"Well, we figured out something." Raiden said.

"Oh, when was this? When your tongues aren't wrapped together?" I asked.

They both blushed.

"The thing is, isn't it a little too coincidental that there were cameras in that alley?" Connor asked, "It's too planned."

"Planned?" I asked.

"Yeah, it makes sense!" Raiden said, "It would be just the push they need."

"Of course, but there's a riot now." I said.

"It worked better than they planned." Connor frowned, "We have to undo this."

"There have been rumblings of a monster roaming the streets, eating mutants. The beast is giant and metallic. Reports are that it ignores the general human populace, but is deadly to any mutant within range. The monster moves impossibly fast, has razor sharp claws, and toxic saliva." The reporter said on the t.v., "All people are told to stay as far away from this monster as possible. If you see him, run. Hide. For more..."

I turned to the t.v. and looked at the drawing, "Predator X." I said.

"What?" Raiden asked.

"Big beast, just like the guy said, feeds on mutants." Connor explained, "He was in the files, weapon X created him."

"Weapon X?" Raiden said, "Aren't they the ones that made Wolverine?"

"Yeah, and if they let loose Predator X, we're screwed." I said.

"You act like you have experience." Connor said.

"Because I do." I frowned, "And then I was uber-powerful...and I didn't take him down."

"Damn." Connor said, sitting, "It's happening, isn't it?"

"Yeah." I said.

"What's happening?" Raiden asked.

"Any day now, they'll be issuing a statement that mutants are to be turned in." I said.

"The question is how do we diffuse the situation?" Connor asked.

"The sentinels are next." I said, "I'm kind of shocked they haven't be..."

"What?" Connor asked.

"Something's wrong." I said.

"Everything's wrong, can you be specific?" Raiden asked.

Suddenly, something materialized in front of us and we were knocked backwards! I looked up to see the mutant killer standing in the middle of the room. I immediately threw my hand up, trying to hurl him backwards, but nothing happened! It was then that I realized I was truly powerless. Before Connor or I could get up, the mutant killer grabbed Raiden and disappeared!

"NO!" Connor yelled, causing echoes through the empty office.

I stood, stunned. Connor joined me. Before we could say anything, we were standing outside, across the street in an alleyway! We looked at each other, wondering how we had gotten here and we immediately heaved into the trashcans! When we had gotten that out of the way, our eyes met the sight that scared the Hell out of both of us! Three government hummers pulled up with MRD written on the side of it and the troops deployed!

"Oh my gosh, Ian..." I said, moving towards them.

Connor grabbed my arm, "There's nothing we can do for him now." He said, pulling me away as I watched the MRD pull the young mutant out and throw him into the back of the Hummer.

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