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"So, he's your son?" Max asked.

"And he's from the future." I said as we walked out of Starbucks.

"And a guy named Mega is behind all the things that have been happening? The Bridge blowing up, the dam tilting, the disappearing people, the building being burned down, and all the other things?" Max asked.


"He must be a real bad-ass." Max said.

"He dumped me in Kansas, burned a family's home down, and placed a robot of himself in there to kick my ass." I said, "So, yeah, he's a little rough."

"So, you said you met a guy." Max said.

"I did?" I asked.

"Yeah, in a letter." Max said, "You said he was a cop."

"Richard." I said.

"Richard? Oh, I see, you never quite broke it off with him." Max smiled.

"I left." I said.

"You've got a son your age, you're barely friends with your friends, and this guy wants your head on a platter." Max frowned, "I missed a lot."

"You didn't have to...invite me to stay with you." I said.

"I'm basically the only friend you have." Max said, "Raiden and Connor sound like they're doing their own thing."

"I actually went there." I said, "It was interesting."

"How?" Max asked.

"They hired a new girl and guy and Connor's really angry." I said.

"There's...where do we go?" Max blurted.

I was shocked, "I...we...I don't know." I said quickly.

Chapter 95: Chaos...Again

"He was here?!" Raiden asked loudly, "What did he say? What did he do? Was he...did he talk a lot?"

"Sunshine here didn't say much." Melissa said, sitting on the desk.

"You did introduce yourselves, right?" Raiden asked.

"Yes." Melissa said.

"Did he say he was staying?" Raiden asked, "Did he say where he'd be?"

"I thought he'd be at the mansion." Melissa said, "Who'd ever leave the place?"

Jeremy, a man who was the spitting image of a well aged Taylor Lautner, stood leaning on one of the file cabinets. Jeremy was a brooder. He loved him so good ole broody fun.

"Look, Raid, I don't really care where he is." Connor sighed.

"Yes, you do." Raiden said, as if he had blasphemed.

"Ummm, we should go in the next room." Jeremy said.

"Naw, I think I want to hear this." Melissa smirked.

"Go now." Raiden growled.

Melissa stood and walked with Jeremy to the next room.

Raiden turned to Connor, her face sour, "You do! You know you do! You have to get over this anger thing."

"He stabbed you and walked away." Connor frowned.

"Yeah and I stabbed him first." Raiden frowned, "I don't think that's what you mean."

"What?" Connor asked.

"I think you're mad that he walked away from you." Raiden said quickly.

"No, I'm mad that he stabbed you! Him leaving was just the cherry on the big sundae of betrayal." Connor said quietly.


"Damn it, we have more important things to do than to talk about this!" Connor said, slamming the chair down and smashing it, "Just shut up about it." He said, walking away.

"That chair was fifty dollars!" Raiden yelled after him.


"Yeah, I want his ass in here today! I don't care if he's going on vacation, he needs to turn himself in!" Richard yelled, slamming a phone down into the cradle. He sighed to himself and typed something in on the computer.

"You should really watch that anger." I said, standing at the door.

He looked up, an angry look on his face but it turned to a soft emotionless one and I suddenly gave into the urge to knock on the door.

"Hey." Richard said, standing, "I heard you were back."

"Right, cause you're a cop." I said.

"I'm a detective." Richard said, "I didn't think you'd come and see me."

"Why?" I asked.

"You've been here for a while, you're even shacking up with that rich guy." Richard said, "How does a guy compete with that?"

"He doesn't." I said, "There's no competition."

"So, do they know?" Richard asked.

I immediately knew who they were. I just did.

"Yeah, they don't know where I'm staying or anything..."

"About that..."

"I'm just staying with him." I said, "Jumping back into a relationship that...There's really no easiness to this."

"I missed you." Richard said.

"Is that why you've been on the angry kick?" I asked.

"Did you read my mind?" Richard asked.

"No. I didn't have to." I said quickly.

Richard sighed, "You left faster than I could stop you." He said.

"Things are about to get bad again." I said.

"How? And how do you know?" he asked.

"I had a dream. And it's not good. This Mega guy is bad news, he's going to take the fight to a new level." I said, "We can't afford to lose any more battles."

