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"Daddy." A child's voice said. I opened my eyes, looking directly ahead. The child was a very light-skinned child whom shared my features and some very familiar others. The child had...red irises. He was a brilliant mix of...


"Hey, I thought I told you not to wake your dad up." Scott smirked, swatting the child on the butt as he ran out, "Good morning, baby. You better get up, or you're going to be late. I don't want my husband to get fired." He said, exiting the room. Fear filled my brain as I wondered what this was all about.




Chapter 82: Fan


I walked downstairs, my pajamas clinging tightly to my skin. I had begun to sweat. I looked around, trying to jog my memory. The last thing I remember was...Rictor. What happened?


"What's wrong, baby, you not going to work?" Scott said, kissing me on the forehead as he grabbed the paper and sipped his coffee.


"Work?" I asked.


"So, I take it you're not going." Scott smiled. His ruby sunglasses still pulled tightly to his eyes.


I looked in a toaster and saw that my face had changed, I was older, plumper. I wasn't fat, but just bigger.


"Is something wrong?" Scott asked.


I looked up at him, a little too quickly.


"What's wrong?" Scott asked, putting the paper on the counter.




The kids immediately came running into the room and sat at the table. I had a boy and a girl. The girl was more Caucasian than the boy, but you could still tell she wasn't fully Caucasian. The two of them looked like the perfect mixture of Scott and I. I wondered how that could be since we were both guys and males being pregnant weren't exactly normal. The kids looked at me expectantly.


"Breakfast, I should..."

"Already made, it's there on the stove." Scott said, still watching me.


I turned to the stove, trying to catch my breath.


Scott must have taken note of this because he put his arms around my waist and pulled me in, "Thinking about leaving me?" he asked.


"Never." I said, turning to him and kissing him, "I'm just really happy."


Scott smiled and kissed me on the nose, "I love you." He said, "Now, I have hundreds of kids that need me to tell them to go to class." He said.


"You're a teacher?" I asked.


Scott looked at me, surprised, "Principal," he cast a glance at the kids, then back at me, "Are you okay? I mean, I know you hit your head on the headboard last night but..."


"I'm fine, Scott." I said quickly, "I'll be fine."


"If you need me, call." Scott said, "Kids, you ready?"

The boy and girl ran over to me and for a moment, I just stared, and then I bent down, hugging them, taking in their smells and my feelings and it was all a little much. Suddenly, the cabinets opened up, all of them.


"Daddy's sorry." I said, standing back up, "Have a good day." I smiled. I watched as they exited with Scott, who was staring at me oddly.




I had gone through my journals, photos, and videos, basically everything I could find on my life. I had stopped at a photo of Scott and I standing under an archway in suits. I concluded that this was our wedding photo. We were young, younger than now. There were paper clippings from the Skrull Invasion, the superhero Civil War, and M-Day...when most mutants lost their powers. I stopped after reading about the Skrull Invasion. I figured knowing too much wasn't a good thing. I knew enough about the world around me to know that the Green Goblin being a hero was not the high point of Earth. There was a knock at my door and I walked through the house, which was nothing extravagant, just a regular house like I grew up in, and finally made it to the door. I opened the door to see a very familiar face.


"I need your help." The young woman said, blowing past me into my house, "I think I might have an STD."


"Rae?" I asked.


"Duh." Rae said, standing a few feet from me. She was beautiful. Oh, so beautiful! I just stared, "You know I'm only dating one guy, so he's toast now."


"Wow." I said.

"What?" she asked.


"You spent too much time around me." I said, "Talk much?"


Rae looked confused, "Did you hit your head on the headboard again?" she asked


"You need to see a doctor." I said, "About the STD, you should see a doctor."

"I don't want to tell Mom." She said.


"Free Clinic." I answered, "I hear it's free."


"Will you take me?" Rae asked.


"No." I said, "I can't...I mean, you should go and talk with your mom."



"Do you happen to know the names of my children?" I asked.


"Xavier and Jean." Rae said, "Seriously, are you okay?"


"I think I have a thing...but you should talk to your mom. Would I ever steer you wrong?" I asked.


"I know when something's wrong." Rae said, "Who are you?"


I sighed, "Rae, it's me." I said, "But I'm not from this time."


