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"So, when you saved us, you were all powerful and awesome and I totally loved your outfit, it was so cute! And my mom says you're a savior, but I totally know you're a freaking rock star! I mean, you have all those powers and you're still so cool and you're talking to me...oh gosh, am I talking too much? I tend to do that. You're just so...you're awesome and sometimes, I pretend like I'm you and can do all this stuff! I can kind of do the weather control thing, but only one at a time. Like Fire, I can light a fire by will, but I can't do anything else, so it's kind of a downer, but at least it's something, right!" Katia said, barely taking breaths.

I smiled, sort of annoyed by her, "Yeah." Was all I said.

"Thank you, I mean, I think that's a compliment, it is isn't it? Gosh you're great." Katia smiled.

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Chapter 83: Proof

"Pane has to be somewhere out there." Raiden said, looking around, "I mean...he does, right?"

"Raiden, relax, it would take a lot more than some sentinels and guns to take him down." Connor said, lifting the collar on his jacket, "Besides, I'm more worried about us."

"Why?" Raiden asked.

"Those two guys have been following us for three blocks." Connor said.

Raiden turned quickly, then looked back at Connor, "What do we do?"

"We disappear." Connor said, guiding them into the alley.

The two agents followed them into the alley only to find a dead end. One of the agents swore as they both turned around, walking away. Connor and Raiden held hands, staying close to each other. They waited until they saw the agents walk by once more. There were riots going on and chaos ensued around the world, but through all of it, they never let go.


"It is awfully good to see your face again." Beast said.

I had been looking down onto the campus, watching the kids play. I wondered how they could be so calm when the world was in such chaos. My attention quickly turned to him.

"I'd imagine you would need some time to adjust to being back here." Beast said.

I nodded, "My friends..."

"Storm is out looking for them as we speak." Beast said, "Do not worry, everything will be alright. We will find Professor Xavier."

"Have you looked outside?" I asked, "The world's going to Hell."

"Yes, there seems to be a setback..."

"A set back? We're being hunted." I said, "What's to stop them from invading this school again?"

"Us." Logan said, standing a few feet away.

"Not everyone can take on an army." I said coldly.

"That's their problem." Logan growled.

Suddenly, my phone dinged and I looked at it to see Raiden's name on it. I instantly hit the answer button on the screen, "Raiden, where are you?" I asked.

"We're trying to find you, where are you?" Raiden asked.

"The Institute! You have to get here." I said.

"How are we supposed to get all the way over there? There's a bus overturned a few feet from here." Raiden said.

"Tell them to find Ororo, she should be downtown, at an old missionary station." Beast said.

"I know the place." Raiden said, "Tell him thanks."

"Be careful." I said, ending the call.

Scott walked over and put his hand on my shoulder, "They'll be okay."

I recoiled at his touch, "I know." I said quickly, "So, what are we doing about this situation?"

Scott looked like he'd just lost his puppy.

"Because I have an idea, but I'm going to need to find evidence about this all." I said.

"Evidence?" Scott asked, "We're fresh out."

"Look, you giant visor-wearing pretty boy, I can undo all this but I need a way." I said.

Scott looked like I had just hit him in the chest.

"I'm sure there is something we could do." Beast said.

"If only...we had evidence." I said, "I have an idea."

"What is it?" Logan asked.

"We send in somebody to get a confession." I said.

"And who would volunteer? And where would we send them?" Scott asked.

"Me. And my place." I said, "Do you still have my costume?"

"No." Beast, "But I do have a new one. It is in the locker room."

I nodded and headed to the locker rooms. I went to my old locker and opened it to find the costume I had from the future. I smirked to myself.

"It's a nice costume, huh." Scott said.

I looked back at him, "Yeah, it is." I said nervously.

"I picked it out, thought you might like it." Scott said.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked.

I looked away, "We can't do this." I frowned.

Scott frowned, "I've been thinking about us. I can't get us out of my mind. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He said, "I'll do whatever it takes."

"I know." I said, "And that's the problem."

"So, you don't want to be with me?" Scott asked.

Yes. Yes, I want that life. I want it so much it hurts!


"No." I said, shaking my head.

Scott looked crushed but nodded anyway, "Enjoy the costume." He said walking away.

I wanted to go after him, to tell him that I loved him and that I wanted to him more than anything in my life. I couldn't. The way the future turned out...he was meant for more, he was the glue of the X-Men and without his leadership...they would fall.

"Pane." Katia said.

"Katia, this is the guy's locker room." I said, not bothering to turn to her. I didn't want anyone to see the tears.

"Are you...are you okay?" Katia asked.

I wiped my eyes and growled, "I'm fine." I said, "What is it?"

"Your friends are in trouble." Katia said.


"We got word from Storm that they were under attack a few minutes ago." Beast said as I walked beside him.

"Who?" I asked.

"Soldiers, they were overwhelmed." Professor said, "Everyone's prepped in the jet, ready to go."

"I'm not going on the jet." I said, "They expect me to be on that jet."

"What do you suggest?" Beast asked.

