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I was only really asleep for a few hours. Or at least, I was only unconscious for a few hours. I was in an in-between the rest of the time. I couldn't open my eyes or hear anything outside my own thoughts. I wasn't awake yet. My body was recovering, making up for all my lack of sleep. I'd fought a great enemy and almost lost. I had consumed a demon. That's pretty heavy stuff to go through. It had been grueling, and it had taken a lot out of me. But it was all over now. Now was the time to rest. To recuperate. To make myself strong again.

I had made a decision last night. A decision to embrace my calling to this place. To fight like an X-Man. To BE an X-Man. But that decision was for the time I was Jesse fighting Doom. That decision was made by a kid in way over his head. I'm proud of that decision. That decision saved my life.

But then my world, my mind was blown wide open. It was made clear to me just how small, just how insignificant I really was. Despite all my power, and despite how much people loved and believed in me, we're all pretty insignificant. Sure, the people I surrounded myself with were above average. They were all extraordinary people in their own right. I was above average and extraordinary as well. Even so, I was nothing more than a pawn to forces beyond my own reproach.

I was.

In this state of slumber I made a new important decision. A decision I was just as proud of. A decision made to satisfy both the old and the new parts of me. Because I wasn't just Jesse anymore. In fact, I was hardly Jesse anymore. I had consumed Blackheart. That meant his strength, his power, his knowledge, his very being was now as much a part of me as Jesse is. He wasn't there anymore, his consciousness, his spirit, had dissipated once I had taken him.

That's what this slumber was. It wasn't just rest and recuperation. It was my body adapting to its new additions. I had grown beyond Jesse. I had grown beyond Blackheart. I was both, and I was new.


We'd found him about half a mile from the mansion. He crashed out that window and by the time we went over to the window to see if he was okay, he was gone. We'd gotten to the back of the mansion in under a minute and followed the trail of destruction to him. He was just as broken as the trees around him. It broke all of us to see him like that. We'd assumed him dead.

I was sure of it. But then we noticed he was breathing. Slowly, and barely. But he was breathing. He had a pulse. He was alive. It was Rogue and I who picked him up, slowly. We carried him back to the mansion in the dark, the sun rising slowly to greet him. Ororo walked ahead to open the doors for us. Jean had raced ahead of us to prep an operating room.

From the looks of it, they'd destroyed each other.

What the hell had happened? How did so much happen in under a minute?

It wasn't until we had set him down on the operating table that we even noticed. All his wounds, the cuts, the protruding bones, and the bruises he had when we found him were gone. Completely healed.

"Logan?" Jean had asked. It seemed plausible. We'd found Logan unconscious in him room, which showed the signs of a struggle. Whatever had caused Jesse to attack Scott must've hit Logan first. Of course it was possible that he'd used Logan's powers to heal himself.

But the lack of battle scars wasn't the only thing different. He had changed. His skin was darker, his legs a little longer, his body somehow better formed.

What the hell had happened out there?

I seemed to be the only one to notice. That made sense too. I'd spent a year staring at him, drinking in all the details I could. I loved him. But I wasn't the only one.

Who did he love? Who would he choose if it came down to it? Would he choose me? Logan? Himself?

Doctor Strange had arrived within an hour of us finding Jesse. He'd explained to the Professor that he had sensed the opening of a portal between dimensions on the mansion grounds. When we explained what had happened he requested to see Jesse.

He passed out the second he entered the room.

What the hell had happened out there?



It was a strange voice. I'd never heard it before. It was nice. Soothing, almost. Calm, but not the way Doom had been. This seemed like the voice of someone who was here to help me out of the dark.

"I don't think I'm Jesse anymore," I replied.

"If you're not Jesse anymore, then who are you?" he replied after a second's deliberation. He still sounded calm. That was good.

"I'm not sure." I was keeping it simple.

"What happened to you?"

What indeed. "Doom almost killed me. Blackheart killed him. I consumed Blackheart."

"You consumed him? I don't sense him here with us."

"Thank God."


"They're linked psychically," Jean had sensed it a moment after Strange had hit the ground. We placed him on a bed of his own beside Jesse. He was under a few hours before he woke up again. Jesse stayed asleep though.

