I was speechless; I couldn't understand one word nut it all sounded so good and exciting, that my words flew out before I could think to stop myself.

"Yes Professor I'll join the X-Men."


In this chapter David shares telepathic conversations which will be shown like this < >

And his private thoughts will be shown like this * *

It has been three months since I arrived at the institute, and life was already back to a normal state, well as normal as it can be when you are a mutant, have no parents and are gay all in one landslide. The institute had become my home and the other students and the teachers my family Jean had adopted me so my name now was David Grey she had been every bit like a mother to me but we agreed it'd be phony for me to call her mom.

Johnny and I were like brothers in every sense we were best friends and had rooms right next door to each other. It had been my idea and Professor Xavier saw no problem with it.

Since arriving I have learned how to control every one of my powers and even how to control all at once, I had been included as one of Junior X-Men and it was during my first session that I met Robert Drake, Bobby to us all, and finally fallen for the guy although I've no idea as to his sexual orientation I still have the hugest crush on him.

One day during our training session we got split into teams of two wouldn't you know I got paired with him!

"Hey Bobby I'll make a telepathic link that way the others won't know what we're gonna do next"

"Cool, go ahead"

<Bobby can you hear me?>

<Yea loud and clear>

<I'll go right and take out Amara you take Jubilee, then I'll take John you'll take Jamie ok?>

<Hey, hey mission you mean you take Magma I take Jubilee, then you take Pyro and I take Multiple Man. And not Bobby, Iceman, just like you are Core and not David>

<Fine whatever; just go, ill fly you over hang on>

I flew Bobby over to Jubilee and let him drop just in time and he made on of his sleds and freeze Jubilee in her tracks. I flew over to Magma and dropped in and sent her flying back with telekinesis and then knocked her out with a lightning bolt.

<Iceman; Magma is out get Multiple Man, I'm going for Pyro we have to hurry we got like 20 minutes left to save Storm and Cyclops>

<I already got Pyro ran into him by pure luck, I'm heading to Cyclops's cage get storm never mind Multiple Man; we'll take care of him if he shows up>

<Ok 10-4 big buddy>

I flew to the North side of the Danger room (a training room capable of re-creating any battle simulation) to get to Storm's cage whoever took them to the East side of the room unharmed won and I intended to get praise for doing a good job and one of Bobby's celebrative hugs would make my day.

"Storm! Oh I thought I'd never find you! We've no time to talk."

"David behind you!"

I turned around to see one of the robots coming at me he shot a laser and I back flipped out of the way then I sent a gush of water at him frying his circuits. I heard footsteps and I could sense Multiple Man coming my way, so I morphed into Pyro he came and saw me standing next to the cage.

"Oh Ray you're here good, I thought David and Bobby would get you."

"Nah! I'm too fast for them "

Jamie (multiple man) turned his back and began to look for sign of the other teams.

"Hey you know Johnny and Jacob are here too? They were put in without telling us element of surprise hmph! Bad taste that's what I call it!"

"Jamie are you sure..."

Storm began to speak but I knocked her out with a telepathic sleeper. Jamie looked at me.

"What happened?"

"I think she fainted"

"OH Ok"

When he turned his back I morphed into myself and tapped his shoulder when he looked at me I shocked him and then put a telepathic sleeper on him.

<Bobby you got Cyclops?>

<Yup we're on our way to the east>

< Be careful Johnny and Eugene are around, they're the wild card"

<You mean Torch and Puck>

<yes, Torch and Puck>

<And you also mean iceman>


<Gotcha Core I'll be careful>

I woke Storm and melted the iron bars on her cage and then I felt a heat beam strike my left shoulder blade.


I turned to see Puck and Torch standing side by side. DAMN! Eugene looked good in his uniform! But He was dangerous nonetheless.

"Sorry Core, but Storm's ours!"

"HA! I'd like to see you try to take her!"

"Torch you deal with Core I'll deal with getting storm"

"Ok Puck"

"Johnny I'm so sorry bro" I looked at Johnny with both delight and consideration and he knew I was attacking him.

