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Darrel, I remembered him. I had created him when I was 6, he was the David I wished I could be, the powerful, brave, strong side of myself, an imaginary image of myself which I'd used to hide my weaknesses form both myself and the outside world, he was all the darkness and complete hatred I'd ever felt, and now he was free, to do as he pleased, and only I was to blame.


Jean: "David, snap out of it, please! You're not like this, you're sweet, and loving, and helpful, and the most charismatic, congenial person I've ever had the chance to call family! Please, snap out of it!!!"

Obscura Corem (OC): "HA! You're pathetic you know that? Appealing to a part of David that even he despises. You should just... go away!"

Although I could not react, I could see Jean being thrown aside not by telekinesis but by Electro kinesis, both shocking her and throwing her against a bookcase, or so was the intent, I somehow managed to control my right arm and stop her before she hit an oak bookcase head-first. I was astounded that Darrel would throw the one person who'd taken care of me since I'd lost my adoptive parents, how could I harness any ill-meant feeling towards her? It was inconceivable. I would take back control of my body, my powers and my life, just like I had done not half an hour ago with Mesmero's mind tricks. Mesmero... The Brotherhood, and Mesmero weren't here, they had split the scene faster than a ghost phases through a wall.

"I am David Van... David Grey. And I will not let you HURT MY FRIENDS!!!"

OC: "David, Do not meddle in affairs that you have no control over. I have no intention of letting go of my control, and you aren't strong enough to fight me!"

"I may not be, but all the X-Men are. Jean I want all the X-Men to use full force on me! Don't argue it's for the best!"


Bobby was awestruck at David's sudden change of attitude, he was going completely berserk, and the ones taking the heat were his friends and not the lower than rats Brotherhood, who'd taken off the minute David's outburst had first come, sneaking out the backdoor without so much as a taunting laugh at the situation.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw David, or Darrel rather if David was to be believed, electrocute Jean and throw her towards a bookcase. Even more amazing however was the fact that David had suddenly re-gained control and stabilized Jean in mid-air to avoid the headfirst crash, saving Jean either an injury or maybe even her life. He was astounded at how David began to refer to himself in the third person, and how he'd begun arguing with himself. The uniform was now broken in half color wise, half black, half red and every single aspect of David's personality and physique was broken into halves, his hair was darker on the left, than on the right, his right eye was still the beautiful deep emerald green, while his left eye was a glowing red, his right side was still that perfectly slender yet muscularly toned physique Bobby had come to love, but his left side was ripped, every muscle defined by a cut or shadow making him look hotter than ever, suddenly Bobby's feelings were as torn as David's personality, he was finding Darrel hotter than David and his dick began to pulsate immediately.

*Wrong time much Bobby? Get control of yourself! He's not who you're in love with!*

Bobby could not calm himself and realized he was fighting a losing war where his dick would get to win and his brain and heart would just have to resign themselves to this one victory.

*Penis 13 love and reason 2*

Bobby watched astounded as David bellowed the most infamous words he could.

David: "...Jean I want all the X-Men to use full force on me! Don't argue it's for the best!"

Rogue: "Core you're just talkin' nonsense suga, you don't really mean that."

Core: "NO actually I do, I need you to take me out!!! It's the only way to stop Obscura Corem from hurting the people I love and care about!!! Now take me out!!!!"



Storm: "By the goddess!!! We are your family, we can't hurt you!!!"

Rogue: "Storm's right suga, we can't go hurting' you, you're like a nephew, a brother, a cousin whatever you wanna be to us!!!"


Core: "You have to understand that...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"


Bobby was astounded when he saw Darrel begin to split from David and began to make a separate body for himself a brand new MUTANT!!!! Bobby couldn't believe what he was seeing an actual splitting of a living being, the same but completely different. It was absolutely amazing and yet soo creepy, that it became gross.

The bodies pulled away from each other and both men screamed in agony of the separation, and the splitting of their muscles and skin. The look of desperation and pain on David's face made Bobby wanna scream. But he knew there was nothing he could do to help him.


I wanted to die the moment it all begun, my body was being ripped in half, Darrel was taking a form of his own, where he could never be suppressed as a mere memory, or feeling. He wanted a body where he would rule, where he decided when it was time to let something or someone go, where he demanded what he wanted from every cell and muscle. I was being torn apart and the pain was absolutely searing.

Boyd (Beastmaster): "Jean, you have to stop them from separating!! We don't know what the consequences will be for Core if they're split!!!"

Copycat (Vanessa): "Jean, Beastmaster's right, the outcome of this could be fatal for Core, you have to stop Darrel from separating!!!"

Storm: "No, you must let these spirits part ways, I assure you the outcome will be two different people with completely equal powers, and different personalities. We must let David and Darrel free themselves from one another, for both their sakes."

Jean: "Storm's right, there's two Psionic signatures emanating from that point, one's unmistakably David, the other one's much darker, so it must be Darrel's. We have to let them be!"

Rogue: "How can y'all just stand there while this Darrel character tortures our David? He may not be my favorite student but he's one sweet guy, I ain't gonna just sit here watching how..."

Jean: "I hope she'll forgive you for that Havok, you know she doesn't like being sneaked up on."

Havok: "It was annoying me, I did what I had to"

Jean "It was still wrong Alex, when she wakes up, I want you to apologize."

Havok: "Yes jean, as you say, my master."