"This sounds like you're about to go into hiding or something." Richard chuckled.

"No more hiding. I've got to go, there's a stop I have to make." I smiled, "Call me." I said, walking to the door.

"Hey." Richard said, walking over to me. He took my face in his hand and kissed me. I felt his gentle lips crash against mine. I savored his taste; he tasted like strawberries.

I pulled away, my hand pressed where his lips had just been and I smiled.


"Has he said anything?" I asked, walking down to the subbasement with Scott.

"No." Scott said as we entered the holding area, "He won't say anything and since the Professor isn't here any longer, we can't exactly use telepathy."

"What about Emma?" I asked as we finally found ourselves watching Perry.

"I've tried." Emma said joining us.

I sighed, "I'm sorry I had to leave, things are hectic." I said.

"He's not my son." Scott said.

I looked at him, "Sorry, I know how much..." I stopped when I noticed he was hiding something.

"What?" he asked.

"You're hiding something, my dear." Emma said.

"He has valuable information." Scott said, "We don't really know what to do with him. I think he could escape...if he wanted to."

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"I talked with him." Scott said.


"You should talk to him." Scott said, "Come on, Emma." He said as they left.

I walked over to the containment field and watched him for a second.

"Dad, we don't have time for this." Perry said.

I was shocked, "Who's your dad?" I asked.


"And?" I asked.

"I'll narrow it to two." Perry said, "Max or Richard."

I looked at him, stunned, "What?" I asked.

"I'm the oldest." Perry said, "Don't tell Scott, but my little brother and sister are his."

"Why're you telling me this?" I asked.

"It's the only way you'll trust me." Perry said, "You have to let me out of here."

I stared at him, deciding. I couldn't place it but something made him look like me. Maybe it was his expressions.

"I know what you're up against." Perry said, "And I know how you can beat him."

"How?" I asked.

"I'll give you one freebie before you let me out." Perry said, "Uncle Connor and Aunt Raiden."

"They're the key to winning?" I asked.

"You've got to reunite with them. You need each other." Perry said, "But..."

"Fine, I'll let you out, but if you try and do anything to me..." I frowned.

"I would never hurt you, dad." Perry said.

"What's the other thing?" I asked, "That I have to do."

"Learn how to control the Hollow." Perry said.

"Oh, that's all?" I said sarcastically.


"Why are we here?" Connor growled as he sat with Melissa, Max, Raiden, and the X-Men. I stood in the corner of the room with Perry. I didn't go unnoticed by the four who were not X-Men and the X-Men looked anxiously at Perry, probably wondering why he was here.

"What's he doin here?" Logan growled.

"Yes, I must confess I find it strange that he shows up when bridges literally begin to burn." Ororo said, "All the catastrophes seemed linked with him."

"They are, but not in the way you think." I said.

"What, is this your new boyfriend?" Connor asked angrily.

"No, he's my son." I said.

There were puzzled faces and shocked ones, I picked Scott's face out of the crowd as unreadable.

"He's here to help." I said quickly.

"And you just believe him?" Connor asked.

"Not at first but...he said some things." I said, "The thing is that the world changes unless we do something now. We can't let Mega be the winner."

"I'm Perry. I come from the Resistance. I was born into a world filled with violence and desolation." He said, "I came here to help our side win."

"How did you time travel?" Scott asked.

"Well, Mr. Summers, Cable's technology got me here." Perry said, "Right before he died."

Scott's face was readable now. I wanted to hug him, to hold him but I didn't. Instead of me, Emma grabbed him into a hug. Perry put a hand on my shoulder and I was pulled back into my reality.

"We're already at war, against the Registration Act, they want everyone to register, not just mutants, all super-humans." Beast said, "I do not see how we can be in two places at once."

"I'm here to promote an idea." Perry said, "I suggest you make up another team, one that can be tied to here and receive info for you and fight for you but still be independent."

"So, another team...like X-Factor?" Bobby asked.

"No." Perry said quickly, "Not them, we need a different team."

Wolverine snarled, "We'd miss all dha fun." He said.

"What's this got to do with us?" Melissa asked.

"I think they want us to be that team." Connor said slowly.

