Jamie, Jubilee, Eugene, Joshua, Esperanza, Bobby, Johnny and Kitty all agreed to do as Jean said, but Bobby had his doubts, why not just check all the places that they considered Brotherhood turf first, and then scout the rest of the city? Something about the way things were being done was making him uncomfortable, he trusted the professor and Jean's judgment, but why were things being done so precariously? Why not hit the Brotherhood's house directly? Why give them a chance to hide David outside of the city?


I kept having flashbacks to a fight, I could see me and Wanda fighting, I was furious at her, I wanted to kill her, and there was Bobby and Toad going at it, Pietro was there too he was trying to take Bobby out.

But that didn't make sense. The Brotherhood had been taken care of a long time ago, almost 20 years.

I was married to Amara we had 3 kids, Jean, Tommy, and Bobby. I still remembered Bobby's face when I'd told him I couldn't be with him any more. I still remembered Jean's awestruck face when I'd told her I was marrying Amara because she was pregnant with our first baby, whose name would be Jean, I could remember every single day since that faithful October when I'd said yes to the judge and sealed Amara's and my fate.

Could all these memories be nothing more than a mirage? Was this the work of a mutant? No it couldn't be, I could still feel the pain of breaking Bobby's heart, the misery deep inside my heart for denying myself true happiness. That fight must've been one of the ones from the early years of my Mansion stay. It looked like the night when Bobby had told me he liked as much as I liked him, but I couldn't remember a fight ever taking place on that night, I could remember the awestruck look on Bobby's face when I'd kissed him, I remembered the endless love-making that took place that night.

Bobby: "David, I LOVE you, I can't imagine my life without you"

"Me neither Bobby, I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend my life with than you."

Bobby: "Let's make love David, let's give ourselves to one another."

Bobby began to kiss me passionately, making my body shiver with the intensity of my emotions. He slowly caressed every part of my body, leaving no minimal space of skin untouched, unkissed. I was shivering, moaning, heaving, this was harder to take than anything I'd ever experienced. He kissed with endless passion, our bodies began to move in unison, my skin reacting to his touch like a flower to the sun, he'd stroke my skin and my breath would shorten, he'd kiss my lips and my eyes would roll. It was ecstasy without minimal effort it was heaven without dying. He began to strip me and in unison without speaking a word I undressed him, our caresses meant more than mere words would ever be capable of expressing.

We were completely undressed, exploring each other's bodies, flowing in and out of our movements without a glitch, without hesitation, working as one to bring ecstasy to our pleading bodies. I caressed his perfectly smooth chest, tracing his defined abs and pecs, exploring his perfectly shaped navel, caressing every inch of his beautifully toned body. Making sure to lick, caress, pluck and suck both his nipples. Slowly he repeated the same treatment on me, tracing my pecs and abs licking every inch of my chest, tracing every inch of my body making me tremble, making my breath shorten and my lips dry out. I felt the most exciting mix of passion, desire, lust, and love that any human or mutant could ever experience, and to top it all off I lost control of my empathic power so my pleasure doubled as Bobby's became mixed with my own and I began to lose myself into the beautiful mix of emotions.

"Bobby, I want you to fuck my brains out, make me yours, give me all of you!!!"

Bobby: "Yea? You want it? Imma fuck the shit out of you!!!"

I began to suck on Bobby's pole with all the intensity and passion I could muster into my technique, I was gonna give it to him and I was gonna make sure that he enjoyed every second of it. I could hear him moaning, I could hear his lungs begging for more air, starving to increase the income, more than hear it I could feel it, the joy, the pleasure, everything he was feeling I was feeling, both through my empathic powers and my own emotions, my own need for him.

Bobby: "Ohh yea...suck that...ahh that's soooo good...lemme fuck your ass please, I want it soo badly!!!"

"I want you buried deep inside me, fuck me Bobby, fuck me like there ain't no tomorrow!!!!"