I was hearing every word and every breath, but the pain and agony coursing through every inch of my body made even Havok's retort become a simple noise in the immense background of the universe. The separation of my self was bringing unexpected peace though its vessel was endless torture.

Finally after agonizing minutes that felt like years, the pain began to subside, I knew the split would be over soon, but it wasn't soon enough. Every inch of my being was filled with pain, and torture, I could feel my consciousness slipping from me, and knew that fainting would be part of this agonizing process. Soon enough my world began to slip into darkness and I was...gone.


Darrel was agonizing, but knew that all this pain would be worth it, he would soon have a body where he could play out all of his desires, his needs, his revenges, he was to become master of a separate consciousness, of an imagination, of a heart, and a reason, and most importantly he would become the master of his own sexual drive. He would finally have the prowess and `equipment' needed to execute his every fantasy, his every fetish, and his every dream. He was going to be master of a dick, one that would come to be desired by all, humans and mutant alike.

As he began to consume himself in these thoughts the intensity of the pain began to subside, and he knew the climax period was over, he now had organs that would give him life, he thought of Scott Summers and felt his dick harden, he was happy, excited and horny, and as all this raced through his mind he slowly slipped into a sleep-like state. Little did he know that this was his first living reaction to extreme pain, fainting.


A room began to come into focus, I could see a pair of blood red colored glasses staring at me, reflecting my gaunt, skeletal face, a face too long deprived of sun and activity. I lost myself in the beauty I beheld as my eyes became more focused I. A clean-shaven, wide smiling, fresh-smelling sculpture stood over me, and my senses began to roam free. I needed to touch him, to kiss him, to have him, and I did not care what he thought, I wanted him ,and the only thing that could stop me was death.

I rose myself up on my elbows and recognized the hunk, Scott Summers, my adoptive mother's ex-husband. I knew he was straight and I knew he might throw me off, but I was gonna risk it anyway.

"Where am I?"

Scott: "You're in the Med-bay, you've been here for a month. I guess Darrel's split from you was almost your death."

"DARREL!!!! Where is he? How is he?"

Scott: "unfortunately Darrel died a week ago, his vital organs seemed to be overrun by countless amounts of bacteria, almost like he took all of the antigens in your body into his."

"you mean like he took all of the evil in me including the evil at a molecular state?"

Scott: "I guess you could say that although, I don't think that's a possibility."

"Jean...where's Jean? And Bobby? And all the people who were there that night, I have to apologize."

Scott: "The Junior X's are in training class with Logan and Storm, Jean is on a mission...I can't tell you what type of mission so don't even ask...and Marian...I mean busy with Remy, well Mr. LeBeau, doing something in regards to Magneto."

"Oh, so......Why are ^you^ here?"

Scott: " tell you the truth....I don't even know myself."

"Oh...ok, well, can I go to my room now? I ^really^ don't like the med-bay, it's so.... sterile."

Scott: "Sure...I'll ask Hank, I mean..."

"Stop correcting yourself I ^know^ who they are!"

Scott: "David, watch your tone, I'm trying to be nice."

"Sorry Mr. Summers, I...I didn't mean to sound so confrontational."

Scott: "Scott, call me Scott, Mr. Summers makes me feel old."

"All right then, I'm sorry.... Scott."

It was perfect, now all I needed to do was play the weakness card to my advantage and Scott would be fucking me in no time flat. I was gonna get me some of that dick, or I would get me some of someone else's dick, at the moment all I wanted was dick, how or whom I got it from made no difference. I just ^had^ to get some.


Scott had been fighting with himself all day, he wanted to see David, for some inexplicable reason David had become a permanent fixture inside Scott's head ever since the day Jean and Storm had burst through the Institute's front doors carrying two David's, one the same gorgeous faced boy he'd fallen for on the day Jean had brought him home, and the other a rougher, tougher, more muscled copy.

He still remembered every detail of that astounding day, down to the last flip of hair made by Jean or one of the other girls, or women rather.


Scott had run down the staircase responding to Jean's urgent tone, slapping on his visor, just in case it was Juggernaut or Magneto. He had run out of his room so quickly that he'd forgotten to put on clothing. He'd remembered too late and had flashed all of the Junior X's and most of the X-Men and the school his tight boxer-briefs, and not to mention a glimpse of his manhood.

Since the very second he'd seen both unconscious bodies David had become the object of his desire, it made no sense to him that he was so deeply in lust with David, he had always lusted for women, but there was something about David that had captured his attention since he'd first seen him inside Xavier's office, but now the lust in his groin had become almost unbearable, causing Scott to spend every free moment in the Med-bay, simply looking at the gorgeous body which lay motionless on a steel slab with only the endless beeping of the monitors to keep him company.

Around noon he had decided that as soon as normal classes were over he would ask Logan to sub for him in the Danger Room, making up an excuse for his absence, and head down to the Med-bay where for the third time this week he would stare at the object of his lust, and waft in the immense necessity for the helpless body, prime for the raping, which he pined over but had not yet touched.

He'd made it downstairs unnoticed by any of his teammates or students, on his way in however he had bumped into Bobby Drake, who seemed to be in a hurry.

Scott: "Hey Bobby...WOW! slow down, you could really hurt somebody!"

Bobby: "Sorry Mr. Summers, I was just heading to the Danger Room, I was visiting David. Hope that's all right."

