I got into the shower and took my time with going about cleaning myself, Bobby's words ringing in my head. Could it be? Had he said what I thought he'd said? Or were my hormones distorting my hearing? I would have to watch for any suspicious activities. If Bobby thought of this as a date then I would look my best and act like if I were on date, and if at the end of the night it all played to my liking, I would gladly have my brains fucked out of me by Bobby.

As I started to get dressed Johnny came into my room through the adjoining door. A habit that had gotten him hurt many times. He knew I would get scared when he'd burst in and twice already I had telekinetically thrown him against my dresser and a wall, both times landing him unconscious, and making me feel extremely bad at having hurt him.

"Johnny, I've told you a million times not to do that!!! Please, DO NOT use that door unless you've either knocked or are being attacked ok?"

Johnny "Sorry... I just wanted to see what you would be wearing to your date... OOOHHHH I likee"

He picked up my Black jeans, which fit my frame perfectly, showing off my "assets" and looked them over inch by inch, giving them his seal of gayproval. I knew Johnny wanted to be there, if not because he wouldn't have to repeat the Nuclear Power Plant routine, just to see how big a fool I made of myself.

"Yea? I was thinking maybe I'd wear something different, you know, it's gonna get real cold tonight."

Johnny "Yea, Bobby's powers may go out of control while you're coming on to him, better wear your mattress."

I threw a towel at him and pinned him on the bed.

"You're a goof!!!"

Johnny "And by your account, you're a bottom."


Johnny "why? It's the truth ain't it?"

"Whatever, you ass, now go into my closet and bring me my floor-length white leather coat, I'm already 5 minutes late. I ain't even done with my hair."

Johnny "Let it down, it looks better."

I have neck-length, blonde, straight hair, and it's always been the most un-cooperative hair on Earth. Johnny liked my hair down; I thought I looked like a girl. Not that I have a womanly shape, I'm 6'0" 130 lbs of pure muscle, broad shoulders and a very straight-acting walk, my voice is masculine but caring, and my eyes are deep emerald green, I'm of air complexion with defined abs, medium sized biceps, and 8" of pure pleasure are hanging' loose between my legs. I have a smooth torso, my pubes are groomed, my legs are a bit hairy (fine hair, which is barely visible) and my arms follow my legs.

At around 5:32pm I literally flew out of my room, knowing the teachers were de-briefing or teaching mutant classes, and headed for the oak doors at the kitchen. Every passing second made feel more irritated at myself for having been so slow in getting ready.

Finally I saw the Oak doors of the Mansion's kitchen, that spurred me on and I put more energy into getting there.

"Bobby, sorry I'm late, Johnny was being a pain, he says we shouldn't be the only ones to go out today and so on...So how long have you been here?"

Bobby "About 10 minutes, I thought you'd be here when I got here, I was late too 5 minutes."

"Well I was late 15, so I guess we'll forgive and forget?"

Bobby "Yea... I thought you may wanna get a bite so I made reservation for Chez Francis they'll only hold the reservation until 7 so we gotta jet, traffic's gonna be a bitch."

<I am so not gonna drive if I gotta go at 5mph>

Bobby "what?"

"What... what?"

Bobby "didn't you just say you wouldn't drive if the speed limit was 5mph?"

"No, I thought it though...oops!"

Bobby "What?"

"I forgot to break the link, now it's not really possible unless the professor helps us."

Bobby "OH...well.... I guess we could ask him tomorrow?"

"Yea, sure."

We left for Chez Francis at 6:00pm where that half hour in between went, I have no idea, I remember a whole lot of staring at Bobby, but I don't think it was 30 minutes, that's just impossible. However it seemed to be the only reasonable set of events that could've transpired.

Bobby was awestruck when David had walked through the doors he looked absolutely gorgeous, Bobby had barely been able to keep his eyes off of him, and it was at the moment when his lust was peaking that David had realized that the telepathic bond which had earned them this night out was still unharmed therefore making Bobby's thoughts available to David and David's thoughts available to Bobby.