He turned me face up on the Hummer's back seat and settled himself in-between my legs, slowly I felt his dick's head begin to stimulate my hole, asking for unneeded permission, slowly but quickly I gave in and all his 10 inches were granted admission into my sphincter, he remained there for a couple of seconds letting the tensio0n ease and mount up at the same time, our bodies still moving like one, flowing into the other's movement without any hesitation, making sure not to interrupt the constant eruption of ecstasy running through both our bodies.

Bobby slowly began to thrust taking his dick out to the head and pushing it all the way back in, and repeating, he began to pick up the pace, thrusting harder and faster making my breath shorter and shorter, sending electric shocks through every one of my neurons, giving me more pleasure than I ever thought possible. I was begging for more moaning, heaving, crying out to Bobby to fuck me harder, to last longer, to make me remember this forever. He kept a passionate yet loving pace, making me enjoy every last bit of our lovemaking.

Bobby: "I' cumming babe, ohh Imma shoot!!!"

"Cum inside me Bobby, cum in my ass, yea oohhhh"

I felt Bobby's body tense, I could feel his climax coming on, and thanks to my empathy, I was also approaching my own, I could smell the sex, the desire, the teenage hormones, and I was wafting in them, letting all the different array of feelings wash slowly over me. Bobby shot his load inside me and we climaxed together, feeling our bodies give into the ultimate feeling of satisfaction and arousal.

So if I was able to remember every detail of that encounter how could I have fought Wanda on that same night? It was simply impossible, Bobby and I had fallen asleep and gotten back to the Mansion at 11:58pm almost breaking the professor's 12:00mn curfew. I remembered Jean's expression as we made our way into the kitchen with only 2 minutes to spare, and huge smiles on our far away looking faces.

Jean: "Do you two realize that you two just barely made it? The professor could still decide to not give these types of rewards again!"

Bobby: "Jean, we're sorry, its just that we kinda...fell asleep, we promise next time we'll try to make it back with at least 10 minutes to spare k?"

Jean: "Just know that is not me who you let down, its your team-mates, and your friends, not me."

Bobby: "Jean, we're really sorry, we didn't think it was this late when we woke up, we thought it would only be like 9 or 10, not 12. We won't be this irresponsible again."

Jean: "I don't think you're gonna have a chance, its up to the professor, not me. Hope to whoever, or whatever you worship that he decides to let these two minutes slide."

If all these details were so engrained in my mind how can I not be 37, married to Amara, with 3 wonderful kids, and the team leader of the new generation of X-Men? All my friends are my team, all except Bobby; he'd quit right after graduation. A big loss for the team but an even bigger loss for me. Bobby was the love of my life and finding out about his death at the hands of Magneto, had fueled my resolve to eliminate him, and all the ranks of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, that and his successful attempt on Professor Xavier's life. Magneto had slowly eliminated all the people who'd been important in my life, first the professor, then Bobby, then Johnny, then Jean, then the attempt on my youngest child's life, his attempt on Tommy's life had been the drop that spilled the cup. I had been on a rampage to stop him ever since then.

So if I had all the feelings, all the emotions, all the motives. Could it be that I was under some illusion? Was all this pain completely false? Were these scars, both mental and physical fake? Did I still have a chance with Bobby and true happiness?


It had only been a couple of hours since Mesmero had taken control of David's mind, but the toll was higher than anyone had imagined, factoring in David's Psionic powers, his strong will, and the unimaginable factor of his Love for this Robert "Bobby" Drake, the toll had taken hold faster than Mesmero had expected, and his energies were already running low, if this same rate kept up, his hold on David's mind would break faster than expected.


Wanda watched anxiously as Mesmero tried to keep his hold on Core's mind. She could do nothing but watch helplessly as Mesmero's hold slipped without any solution.

Wanda: "Plant something that he'll fall for. Make it believable enough that he'll think twice before opposing it."

Mesmero: "I do not plant these visions my dearest little girl, I only manipulate what the person expects to happen, or what they fear will happen. I can only manipulate so much, and if the factors we've just uncovered are anything to fear, he may just turn this simple manipulation into his biggest fears, or most unlikely actions, we must be wary of what he'll do. He may yet surprise us."