I used telekinesis and sent him flying backwards then I froze water and built him a nice little cage. Time to deal with Puck.

"Hey Gene! How's it going my man?"

"Let's make this short we got 10 minutes and the east side is being guarded by very annoying robots"

"As you wish"

I bended the metal from the robot and threw the ball at Puck he dodged it and was outsmarted as I hit him with what remained of Storm's cage levitating her out of harm's way.

"Well done David. Now shall we go?"

"This way" I levitated and began to fly towards the east exit I heard Storm saying something.

"David you can't fly this high"

I lowered my altitude until I was level with the middle of the maze walls.

<Iceman how are you holding up?>

<We're being tracked by ten robots and Cyclops can't help I'm Southeast almost to an interception I'm trying to lose them we got 3 minutes>

<I'm almost at the same interception I can sense you and you are lying you do not have ten you have 20 robots after you I'll levitate us to the exit>

<Core we got to hurry!>

<Don't you worry ill take the robots out!>

As soon as I acme to the interception I saw Bobby and Scott, Scott was on Bobby's shoulders and he looked limp. I saw the Robots coming to us and gave storm to Bobby.

<Iceman hold them, protect them and keep going I'll deal with these>

<NO we get there together or not at all!>

<Iceman GO!>

<NO Core and that's final>


The robots got to the interception and Bobby and I were ready to take them down but I looked at the east gate and it was closing.

"Bobby we got to forget them the gate's closing"

"Fine and I'm Iceman!"

I levitated us and kept level with the center of the maze walls. I put as much power into getting to the gate as I could, but I saw it closing little by little, then I heard the blare that signaled one minute left and I pushed myself as hard as I dared without injuring myself.

"Thirty seconds before self-destruction"

<Iceman we got to hurry I'm going to tap into your energy ok?>

<GO ahead Core we're too close!>


I began to slowly delve into his power using my power to duplicate someone else's power and slowly felt re energized and flew towards the East gate at top speed, I saw Bobby's ice armor begin to fade away and saw him getting weaker so I stopped and kept what I'd already taken.

<Bobby you ok?>

<Yea a little tired but ok>

<I'll fly as fast as I can>

I used a gust of wind backed by my telekinesis and we shot forward like a bullet, the count down was now in the low teens and we were still a long way from reaching the gate.

*I have to do something but what?*

I put all my concentration and tapped into Storm and Cyclops' energies without draining them too much and pt that into my telekinesis and my wind power and we once again shot forward the force of it had my hair whipping into Storm's face and the coat which was part of my uniform was slicked tight to my body.

"Three Seconds Remaining Until Self Destruction"

And we shot through the gate, unharmed and on time. Enough time for me to fly high above the "power plant" and get me and my companions out of harm's way putting up a psionic shield to protect us from the blast.

"Very well done. David and Bobby, you make a great team. Congratulations, you have won this time and the right to a free day this week."

Bobby and I high five each other and Professor Xavier tells us to go to the showers and get ready for that day's last class, Social Studies with the hottest hunk, Scott Summers roar!

The showers are always an excruciating experience, all of them naked and wet, makes it very hard (no pun intended) for me to relax, and it was this day that I got to see Bobby in all his primal self, all his 8" calling to me asking me to drop to my knees and suck his brain out through his piss slit.

I couldn't think straight I couldn't breath! But I had to control myself; I couldn't simply blow him in front of all my teachers and peers. Jean and I had decided to keep my orientation secret, just for enough that I could settle in, but as time passed it just seemed to slip my mind, although I knew at some point I would have to come out, for my own peace of mind.

Bobby came into the showers and got on the showerhead next to me he began making chit chat.

"So, Dave when do you want to take our day off?"

"Huh? I thought you'd want to take Amara on a date on your free day. Aren't you two like going out or something?"

"Nah, me and her are just friends, she has a complex that I have to be her boyfriend, but...I don't like her like that.