A few minutes later, I was on the newest bike in the Institute, a black and red Ducati 600SS. I zoomed down the highway, going at 160 mph. I thought there wouldn't be a single cop on the highway since the world was one big riot, but I was wrong. I was glad I had a helmet on because what followed next was something right out of a really awesome action movie! I heard the sirens underneath the helmet, but I didn't stop. The police car moved to my right side. I sped up, leaning forward. I zoomed going what had to be 180 mph. I stopped just ahead, turning my bike to face the police cars and raising my hand. At first, nothing happened. The police car wasn't stopping and as it careened forward towards me. My hands were already up in the air, but nothing was happening. I closed my eyes, then opened them, thinking about Mega and suddenly the tire blew from under the car! I smiled, getting back on my motorcycle. I barely got going before the car crashed into where I had been. I heard the cop swear as I headed into the city. I raced downtown.

Scott [They are downtown in Brooklyn.]


I was barreling through the city, not bothering to notice any of the chaos that was going on around me. People were breaking into stores and I couldn't care less. Once in Brooklyn, I drove down blocks and blocks until I found them. I stopped around the corner to see them ready to load Ororo up into the back of the truck. My wheels screeched as I took off towards the scene! I had never really ridden a bicycle before, but I figured it was now or never. I sped over to where they were loading my friends and stopped so hard the tires screeched underneath me and leaned forward, causing the back tire to come off the ground and smash into a few of the soldiers! I kicked the kickstand and hopped off the bike, immediately noticing that there were three soldiers left standing.

"Stand down." One of the soldier said.

"I solemnly swear to not die." I said slowly.

"What?" The soldier asked.

<Hit him>

One of the other soldiers turned to the soldier and punched him right in the face! I dropped down and brought my foot vertically upward, kicking him in the face. I jumped back up and put my finger tips to my head, commanding the last one to fall asleep. I could feel something coming out of my nose and I reached down to see blood. I ignored it and jogged over and opened the back of the SUV. When I opened it, a volt of lightning struck me right in the chest, causing me to fall to the ground.

"My stars, Pane, I didn't know it was you." Ororo's voice said loudly.

I coughed and got to my feet, "No problem, just a little electricity. Not like it could kill me." I frowned walking over to the soldiers and grabbing the key from one of their pockets. I quickly set my friends free, gaining a hug from Raiden.

"I knew you'd be okay!" Raiden smiled, "Where have you been?"

"There's a lot going on, it's going to have to wait until we get back to the Mansion." I said quickly, "I've got to tell you about this one chick, she's a little cuckoo-cuckoo."

"You...did it." Emma said, looking around, "You have no powers."

"On the contrary," Beast said, "He has very limited use of his powers. Little to none, but they are there, dormant as they may be."

"Actually it's more like read minds, levitate, not die, and blow things up with my hands..." I said.

"You're a God among men." Pyro said.

We all turned to see him standing with Toad, Pietro, Blob, Mystique and Avalanche at his side.

"Mystique." Scott frowned.

"Your little scene was not lost on us." Mystique said.

"Just the mutant I needed." I said, "We need all the info you got from the base."

"I am sorry, but that information is private." Mystique smiled.

"If we get this, you can prove humans are the bad guys." I said, "And you can go on with your mission."

"If I give you the evidence, you must find Magneto and return him to us." Mystique said.

"I give you my word." I said.

"Pane." Connor said.

"My word." I said again.


Agent Richard Marcus stood in his shower, trying to wash the grit of the day away. He had tried to keep the peace all day long and it was a losing battle, especially where mutants were concerned. He scrubbed hard with soap, hoping that he could wash away some of his sins. He hated turning mutants in, but it was his job, ever since the mutants had killed those people on live television, it was his job. Marcus got out the shower, dried off with a towel, walking into his bedroom.

He stopped at the window, "How'd you get in here?" he asked.

I sat, my arm of the chair, "You don't miss a beat, do you?" I asked.

"I've been a cop for ten years." Marcus said, "How'd you get in here?"

"I'm a mutant, I have powers." I said, standing.

"Stop." He said.

"What? You afraid I'm going hit you?" I asked.

"You broke into my house."


"Whatever," Agent Marcus said, "Normal people..."

"I am not normal." I frowned, "Never will be."

Marcus was silent.

"If I wanted to kill you, I would have." I said bluntly, "I don't kill people. Sends a bad message to my fans."

"Do you have the evidence?" Marcus asked.

"How can I trust that you won't destroy it? Not that there isn't a crap load more." I said.

"I won't." Agent Marcus said, "I'm a good guy."

"Better be." I said, handing him documents and video tape and a full evaluation of Mega's powers.

"How can I reach you again?" Agent Marcus asked.

I looked back and smiled, then left.


"So, we got any leads on Xavier or Magneto?" I asked as we all sat around the War Room, looking at each other somberly. We watched on the news as Gyrich and the rest of the operation was busted on TV.

"No, none at this point in time but..." Beast started.

"No buts, we're screwed." Kitty said.

"I think we are one step closer to achieving our goal." Ororo said confidently.

"And wha's that, O? Provin that humans are always gonna hate us?" Logan asked.

I chuckled.

"No," Ororo said, "Proving that the world needs us just as much as it needs anything."

"You know," I said, "That is such a load. I for one am tired of breaking my back to save this world when it doesn't want to save itself. This world is taking everything away from us and it's not giving anything back and all you can come up with is that this world needs us? There's people out there who hate us for just being what we are. And this fight is taking so much more from me than just years of my life, it's taking all my freedom." I said, walking away.

"Pane..." Ororo called.

"Let him go, Ororo." Scott said sadly.

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