Wanda: "Look old man, just do, what you have to do. Make it believable, and while he's out we'll attack the mansion while they're too busy looking for him. We'll finally be able to get one over on those jerks!!!"

Mesmero: "Patience, my child, patience."

Wanda: "There's no time for your trivialities old man, do your job and let us do ours."

Mesmero: "Youth is wasted on the young"

Lance: "Just do what you gotta do!! We'll do the rest."

Toad: "Yea bone bag, just get it done already!"

Mesmero: "As you wish my impatient twits."

Mesmero had gotten hold of David's mind over an hour ago, and he'd said David was not trying very hard to be optimistic of his future. She was not surprised at all when Mesmero had informed them of David's so-called-love for Bobby. She had always refused to believe that gay love was capable of existing, and the fact that she had to work so closely with Lance made her feel dirty, it was disgusting that he could enjoy sex with other guys, it had been a total shock to her that the hunk that was Lance was a fag. And now all that she needed was to get rid of David, Bobby, and Lance, and that would mark the beginning of her crusade to rid the world of fags and Lesbos.


It had already been two days and there was no sign of David, it was beginning to irk Jean, she cared for David more than she let on, he was her son, even if just by adoption he was her son and she'd grown to love him like if she were his true mother, him and Johnny had become her outlet for the pent up motherly love she'd held inside ever since she'd divorced Scott.

David was her life now, her sense of self, and if the Brotherhood was able to suppress their link to a point where she could no longer sense his thoughts, he must be in danger. She had sworn to herself that she would protect David and Johnny no matter what, she had failed David but she could still redeem herself to Johnny, she would make absolutely sure that he'd be safe even if that meant sticking him to her uniform. There would be no room for mistake anymore. She would keep Johnny safe, and she would find David, even if it took all of her energy.


Bobby: "Amara, John, Jamie, Eugene and Joshua, I've got to ask you for a huge favor. I need you all to cover my back while I go to the Brotherhood's hideout and check to see if David's there. Eugene, Amara, Johnny, John, Kitty, Joshua and Jubilee will come with me into the house; Danielle, Esperanza, and Jamie will stay here and cover for us. Kitty will phase through one of the walls, we'll go in, search and if necessary rescue David. Those who stay here, will have to make sure that none of the teachers find out we're gone. Got it?"

As everyone nodded his or her approval Bobby mentally re-assured himself that this plan had a chance. He had remembered about the telepathic link David had formed on Friday, and he could sense that David's mind was somehow being suppressed. That had given him the valor to attempt a sneak attack on the Brotherhood's main hideout. He was hoping to God that it would all work out. It had to work out, it just had to, for David's sake, for his own, for Jean's sake. For the sake of the X-Men and the professor, they were being run ragged from the extensive search for David. David was his responsibility and Bobby had to find him no matter what.


I was breaking through some kind of fog inside my mind, suddenly things that were deeply engrained became out of focus and unbelievable, like my marriage to Amara, why her? From all the girls in the team, Amara was the one I'd liked the least. I knew deep inside that if I'd ever betrayed Bobby with a woman the most likely candidate would have been Esperanza, even Danielle would be higher up in the charts than Amara, I had always hated her and her sluttish ways, I had hated that she was able to openly flirt with every guy she wanted. I had hated that she was a princess, and that I was merely an orphan who had lost everything including his adoptive parents, all of these things had made me hate her I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help it.

I could now remember very well that Bobby and I had just kissed, barely, and that Wanda, Lance, Morty (Toad), Fred (Blob), and Pietro had attacked us, almost killing Bobby, and knocking me out. I could not be 37, have 3 kids, and be the team leader of the X-Men. Magneto could have never annihilated the professor, Jean, Johnny and Bobby all without breaking a sweat. It was all somehow too perfectly fitted in too painfully, annoyingly, greatly fitted to make my life a living hell.


