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"I categorized the files and made eighteen separate categories depending on how much you like your local alphabet." Katia smiled.

We stood, dumbfounded, "That's...great." I said a loud.

"We need a little structure." Connor said assuringly, "It's something we're seriously lacking. I got a meeting with S.H.I.E.L.D today to find Raiden. I'm almost late."

"You should go." I said, "Me and Katia got things all squared away here."

"Thanks. I should be back soon." Connor said, leaving.

"So, What else have you got for me to do?" Katia asked.

"You can just chill now." I said.

"Oh, now that I've got some time, I wanted to pick your brain." Katia said enthusiastically.

I sighed, "Now's not really a good time." I said, walking to the desk.

She followed, "Well, then, I just want to say thanks." Katia smiled.

"Thanks?" I asked.

"You saved me." Katia said, "I know to you, it's nothing, but you saved me and a bunch of others just by doing what you do. So, thanks."

I nodded.

"So, this guy, John...he was a good friend?" Katia asked.

"Yeah," I said to myself more than to her, "he was."



Chapter 89: They walk, they talk, they destroy

"I tol' ya Gambit be back." Gambit smirked, lounging on the desk chair. It was night time and Connor and Katia had gone to a club, Katia's way of trying to cheer him up. She picked the club that they'd be more likely to see Raiden. I stayed back, trying to let everything sink in.

"Gambit." I sighed, "What is this?"

Gambit stood, "Gambit juss took back his ole' locket." He said.

"Your locket?" I asked.

"Family heirloom." Gambit said quickly.

"So, you went into the sewers and robbed the people who live there? You do understand how that sounds, right?" I asked.

"Oui." Gambit smirked, "Buh now dey wohn stop comin. Dey be comin soon."

"What am I supposed to do about that?" I asked.

"Help." Gambit said, "Gambit needs ya to talk some sense into da Morlocks."

"You stole from them, how are you in the right?" I asked.

"It was Gambit's first, left it there the last time da X-Men went into da sewers." Gambit said testily.

"How am I supposed to find the Morlocks?" I asked.

"It should be easy." A woman in leather said. She had an eye patch over her eye. She was accompanied by a large white being, a guy with a hump in his back, and another mutant with an eye patch.

"Callisto?" I asked.

"And Caliban, Sunder, an Erg." Gambit said.

"Well, they messed with the wrong mutant." I said, "I'm not in the mood, so he took a locket, what's the big deal?"

"He stole from us." Callisto said.

"It wasn't yours." Gambit sneered.

"It was in our sewer." Caliban said.

"But it was his." I said.

"Is he willing to fight for it?" Callisto asked.

Gambit and I looked at each other. I raised my hand and blew Callisto backwards and on her ass.

"Listen, in a list of things I want to do, fighting you guys is very low on the list." I said, "But if you really want me to kick your asses, I will."

Callisto got to her feet, "We just want what's ours." She said.

"But it's not yours!" I shouted, "This is his locket."

Erg raised his hands in the air, causing a jolt of electricity to crash into a picture frame behind me! Gambit twirled his staff and I got back to my feet.

"Gambit gon show you a real good time." Gambit smirked. Gambit took off like a rocket and jumped into the air, catching Erg across the face with his staff.

I tried to jump into the air, but couldn't and Caliban took this opportunity to knock me down. I rolled out of the way of Sunder's large foot and blocked a kick, elbowing Sunder's knee, causing him to cry out! Someone grabbed me from behind and I could see Gambit charging his cards and hurling them at Caliban and Erg, who shot his electricity at Gambit. I tried to raise my hands, but Callisto had me in a tight grip, so I jumped into the air, kicking off Sunder's chest and hurling us back against the wall! Callisto slunk to the floor as I stood and ducked a punch from Sunder, grabbing his arm, but he threw me so hard I skidded across the floor and stopped just short of Gambit.

"Don like havin no powas now, do ya?" Gambit smirked.

I sighed and jumped back up, throwing my hands forward and causing Sunder to slide back and smack against the wall! I then looked into Erg's eyes and thought, Attack Caliban, and Erg blasted him, causing him to slump to the floor. Gambit threw a card and knocked Erg backwards!

As they got up, I said, "Leave." I said.

Caliban had already began towards me.

"No," Callisto said, "We shall go. But never steal from us again."

"He won't." I said quickly, "Will you, Gambit."

"Naw." Gambit said, "Gambit got what he went for."

Callisto nodded and left with the Morlocks.

"Dey a bunch of cheery..."

I elbowed Gambit, "What is this locket that you just risked all your vital body parts for?" I asked.

"It's just an ordinary locket." Gambit said quickly.

"Gambit, you know I'm not that stupid." I said.

"Da locket's Anna's." Gambit said quickly.

"Rogue? You risked your life to get Rogue's locket?" I asked, "That's so...sweet."

"Ya sound surprised." Gambit said quickly.

"You're really underrated, ya know?" I said softly.

"Gambit go now." Gambit said, walking to the door, "Keep yaself outta trouble, ya hear."

I nodded as he left, "You too, Gambit." I said, walking to the back. I heard the door open and close and I immediately went back in, "Gambit, did you..." I stopped at the sight of a guy no older than Katia. He was tall, brunette, and gorgeous. He had on some clothes very reminiscent of John, in the way they were styled. He looked like the stereotypical bad boy, "Can I help you?" I asked.

"I'm looking for Katia. They told me she'd be here." He said.

"Who told you this?" I asked.

"I think his name was Bob." He said nonchalantly.

"She's out," I said quickly, I could feel something off about him, "Is there a message...or, you know, something."

"Dillion." He said, "My name is Dillion."

"Right." I said, "I'm Pane."

There was a flicker in his eye, a very small flicker and it was barely noticeable, but I caught it.

"You saved all those families in Genosha." Dillion said.

"You're from Genosha, huh?" I asked.

Before I could hear his answer, Katia and Connor walked through the door. Katia stopped right where she stood and gulped.

"Dillion." She said.

"Who's this?" Connor asked.

"My ex." She said.

Connor immediately looked at me, "What's going on?" he asked.

"Dillon was looking for Katia." I said.

"Imagine my surprise when I realized that you left with Lorna and Alex." Dillion said, shocking us, "Took me a while to find you."

"Dillion, I..."

"And just when I thought I was all surprised out, I find out you're here, with this...loser and his loser friends." Dillion said.

"Hey!" Connor objected.

"What's your issue?" I asked.

"You." Dillion said, getting in my face, "My family died in Genosha."

I was silent.

"You didn't save `em hero." Dillion said angrily.

"Get out." I said.

"What's wrong? The hero hard-up because he didn't save half Genosha?" Dillion asked.

Connor walked over and slammed Dillion against a wall effortlessly, "I think he said get the fuck out!" he said angrily, dropping him.

Dillion dusted himself off and chuckled, "I will be back." He said, smirking as he left.

"I'm sorry he came here." Katia said sincerely, "I didn't know..."

"Are you okay?" Connor asked.

I threw my hands in the direction of a lamp and the lamp shattered to pieces, "He's right." I said, "I can't save `em all."

Connor looked at me, "We're going to save Raiden." He said, "I'm the leader here...and I know there's a way."

I nodded, "We just made another enemy." I said.

"I have to leave." Katia said.

"No! No." I said, "Please stay."

"Of course." Katia said, "Is there anything I can do?"

"I think you should stick close to either of us." I said, "I don't like that guy."

"He wasn't always like that." Katia said, "He was..."

"It's okay. I understand how he feels." I frowned, "I'd want me dead too."

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