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It was raining outside as the two figures walked down the street, both holding a single jacket over their heads. They ran into a diner, sitting in the farthest corner, hoping to be unseen, but they weren't. As they settled in and attempted to wipe the water from themselves, they found themselves being stared at. Raiden and Connor had been on the run. They had managed to escape so far, but both knew it was only a matter of time before they slipped up and one or both of them got caught. They had been saved, but had heard nothing from Pane, nothing that would suggest he was able to escape. Raiden looked down at the table, unable to look up.

Connor put his hand on Raiden's, "We'll find him. This'll all be okay." He said.

"I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and this'll all be a dream." Raiden said, looking around, "A really, really bad dream."

"Raiden," Connor said, looking directly into her eyes, "I will never let anything bad happen to you. Ever."

Raiden smiled a small smile, "What is this?" she asked.

"It's us." Connor said, "You and me. And when we find him, Pane."

"This us, what is it?" Raiden asked.

"Love." Connor said simply.

"I wonder where Pane is..." Raiden wondered.


I stood in the middle of a packed club, dancing by myself. I was into the music, some Rob Zombie song. Something about a Living Dead Girl. I danced hard, not really worrying about what was going on around me. It wasn't important. I was dancing when I stopped to see the policeman from the riot, Detective Richard Marcus. He flashed his badge, but the music drowned him out. He was with two other officers. I smirked and went back to dancing, this time on the officer. He was dumbfounded and tried to grab my arms, but I elbowed him, causing him to stumble back into some inebriated guy, who in turn, bumped into some chick, whose boyfriend immediately assaulted him. Before I could really care what was going on, there was fighting all around me as I danced. I danced away from the scene, lending a fist or knee to the cause, then disappeared in the crowd.



Chapter 81: The Art

I ditched my cell hours ago. I had been walking the streets, trying to figure out a way to find my friends. The club was just to lose the cops, who had found me not long after I had regained consciousness. I had fled to the club for cover, only to find that I was an easy target. I had started the fight and it was successful, but now I was wandering the streets. The normal humans were calling the Sentinels and rounding up of mutants Project Wideawake. Fittingly, it was raining. It was cold. I had nowhere to go and I wasn't leaving this town until I found my friends. Mega had kicked my ass! The streetwalkers and vendors looked at me oddly, no doubt trying to remember where they'd seen my face. That cop had been following me for blocks, and I knew it. I turned down the side street, walking into a very deserted street.

"Halt." Detective Marcus said.

I raised my hands in the air, "Dick, you're making a bad mistake." I said quickly.

"I don't have anything against mutants, but you blew up a government building, that's a terrorist action." Detective Marcus said, aiming the gun at me.

"I didn't, it was Mystique." I said, "Mystique is..."

"Raven Darkholme." Marcus said, thinking, "Regardless..."

"This was a set-up," I said, "the mutant that killed those people and the other mutants were set loose by the government, the people behind Project Wideawake."

"There isn't any proof." Detective Marcus said.

"What if I could bring you proof?" I asked.

"How are you going to do that?" Detective Marcus asked.

"I don't know, but I'm resourceful." I said quickly.

The world slowed to a stop. I looked around and suddenly, I was somewhere, looking out into the galaxy.

"History is not supposed to happen this way." Uata said.

I realized his voice quickly, "Oh yeah, well how about you get off your ass and help us?" I said angrily.

"I am meant to watch." Uatu said, "You have seen the future, a dystopian future that is not meant to be."

"Then freaking help me." I said.

"You have a good soul." Uatu said.

"Bite me." I said walking over to the glass and looking down on the galaxy, "Next you'll be saying I have to embrace the Hollow."

"You will come to that in time."

"Did you miss what happened the last time?" I asked.

"No." Uatu said comfortably, "You will be nothing in history."

I looked at him.

"You will save everyone and be no one." Uatu said.

"Then what's the point?" I asked.

"The Secret Invasion, Civil war...you will not be a part of these." Uatu explained, "You will bear witness to the world changing, help shape it. But you will be alone when it counts."

"Nice to know." I said, my heart breaking.

"What about this darkness? And what's with my powers?"

"I am afraid that your powers are being assigned by the Hollow." Uatu said, "And the darkness will consume you until you harness it."

"How do I..."

"I am afraid you must go." Uatu said, "I have said too much. Goodbye."

"Get me the proof and I'll undo all this." Detective Marcus said, walking away, looking around to make sure no one saw him. There were sirens and I looked up to the fire escape, but I couldn't seem to levitate.

"You're one of them mutants, ain't ya?" A guy said, "Help, mut..."

I raised my hand at him and a trashcan blew to pieces, causing him to fly across the way, smashing into the wall! I looked around, trying to figure out how fast I should sprint away and to my shock, there was too much chaos going on for anyone to notice. I looked at my hands, wondering what was happening. I cursed Uatu and his worthless advice. How could I harness all that power? I didn't even know how I was going to get those files back. I walked over to a street sign, seeing a poster of Magneto's face with the caption: "Join us to rally against the underlings." I nodded to myself and headed his way, knowing that Mystique wouldn't be far from him.


I stood in the sea of people, trying to figure out how I could possibly get his attention. The crowd was insane! Magneto could really get a crowd worked up and I had a feeling things would get worse before they got better.

"...As I have always said, the humans struck first and it is our time to take back what's ours." Magneto said.

I pushed my way through the crowd, fighting to get to the front of the crowd, but I was having no luck. The crowd was applauding, shouting, and doing everything they could in the affirmative. I shook my head, wondering if they were right. Was it our time to hit back?

Professor X: I assure you, it isn't.

I looked around.

Professor X: I prefer to watch from a distance, in case things get out of hand.

X-Men doing Damage control?

Professor X: We need to get you back with us.

I have to find my friends and I could undo this whole thing.

Suddenly, there was a rumble as sentinels landed nearby. I looked around, taking note of all the mutants scattering. I wondered what we looked like to the sentinels...were we just marks? Who cares, all I knew is that I had to get out of there! There was a younger kid standing nearby, about to be trampled! I raised my hand, attempting to levitate, but instead, I blew the leg from under the sentinel!

"Thanks." The young mutant said, running past me.

"No problem, kid, get out of here!" I said, watching two sentinels turn to me.

There had to be around twenty! They quickly surrounded Magneto and overpowered him, snatching him as they flew away!

Professor X: X-Men, sentinels are attacking...

Scott: Professor?

The sentinels have him.

"Come on." A man said, "Call me Rictor."

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