Scott: "That's all right Bobby, I'm not teaching today, Dr. McCoy...ummm...asked me if I could stay with David for a while, he just needs to run to some tests on him to see if we can induce consciousness."

Bobby: "So...who's teaching the training course today?"

Scott: "Mr. Howlett's subbing today"

Bobby: "Mr. Howlett? Who's that?"

Scott: "That is Welvorine, or Mr. Logan, as you all know him."

Bobby: "Ohhhh, ok. See you tomorrow Mr. Summers"

Scott: "See you tomorrow Bobby."

As Bobby left for the opposite side of the level Scott's doubts and fears began to grow, his doubts began to look a lot more reasonable than his lust. However his lust for the boy was stronger than his reason, and so on he marched to David's side.

Scott had been in the room for a half an hour when he'd made up his mind to take advantage of the situation. Sure, it was wrong but how could he resist any longer? If he didn't take this chance to have the body he so desperately desired, he may never have a chance to taste the alabaster skin, or caress every inch of this gorgeous body. He would do the unthinkable, and as soon as he was done he would go to the professor and resign his post at the school, although not his post as an X-Men, he would be an X-Men like Morph, or even Logan who came and went as they pleased, never becoming attached.

He hungrily stared at the body and began closing in, he would first kiss the lips that were haunting his every dream, and then he would take the body, every inch of that body would soon be his. He leaned in slowly, convincing himself that this was the only way, but before he could do anything he saw David's deep emerald green eyes begin to open, he was awaking, perhaps his Psionic powers had activated and were giving him consciousness because they had sensed the threat Scott posed to their host. Slowly and with both, shame and happiness he backed away. He could not believe that the thought of raping a helpless boy had crossed his mind; he was ashamed at himself, for even having the nerve of thinking something so horrendous. He was overwhelmed with lust and his reasoning was beginning to get overridden by his desire. He had to put distance between him and David, No matter what.

David seemed somehow changed to Scott, almost fearless, and there was a glint in his eyes that seemed to warn Scott of something, but the problem was figuring out what.

Scott: "I'll call Hank and ask him if you should be moved to your room. If he says it's ok then I'll take you upstairs."

"Thanks Mr. Su... Scott"

Scott: "You're welcome David"

He walked to the intercom and pushed the button linked to Hank's lab two level below the school.

Hank: "McCoy here, how may I be of service?"

Scott: "Hank, it's Scott, I'm in the Med-Bay, David's woken up, and he asked me if he could go to his room, he feels uncomfortable in the Med-bay. Is there a problem with moving him?"

Hank: "For now just put him in one of the recovery rooms, I need to keep an eye on him for at least one night. I'll activate the camera once you call me from the room."

Scott: "Thanks Hank. See you later"


I hungrily watched as Scott made his way to the intercom unit, his butt was gorgeous, and I could see a lot of potential there. I wanted him to fuck my brains out, and I would get what I wanted, this time around I would not dwell on the could've, should've, would've. I would take what I wanted and if people didn't like it, tough!

He came back and I fixated my eyes on his tight fitting blue jeans, and could almost make out a pretty big dick. I wanted that meat, and I would play on his many days of unwanted celibacy to get what I wanted.

Scott: "Hank says you can't be moved up to your own room quite yet, but you can be moved one level down into one of the recovery rooms. Is that ok?"

"It has to be right? After all he is like the second smartest mutant here. I guess he knows his business"

Scott: "Alright then, we'll go get you settled in and then I'll call Hank and he'll put you on permanent surveillance, so that if anything happens he can be there in a sec. Ok with you?"

"That's fine, umm.... Could I get you to carry me there? My legs aren't quite responding to me right now."

Scott: "Ummm... Yea, I guess I could carry you."

Scott leaned in and I held his neck, without a single moment's doubt he lifted my semi-naked body out of that cold metal slab and into his warm, strong arms. I was in heaven and I wouldn't have given it up for anything.

We made our way to the second sublevel and into one of the rooms. I was going to put that dick up my as in this very room, or my name wasn't David Grey.

"Scott, before you call Dr. McCoy. Is there anyway you could get me some decent clothes? I may have a few visitors, and I don't want them to see me in a paper dress."

Scott: "I'll get you some pajamas, I just don't wanna leave you alone, I should call Hank first you know to ensure you're being watched, in case you faint or something."

"Nothing's gonna happen, plus, I'll call him myself, tell him I asked you to get me some clothes, I'm sure he won't mind."

Scott: "All right, all you have to do is press the blue button on the intercom, he won't answer, he'll just turn the camera on."

"OK, see I could do that by mere telekinesis. Don't worry, I'll be fine."

Scott walked out of the room, and I began making the right preparations, I would not call Dr. McCoy until after I'd have some dick, and maybe right after I would fake something, so I could investigate just where the fur stopped on that guy. I was soo absolutely horny! I wanted every single male student, and staff member in the Mansion to fuck me, I was dick-hungry, and I was beginning to think I might just go on a raping spree.


Scott got to David's room, and could not help but notice that Johnny was kneeling on the side of the bed holding his face in his hands, crying with the pain of a hurt brother. He was shocked at how vulnerable Johnny seemed.

Scott: "Johnny, you ok?"

Johnny: "OH...Mr. summers I feel so bad! What if David never wakes up? What if I lose him? He's my very best friend, my brother. If I lose him like I lost my sister, I'll die!"