Bobby couldn't stop staring at David's body, his beautifully shaped arms his striking face that resembled Chris Evan's face (Cellular with Kim Basinger, Not another teen movie) his voice which carried a unique, calming, almost loving vibration. Bobby loved every aspect of David, from his body, to his personality, to his mysterious, almost secretive nature. Every aspect of David was beautiful, and Bobby had realized that to its final extent that Friday night when he'd walked in with tight black pants, a loose fitting shirt and a form fitting floor length white leather coat, he'd looked like a mirage, and for what seemed to be half an hour (the amount time elapsed before he'd realized what was going on) he'd simply stared at the god-like figure standing before him, and the thoughts that raced through his mind had become more and more erotic as time went by.

David "ummm..... I think we should go now; we'll be late for our reservations."

Bobby "Yea...let's go before...ummm...yea c'mon."

They headed out to Dinner and Bobby was still unable to unglue his eyes from Bobby, he simply sat there and hoped to God that David would not notice him staring unblinkingly at him. But he also had to watch what he thought and how loud he would broadcast it, otherwise this `date' would become living hell in less than a second, and what little chance, if any, he had with David would be down the toilet in heartbeat.

We were driving toward the Restaurant strip and I could not help but steal half-baked glances at Bobby, he just looked so damn HOT! His body captivated every bit of my attention whenever the car stopped. His breathtakingly icy blue eyes, his beautifully crafted body, muscular yet slender creating a beautiful frame which was canvassed by alabaster white skin. A voice that soothed away my every tiff, my every rage, and that smile which overwhelmed my being whenever it was flashed my way.

"We're here, but I don't think we made it...nope 7:10 we missed them, wanna go to McDonald'sİ instead?"

Bobby "Yea, it's all food anyhow, right?"


Bobby "There's one right by Bayville park, let's go there and that way we'll have to go through the club strip and check out what club we'll go to. And we could eat McDonald'sİ AL-Fresco."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You're a cook you know that?"

Bobby "And I think there's very little people who use the word `cook' anymore, and yet I don't say a thing."

"Whatever Bobby, GTH."

Bobby "GTH?"

"Go To Hell"

Bobby "WOW! Lame much?"

"Fuck you!!" *for that fact why don't you fuck me* I could get in trouble for thinking that but, I am psionic, so I know how to cover my tracks.

Bobby "Yea, that'll be the day!!"

The conversation was left at that as we solely but surely made our way to the club strip and ultimately to McDonald'sİ and Bayville State Park. I was feeling lightheaded, this chemistry between Bobby and I was almost effortless and yet extremely un-flowing, I knew that to a very high point it was my fault, I refused to let myself get comfortable around him, I just couldn't if somehow it all slipped out Bobby would hate me and then I would be completely crushed.

Bobby "What club would you like to go to? Sphere? Gasschambre? Rock it Out? Simplyderelict? Rock Garden? Hydra? What sounds interesting?"

"Everything, but I've always wondered about Genre, what's that club about?"

Bobby felt his word cave in when David had asked him about Genre, not many people knew that Genre was a low-key gay club, where the clientele was as murky as their House drink, "the Eastern Zombie" How would he answer the question? Had David read Bobby's mind and found out about his many nights sitting inconspicuously in a corner, and going to a stranger's apartment to have meaningless sex, and then disappear for three days then repeat the events? That question shook Bobby but he knew he was making the situation worse by not answering.

Bobby "Ummm...... What did you say?"

"I said...What's the DL on that Genre club?"

Bobby "Never been there, looks kinda murky though"

"Yea I guess so"

David had tried to blow some dust away from himself by acting dumb about Genre's operational M.O. but had somehow hit a nerve with Bobby. He could not believe how pale Bobby had gotten in a mere second after the subject had been laid out, his response had been dodgier than a game of dodge ball.

"Huh! Well I guess Rock Garden is `k"

Bobby "Yea, its really cool, I've been there a couple times. I'm really hungry though could we head to McDonald'sİ?"

"Yea, we'll be there in sec, Imma just stop at gas station for a sec, we runnin' on empty dude"

Bobby "A'ight, but we gotta hurry, my stomach' rumbling out of my belly"

"Hold on you winy little gremlin"

Bobby "Gremlin though? That's real old!"

"Shut Up!"