Mesmero could feel his control gently slipping away, causing gaps in David's new world, hence allowing him to remember things as they truly were. He had no idea as to what he should do, dealing with David's mind had been a truly exhausting experience and his constant `remembering' his `past' had made it all a lot more extensive than any of them had imagined.


Bobby could hear voices coming from inside the house, and Joshua was telling them he could sense a great Psionic strength coming form inside.

Bobby: "That does it then, David's being kept captive inside his own mind. We need to go inside and get him outta there ASAP or he may be dead soon."

Joshua: "Bobby, I think we ought to go tell Jean, she can help us deal with whoever's in there. What if its some big time telepath, and he just knocks us all out, David will just be one of the bunch then, and the X-Men's defenses are gonna be real depleted. We gotta think of the team, not just Core." Bobby: "I know, but what if they're just keeping him alive until 2 hours from now, or until a second from now? We have to at least give it a try, for David's sake! Please, help me save him, I need to save him, I...just have to. Please?"

Jubilee: "Bobby, how `bout this: we'll send Eugene to the Mansion for Jean and whatever X-Men are available, and while they get here we go in and try to get David as quietly and as conspicuously as we can?"

Eugene: "I can be there in like a literal minute, and you know they'll probably use the X-Cycles and be here in no time flat."

Bobby: "Fine, we'll do it that way. Eugene, I want you to promise me that you'll run faster than you have ever ran in your life!"

Eugene: "I will run faster than Quicksilver ever thought he could run."

Bobby: "Thanks Puck, now GO!"

Bobby watched, as Puck became nothing more than a simple streak of light, and hoped that the X-Men would get there in time. This was his chance to prove to everyone he could be a great team leader, and prove to David that he could count on him.

Amara: "So what's the call Bobby? Is this a mission or just a trip?"

Bobby: "It's a mission. From this moment on, we only use our codenames. Everyone. Strip off your civilian clothing and show your uniforms."

Everyone was wearing his, or her uniform under his or her clothing. They all had similar looking black leather, gold accented uniforms, but each also had a certain feature that resembled their power.

Bobby's uniform was made of material that kept his body hydrated, and was able to freeze quickly. Jubilee's uniform had a waist length over coat added onto it. Joshua's had a single white stripe on each glove, to show where his power was channeled. Amara's uniform consisted of a flowing skirt, and a sleeveless top, with elbow length gloves. John's uniform had two slits in the gloves perfect for hiding his lighter. Eugene's uniform was the only one that had a head cover, due to his speed. Johnny's uniform was made of a material capable of weathering the rise on his temperature, and the melting effects of his touch. Then there was David's, Bobby had secretly taken David's uniform inside a bag, he'd assured them all that the bag held something extremely important, no one had argued with him but he knew they thought he was going crazy. David's uniform was the basic black leather, but instead of golden accents it had silver accents, and thanks to David's incessant whining it was made of material strong enough to be almost unbreakable, it acted as both uniform and shield, his whining had also gotten him a 3 inches on the floor length coat, which was sown into the rest of the uniform assuring it would not peel off when he was flying.

Bobby readied himself for what was to come, not knowing what it would be made him even more nervous. He was taking a huge chance by going in there without any full on power, but for David he was willing to do anything.

Iceman: "Torch (Johnny) I want you to elevate your temperature to the highest you've learned to, Jubilee I want you to throw your light spark all over, try to hit Toad, if you can't, just distract them, Magma (Amara) I want you to neutralize Avalanche (Lance) DO NOT let him use his powers, Pyro (John) I want you to deal with Scarlet Witch (Wanda), just incapacitate her off the rack ok? Elixir (Joshua) I want you to be ready to heal Core just in case, Shadowcat (Kitty), you are gonna go into the power grid and cut the lights ok?"

Torch: "Got you." Jubilee: "Glad to." Magma: "HA! Not even a challenge." Pyro: "I'll deal with her, no worries." Elixir: "I will do what you ask." Shadowcat: "Man! Lame much? But I guess it's better than not doing anything."