Scott walked to Johnny's side and gently set him on top of David's bed, he was amazed to see one of the school's strongest freshmen be so vulnerable, and almost helpless. He wasn't one to be comforting but at the moment it was Johnny's peace of mind that mattered, not his.

Scott: "Johnny, he's gonna be all right... He's... showing some brain activity, more than in the past weeks, he may even wake up today. That's why I'm here to get some pajamas and toiletries for him, we're setting up a room for him, just in case he does wake up today."

Scott didn't know what had compelled him to lie to this heartbroken child, but he knew that it must have something to do with his lust. Perhaps he hoped that David would allow him to caress and penetrate him, but that seemed an impossibility. Scott looked down and realized he was getting a hard-on and that Johnny's hand was rubbing it, without any concern for Scott, or his opinion on the matter.

Johnny began to unzip Scott's pants, Scott thought it best to let him, to get rid of this ridiculous obsession and maybe do away with his lust for David. He could feel Johnny's eyes on him so he nodded a yes, and Johnny got back to unzipping Scott's pants, Johnny's hand slid inside the zipper, and began caressing Scott's dick, he had not worn underwear today, and that seemed to be working to his advantage. Johnny slowly stroked Scott's dick, caressing every bit of it, making Scott give in and lay face up on the bed. He felt Johnny unbutton his pants and lifted his lower body to make it easier for Johnny to remove his pants, he felt his jeans slide to his ankles and a warm, wet, glorious hole engulf his 10 inch cock, he thought it was Johnny's mouth, but to his amazement Johnny had somehow gotten all of Scott's dick into his ass.

Scott moaned as Johnny began to move up and down on his dick, his dick had never felt so at home, so right, deep inside Johnny his dick felt amazing, even better than he'd ever felt with Jean. Johnny kept up his assault on Scott's dick making him tremble and moan, Scott was delirious with desire and he too began to move, pulling away when Johnny pushed, and pushing when Johnny lifted making them both moan with extreme pleasure. Johnny got off of Scott and kneeled on all fours on the bed, Scott knew what it meant and went for it.

Scott was plowing every inch of himself into Johnny, getting in return grateful moans and whimpers, he was extremely happy, but after half an hour of delicious boy fucking he was ready to shoot his load, and he wanted Johnny to swallow it.

Scott: "You want me to cum in your mouth?"

Johnny: "Fuck Yea! Gimme your load!"

Johnny's moth opened and Scott put the head of his dick in it, Johnny began sucking on it with a vengeance making Scott's every pleasure sensor go on the fritz.


Scott shot his load into Johnny's awaiting mouth, making his body convulse with pleasure. He then realized it had been a one way street and decided he'd jerk Johnny off.

Scott: "Now it's your turn to cum."

Johnny: "Don't worry about me. I have my memories."

With those words Johnny walked out of David's room leaving Scott in a haze about what had just happened.


Scott was taking an awfully long time in coming back, I knew the mansion was big, but half an hour to go to my room, get a pair of pajamas, and get back to the Med-bay was just way too long. It was beginning to become nerve-wracking, and my dick was harder than I had thought it mutantly possible. I was feeling helpless and that was something I had no intention of assimilating to.

The room was too sterile, it made me nervous that something, where health, and the warmth of life came back, would be so cold and lonely, almost claustrophobically so, I was desperate to get out of here, but I needed to first get my share of dick from Scott Summers, or I would fail myself.

Scott: "Hey David, I'm sorry I took so long, I uh... got held up by ummm.... the professor."

"That's ok, I had some time to think about a couple of things that were floating `round in my head. I think this whole experience is gonna put a whole new spin on my attitude, not to mention on the way I live my life."

Scott was absolutely quiet, and I could see in his eyes that he was mulling over something, I knew that I was somehow changed, whether it was for good or bad only time would tell. Right now all I wanted was Scott, and I had to get him, whether or not I was capable of doing it was not an issue.

Scott: "Well, I see that you are absolutely changed. There's no trace of the scared, secluded boy who blew into the institute, altering everyone's view of power. You have grown to be quite an amazing person, and frankly, I'm glad to have been there to see you grow up."

"Cyclops, let's cut the shit ok? I want you more than I've ever wanted anyone before. It's absolutely up to you what happens..."

I could not believe my luck! Scott had thrown himself at me, pinned me down, and began kissing me with a passion I had yet to experience, not even Bobby's kisses had attained such a passion towards me. I was on top of the world, and I wasn't willing to let anything bring me down.

"Scott... where'd this come from?"

Scott: "I've been wanting to do this ever since the Professor introduced us in his office, you've been the object of my passion for over 4 months, and this break isn't gonna slip through my fingers."

Scott's passion was literally dripping out through his words; my body was tensing form the mere contact of his breath against my face. I was being lifted higher and higher by the second it was so fucking hot!! I was breaking out in a sweat just from listening to him breath!!!!

"Scott, I want you!!! I want you to fuck me!!!!"

Scott ripped that silly paper dress from my body and began to caress every inch of my awaiting body. His hands searched through my skin, scratching, tracing, tweaking, gripping every inch of me, making me melt under the heat of his uncensored passion, making my every emotion heighten, my every muscle tense, my every breath shorten. I was in ecstasy and we hadn't even begun to fuck!!! I was already looking forward to his dick plowing my ass non-stop.

