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"How long is he going to stay back there?" Richard asked.

Connor looked up, "I don't know." He said, barely above a whisper. He turned his attention back to Raiden, who was still tied to a chair, but unconscious, "How can things get so out of control?"

"Look, I don't know you guys, but this is a real shitty situation." Richard said.

"She's a good person, she really is. I just, I don't know how it got this bad." Connor said sadly.

Richard looked at him, trying to sympathize.

"You're a man of little words." Connor said softly.



Chapter 88: Murderers, thieves, and Terrorists

"How do I stop this?" I asked, looking into the mirror.

"It's simple," The Hollow smirked, "Go into her mind, try and find her."

The Hollow had come back, but nothing else. No powers.

"I can't tap into a person's mind at will." I said.

"Yes," it said, "you can. Use your mystical powers."

"After I find her, how...how do I help her?" I asked.

"You talk. When you talk, people tend to listen." The Hollow said, "It's kind of annoying."

"Are my powers..."

"Eventually." The Hollow said, "And when they return, oh the glorious day it will be."

I turned from the mirror and walked over to the door. I was about to open it when I stopped. Someone was in the room. I turned to strike at my opponent, who ducked and pushed me against the door! I pushed my foot in front of me, catching the perp in the stomach and it stumbled back! The perp ducked my next punch and held my arm in an arm-lock.

"Zis da way ya greet an ole guess?" Remy's accent said, causing me to soften, "Am I dat noticeable?"

"The accent gave you away." I said, flipping the light switch, "What are you doing here, Remy?"

Remy walked over and sat on the couch with his leg above the arm, "Juss blowin through."

"Somehow, I don't trust you." I smirked, "What's the real reason?"

"Okay ya got me." Remy said, "Da Morlocks dink I `ave sommit that belongs ta dem."

"Do you?" I asked.

"Now dat's a loaded question."

"Gambit." I warned.

"Wha happened ta Remy?" he smirked.

"I don't have time for this now." I said.

"Gambit be in town for a coupla days." He said, "I'll come back lata." He said, leaving.

Richard came running into the room, accompanied by Connor, who shared his same look of confusion.

"Gambit." I said, "How's Raiden?" I asked.

"Unconscious." Connor mumbled, "I better get back to her."

As he left, Richard walked up to me, "What are we going to do with her?" he asked.

I looked up at him, "Thank you." I said.


"I never thanked you, for everything you did for us." I said.

"I..." he stammered, "I...it's..."

"You don't have to say anything. I didn't say it so you'd..." I smirked, "Gosh, this sounds a lot like the `love' speech."

"But it's not."

"No." I smiled, "I miss high school."

"Seriously?" he asked.

"Yup." I said, walking out into the office. Raiden was still tied to the chair with a blanket draped over her and Connor watching over her. I felt a smile creep across my face, "How is she?"

Connor looked over to Richard and I, "She's good, tied to a chair, but good." He said, "Do you know how we're going to help her?"

"I'm going into her mind." I said, "I'm going to help her from there."

"I wanna go." Connor said.

"No," I said, "I don't even know if I can get in, besides, I need both of you here to protect us."

"Tell her I love her." Connor said.

I nodded, "I'm going to do witchcraft." I said.

"Witchcr...wait, you're a witch too? Do you get all the cool powers?" Connor asked.

"I'm rusty in that area and there's no candles, so I'm pressing my luck." I said nervously.

"You've done this before, right?" Richard asked.

"Not with these powers." I said, "Stand back, this might get hairy."

Richard started walking over to Connor.

I steadied myself flat against the ground, "Ummm, oh big high up spirits of the world..."

"You call that a spell?" Richard asked.

"Shush!" I said, "I call upon the forces of the mind, no more shall precious I entwine, allow me passage to her brain, so that I may feel her pain."

We waited a few seconds.

"It's not working." Connor said.

Suddenly, I felt something very powerful hit me, causing me to stumble! I put my hand out in front of me and I felt my eyes go black, don't ask me how, I just did! There was a powerful pull and suddenly I was gone.


I found myself downtown Manhattan. There was chaos and the world was moving around me and I found myself looking at the scene that had unfolded the day Storm lost control. My stomach jumped when I saw the Hollow standing before Storm. I quickly looked to my side to see Connor and Raiden split and I followed Raiden. I walked into the alley to see Raiden talking to the guy.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you." Raiden said slowly.


"You're one of them." He said, "And you're not going to live through this." He said, advancing.


Raiden moved just as the knife came by her neck! Raiden elbowed him in the stomach and knocked the knife away from him. The soldier grabbed her by the neck, twisting her neck. Raiden scrambled to find the knife as the man was about to twist her head off like a pop top! She grabbed the knife but he picked her up and slapped her backwards! He ran after her and tackled her to the ground, but they rolled and she noticed that he had stopped moving. She looked down to see that the knife was sticking out of his gut and cringed. She held the knife, gasping for breath. She heard footsteps and quickly slid the knife into her jacket pocket, then grabbed the man's head.