"Could this work?" Scott asked, "Can you...could you be a team again?" he asked looking between Connor and I.

I looked at him, "Wait, I never said anything about joining them again." I frowned, "Not that's it's not...it just doesn't seem as pleasant as..."

"...And how could we work?" Connor asked.

"It might be the only way." Scott said.

"Yes." Raiden said, "We'd love to have him back."

"If I come and join this team...Perry comes with." I said.

"Well...I..." Connor said, flustered.

"Deal breaker." I said.

"Of course he's welcome too." Raiden said quickly.

"Where are we going to live?" Perry asked.

"In the office." Raiden said.

"I'm afraid we have a slight problem," Emma said, holding her head, "A club near here..."


As Perry, Max, Connor, Melissa, Raiden, and I entered the club, I couldn't shake the feeling of dread in the back of my throat. The song, She Wolf by Shakira was blasting through the speakers as Perry looked around and it was then that I realized what he was seeing. His world, for worse or for better, must have been something very post-apocalyptic. He probably had never seen this many people or even known what a club looked like. I wondered if he had even known me. I'd given little thought about his father, whoever that was. I was knocked out of my thoughts when a ball rolled out in front of us. It took a split second for us to realize that the ball was a grenade and we all dove in different directions, but poor Melissa got thrown backwards through the plate-glass at the entrance! People were thrown to here and there as the explosion shattered us! The sound system had been halted and there was a maniacal laugh over the entire club as I looked up from under my arms.

"Kiddies come to play!" A woman's voice screeched over the speakers.

"Olivia." Connor hissed. He raised to his feet and began a full run up the stairs and away from us. Raiden was quickly behind him.

Perry, Max, and I stood. Sabretooth hit both boys in the chest, knocking them backwards through the remaining glass panes and grabbed me by the throat!

"You smell like Wolverine." Sabretooth smirked.


Connor and Raiden came to a stop as they stood, staring at a gorgeous bright red, yet ferocious panther. The panther prowled about, deciding the right moment to pounce. Connor pushed Raiden behind him, trying to keep her out of the way.

"Wha-what do we do?" Raiden asked.

The Panther growled

"Stay behind me." Connor said.

"Believe me, I'm not moving." Raiden said, scared. Her grip tightened on him and soon they faded from view. The panther's eyes stayed on them and Raiden concentrated a little harder and soon she was gone. The panther growled angrily and moved downstairs.


Sabretooth's grip tightened as I begged for breath. I began to lose consciousness as he laughed, which sounded more like a growl. And then, with the other hand, he reared back, claws so sharp they could dice me with a simple touch, and readied to strike.

"Get away from my dad!" Perry's voice shouted, causing Sabretooth to freeze once again, this time he was literally frozen.

I dropped to the ground, gasping for air as Max held me up. A giant red panther came running down the stairs. It stops in front of us and...smiled? Then it growled at me and Max. A spark of lightning shot past us and knocked the panther backwards, causing it to roar and take off running, out of the club with Sabretooth. Raiden and Connor appeared before us, shocked.

"What are we doing down here?" Raiden asked.

"Ow, that guy had one of those touches." Melissa said, stumbling up and joining us.


Everyone was sitting around, icing their legs, arms, backs and whatever else needed ice. Connor was on the phone with Scott and they were discussing what we should do next. I stood with ice around my neck watching Perry. I felt more paternal towards him. I took his ice pack and put it on the back of his neck.

"Dad, you don't have to." Perry said, "I heal pretty fast."

"Still...thanks for freezing him." I said, "Sorry you had to do that."

"It's not my first go against him, dad." He said, "Besides, he's small potatoes."

"You can freeze things...so, are you Bobby's son?" I asked.

"I'm elemental." He said, "I control all elements, but nice try."

"All elements?" I asked.

"How is he?" Max asked.

"I'm fine." Perry said, "I'm right here, you know."

"Oh, sorry." Max said.

"How's Melissa and Raiden?" I asked.

"Sore." Max said, "But they'll live. So, we should be getting home."

Perry frowned.

"I think I'm going to stay here." I said.

"You sure?" Max asked.

I took one last look at Perry, "Yeah." I said quickly.