I looked at him hungrily and began ripping (literally) his clothes off, slowly revealing every inch of his glorious body, glistening from the sweat. His body seemed to come alive at my touch, almost evaporating as my hands caressed his perfectly shaped upper torso, his defined abs, his treasure trail leading to light brush of auburn colored pubes. I wanted what his tight Levi's© type 1 jeans were hiding, and now he had opened the door, well the zipper, to my fantasy, and it would soon become my reality.

I could feel my body pulsate with his every movement, I could feel his hands tremble as they explored my every part, I had trouble keeping my powers in a leash as his dick was finally revealed, his 10 inches happily pointing forward, uncut, unaltered, unfucked for who knows how long. I was gonna take care of his blue-balls, and I was gonna take that dick's anal virginity, and I knew that this dick would be my first, and probably the best I would ever have.

I slid Scott's cock into my mouth, deep-throating every inch, I could see Scott's muscles tighten every time I did it, and I knew from experience that his eyes were rolling into his head. I sucked and sucked until I could no longer wait to have this delicious rod up my man-cunt, so I decided to take action. I straddled Scott's lap, and pulled his head to mine, making him kiss me, and slowly guided his dick to my entrance and began to slowly press his mushroom shaped head against my very tight sphincter, I could feel the pre-cum leaking from his head and slowly lubing the entrance to my hole. Slowly his head began to advance into my ass causing me to tremble from the searing pain mixed with complete exhilaration I was losing my virginity to ^the^ hottest hunk in the entire institute!!! And as a bonus his dick was tastier than ^any^ I had sucked to date.

His dick broke through my carefully kept virginity and I felt his pubes tickle my ass cheeks, and I was loving every inch of it. His dick was bigger than I had hoped it would be, and the pleasure he was delivering was immeasurable. I began to move up and down on his dick controlling both the movement and pleasure for both for us, I was in ecstasy at how his massive dick could penetrate my hole stretching it to make way for even more and more pleasure, I wanted to be righteously fucked, and that wouldn't happen if I kept on controlling every moment of it, I decided I had to make Scott take control. I slid his cock out of my ass and lay four-legged on the bed with my ass at an angle, hoping that Scott would understand, I wanted him to fuck me Doggy style.

Scott took his cue and kneeled behind me, spat in my ass and began to push his dick's head against my hole again, this time the resistance was almost non-existent, and his dick easily slid into my happily awaiting asshole, sending a shock of pleasure to every cell in my body.

Scot began to pump slowly at first, increasing the rhythm slowly but noticeably. I could feel his wonderful dick plowing the inside of my ass, and frankly I loved it!!!! He was fucking me with a vengeance and I could not get enough!!!! Scott's pace was now fast, hard, and extremely ass breaking. His dick pumped me hard, sliding all the way out to the tip of the head, and slamming back in to the hilt, I was loving every second of it!!!!

Scott was getting into it; he began to smack my ass cheeks, he was groaning like there was no tomorrow. His breathing was shorter with every passing second. I could tell he wasn't fucking me, he was making love to me, I was astounded at the thought but was snatched away from it when Scott grabbed my dick and began jerking me off furiously, the sudden sensation sent shock waves through me. Scott was pumping my dick fast and hard; his pace was growing hastier, more erratic, and less rhythmical. I knew that after 40 minutes of fucking non-stop he had to be close, and with his erratic pummeling of my ass and pumping of my dick I wasn't too far myself.


Without further a due Scott slid out of me, and forced all of himself into my mouth causing me to gag, I didn't know how to deal with a 10 inch long 2.5 inch wide dick being shoved into my mouth without any notice. I let him be as he face-fucked me for a very long 10 minutes until finally I felt the back of my throat being hit with a sweet tasting nectar, 3 shots, 3 streams, 3 squirts and my mouth was filled with Scott's sweet man-juice. His dick slowly became limp in my mouth.

Scott surprised me by grabbing my dick and swallowing, he began to suck on it with a vengeance, I could not believe how good he was!!!! I could hardly breath, I couldn't even see from the pleasure; he just kept on going while my every muscle trembled and shook at his every movement. He slid his tongue into my piss slit, and then he rounded the ring of my dick's head with his tongue. He deep throated me, and sent me flying as I felt his throat open and close on my dick's head. I could feel the cum building up in my balls. I felt my shaft harden and my balls pulling closer to my body, I was gonna explode, but Scott didn't deserve any notification of that, I simply let myself edge closer and closer to the breaking point, delighting in the ecstatic sensation of secret orgasm. I was gonna do to Scott what he'd done to me, and if he didn't like it tough. I was there and I could no longer keep quiet, I could feel the cum rushing from my balls into my shaft and toward my dick's head, I was gonna explode, the tension was building up, and then... I shot my load all over the back of Scott's throat.

Scott gagged for a couple of seconds, and then he resigned himself to the already half-swallowed reality, and with much difficulty swallowed what was left of it.

Scott: "WOW! Your cum tastes so good, I never knew something could taste so sweet, and yet so bitter all at the same time!!!"

"Scott, I want to be alone now, could you go away please?"

Scott: "But..."

"No buts just go. Please, just let me be for a while."

Scott: "David I..."

"Scott, just go. I promise we'll talk tomorrow. I promise, just go now, I need time to myself."