"Oh God." Connor said, running over to her. At first, he just looked at her, then he spoke, "There's nothing you can do. Whoever did this is sick."



"Didn't do this, there's a wound." Connor said, "There's nothing we can do."


A tear formed in Raiden's eye as Connor wrapped his arms around her. She began to sob, trying to stop but he couldn't. She just kept on crying, trying to keep the knife close to her.

"Oh God, it was an accident." I said.

"No." Raiden said as the scene froze. The Raiden that had just stabbed the man stood and walked back to me, knife in hand, "It was my fault."

"No, it wasn't." I said, "He came at you..."

"I could have left, just ignored him. But I was trying to be the hero." Raiden said, "Not everyone can be you."


"You're the hero of this story and no one else can be." Raiden said, "I just wanted to help him."

"Not everyone can be helped." I said.

"That's not something you'd say!" Raiden shouted, "You've changed."

"Look who's talking." I said.

Raiden looked away, "What's the use?" she asked, "Maybe you're right. Maybe everyone can't be saved."

"You have to stop." I frowned, "We can help."

"There's nothing you can do, Pane." Raiden said angrily, "I've already done it and it can't be undone."

"You're right." I said, "But if you give up now, you are a total loser."

"Excuse me?"

"Do you know how many times I still wake up in the middle of the night because I'm afraid of losing control? The screams never go away! Every day is a struggle and every..."

"Save the speech." Raiden said, "I've heard it."

"You've changed too. The Raiden I know wouldn't give up or pity herself!" I frowned.

"Well," she raised her arms, knife in hand, "this is the new me. Love it, or leave it."

I spun around, backhanding her.

Raiden grabbed her jaw and looked at me, "Haven't we done this already?" she asked.

"I kicked your ass." I said.

"I could take you any day." Raiden frowned.

"Yeah, that's why you're tied to a chair in our office." I said.

"Sonuva bitch!" Raiden said, lunging at me.


"I just thought I'd pop by and see...holy-gee-wilikers!" Katia said, stepping through the front door, "What happened to them? Did some big uber-mutant get to them?"

"No." Connor said, "They're just unconscious."

"Did they fall? Did they bump heads? Did they fall and bump heads!" Katia asked.

"Calm down." Richard said quickly, "They're under some spell."

"A spell? Really, like magic?" Katia asked, "That is so cool!"

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" Connor asked.

"I came to apply for a position here." Katia said, "I know this isn't the biggest op...um, I don't expect money or anything, though that would be nice, but I think I'd be an asset to this team."

Richard and Connor looked at each other.

"You're that hottie cop that Scott was talking about, right?" Katia said.

"Yeah." Richard said.

"You tied her to a chair?" Katia asked, surveying Raiden from a distance, "Nice."

"We didn't have any other choice." Connor said with much angst.

"I should make coffee." Katia said.

"I wonder how it's going." Connor said.


As I ran down the long hallway, I ducked behind one of the corners, trying evade Raiden. In her mind, I was powerless and she had the weapon. She had chased me through this hallways for what seemed like forever and still I had yet to be caught.

"It's okay, you know. You should just accept it." Raiden said.

"Raiden, you don't have to do this." I said.

"Why stop now?" Raiden asked.

I scurried away from the corner and stood in the window, hidden by the drapes. I waited until she was in front of me and jumped from the drapes. I was suddenly transported to the streets of Manhattan and I fell to the concrete with a thud! I looked around and saw Raiden going to the alley again. I ran to the alley and watched the scene again.

"I can't move past this." Raiden said quickly, "This isn't me. This is the place where everything goes wrong! How could I have...This is the moment where..."

"You lost yourself?" I asked.

"...Can I tell my story?" Raiden said, "This is the moment that I lost myself, I died."

"But you didn't! You're still out there!" I shouted, "You have to stop."

"I don't think I need you in my head." Raiden said.

There was a bomb blast that rocked the city!

"What was that?" Raiden asked.

I looked around, "I'm losing the grip..." I said, fading. I awoke to find Katia lying on the floor and a Connor-shaped whole in the window! I walked over to the overturned couch and saw that Richard was lying behind it. I looked back and noticed that Raiden wasn't still tied to the chair. The ropes dangled across the chair as Connor staggered back into the room, bloody and his shirt was cut up and ripped!

"What happened?" I asked.

"Mega." Connor said, taking a seat in the chair Raiden had been sitting in, "Did you reach her?"

"No." I frowned, "Before I could..."

Connor nodded, "Are they alive?" he panted.

"Barely." I said. Suddenly my phone rang, "Yeah?" I said.

"John is dead," Scott said into my ear, "He died saving Robert Kelly."

"Isn't Robert Kelly...he's..." I stammered on the phone.

Somewhere across town...

"I'd love to help you." Raiden smirked.

"Good." Mega smirked back at her.

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