"I must have...I..." I looked at her, "I'm from the past."


"Holy crap, seriously?" Rae asked, "Did you tell Scott?"

"I tell you I'm from the past and you ask have I told Scott?" I asked.

"Well, Scott always freaks out when things like this happen." Rae said.


"I've done things like this before?" I asked.


Suddenly, we were both taken off our feet by an unseen force, causing both of us to fly across the air! Rae flew over the couch, but I flew into the hallway, crashing into a mirror!


"Pane! Pane!" Rae said, trying to awaken me.


I tried to stand, but only managed to lean on the couch, "What was that?" I asked.


"Psychic backlash." Rae said, "Something major just went down."


I looked at her, wondering what was so bad, "My kids." I asked.

"Are psychic too." Rae nodded.


I stood and grabbed my coat, "I have to go and get them." I said, running out of the door.




I met Scott at the school and we made our way to the kid's room. Scott had laid witness to the Psychic Backlash too when his kids had been rendered unconscious. We quickly made our way to our kid's homeroom. Apparently, I had twins! We made our way to the class, where the stereotypical elementary school teacher, Ms. Helen, stood, dazed.


"What happened?" Scott asked, noticing our kids were not in the room.


"Robed Men with weapons, I don't know how they got past security!" Ms. Helen said.


I looked at Scott, who looked like he'd just been stabbed.


"Freeze the room." Scott said.


"Scott, I..."

"Freeze the room!" Scott said angrily.


I jumped a little.


"I'm sorry, I just really need you to do it." Scott said calmly.

I knew I could or he wouldn't ask. I also knew that he was worried. Apparently I was at full power again. I could feel the fear radiating from him. I concentrated on the room, feeling a slight tingle and suddenly, everything was frozen.


"Dammit!" Scott swore.


"Where are they?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I promise you baby, we'll find them!" Scott said, putting his arm around me.






Jean Grey awakes to find herself at an altar. She is dressed in dark red robes and her hair flows long down her back. She immediately senses others nearby. She sits up, trying to find the other people in the room.


Phoenix: You've been away for a long time.


Jean looks over to see a robed figure, then another popped up. Before long, they were lined up in front of the altar with two children.


"Welcome back, Phoenix." Sebastian Shaw said, uncovering his face.


"Phoenix?" Jean asked.


"A lot has changed since you were alive last." Sebastian Shaw said.


Jean's eyes fired up, "Tell me." She said.




As Scott and I found our way back into our house, there was a baby's giggle. Scott and I looked at each other. Scott signaled me to stay back and he moved forward, peeking around the corner. Scott sighed in relief and moved around the corner. I quickly moved with him around the corner to see Connor, sitting with a baby.


"Connor!" I said quickly.

"We don't have time." Scott said.


"Hi to you too, Scott." Connor said.


"My kids are gone." I said.

"That psychic backlash thing? Yeah, that hurt like a mother." Connor said.


"I'm going to call Professor and see what he has on these robed people." Scott said, walking out of the room.

"Thanks for the key." Connor said, "Ever since Raiden died, I've been struggling."


A sharp pain hit me and I almost fell to the floor, I grabbed the couch.


"I'm sorry." Connor said, standing with the toddler in one hand, "It's hard for me to hear, too."


I pressed my palm against my head.


"Hey, buddy, you okay?" Connor asked.


"Fine, I'm fine." I said


"I don't know what Me and Connor would do without you and Scott." Connor smiled.


Images of Raiden swam through my mind. The images weren't all mine, or they might have been. She looked older.


"How is Connor?" I asked.


"He's doing good, I mean, he's alive, right?" Connor said, playing with the baby.


"What about the other Connor?" I asked.


Connor sighed, "If my kid's okay, then I'm okay." He said.


"You sure?" I asked.


"I'm sure." Connor said, "Who took your kids?"

"The Hellfire Club." Scott said, walking back into the room, "The X-Men faced them recently, or what's left of them."


"They took my kids?" I asked, my emotions building to the point where a few paintings flew from the wall.


"We're going to need you to control your emotions if we're going to get them back." Scott said.


"How do we do that?" I said.


"You've been weird all day..." Scott said.

"I'm not...I'm from the past." I said.


They both looked at me oddly.