We drove out of the club strip and headed to a gas station 2 miles away from McDonald'sİ, every inch of the way Bobby made sure to make me laugh, even if it was just about how corny his jokes were getting by the second. He was the most amazing of characters when none of the guys were around, he was great even when the guys were there but now without their prying eyes he seemed to be more comfortable with himself and apparently with me. I was astounded at him and how his wit simply jumped at every one of my comments, I couldn't stop laughing, and that made me happy in more than one way.

At 8:00pm we got to the McDonald'sİ and Bobby seemed to glow, I guess hw really WAS hungry I was hungry, considering lunch had been almost non-existent for me, Bobby however had stuffed his face with the Institutes cafeteria's cheeseburgers, fries, 2 sodas, 1 hotdog, 1 sloppy Joe, my fries, 2 6pc orders of Mozzarella sticks. Boy could EAT! And to me that was a plus considering my tendency to pig out whenever I feel nervous.

"Well here we are, should we drive-thru or eat-in?"

Bobby "Considering we ain't staying in there to eat we should just do a drive-thru, plus more food for us without the `wow! You're REALLY hungry' look."

"A'ight we'll drive-thru, but I'll pay my share and you'll pay yours, `cause I'm REALLY, REALLY hungry."

Bobby "Nuh-uh you paid for the gas, I'm paying for the food."

"Bobby, don't argue with me, I'm paying my own way, unless you let me pay for drinks and cover at the club."

Bobby "Dude, you ain't paying for the club either, that's free."

"Well, I'm paying for my food then."

Bobby "Fine. More food for me."

"Of course, you love eating, and yet I never see you get fat! Jubilee and I hate you"

Bobby "Don't hate me `cause I'm beautiful."

"Handsome. Guys are handsome, WOMEN are beautiful."

D'oh! I could only hope that Bobby wouldn't read too much into my comment, if he did I may just have to turn the car right around and satisfy myself with a bowl of pasta, then get my things and go out the back door, because I wouldn't be able to look at Bobby after he'd say he was a homophobic. Hopefully that would never happen.

MD'S employee (MDE): "Good evening, welcome to McDonald's. How may I help you?"

"Umm.... lemme get a number 1, a number 5, a number 3, 2 number 8, 2 Caesar side salads, 2chocolate milkshakes, and 2 vanilla shakes, and a parfait. Bobby, what about you?"

Bobby: "WOW! Lemme get the same except for the vanilla shakes, I'll just get 3 chocolate shakes, and make the side salads apple pies, and lemme get a number 5, all large size."

"Yea mine too."

MDE: "That'll be $45.50"

"Could you split the bill by orders?"

MDE: "Sure, so the first one's gonna $26.30 and the second order's gonna be $19.30. Come on up to the window please."

Bobby: "Thank you."


We drove up to the window and paid our tabs, to our surprise the person working this window was none other than Jim (The guy who beat up Johnny, and ultimately led to my stay at the Institute) and he looked like he'd been through some tough times, I quickly morphed into Jean, knowing it would both scare him, and keep him from recognizing me.

"Well, well, if it isn't my best pebble taker. How have you been, Jim was it?"

Jim "Lady. I don't want no trouble, just gimme your money and leave!"

"How, rude, I would like to speak to your manager, this is absolutely horrendous treatment of a paying costumer!!"

Jim "I'll get him, anything to get away from you mutants!"

Jim quickly ran away from his station and into the backroom where the manager of this particular McDonald'sİ had his office. I knew it was a he because a few summers back I had worked here after school, not to mention I'd dated the jerk, and at that instant I knew how to take advantage of this situation for my own sick pleasure, I morphed into Logan, making sure Jim would come out to look like a crazed maniac.

Manager (Giovanni) "Hello, ma'am.... I mean sir, how may I help you?"

"Well your kid here called me a lady, and told me I should pay and leave, just' cause he don't like me, I thought that was really rude of him."

Jim "Wait! Where'd the lady go? The mutant chic that could move things without touching them? She was just sitting right there in that car! I swear!!!"

Giovanni "James, I think you need to go home, and take a two week break, we'll call you if we need you ok?"

Jim "Gio, I swear she was just sitting right there, the chic that attacked me was sitting right there!"

"No one here but me and my son right sport?"

I turned and looked at Bobby who was red from holding back laughter, his eyes watering at the hilariously cruel going on.