2 hours later I was alone in my room, simply thinking about the day's only and yet most unusual event, I could not believe that I'd had the guts to fuck Scott Summers. That was not something I would do, I was the coward behind the curtain, the hidden spice on the cupboard, the quiet mouse in a house of Cougars.

My head was spinning with desire, curiosity, nervousness, and for obvious reasons, guilt. I felt low, I had just had a breakthrough in relationships with Bobby, and before we had even spoken about our feelings for each other I had messed up. It was simply overwhelming, all these emotions floating amuck in my brain. I just thought about nothing and everything, time flew by, and at some point I fell asleep.


Bobby had almost had a stroke when he'd run into Cyclops in the Med-bay. Jean had authorized him to visit David while he was in the Med-bay with the condition that no one would ever know about his sneaking around. Everything had gone right from the beginning, no one had seen him, and he'd spent a lot of time with David, simply watching him, and concentrating on the bond that they now shared forever, both the emotional one they'd formed that night at the park, and the telepathic one that David had forged for a training mission and never removed, now it was simply too long, and the link too strong, for it to be broken by anyone.

Bobby had gotten accustomed to the silence, and tranquility of David's room inside the Med-bay's ICU. However the human body was never to be ignored, and although he wasn't a regular human, he still had the urges, the desires, and the undeniable, and sometimes irrepressible sex-drive. He'd dealt with it as best he could, his right hand was becoming quite muscled from all the jerking-off he'd been doing lately, but for a teenager jerking-off just wasn't enough.

He could still remember the day `the event' had occurred; it was a date that he would look back upon with only regret, and sorrow. He had betrayed David in such a horrible manner, that his mind was still reeling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ August 4, 2020

Dear diary; I can't believe what happened today; it is the worst thing I could've ever done. If the professor ever finds out what I did I would lose my place in the institute, in a snap. I cannot believe how stupid I was, how could I rape David's limp body? Why couldn't I just wait for a little while longer? And to top it all off I think that asshole knows something, I ran into him coming out of David's room and I think he could tell something was wrong. I hate the fucking bitch! But anyhow, I gotta go, classes are starting.

See you later.


I woke up the next morning feeling extremely better about what had gone on the day before. I had reached a decision while I slept, today August 14, 2020 I decided that Robert Drake AKA Bobby AKA Iceman was never to find out about what had gone on the day before. I knew it was lying, cheating, and deceiving, but hell if I was gonna lose the love of my life because of a simple one night stand, I had to taste love before I was ready to simply give it up.

I sat on the edge of my bed and stared at the opposite wall, I felt extremely calm, almost too calm for me. I have always been a little jumpy, even in moments where absolutely nothing can go wrong, i.e. sleeping, I would freak at the smallest thing. Today I felt calmer than I could remember being in the longest of times, it was unnerving to be so calm when my conscience was heavier than the hull of the Titanic. I couldn't begin to describe the calmness that was flowing through me, I felt at peace with everything and everyone, even the thoughts of the Brotherhood that popped into my head simply slid away, and melted into the nothingness, it was just the most relaxed I'd ever felt in my whole life. Of course because it was me, I knew it wouldn't last too long.

As if to prove my point Jean and Bobby burst through the door, not as if they were running to see me, but as if they'd been thrown into my room, and less than a second later I recognized that this was nothing more than a dream. I had had this dream before; next professor Xavier's head would... there it was, rolling in, followed by Ororo's limp, bloody body, followed by Jean exploding into a thousand pieces for no apparent reason.

Something extremely cold licked at my leg, not a tongue, but wind, I awoke startled and was both surprised and tickled at the fact that Bobby and Jean had just busted through my room's door. This time I knew it was true, partly because my head almost split in half at the sound of the door sliding to the sides, and partly because I felt a jolt of passion and desire when Bobby launched himself at me and kissed me deeper than I had, to date, thought possible. I was in heaven, but Jean's look of complicity made what should've been a wonderful moment into an awkward reunion, Johnny's appearance did nothing to better the moment, but the absolute breaking point was Scott's face as he walked in on Bobby and I kissing. His reaction was of disappointment, betrayal, acceptance, and resignation, all in a single flick of his eyelashes (even though I could not see his lashes through his blood red ruby shades.)

"Oh my God! What are y'all doing here? I thought Dr. McCoy had forbidden visitors!!"

Jean: "Ummm.... He HAS but we wanted to see you REAL bad, I kinda pulled strings with the professor, he agreed it would be better for you to see your friends, and family, after all that you've been through. Hank wasn't too happy `bout it, but... what can I say... I'm unstoppable."

"Oh, really? I Jean, call Dr. McCoy, I feel..."

I blacked out, and all I could see was clouds, soft and puffy, all calling out to my every muscle, asking me to lay down and give up, to stop fighting for life, and simply join death.


Jean was so happy when she'd heard the news that David was finally awake, but Hank had told her that he was keeping him in isolation for a week, just in case his emotions were still too weak, and the toll of seeing all the people he loved and cared for were to come visit him at once. Jean couldn't believe Hank's idiotic behavior; it was simply stupid to think that David wasn't strong enough to see his friends and family.

Jean went to Xavier's office, she was outraged at the whole thing, she could not believe that Hank was forbidding her from visiting her son, she knew it was dangerous to get attached to someone in the team, she'd already gone through hell when her and Scott had gotten divorced, and she just couldn't bare to go through something like that in less than two years, and in both cases for a guy she loved, differently but however she loved them both. She knew that only the professor knew the truth, but that wasn't all that comforting, she wanted to tell someone else about her secret, about that thing that tied her all the more to David, but that wasn't an option, she had to keep quiet, for every one who was involved, she had to keep quiet for herself.