Torch: "What about you Bobby, what are you gonna do?"

Iceman: "Codenames Torch, Codenames. I'll deal with Blob and I'll ask Puck to deal with Quicksilver. Now, let's just hope it all goes right."

Elixir: "Here comes Puck, and he's got copycat, Havok, Beastmaster, Longshot, Sunspot, Jean-Grey, Storm, and Rogue close behind."

Joshua's Psionic scans were extremely helpful whenever he was able to control them. And the news couldn't have been better.

Iceman: "We'll wait here until they come, Shadowcat start your way to the breaker grid."

Shadowcat: "I'll see y'all later."

Bobby was hopeful that with the help of the other Junior X's and the 3 fully trained X-Men that were on their way here the chances of saving David had just doubled, if not tripled.

********************* Jean was ecstatic that Bobby had found David, but was still dumbfounded as to why the professor had been so adamant that no one was to search any Brotherhood "turf" as the Junior X's had dubbed these places. But what made it all more unbelievable was his adamancy that no X-Men were to help in the rescuing of David now that he'd been found. It was unlike the professor to leave one of his students helpless, but in this case it wasn't just David it was also a big chunk of the Junior X's and he had still be adamant about the X-Men not being involved in it. It worried Jean that the professor's attitude was taking a turn for the worst.


I could see that this world wasn't my own; in some senses it was, but in the basics of it just made no sense. This was not how tings should be, in every way I could think of the picture and events of my life were crooked, or misfit my own expectations, and foretelling. I could not ignore my instincts, and they said I was in a world made to keep me captured. I had to put all my energy into breaking through the lies and separating the truths. I needed to break through and find out what reality I was being held from, and by whom.


Mesmero hopelessly fought to retain control over David's mind; he was fighting now, and keeping hold on a fighting mind was extremely hard, and a psionically-enhanced mind was almost impossible. He was putting everything he had on keeping David subdued into his dreamlike state; his `waking up' could ruin his master's plans, not to mention it could endanger his position in Magneto's ridiculous organization. He had to please his master, if not for his safety then for his own pleasure. Every time he made his master happy his master would fuck him until he would pass out from the erotic sensations.

Master: "Well done Vincent, now you will kneel and get your reward."

Mesmero: "Yes, master, as you wish."

Mesmero remembered taking his master's 1.5 feet long. 3 inches wide cock into his salivating mouth wanting to suck and lick every inch of the monster cock.

Master: "Now lick my balls like you know I like you to."

Mesmero: "Yes master."

His master's balls were as much of a delight as his dick. They were huge and their sack was hairy, with the scent of manhood dripping from them suffocating him with their splendorous smell.

Master: "Now suck my pole you worthless worm."

Mesmero: "Yes master."

He would go back to that glorious pole, sucking as much of it as he could into his awaiting mouth. His desire growing as blood rushed into his dick making him painfully hard, but just looking at his master's body made him hard. The beautifully shaped body made his master's sex appeal even greater, and watching his master undress was an even bigger thrill. His master's dick alone made him tremble when he thought of it.

Master: "Bend over Vincent, I want to get this over with."

Mesmero: "Yes master."

He remembered how his master would spit right in his ass and then push a massive finger into his hole to make sure he'd be lubed up, then his master would push on Mesmero's hole with the massive dick head, giving Mesmero an even harder hard-on. Slowly his master would slide every single inch of the massive dick up Mesmero's ass, making sure to go as slowly as he could, giving Mesmero all the unimaginable pleasure he would desire. Once inside his master would simply stay there giving him a few minutes of ecstasy, then ever so slowly his master would start pumping, then mercilessly the pace would become almost unbearable, his master pumping out his dick to the head and shoving it all back in, in swift motions which made Mesmero want to make his master fuck him harder. His master would pump faster and faster making Mesmero's ass begin to burn with the intensity of the mercy-less fuck.