"Why didn't you tell me?" Scott asked, "You should have told me."


"I just want to concentrate on getting our kids back." I said.


"How can we do that when you're not at your best?" Scott asked.


"You listen to me, Scott Summers, for my kids, I'll move mountains and kick every ass I have to. Got that?" I asked.


Scott nodded.


"Now, Summers..."


"That's your last name too." Scott smirked.


"...Oh." I said.

"The X-Men are picking us up." Scott said, "I don't think we should tell Xavier right now."


"Agreed." I said, "Now, we need to get a move on, who knows what's happening to my kids."


"They're alright." Scott said, putting his hand on mine.

"How did I...did I learn to control this?" I asked.


"I can't tell you that." Scott said, "But you were magnificent."

"What if by seeing this...I don't have this anymore?" I asked.


"We're meant to be." Scott smiled.




The X-Mansion brought on a flurry of emotions and images. I was sent spiraling back to the first time I'd been there. It was like High School all over again. I felt the rush and for a minute, I was nauseous! I almost fell.


"Are you okay?" Bobby asked, walking around the corner just in time to see it.


"Bobby?" I asked.


"Mr. Summers...es." A girl, much younger than us said.


I looked at her. My body felt a twinge of recognition for her. She was accompanied by Dust, Hellion, Shadowcat, Wolverine, X-23, Gambit, Rogue, Storm, Professor Xavier and Beast. They all looked so much older.

"Greetings, Pane, it has been too long." Storm said, walking over and hugging me.


Scott leaned over, "She's a queen." He said.


"Wasn't she always?" I asked.


"Queen of Wakanda." Scott said.

"So, she is going to marry the hottie in all black." I smirked.


"Black Panther." Scott whispered.


"What's da matter wit him?" Wolverine asked.


Everyone looked at me.


"I hit my head. I have been a little out of it." I said, "But I'm fine."


"I am sorry we had to meet under such circumstances, it's been far too long since I have seen you both and the children." Professor said, "But now more than ever, we need to assemble."


"What was that psychic backlash?" Scott asked.

Professor Xavier's face went from semi happy to totally shocked.


"There's only one person that can make a backlash like that." I said solemnly.

The group looked at me.


"It is Jean." Professor said.


The group looked more shocked than ever.


"First the mutant registration passed, mutants have disappeared, and...now this." Ororo asked.


"I know O," Logan growled, "Not safe for a mutant anywhere."


"They passed..." I trailed. I couldn't believe it.


Scott put his arm around my shoulder, which didn't go unseen.


"Are you alright, Pane?" Ororo asked, concerned.


"I just don't feel well." I said.

"Perhaps we should have Beast take a look at you." Professor said, "While we figure out what our next plan is."


"No, I..."


"Go ahead." Scott said, "It'll be fine."




Beast had run more than a few tests on me and I was beginning to get antsy. I wondered how that cockamamie law got passed and why everything was like it was. There was something just underneath the surface.


"My stars and garters," Beast said, bringing me back into the world, "You're pregnant."


"What? I can't be pregnant, I'm a guy." I said.


"It is the result of Sinister's tampering." Beast said.

"Tampering?" I asked.


Beast looked at me oddly.


"I'm having a bad day." I said, "The tampering...what'd he do?"


"The eggs he implanted using your DNA." He said, hoping I'd remember, "You're frightening me."


I chuckled nervously, "So, Jean's back..."


"I suppose it was inevitable." Beast said, checking some charts, "She always seems to resurrect herself."


"Can we help her?" I asked.


"Hey." Scott said, standing at the door, "So is everything alright?"


Beast looked to me, "I am sure I need to be at the briefing." He said, leaving.


Scott looked from him to me, "Are you okay?" he asked.


"Why did you leave the X-Men?" I asked.


"You." Scott said simply.


"You love being an X-Man." I said.


"Baby, what's wrong?" Scott asked, searching my face.


I smiled nervously, "I'm pregnant." I said.


Scott was visibly shocked, and then visibly happy, "Really?" he asked.


I nodded as he picked me up and swung me around, "Scott..."


Scott continued talking.


"Stop!" I said, pushing him away, "You gave up the X-Men for me? I don't know how I could ever ask you to stop."