Xavier overlooked Hank's recommendation to keep David isolated for a while, and gave Jean the right to take 2 people to see David, he ordered that only 3 people were to see David at a time while he was in recovery. Jean knew precisely why the professor had given an exact number of visitors, he knew that something had gone on that faithful Friday between David and Bobby, and he knew that Johnny loved David as if they were truly brothers, and he knew Jean's reason for overreacting at Hank's recommendations.

Xavier: "Hank, we appreciate your concern for David, but you must remember that if isolated he may develop a case of depression, and that's too dangerous in his present state."

Hank: "Charles all I'm saying is that his system has been inactive for a month, and 2 days, a wide array of emotion from the contact with his loved ones may jumpstart his system, and the possibility of overloading him is simply too great! If he relapses he may go into a semi-comma and the possibility of his coming back is slimmer than what it would be if he were given time."

Jean: "The possibility also exists that if he's left in that room with only you as his company, he may slip into a deep depression, and if he's weakened by it and slips into a full blown comma I will lose him!!! I am gonna see him, whether or not you accept that Hank, is of no importance to ME!!!"

Hank: "Jean, I know how you feel about David, but what I'm saying and suggesting is all for his sake, for his health. All I'm asking is that you stay away for a simple week, that way he can build-up his strength, and then the chances of his relapsing into the state he was in would become slimmer, and then maybe the shock of seeing all of you at the same time! He needs to take everything very slowly right now; otherwise the shock could send him back into an even worse comma, or even a permanent comma-like state! He could lose control of his powers and what then? The consequences can be dire for more people than just himself!!!!"

Jean: "BULLSHIT!!!! You know he's too weak to even use telepathy! That is the MOST unlikely event!!! You're just trying to keep me away from him for God knows what type of tests!!"

Xavier: "Hank! Jean! Stop this aimless bickering! The situation will only get worse if we stoop so low as to begin suspecting each other of treachery against one of our own, we must keep our heads straight, for David's sake. Jean, Bobby, and Johnny will be allowed to visit David today. And two days from today another two people will be allowed in, Jean must always be present, she and David share a very special bond, they trust each other. He needs that present at all times."

Hank: "I will not interfere, but I will not be held responsible for the consequences!"

Xavier: "Fine, I give you my word that any fault will fall squarely on MY shoulders. Jean, you and your companions may only stay 30 minutes per visit, use them wisely."

Jean: "Thank you professor. You know how much this means to me, Hank I am truly sorry that you can't take any point of view besides the medical one. I am both a Doctor and a person, if you're unable to separate your points of view, you should consider leaving the medical profession."




Jean could not believe what she'd done next, she had lifted Hank and then she had thrown him out the window, landing him on a grove of Oaks.

Jean: "ANYONE ELSE WANNA GET IN MY MOTHERFUCKING WAY!!!??? GOOD, NOW ALL YOU FUCKERS GET OUT OF MY DAMNED WAY OR I WILL GRIND YOU INTO THE FUCKING GROUND!!!" ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Dr. McCoy: "David, David can you hear me?"

Jean: "He's not waking up, I can sense his powers and his psionic signature, but I don't know how strong his vitals are."

Dr. McCoy: "Jean, I know his vitals, they're not strong, now shut up, or move. I can't work on him with you pestering me!"

Jean: "Hank, not now!"

I could hear Jean and Dr. McCoy arguing over someone's "vital signs" which are basically pulse, respiration, and temperature. Who they were arguing about didn't click, especially with all the talk about psionic signatures, and the such. But as soon as I realized that Jean was talking about me I freaked, I wanted to wake up, I could not afford to sleep through another month, the end of the school year was closing in very quickly, and I did not want to be left back. I had already missed the first 3 months when I'd come here, then 4 days when the brotherhood had kidnapped me, then a month and 2 days when Darrel had split my body in half, hence most of my institute `career' has been spent either in the med-bay or at the brotherhood's house, or absentmindedly leading a life that wasn't my own, neglecting myself the use of my powers.

I was afraid of the upcoming graduation day for many reasons; on that day a new junior team captain is to be chosen because Arthur, A.K.A. Longshot is graduating, along with Esperanza, and Danielle. I desperately want the new captain to be me, but with all my forced *leisure* time I doubt I have any chance in hell, I am supposed to talk to professor Xavier about how to get back on track with the rest of my class, but now I hadn't even stayed conscious long enough to get happy that Bobby and Jean had come to visit me, and they had defied Dr. McCoy to do it, I was not happy with myself, or with the circumstances that had brought me here. I felt myself begin to regain full consciousness and was thankful.


Jean: "Hank, I think he's reacting. Let's put him into the I.C.U. I don't wanna take anymore chances."

Hank: "Well finally you see past your tunnel vision view. We'll put him into the room next to my lab."

Xavier: <No. We'll put him in his room; I.C.U. equipment will be brought up, Jean will take the adjoining room, and Johnny will move into one of his friend's rooms. Hank you will install the necessary cameras and equipment in David's room, he'll be taken care of around the clock. Jean I want you to summon all the Junior X's and the X-Men to my office, there's something very important we all need to talk about.>

Bobby: <Professor, can I talk to you in private for a second?>

Xavier: <Come on up to my office Bobby, I am sorry to have broadcasted this conversation so loudly>

Bobby: <Actually it was a very lucky break.>

Jean: "Bobby, you'll talk to him later. You've gotta help Dr. McCoy take the necessary equipment up to David's room."

