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X-Men: Discovery

My name is David Van Cartier I am 17 yrs old and I also am an only child, I was adopted by my `rents at the age of five and we always had gotten along great. One day I walked by a store and there was a beautiful woman inside she had flowing white hair and a very comforting smile, beside her stood a woman equally beautiful but completely different, she had auburn hair and a stare that bore into me with the soothing feeling of safeness.

I heard some commotion on the other side and saw some guys beating little boy and calling him "mutie" I knew what it meant but still I knew they had no right to take law into their own hands. I ran across the street and immediately recognized Jimmy "Artic " Johnson , he was a beefy guy with an amazing body and gorgeous lips it made me hot just to look at him directly. Everybody at Bayville high knew I was gay but most ppl didn't care they had their hands full teasing the mutants so we gays took a back seat.

I took off my jacket revealing my toned arms and strong chest which was defined by my t-shirt, I walked to Jimmy and politely said "Hey Jim could u back off he isn't doing nothing bad" and touched his shoulder he quickly shrugged me off and yelled "BACK OFF FAGGOT" there was hatred in his eyes like I'd never seen before I was scared but angry I always hated the word faggot.

Jim turned away from me and kept up his assault on Johnny Falsit a freshman, who, according to others, could melt gold by touching it, well any metal really, and I saw the look of pain and desperation in his wildly blue\green\yellow eyes. I knew I had to do something otherwise Jim would end up killing Johnny.

"Jim back off you're really hurting him!"

"Dave don't mess WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!"



I was fuming at this point my hand flew to Jim's face and connected with his jaw, I was taking the biggest risk of my life but I couldn't stop myself I Knew I had to do something! Jim recovered and the look in his eye was fiercer than a lion's roar I was ready to be completely beat up but I knew I could at least give Johnny time to run home it was the least I could do. Jim's first punch flew I put my hands in front of my face waiting for the impact but it never came instead I heard a loud THUMP! And a stream of profanities longer than the wall of China followed almost instantly I couldn't begin to understand what was going on.

"What the fuck you're a mutie too???!!!! I'll beat you twice as hard you fagmutie!!!!"

"You will do no such thing you insolent fool. By the goddess YOU are the danger to society not him! Winds of artic storms to my side I summon you blow his ego to the moon!" The whit haired woman was floating in mid-air! She was dressed in a tight black leather suit I couldn't believe my eyes her eyes were as white as her hair!!!!!

"Storm don't I'll deal with him" the woman with the auburn hair was floating next to storm wearing a suit pretty much like storm's except for the cape.

"You give these insolent fools too much confidence, but for the sake of the professor and his mission you will deal with him"

"Don't worry Storm he'll get what he dished out"

Suddenly little pebbles rose and pelted Jimmy I couldn't help but laugh so hard that I had to bend over holding my sides. Once all the pebbles were gone Jean came towards me, my pulse began to accelerate my heart pumping faster than I thought humanly possible.

"Hey, lady stay away!! I was helping Johnny not hurting him!!! I swear!"

"David don't be afraid I sense your fear but I assure you I mean you no harm"

Her words were smooth as velvet and I felt the warmth of familiarity washed over me, (It's a trick she's trying to kidnap me I just know it!!!)

"Back away from me you freak I want nothing to do with you!!!" I waved my index finger at her and to my surprise she was sent flying backwards landing with a soft plop as she steadied herself in time not to hit the tree.

"Jean he's Psionic but ignorant of his power be wary of his motion!"

"Don't worry storm I can handle it"

Jean I advise you be careful of your self confidence he may prove highly dangerous if you pose a threat."

"What are you both talking about I have no powers you two are whacko back OFF!" as the last few words exited my mouth I felt my body get warm my blood ran hotter than ever.

"Jean he's an elemental as well now I advise you be wary of him to the extreme he is ignorant of his abilities as are we!"

<David its al right my name is jean Grey I am a teacher at the Xavier Institute for gifted Youngsters we want to help you control this please come with us we will do you no harm I promise> Her voice was tender and almost palpable and something inside me told me I could trust her.

"Fine I'll go with you but I gotta tell my parents first. I'm sure they'll be worried if I just drop off the map with no explanation"

"OK we will take you there so you can settle your affairs"

"Jean but what about Johnny thanks to Jim everyone knows he's a mutant. He'll be harassed from here to eternity! We got to take him with us!"

"The boy is right Jean he has to come as well. We've better hurry we are attracting a crowd. I'll take Johnny to his house you take David we'll meet up at the mansion"

"Storm go! I'll take David to his house he has to tell his parents he's coming with us."

"As you wish my friend. But be hasty, we have little time and much to do. I will see you home. May the goddess be with you!"

"Thank you. Go we have to hurry"

Storm flew to Johnny's side and began to help him get up and I imagine she was also explaining about this so called `institute'. Jean and I started to make our way to my house.

We arrived at my Victorian style home and I walked in yelling for my mom and dad they came downstairs with my bags. Wait! Why did they have my bags? How did they know I was going away? Had Jean talked to them like she'd talked to me? It was all sooo confusing!

"Mom why do you have my bags?"

Mrs. Selena DiCarlo- Van Cartier looked at me with fear and hate in her eyes my own mother hated me, but why now why not when I told them I was gay? It made no sense for her to be acting this way not now!