"After everything, I decided." Scott said, "I love you and our kids."


"So, we just signed up for the mutant list and went to live with a picket fence?" I asked, "I love the kids already, I do, but this all doesn't seem right. We don't hide."


"We weren't...I just didn't want you to worry or worry that you going to get hurt." Scott said, "I would give up everything I ever had for you and our kids."


I kissed him, "And I will never let you do that." I said, leaving him in the room. I walked around, watching the kids run by and stood at a door, watching Ian teaching a class.

"Grew up better than anyone expected." Logan said behind me.


I didn't look at him, I just continued watching Ian.


"We'll get your kids back." Logan said.


"I know." I said, "I just wish...I wish I knew how to find them."


"Don't ya think it's one Hell of a coincidence about Jean and your kids?" Logan growled.


I looked at him, "I can't sense them. All I can sense is Jean." I said softly.


"Listen kid..."


"I'm not a kid anymore, Logan." I said.


"Ya got a point, kid." Logan smiled.


"What's happened to the world?" I asked, "They're just kids."


Logan turned me to him and looked into my eyes, "I'll find whoever took `em an when I do, I'll rip their fuckin throats out." He said, walking away.


"That looked intense." Bobby said, passing Logan.


"Try living it." I said, "So, how are you and..."


"Me and Katia are great." Bobby smiled, "You should visit more often and you would know."


"Sorry," I said quickly, "Raising kids is a full-time job."


"Glad to have you back." Bobby said, "By-the-by, running the X-men isn't any easier."


"You were close to me, right? Why did I leave?" I asked.


"You got pregnant...insert irony wherever you want to put it." Bobby said, "And we almost lost the fight."

"Almost?" I asked.


"After the invasion and everything that followed, you gave up." Bobby said.


"And Scott..."


"Followed you. He would follow you anywhere." Bobby said, "It left a hole in the team."


I looked at him. I finally realized what I was supposed to see.


"But we're going to get back everything that was taken." Bobby said.


"Taken?" I asked.


"Bobby." Katia said, walking up. She was a brunette girl, around 5'4 and had the prettiest green eyes. She seemed to have her eyes fixed on me, "Sorry if I stare, I just...it's been so long and I still have that..."

"No." I said, "It's alright."

"I guess you never get over someone saving your life." Katia smiled.


I looked at her, trying to remember what she meant, "I guess not." I said, flashing a hopeful smile.


"So, Scott says you'll be staying." Bobby said, "Our next mission is to find your kids, we think Jean's resurrection is tied to them. So, if we find Jean, we'll find Xavier and Jean."


"Scott was wrong." I said, "I'm going on this trip."



"These are my kids." I said.


"Well, suit up and get ready." Bobby said, walking away with Katia. I felt a twinge of anger, jealousy...but I buried it. I walked to the sub-basement and went to get my suit. I looked and looked for it, but couldn't find it.


"I'm terribly sorry," Professor Xavier said, causing me to turn, "but your suit was destroyed, remember?"


"Yeah...yeah." I lied.


"Who are you?" Professor asked.


I sighed, "I..."




"I can't remember." I said.


"Is everything alright?" Professor asked.


"I hit my head and I'm trying to remember, but I can't." I said, "But I do know that whoever messed with my kids is going to get an ass-kicking."


"Scott tells us that you won't be accompanying us." Professor said.


"He's wrong-hey, where are the Brotherhood?" I asked, "And Magneto."


Professor Xavier looked at me gravely.


I looked away.


"I am sorry..."


"No, it's okay." I said, "How do I control my powers?"


"I do not know, perhaps your children can be your tether." Professor Xavier said.


I looked at him, quietly thinking that maybe he was right. I had to pull this together.


"I had predicted that you would return. The fight has always been in yourself and Scott." Professor said, holding up a totally rad black and red suit. There was a short cape, but it looked like it was like a cut-up robes. It looked as if robes had been cut right to my chest and underneath was a black leather suit. I smiled and took the suit.




"Oh mighty Phoenix, we have summoned you from the beyond the veil in hopes that you will align yourself with us." Sebastian Shaw said to Jean, who looked mortified. She had awakened only hours ago and now the Hellfire Club, or what was left of it, was now before her. She took immediate notice to Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos, who stood by watching the entire thing. Sebastian had brought in two kids, "We offer these kids unto you."