Master: "I'm my spunk you worm." Mesmero: "Yes...oh fuck...yes ahhhhh... yes master...fuck me ahh!"

His master would pump faster making himself come to the edge inside Mesmero's ass and then suddenly swipe his massive dick out and shove it into Mesmero's awaiting mouth, there he would make Mesmero suck the massive dick until he felt his seed ready to erupt, then he would bury as much of it as he could into Mesmero's throat where he would shoot a huge, steaming load of the best tasting cum Mesmero had swallowed to date. He could taste that sweet nectar even now having not had any of it for the past 6 months.

Now feeling the desire David felt for Bobby made him feel extremely horny and the need for his master's massive meat began to grow. He could sense his grip on the situation begin to slip little by little, causing him to lose even more of what little control he still had over David's mind.


Bobby was standing in front of the house when Wanda happened to look out of the window she couldn't believe that they had the nerve to come here, to their house to attack them. She now had an advantage, she knew they were there, so she had the element of surprise, and now she also would be able to play the hostage card, Mesmero's use was outlived, but his powers were still usable in a very near future.

She had to organize her excuse for a team, and beat the stupid little X-Men to the punch. She had to do everything in her power to deplete their defenses so that her dad's plan to take out Professor X would have a chance. She needed her dad's approval for her self-esteem to go up, she wanted love, but knew that to her dad emotions were weakness.

Now it was her chance to show him that she was more deserving of his pride than her stupid, weak little brother Pietro. It was her chance to show him that she was stronger, smarter, faster, and better in every way than Pietro.


I finally had control of my own thoughts, of my own reality, and I realized that these stupid memories were nothing more than a cell into Which I'd been thrown by the Brotherhood. I had to fight Back I had to gain back control of my life and my mind. I needed to get back at them for holding me inside my own mind.

Core: "You thought I would never realize your hoax? You thought I would lay back and let you dirty excuses for mutants control my life?"

Scarlet Witch (SW): "No, we were counting on you to be awake, so that when we kill your little boyfriend and the X-Geeks you would be able to remember every little gory detail of it, so that you will never have a peaceful night's sleep as long as you live!!!!"


SW: "I'd like to see you try!"

Core: "The pleasure will be all mine, but first you'll have to let me loose from these ropes. YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!"

SW: "HA! Like I'm gonna give you a chance? Don't make me laugh you loser!"


Avalanche: "Wanda, just get in place they're about to come in...Who turned off the light?"

SW: "Everyone be on your toes, they're up to something. Everyone be on your guard, keep your senses taut or..."

All I heard was THUMP and I knew that my friends were there, and that they were there to save me. I could not do anything more than hope someone would untie me, and give me a go at Wanda.

Iceman: "Pyro, some light if you would!"

I saw a small spark of light and knew that John had lit his lighter and the fireworks were just about to begin. A second later a miniature Pegasus was hovering close to the roof and all my friends came into focus, happiness overflowed me and I felt tears roll down my face, and knew one way or another I was saved.


Jean had gotten there just in time to scan the thoughts of the people inside the house, and although David hadn't felt her enter his thoughts she had and because of his thoughts she'd found out that Wanda had realized they were there and had prepared a trap. But Jean had made a new plan, blind, enter, attack, retrieve, retreat. It was working and she was proud of all of the Junior X's they were finally working like a full team and not like two platoons of an army.

Magma: <Jean we're not going to get close enough to David he's surrounded by some kind of force field we need a major amount of impact force! Who's got a source that can be almost limitless?>

Jean: <Havok, he's got an almost limitless source, cosmic energy, there's a full moon tonight, he'll re-charge in a sec. I'll send him over>

Magma: <Jean, our window's closing, hurry please!>

Jean: <Havok, go to point zero, be ready to use an indefinite amount of impact force, we have a force field situation. Hurry, our time window's closing.>

Havok: <I'm there. Don't worry, Scott told me all about your relationship with David. I'll get your son Jean, I promise, you're still my favorite sister-in-law.>

Jean: <Thanks Alex, you're still the sweetest guy I've ever met.>

Havok: <Always Jean, always.>

Jean still felt a huge amount of appreciation for Alex; it wasn't his fault that she and Scott had lost the fire in their relationship; Alex was the cutest little brother for anyone, especially for Scott. It was all a surprise to her when Scott had said it was over. Not only was the hit low, it came 2 years after their marriage, so it was more than a break-up, it was a divorce.