Bobby "Right.... Pops. Just us guys out for a bite..."

I saw he would let loose if he had to utter one more word so I quickly steered everyone's attention back to Jim, and his supposed panic attack.

"So... can we get our food please?"

Giovanni "Yea, of course, but we'll take care of half the total tab... Jim, that's coming out of your paycheck... so all together will be $22.75"

I extended my hand and received the extra $22.75, our food and drove away before a fit of laughter exploded from Bobby.

Bobby "Dude! That was real cold! Why'd you torture that poor guy?"

"He's the one responsible for Johnny's right eyebrow scar. I hate him more than you could imagine. I love him, because he gave me the chance of a lifetime, finding my powers and a family, but he also hurt someone, just `cause the were different, Johnny wasn't the first and I can assure you he wasn't the last."

Bobby's laughter died immediately, I had done it because I wanted revenge, but Bobby had seen nothing more than a mere prank. It had begun that way, but when I'd flashed back to that day when he'd pounded the living shit out of Johnny, all my rage came flying in without a moment's notice. Not to mention he'd called me a fag, a word that I DESPISE more than anything in this whole wide world.

We got out of the car, I felt a chill and decided to grab my coat. "Bobby you want your coat?"

Bobby "Nah! Its real nice just like this."

"All right! But I ain't coming back for anything!"

We took our food and found a nice little spot under a tree, I manipulated the tree and made a nice little `chateau' where we could sit down, and if everything went like I wanted it lay down later, and eat without getting dirty.

Bobby "Show Off!"

"Jealous much?"

Bobby "Whatever!"

We ate and talked of this and that without ever really having a subject of conversation. We had gotten really comfortable with each other, and without my noticing, had laid down in a very comfortable, yet erotic position. Bobby's right arm was under my head and my right arm was on his chest. My coat draped over his legs with his left arm under his head and his right index finger was playing with a strand of my hair. I felt amazing, but also I knew it must be awkward for Bobby, so I slowly got up, then the weirdest thing that could ever happen did.

Bobby could not believe how great the night was going, they had gotten into a very nice position, guided all the way by Bobby's incessant movements. Now he felt great, with David between his arms, he swore he'd gone to heaven, his body pressed against David's, and there seemed to be no objection from David, he hadn't even stirred when, without thinking, Bobby had begun to play with his hair, Bobby was happier than he could remember being. Suddenly David shifted and began to sit up, Bobby's courage began to well up and he did the unimaginable.

When I started to get up, so as to break that extremely heavenly pose Bobby shot up before I could even get halfway up an pinned me back down to the `chateau' and kissed me so deeply and so passionately that I thought my lips would fall off. We kissed for what seemed to be an eternity, our tongues wrestling with each other, our lips brushing against each other, our bodies moving in a harmonic manner. I would've done this forever, but we had to get back, we were 2hours away from the Mansion, and traffic through the club strip would be hell. So I reluctantly broke the kiss and stared deep into Bobby's Icy blue eyes.

"There's a whole lot of things to talk about, unfortunately there's also a curfew we gotta obey, we need to get back. I'll sneak you into my room for the night. Like I said, we have a lot of things to talk about."

Bobby "OK, and I know you're right. We'll ask for Jean's permission, after all as your mother she can take on Professor Xavier's rules for us, if need be that is."

We got up and I settled the wood back to its rightful place, that had been Storm's first lesson `Leave nature as it was, or the balance is broken, and our powers non-existent' I made sure I always put back what I'd used.

When we got to the car things starting to get hot and heavy again, our bodies began to tense and I realized we had to stop, or we would miss curfew, and not be able to get everything out of the way before we resolved to have sex.

"Bobby, we have to stop, we're gonna get in trouble."

He slowly moved away and we stared into each other's eyes, simply admiring the vast simplicity of a love that had been kept locked up for far too long, we knew that there were many a test to come, but my head was too far up in the clouds for me to ask questions.

We held each other while these emotions washed over us letting the dust settle and our heads clear. What would happen now? How would we act in front of the others? Would we be together only outside of the institute? What was gonna happen after now? I t was all kinda murky and my head would not stop reeling with questions.

"Bobby, what happens now?"


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