"What." Jean said, confused, "You expect me to do what? Kill these innocent children."

"Do you know whose children these are? Their power is phenomenal!" Harry Leland spoke out.


Jean felt something inside of her rise. The Phoenix was tempted, too tempted! She could feel the Dark Phoenix rising as her eyes lit up with flames, and she started toward the children.

"Jean." Cyclops said simply.


The Phoenix stopped and looked at him, "Scott?" she said.


"Don't do it, Jean." Cyclops said, standing with Dust, Hellion, Shadowcat, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Storm, Professor Xavier and Beast.


"I can't fight her, Scott, I never could." Jean said, torn.


I stepped in front of my kids, "I'll make it easy for you." I said, throwing her backwards against the wall!


"What is the meaning of this?!" Sebastian shouted.


"I am going to kick so much of your ass." Scott said moving toward him.


I kneeled down to the kids, "Are you okay?" I asked.


"Yes, daddy." Jean said.


"Jean, take your brother and go with Auntie Ororo." I said, causing both of them to run over to Storm.


"Jean?" Jean asked, looking as if she was fighting a battle against herself.

All Hell broke loose as everyone that could fight began to fight! Professor wheeled over to Jean, attempting to help her against the Phoenix! The Stepford Cuckoos stood around Scott. I was on my way to kick their blonde asses when Emma stepped in. She immediately began battling them. I stopped and stared, wondering what I should do. I ran to Scott's side.


"Help Professor with Jean." Scott said, "I'm going for Shaw."


I looked into his eyes, "No powers." I said.


"You got it." Scott said, kissing me once more.


I nodded and stood, walking through all the fighting, narrowly missing a flying card! I stopped when suddenly, I could feel myself getting heavier and heavier and I sunk to the ground. I looked up to see Harry Leland standing before me.


"You blew us up...did you think we would just forget?" Leland asked.


My anger rose and I stumbled to my feet and grabbed him by the throat, pushing him into the air, "Honestly, I don't care." I frowned, throwing him away. I stumbled across the room and stopped when I saw flames emanating from her! I watched in slow motion as the room lit up, burning everyone in her vicinity to a crisp! The whole room exploded! I awoke a few hours later, I stumbled around all the debris and found myself looking at the dead bodies. I felt the anger well up into grief as I searched for Scott. I looked back to see that the Jet was gone, so I sighed in relief. I looked over when I heard a groan. I ran to it, digging through the debris until I found Scott.


"Hey." Scott smiled.


I looked down onto Scott's abdomen, seeing the large piece of steel. I touched it and he gagged a little. I pulled him in my arms.




"Don't." I said, "Don't talk. I have to find a way to...undo this. How do I use my power?"


"No." Scott said, "It's too late...take care of our kids."


I looked at him, tears forming behind my eyes. I pulled him even closer, "You bastard, you are not going to leave me!" I cried.


"I love you." Scott panted. Then he stopped, completely.


"Scott, Scott...oh God!" I said quickly. I closed my eyes tight and wished for a miracle.


"It is a grave end." Uatu said.


I opened my eyes and looked at him, still in my costume, "You son of a bitch, you did this!" I shouted, "Undo it!"


"It has not been done yet." Uatu said quickly, "You must make the hardest decision in your life."


"I have to choose between Scott and..."


"The world." Uatu said, "As long as you are in his life prominently, he will never fulfill his true potential. He will never do what needs to be done."


"You can't make me choose this." I said, "It's wrong."


"I am sorry to have to issue this choice. It is not my doing." Uatu said, "I am merely a watcher."


"What about my kids?" I asked.


"Either way, you are destined to have them." Uatu said, "It is..."


"After this, what else do you expect from me?" I asked.


"I ask nothing of you." Uatu said.


"I don't know what to do. How do I live in a world like this? How can anyone expect me to live in...pain?" I said.


"I am sorry." Uatu said, "Close your eyes."


I did as he said after taking a long stare at him.


"Pane." Scott said, waking me, "Are you okay?"


I looked around to see Rictor, Scott, Beast, Alex, Lorna, and...Katia.


"Holy crap, it's him!" Katia exclaimed.


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