"OH OK then how about we go out and about tomorrow, its Friday and I don't think Prof. X will have a problem with it, and we could take the gang with us."

Nah, I kinda wanna be alone away from the gang for a while, I mean they're my friends and all but... I just want some time to be peaceful and secluded you know?"

YIIPEEE! He wasn't going out with Amara! At least he wasn't completely unavailable. And it seemed to me like he wanted us to be together and away from the gang (John, Amara, Jamie, Jubilee, Eugene, Danielle, Joshua, Esperanza, Johnny, and Kitty were considered the gang) and that was ok with me, seeing as how I wanted to see how Bobby was without our friends around, especially John, Eugene, and Joshua, I wanted to be with him just him for a while and it seemed he wanted to be with me. But... was it all me twisting his words? Or was he asking me on a date?

Friday afternoon rolled about and found us at the lunch table that had come to be known as the Junior X's we didn't mind considering that in time we would be part of the X Men, but Jean kept making a fuss about our egos and what not.

Amara "you guys are lucky you get to go out tonight, we have to stay, the professor won't let us go with you, and he says we have to run through the nuclear plant drill again."

John "yea you two get to go have fun, while we get to get our asses kicked by robots."

Bobby "or each other, remember we kicked your asses pretty good last time."

Kitty "HUH! If I'd been in there you two wouldn't have had a chance! I would've found Storm and Cyclops in a sec! And got them out before the countdown even started!"

Jamie "David don't think I forgot your little act, turning into john was soooooo wrong, you sneak-attacked me, didn't even give a chance to react!"

"Jamie it was all done in good, clean competition. I would never do that I real life! Nah I would just to see that look on your face again, it soo hilarious!"

Jamie "yea, yea, laugh while you can next time I'm kicking you ass."

Jean "language Jamie!"

Jamie "Sorry Ms. Grey."

Jean "its alright. David you know you have to be back before 12 or the professor will never give this kind of reward again. Same goes for you Bobby. Remember 12 or not again."

"Yes, mom!"

Jean "What?"

"Yes mommy dearest"

The table erupted with laughter and Jean and I could not hold back we were out of breath and tearing with laughter. Always an inside joke, me and Ms. Grey mother and son. Never stopped being funny.

Jean "anyhow... but seriously gets back in time ok guys?"

Ok jean don't worry we'll be back by 12."

<Good luck on your date David.>

<It's not a date Jean. Its just two buddies going out for some fun in the town.>

<Yea right.>

<Bye Jean. Could you check on Johnny later he's been having nightmares I don't want him to feel deserted.>

<Sure. Just be back by 12 I don't want to deal with the professor ok?>


Lunch went by without any other incident, but laughter lingered for a very long time, especially when Jean came to give me money to go out. That was a hoot.

Scott came by to give me the keys to one of the cars. The Hummer, figures he loves big cars and every time we go out he makes sure to give me the biggest one available for some reason.

That night I started to get ready for my night out and Bobby came to my room.

Bobby "I'll come by in 2 hours ok?"

"Sure I'll be ready then. Where are we going?"

Bobby "Umm... John got us fake IDs I thought we could go clubbing, or to a bar and get hammered."

"Huh sounds fun. Alright now I know what to wear."

Bobby "alright, I'll se you in a few. Meet me by the grand staircase."

"Ummm can we meet by the kitchen, it's easier to go out to the garage through there."

Bobby "Alright then it's a date, kitchen doors in two hours."

And with that he walked away did I hear him right?

Bobby was walking away form David's room when he caught what he'd said.

"It's a date" he hoped David had misheard him. He had a crush un David for the longest time but could never bring himself to say anything to David after all he was Jean's adopted son. Would she allow him to date David if David accepted? After all she knew he was gay, had she told David anything about him?

I got into the shower and took my time with going about cleaning myself, Bobby's words ringing in my head. Could it be? Had he said what I thought he'd said? Or were my hormones distorting my hearing? I would have to watch for any suspicious activities.

As I starte to get dressed Johnny came into my room through the adjoining door.