Bobby: "Jean, believe me when I say that this is extremely important."

Jean: "And you believe ^me^ when I tell ^you^ I ain't giving you a choice,"

Bobby: "But..."

Jean: "No ands, ifs, or buts about it! Just help Dr. McCoy, I'm sure what you need to talk to the professor about is not a life and death situation, this is. Now help Dr. McCoy."


I awoke and found myself in my room, surrounded by all my friends and family. I found that even though I had almost lost my life, my powers, and my uniqueness, I still had my family standing strong and sure behind me, and that alone made all the suffering and pain worthwhile. I was alive and finally I was ready to face my life, I had a whole new life ahead of me, and I wanted to squish every last drop out of it. This was my turn to start anew, and now more than ever I had to get myself out of this bed and kick some brotherhood ass, they were gonna pay for everything they'd done to me, even if it was the last thing I did as a sane person.

I desperately wondered where everyone was, I had only seen Kassandra (a non-Junior X) since I'd awaken, none of the Junior X's had yet come to visit me, I knew Havok, Copycat, Boyd, Longshot, and Sunspot wouldn't come to see me, after all we barely spoke outside the Danger Room, but Bobby, Jubilee, Amara, Danielle, Esperanza, John, Jamie, Eugene, Joshua, Johnny and Kitty were my best friends, and the fact that they weren't her was making me felt like shit.

"Kassandra, do you know where all the Junior X's are?"

Kassandra: "Yea, they're in the war room with the professor and the X-Men, some of the absent X-Men are here too, like Colossus and Emma Frost, and Liz Braddock! I knew you were some kinda prince or something! Only something really important like that could bring ALL the X-Men home at one time."

"Kassi, why don't you go do me a favor and call Torah, I really need to talk to her about something."

Kassandra: "Yea sure! I'll be back in a jiffy!"

"Thanks Kassi."

I loved Kassi's spunkiness and her out of character voice, but her cheeriness wasn't what I needed, I needed answers based on facts and not in suppositions. Torah's powers were exactly that she could somehow manipulate air molecules to hear what was being said in a specific place at a specific time. I loved the fact that she always knew the latest gossip and kept me well informed, but more interesting was the fact that she knew exactly what I wanted to know when I wanted to know it.

Torah: "Kassi said you wanted to see me?"

"Yea baby, com `ere! How you've been holding up?"

Torah: "Fine, considering you had me worried sick!!!! I couldn't believe it when I heard it in the winds that you were splitting in half, not to mention the things you were saying to Rogue and Jean! I almost fainted when I heard you say you wanted the X-Men to go full power on you, that's suicide you dumb Bastard!"

"Oh honey, PULEEZZZ! I could take that and much more! Nah I couldn't! Anyway, I need you to tell me what's going on in the war room, I think something really big is going on in there and I'm afraid to even think it could all somehow be about me."

Torah: "All right, but you know the rules, no filtering, you hear what I hear, uncensored, uncut, you have to decide how much you wanna hear k?"

"Like always. And yes I am ready!"

Torah concentrated and began to use her extremely useful yet absolutely rude power. The wind billowed around us and I heard the professor's voice come into focus.

Professor: "I know I've been quite rash in my judgments lately, but you must all understand that every last move I've made, I've made for you, for my students, my children, my protégées. I have reason to believe that my old friend Magnus has somehow acquired a new friend, this...friend is non other than Darrel, it seems Darrel has a more advanced knowledge of David' full power, and since they share their powers he knows how to control it to a higher extent. Magneto's crusade has earned a powerful ally and regretfully we've lost two, Danielle, Codename: Psyche and Esperanza, Codename: Hope, have both been killed, they were victims of a drive-by shooting last night, they had been in critical condition until early this morning when Hope slipped away quietly while Psyche passed on in a much more painful way, she had both a heart attack and a brain hemorrhage, we are dumbfounded as to why these two young, healthy ladies were taken in such a brash manner, however I must ask you to be n high alert, Magneto may move in bolder strikes now that he has Obscura Corem at his side."

I couldn't believe my ears, Hope and Psyche were....dead? That couldn't be, it just couldn't! How could they die in a drive-by shooting when we fight mutants like Juggernaut, Magneto, and the sentinels and all these other dangers? It was simply impossible that they'd died in something as simple as a drive-by shooting!


Look for David and Co in X-Men Chronicles (they will not be published under the same dir)


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey there my faithful readers, there's 2 sex scenes in this one, but also I killed off 2 characters, but considering that they are both dead in Marvel's version it isn't so astounding. I wanted to apologize for how long it's take for this chapter to come out, but my boyfriend of 2 years just died on Sept. 3rd so I haven't really felt up to it, but I know jow much he liked reading this, so for his memory and for my own peace of mind I finished this chapter, and begun the first chapter of my new series, which is parallel to this one "X-Men Chronicles" will pick up after Esperanza and Danielle's death. It will keep the same plot and the same character, but it will spin in a very different way as to sex and other things, but don't worry it's not gonna get boring, It's gonna get even hotter!

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