Havok: <Jean, we need some fire power at point Zero, we got flies coming our way. REAL creepy dude with some kind of Tribal markings all over his head, he's a major time Psionic. Core's out, but he's weak, and Elixir is trying his best, but speed isn't his M.O. we need shielding and fire power or we're toast, send anyone you can PLEASE!>

Jean: <I'm on my way, and Storm and Rogue are behind me, I'll send Jubilee and Torch, just give me a sec.>

Havok: <Jean, please hurry, I'm losing my strength, and there isn't a single window around, Magma's out! I really need HELP here HURRY!!!!>

Jean: <I'm coming Alex. Hold ON!>

Jean began to shout out orders left and right but the intensity of the fight made her voice go unheard.

Jean (To all of the Junior X's, Storm and Rogue): <Everyone surround point zero, Eagle is flying free, and The Protectors are falling; NOW EVERYONE GO THERE. HURRY!!! Eagle must remain safe!!>

Everyone held their heads but understood the urgency in Jean's overly excited message. She knew it was a little over the top, but David had to be rescued, and she could sense Mesmero's power lingering over the living room of the Brotherhood's house.

Jean: <Rogue, our old friend Mesmero's here. Think you and Storm can take him out?>

Rogue: <Suga, we can tangle and wrangle him before he can say yee-haw.>

Storm: <Jean, is it me or is Mesmero's stink all over this house?>

Jean: <No, he's here, and he's headed for Havok, an unconscious Magma, Elixir, and a weakened Core. We're gonna hit him and hit him with all we can. Understood?>

Storm: <By the goddess, a mother's love is unpredictable, and manner-less I see.>

Jean: <I'm really sorry but I'll apologize once the students are out of harm's way, and David is safely back at the institute. Please forgive me.>

Rogue: <No worries suga, Storm's just too proper even in the heat of battle.>

Storm: <I heard that Marian, I expect better form you, you WERE my best pupil after all.>

Rogue: <Lighten up Storm its tough on the girl.>


Storm and Rogue: <OWWWWW>

Jean: <Sorry, but I cannot deal with trivialities...I see him, he's got Elixir, Storm hit him with a...>


Amara had tried her best to get to me, but there was some type of energy field around me, and her earth, and fire, powers were not even phasing it. Somehow she'd called for help and Alex, Scott's little brother, had come out of no-where and he'd been able to get through and break me free, however I was too weak to help them fight, but Joshua was there and he was healing me. I could feel my energies being replenished, and was grateful to have him as a friend.

David: "Merci, mon ami. Tu est un Angel"

Joshua: "Whatever you said sounds nice, so thanks."

David: "Thanks for everything Joshi"

Joshua: "My pleasure, but we're on a mission, so I'm Elixir"

David: "Of course. Thank you Elixir."

Joshua: "You're welcome Core"

Then the most unexpected thing happened, Joshua, my friend, and confident, the guy that asked me for advise about his relationship with Copycat (Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle) kissed me, deeply and passionately, with more desire than the kisses that me and Bobby had shared. I was dumbfounded, awestruck and curious all at the same time.

Elixir: "Don't say anything now, we'll talk later k?"

Core: "Yea, sure."

Havok: "How you feeling Core? Ready to fight? I could REALLY use your help right now."

Core: "GALD TO!!"

I could see Mesmero coming, and without further a due he'd telekinetically picked up Elixir by the neck and was furiously chocking him, I could not stand it! I felt my power over electricity rise to the surface, and without a moment's thought I tapped it.

