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"Center yourself." Storm said, hovering in a meditative position just above the ground, "Have you forgotten your training?"

I uncrossed my legs, "I can't hover like you, I don't have control over the wind." I said irritably.

We sat in the middle of an open field with purple roses. You could feel the calm breeze and the mist from a nearby lake. Ororo was so beautiful, it was almost sickening. I mean, not jealousy or anything because I'm handsome. I think being handsome is a burden sometimes because okay, I am, but I have to trade something for it. But I'm rambling.

"Am I sensing some anger?" Storm asked.

I sighed, "I just miss home." I said, "Being there so long and then coming back here...it just gets to me."

"Are you sure that is all?" Storm asked.

"What else would it be?" I asked.

"Maybe you miss your friends."

"I don't." I said quickly, "I'm not sure if they were even my friends."

"I am quite shocked that Katia did not want to sit in with us." Storm said.

"Ever since that thing with Wanda, this place feels empty." I said, "Less like a school."

"I fear it isn't anymore." Storm frowned, her beautiful face scrunched.

"I don't think I like it when you frown." I said, "The school's more of a haven now."

"A haven for all those in need." Beast said, bounding over the hills.

"A haven for all the mutants that are left." I said quickly, "But the same sentiment is there."

"Danger Room, end sequence." Ororo commanded.

The field disappeared and was replaced by cold, unforgiving metal.

"You have a visitor." Beast said.

"Ooooh, is he cute?" I asked.

"Why don't you see for yourself." Beast said with a knowing and amused smile.

I ran up to the front door and swung it open, "You..."

"Hello." Magneto smiled.

Chapter 92: Hope for the Faithless World

"I assure you, I'm only here to drop off some of Pyro's effects." Magneto said quickly.

"You should be talking faster." I said quickly.

Magneto handed me a lighter with flames on it, "He would want you to have it." He said.

I took it, "He's really gone, isn't he?" I said quickly.

"He was one Hell of a mutant." Magneto said.

I frowned, "He wasn't just a mutant, he was a person." I snapped.

Magneto nodded.

"Go now." I said angrily.

"You should be careful how you treat people." Magneto said, leaving.


I punched the punching bag, then gave it a swift kick! I punched and punched until I was reduced to tears, yet again. I gave a few more jabs, and then jumped in the air, kicking the bag from the side. Everything was too real. In all the madness and death, I had forgotten that it was the anniversary of Sira's...death. How could death be so easy? How could John just die? How could Sira just die? How could I go on living when I knew that death was so much easier? I couldn't contain everything I was feeling, there was just so much to feel! Just too much...

"Are you okay?" A familiar, but unwelcomed voice asked.

"You watching me?" I asked.

"A little, yeah." It said.

I turned to Scott, "Why, Summers?" I asked.

"I wanted to talkóbut are you crying?" Scott asked.

"Life." I said simply.

"Sira. John. This can't be easy, to do what we do isn't easy." Scott said.

I wiped away a tear, "Yeah..." I said.

"I know. About our children." Scott said, "I don't know why you kept it..."

"I can't..." I said, "I can't be the one for you! Emma is the one. Jean is the one. Anybody but me."

"Don't you think I should know who is best for me?" Scott asked, "I'm always going to be here for you, always."

"Then you're wasting your time." I said angrily.

"Am I?" Scott asked.

"I wish I had the power, to make you forget again. Because you remembering is making it so...how did you find out?" I asked.

"I wish I could have met them." Scott said.

I just stared.

"Why are you being so cold to me? Why can't we have that?" Scott asked.

"Because of how it ends." I said quickly, "And where it leads."

"You know, fine! I'm with Emma and I'm going to be happy." Scott said warningly.

I put my head to the floor, "That's all I could ever ask for. You happy." I said slowly.

"You love me, I know you do."

"Yeah, I do." I said, "And that's why it has to be like it is."

Scott nodded and walked away, angry.

"Did you have to hurt the boy scout?" Sira's voice said behind me.

I turned to see Sira staring me in the face, "What in the Hell." I said, taking a few steps backward.

"Surprise cutie." Sira smiled.


"I hate doctors." Raiden whispered as she and Connor stood in the doctor's office. They were waiting for her tests, she had taken a few tests earlier and...to be honest, a few months ago, she was diagnosed with Cancer. She saw it coming because of Pane's trip to the future, but it was still very sudden when it happened. Raiden had tried to reach out to Pane many times, to tell him, but she could never reach him. Connor had supported her through chemo, through everything she did to get back to where she is. She had gone through Hell to survive and she was proud of her fight.

"I know, baby, but we need these results." Connor said.

"I know." Raiden said, "I feel better. I mean, I feel great, so there couldn't be anything...right?"

"Right." Connor said nervously.

"You sound unsure, why are you unsure, should I be unsure?!" Raiden panicked.

"You're going to be fine." Connor said, kissing her.

The doctor came in and greeted the couple.

"So, doctor, what's the prognosis?" Raiden asked.

"Prognosis?" Connor asked.

"Umm, Ms. Parker..." The doctor said slowly.

"Oh God, it's bad, isn't it?" Raiden asked.

"The cancerous cells have returned, We have to surgically alter a part of your body that might cause infertility." The Doctor confessed.

"Infertility...So, no kids?" Raiden asked.

"There's a possibility. At this point, there may be no you." The Doctor said, "The surgery is the only thing that can save you."

Connor and Raiden looked at each other, and then Raiden burst into tears.


"I can't believe how many things have changed." Sira said, looking around.

"Tell me about it." I said, "So, how're you here?"

"So, are you still a weapon of massive destruction?" Sira asked.

"Please don't tell me you got resurrected or something." I frowned.

"Wow, no need to ask whether you think it's a good idea." Sira chuckled, "You know I watch."

"Are you some kind of angel? Like a guardian or maybe a watcher or something..."

"I saw what happened with Raiden." Sira said, grabbing my attention, "Lost your faith a little? It's weird how the world can be in such disarray and then nothing...then, and this is the good part, the world loses more than half of its mutants."

"Karma?" I asked.

"Fate." Sira said, "Back to Raiden and Connor..."

"...Can we not go there?" I asked.

"Sorry, cupcake, but we have to go there." Sira said, "It's half the reason I'm trying to help."

"I don't want to save the world anymore." I said slowly, "This time, I swear I mean it."

"I know, that's why you're scaring me. You were meant to do good, or else what was the point?" Sira asked

"But what is good? Having to kill someone who means so much to me? If that's good, then I don't want to do it." I said, "I don't know what's right anymore."

Sira slapped me, "Snap out of it! I've watched you and your damn pity party! You didn't even have a job this summer! You just moped and guess what you were missed, with friends and with the world saving! Mega is on a rampage." She said, "Life happens, you move on."

"How do I move on from this!" I shouted, "And don't hit me."

"I'm not saying it's a piece of cake, but take a minute to realize what giving up means." Sira said, "My death would have been for nothing. And while you may be okay with that, I'm not. Look around, isn't all this worth fighting for?"

I looked around.

"You're not the only person who's evolved. Death changes people, you know that. I see the bigger picture." Sira smiled.

"What's the bigger picture?" I asked.

"You were built to win." Sira said.

I took a seat, "Sira, where do I start?" I looked up, "Sira?" I asked, not seeing her, "Sira."


"What's the emergency?" I asked, coming into the crowded War Room.

I stopped at the sight of Raiden. She smiled up at me but I couldn't find the energy to smile back. I was fighting hard enough to not kick her ass.

"What' she doing here?" I asked sharply.

"Connor's missing." She said quickly.

To be Continued...