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"I'm good with getting on a normal plane. It's been a normal summer, so it fits that I would take a normal plane," I said into the phone as I waited to get on the plane, "I understand...I'll contact you when I land, I should be there in a few hours...yeah." I said, ending the call. I walked over to the window with my luggage and looked out into the oncoming and outgoing of the planes. The summer had brought about a really normal time in my life. I hung with the family, got reacquainted with old friends, and just plain relaxed. There was no summer fling, no epic love...just me and some old friends and family. I couldn't get past the future Rae I saw, the one with the...problem. She was so innocent, but she wouldn't be. Or maybe she would. I hadn't thought much about where I'd go when I got to New York, but I had thought a lot about Raiden and Connor. I wondered how they were and where Mega was at the moment. I wondered where the Jonas Brothers would be in a few years. It was all a wash. God, I miss high school.

"Now boarding, all flights to New York." The intercom buzzed.

I nodded to myself and walked ahead and boarded the plane.

As I did, a dark figure whispered into his jacket, "He just got on." He said.

Chapter 91: Flying without Telekinetic Wings

Raiden sat, typing at the computer. She was trying to dismiss the thoughts floating around in her head. Her thoughts consisted of Pane, the X-Men, Mega, the cops, and Connor. Not necessarily in that order. Pane was unresponsive to her texts, calls, and even e-mails. She wondered how long it would be before Pane contacted her, before he questioned her sanity. She wondered why the X-Men hadn't come to get her, to drag her away to prison, but she figured they were just late. She wondered if the cops would come or would there be a superhero team. Connor found his way into her thoughts; he had been so great about helping her and getting her back in shape to crime fight. They had begun to take jobs again and were doing pretty good business. It was just the two of them there, so it was always quiet.

"Raiden!" Connor shouted.

Well, almost always.

"Raiden, are you e-mailing him again?" Connor sighed.

"He's going to write back, I know it." Raiden said hopefully.

"I don't think he is. He stabbed you." Connor said.

"He also saved the world and...he saved me." Raiden said.

"He sav...He saved you?" Connor asked incredulously.

"He did." Raiden said, "I'm not skipping over the fact that he stabbed me, but before he tried to kill me, he saved me."

"We have a lot going on here..."

"All the more reason to get help." Raiden said quickly, "With what I'm...going through, I think it's time we reunite."

"I think it's too much way too fast." Connor said, "I don't really want him here."

"Hey, don't say that." Raiden frowned, "Don't say that! You miss him as much as I do."

"Sometimes." Connor said, "He's like my little brother, but for months he contemplated killing you."

"For longer tried to kill him, so I think he gets a reprieve." Raiden said honestly, "The past has to be the past."

"So, I just do what, forget?"

"Forgive." Raiden said quicker than Connor could catch.


I had sat in my seat a few hours ago and was instantly regretting my plea to be a normal person. I was sitting between a compulsive handwasher, using antibacterial, and a overweight man. A few weeks ago, there had been a major power outage; mutants around the world lost their powers, only about two hundred of them actually retained their powers. It made me feel bad that I had given mine away when so many others had them taken away. I found myself in deep thought. What would the world be like at the Mansion? It was less a mansion and more of a haven for the few remaining mutants. I thought I was saved when the overweight gentleman got up to go to the bathroom. I put my headsets on from my iPhone and listened to "Waking Up in Vegas" by Katy Perry. I enjoyed the song up until the man returned. I hadn't noticed that the man felt a little less...overweight. I was shocked when a hand landed on top of mine. I looked over to see Dillon, Katia's ex-boyfriend.

"Hello, lover." Dillon smirked.

"What the..."

He put his hand over my lip and I fought the urge to bite him, "Shhh, wouldn't want the stewardess to get the wrong idea." He said.

"How'd you..."

"Let's just say the chubby guy isn't coming back." Dillon said, "I have the magic touch."

"What did you do?" I asked angrily.

"You know the really fucked up part of all this? It's your fault." Dillon frowned.

"My fault?" I asked.

"I watched you for months, that little girl you treasure so much..."

"You touch her and I'll..."

"...All it takes is one touch." He said.

I smirked, "You tried it on me, huh? This little hand-holding thing you're doing isn't for kicks, you're trying to work your mojo on me, but I'm not ticking." I said.

Dillon recoiled, "If I can't kill you, I'll do everyone else." He said, "I've already pretty much drained the pilots. This berg is going down."

"You'll die too." I said quickly.

"Doesn't really matter. I don't have anything to live for." Dillon said.

"You're just a kid." I said slowly.

"I don't have anyone left." Dillon said, fighting the tears.

"If you weren't psycho, you could have me." I said.

"I'm not gay."

I chuckled, "As if...you're not my type. Totally not what I meant."

"So what? I Just go back to my life? I killed people." He said, sort of loud.

The people behind us looked, while other whispered to their neighbor.

I immediately saw Raiden, "Dammit." I panted.

"What in the Hell is wrong with you?!" Dillon asked, shocked by my hyperventilating.

"You're a murderer." I said bluntly.

"I can't undo it." Dillon said.

"Oh my god!" A woman screamed from behind us, causing us to instinctively look backwards, "He's...he's dead!"

Dillon leaned in, "It's your fault." He whispered.

"What do you want from me?" I asked.

"Since you can't die, it's simple..." Dillon said, "I want you to suffer."

I nodded, "Like you? You want me to be like you and kill people and..."

"Like me? You could never be like me." Dillon said.

"Oh my God! The pilot's been killed, does anyone know how to fly a plane?!" The stewardess shouted.

"I do!" A guy said, raising his hand and rushing up to the cockpit.

"Looks like your plan isn't going like you planned. Idiot." I smirked.

Dillon growled and backhanded me. I grabbed my cheek in shock before punching him! The hand washer stared at us, in shock of what we just did.

"You hit me!" Dillon said, shocked.

I looked at him angrily, "You started it." I frowned.

"Looks like we're not dying today." Dillon said, standing.

"What's he talking about?" The woman beside us asked.

Dillon pulled off his jacket, revealing his parachute. He ran to the airlock door and I immediately shouted for everyone to buckle their seatbelts and hold their breath as he opened the door and was sucked from the plane! I held on for my life, forgetting that I couldn't die as easily as smashing to the ground below.


"Hey!" Scott said hugging me, "We were worried, they said something happened..."

"Nap...now." I said quickly.