Core: "Mesmero! You will not harm my friends you filthy little rat. NOW LET HIM GO!!!"

Mesmero: "I see we've found our wits. Well David, you'll just have to see him die, and this time, it'll all be real."


I felt my firepower rise to the surface followed by my water power, both rose in an almost harmonically planned way, gracefully surfacing and lying dormant until I tapped into them both without letting go of my Electro kinesis. My Pyro kinesis itched to be used, I never ignored my powers so I formed a fireball and hurled it at Mesmero, I was aiming to kill, even if it wasn't the X-Men way it was mine, I had suffered at Mesmero's hands and had all the right o hurt him no matter what anyone said. Mesmero extinguished my fireball with his telekinetic powers, he hadn't even been fazed by my determination to kill him.

Mesmero: "Well David, I see you're not holding back on me, so why should I hold back on your little friend?"


Mesmero: "Do NOT talk of my Master with such disrespect you insolent cockroach, you don't even deserve to look at him!!!"


My hydro kinesis was itching in my palm so I decided to hit him with a jet stream.

Core: "AQUA!!!"

A jet of water shot out of my right hand palm while ice shards pelted Mesmero's every inch from my left hand. He had been caught off guard, and I thanked God for it. It broke his concentration and Elixir fell to the ground gasping for air, without thinking about it I tapped into my healing powers and gave him enough energy to be able to breath regularly, and finish healing whatever damage Mesmero had inflicted on him.

Mesmero: "You will be sorry you ever crossed me!!"

I didn't know what his powers were but I wasn't about to take a chance, I tapped into my Gaea kinesis and shook the ground under his feet making him fall on his face. Havok looked at Elixir and back at me and the look of worry on his face made me realize I was overdoing it, just then I felt Toad's slimy tongue wrap itself on my right ankle, without even blinking I sent him flying out a window on the other side of the room. I saw Wanda closing in on Bobby from behind and rose off the ground and flew over before she had the chance to even land her first punch.


SW: "Oh. I see you've come to save your..."

I knocked her out telekinetically, Bobby tapped my shoulder and handed me my uniform, I didn't even move to take it, I simply saw it and it was on without a single flex of my muscles.

Iceman: "Your uniform...It's not's red...why?"

I looked down and saw that Bobby was right, my uniform was red, and the collar of the overcoat was higher and it looked all the more opposite of what it once had been. I didn't know why, but I knew I didn't like it, and then again something inside me loved the new ruthless look I had going on.

Core: "None of your business you weakling!"

I swear to you, that these words were not my own, if you've been paying attention to my story you know I love Robert Drake with all my heart. There was something else stirring inside me, something dark.

Core: "My name is Darrel Von Cleight, I am David's hidden persona, the part of him that he suppressed ever since he reached 12, the part that fought his nightmares, the part that comforted him when he couldn't take much more. But he lay me forgotten in the depths of his mind until he again needed me, this time, to break through a wall of lies implanted in him. I am Free Again! And this time, I will rule this body and all its magnificent power!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Obscura Corem, I remembered him I had created him when I was 6, he was the David I wished I could be, the powerful, brave, strong side of myself, an imaginary image of myself which I'd used to hide my weaknesses form both myself and the outside world, he was all the darkness and complete hatred I'd ever felt, and now he was free, to do as he pleased, and only I was to blame.


Hey there wats up? Hopin' everything's good, I know that I've extended this one scenario a wee bit, but creative purpose has sparked a very elongated plot line has emerged. The new plot has a lot more sex and a lot more X-Fantastic fights, not to mention some special appearances by other Marvel Comics heavy hitters, i.e. Spider-Man, or maybe Captain America, or Thor, or who knows maybe even The Fantastic 3 (let's be realistic, going invisible ain't soo fantastic) lol just kiddin' I will post the new plots as they come out, chapter 5 and chapter 6 are well under way, please bear with me through the plot twists, even the corny ones like Obscura Corem. Don't worry, he'll spice things up a lot.

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