"You are no son of mine you mutant freak! I want you out of my house NOW! I never wannna see you again you MUTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Mom what's going on? Why are you treating me like this?"


"Mrs. DiCarlo there's no need to scream; I will take David to a place where he will develop his powers and be able to control them."


Just then my dad walked in Mr. Oswald Van Cartier he was 6'0", brown hair deep hazel eyes toned body...wow I never realized how hot he was and he was quickly approaching 40!!!

"Selena hon, what's wrong?"






My mom handed me my bags and I left tears streaming freely form my eyes I had no family, no home, and once again no parents. It was what I feared would happen if I told them about being gay, but no they took that in stride. And when I needed them now they were turning their backs on me, it wasn't fair it wasn't right!

"Come on David lets leave these hard headed people to their stupidity and ignorance. No use trying to talk to them, they'd never understand I will be your mother and tutor I will help you through this change I promise."

The feeling of security and hope I felt before washed over me again, and as I left I let go of them little by little I had to forget them I didn't want to but I had to.


We arrived at the Mansion and the vast hugeness of it made me feel small and insignificant, I would never in my wildest dreams imagine I'd be living here! An imaginably huge mansion and this was to be my home? It was overwhelming and exquisite all in one swift motion.

"David welcome to the Xavier institute for gifted youngsters. Here you will learn how to control and channel your powers and you will also finish your high school classes. We are proud and happy to have you aboard our family and hopefully our team."

The mansion gates opened and we walked inside, Jean lead the way to an office and there with his face buried in his hands was Johnny. I needed to see if there was anything wrong and if I could help, that's me a softy all the way.

"Johnny you ok?"

"No I'm not ok! My parents disowned me! I have no family, no home, and as always no friends!"

"hey Johnny, I'll be your friend and I'll be like your big brother we're in the same situation you and I we're both orphans our parents don't want us we gotta stick together I promise ill help you deal k?"

"Thanks David you are a nice guy I always knew that."

Johnny looked at me and his emerald green eyes drew me in, he was cute and sexy for a freshman, I, being a junior, hadn't noticed that until now. Johnny was about 5'6" his body slender but not frail, blood began to rush and I felt heat rising inside me. Was this Johnny's power or was I getting horny for this little dude? I couldn't think clearly then I looked across the room and into a mirror I was on flames I was made of fire!!! I was being burnt into a crisp, and yet all I could feel was a tickle of heat that felt like the soft touch of my mother... No not her I would forget about her not matter what I had to I wasn't her son, not anymore.

<David you have to calm down, it's jean please calm down you're an elemental and are channeling your powers, please calm down!> <I'm not doing anything this is Johnny's power he's burning me!! Please stop him!!> <David He's not doing anything of the sort I can sense it's you please calm down!> Slowly everything began to return to normal and in the mirror I saw that I was myself again but how did I do that? What was happening to me?

"All your questions will be answered shortly. David my name is Charles Xavier I am the owner and professor, or principal, of this institute, you've already met Ms. Ororo Monroe, Ms. Jean Grey, and these are Dr. Hank McCoy, Mr. Scott Summers Mr. Remy LeBeau, Logan, last but not least Rogue."

"But I thought her name was storm?"

"That too will be answered but not today it takes time for some tings to be answered. I presume you are Johnny," Xavier looked at Johnny with a father like stare and Johnny nodded "very well we know what your powers are so you can follow Ms. Munroe to your dorm and settle in... we will talk again later."

Johnny nodded and Ororo took him outside.

"David I understand you are psionic with telekinesis and also an elemental, I believe jean said fire?"

"Yes sir, that's what I heard when sto... Ms. Monroe and Ms. Grey were talking" "Well Ms. Monroe says she can sense other elements and I can sense other psionic abilities with your permission I would like to probe your mind and figure out just what those abilities are."

I looked at jean and she reassured me mentally. <Its ok he will just track your powers and figure out how we can work with you to teach you self-control>

"OK I'll cooperate."

Professor Xavier wheeled himself towards me and I noticed his wheelchair didn't actually have wheels it just kinda floated. He placed his hands on either side of my head and closed his eyes I did the same. After two minutes of probing Xavier pulled away and the expression on his face was indescribable, amazement, wonder, fear, happiness all in one single moment.

"Your abilities are quite extensive David; you have psionic powers of telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, ability to heal yourself and others, you can also control all 8 elements: air, fire, water, lightning, wood, and earth, metal, and time! Not to mention your ability to morph into anyone or any animal you are a formidable core of power. We must start your training as soonas possible 2 days from today, we mustn't forget that you have to settle in and it is Friday after all. Now I will ask you one more thing would you like to join the X-Men?"

I was astounded I could do what? Control what? Heal whom? Turn into animals? And what was all this nonsense about the X-Men?

"Professor I need you to please explain to me what you just said. I don't get the whole `mutant' thing and nor do I understand the many things you said I could do "

"In time for now I will tell you what the X-Men are: we are an organization which tries to better the relationships between human and mutant race, we strive to make this world better for both of them to allow them to live in peace and not at a constant war. Storm is Ororo's code name; we do not use our real names in the battle fields or on missions lest we reveal our identities to the world and hence make our quest harder than it already is."

I was speechless; I couldn't understand one word nut it all sounded so good and exciting, that my words flew out before I could think to stop myself.

"Yes Professor I'll join the X-Men."



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