"This young man is incredible," Strange began to say. He looked over at Jesse. He looked impressed.

"He didn't defeat Doom. Blackheart did..."

He explained to us what happened. About Volla, about Blackheart following Jesse his entire life. About Jesse no longer being just Jesse.

"I've seen two souls sharing a body. That requires a lot of power, a lot of patience. Two different souls with different desires, different personalities, different directions trying to coexist in one form is never successful. Never harmonious. What happened to Jesse back in Mephisto's Realm was a possession. Blackheart took over every part of him. Left little room for Jesse himself. But he broke free somehow. I've never seen anything like it," he wasn't so much explaining this to us and much as he was recollecting to himself. Ororo had handed him a glass of water, and after a large gulp he continued.

"Jesse didn't possess Blackheart the way Blackheart had done. He didn't absorb him the way he'd absorbed your powers. He absorbed Blackheart's very being. But Blackheart is no longer present. He's gone. I don't understand it. I've never seen anything like it."

"So you're saying he isn't Jesse anymore," Logan grunted. He'd on his signature jeans a muscle shirt.

"He's still Jesse. What Jesse had intended was to possess Blackheart. But he, in a sense, killed him. But not without keeping bits of him for himself," Strange explained.

This was all so confusing. He wasn't Jesse, he was Jesse. He'd killed a demon and absorbed him.

We all had so many questions, but Strange only had so many answers. We would have to wait for him to wake up and give us his answers.

And we did wait. Six months.


"How long have I been out?" I asked Jean. I'd woken up just a minute ago. She had tears in her eyes when she pulled away from the hug she had me enveloped in.

"Oh, Jesse. Its been six months. We've missed you," she sighed. She smiled and looked into my eyes, and I saw the change in the way she looked at me. It wasn't fear I saw in her eyes. It was confusion. But her smile didn't fade.

I heard the elevator down the hall open up and multiple feet running in my direction.

"Jesse!" I heard Bobby cry before he had actually entered the room. Jean had called them mentally, no doubt.

They stormed in and looked at me with smiles on their faces.

"Woah," Rogue breathed.

"Holy shit," Bobby scoffed.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Jean stood up from beside me and pulled out of a drawer on the bedside table a small mirror.

She offered it to me and went to stand with the others.

I pulled it up to my face and registered it. My skin was slightly darker. Seemed more tan. My chin and mouth were the same. My nose and years the same.

It was my eyes. My eyes were different.

My eyes used to be brown. Dark brown, almost black. But now my left eye was blue. A beautiful blue. A blue that reminded me of a clear-watered sea. And my right eye was green. The color of leaves when the sun shines through them.

"Its not Jesse anymore," I concluded. I put the mirror down and looked at them. "Its Jordan."

I could feel it in my veins, in the way I breathed, and talked. In the way I noticed everything, from the lint on someone's shoulder, to the smell of the elevator down the hall, to the birdsong outside. I noticed everything. This must be what its like to be Beast or Logan. I wasn't just Jesse anymore. And that was good.

Besides, Jesse would've been happy here. As an X-Man, fighting alongside Bobby, with his friends. That's not what I wanted anymore.

"And there's one more thing..."


He'd left the room the second I made the announcement. I'd figured he was angry at my decision to leave. Instead, when I had followed him to his room to try to explain my reasoning I found him packing his bags.

"What? You thought you'd be rid of me that easy?"

I was shocked. I wasn't expecting this type of reaction.

The look in his eye and the sureness in his voice sparked butterflies in my stomach.

"You'd leave all this behind?"

His answer was walking up to me and giving me a quick kiss before continuing to pack his things.

I left the mansion that same evening . All of the people I had met here, all my friends we're lined up outside to say their goodbyes.

The professor was the first to speak up, "Jesse," he had begun to say, but he cleared his throat and continued, "Jordan, are you sure you want to do this? Now that your old powers are gone and new ones have replaced them, perhaps it'd be wiser to remain somewhere familiar. Somewhere with the proper equipment to help you...'

I knew he meant well. And he was right. It would be wiser to stay. I'd lost all my powers. I'd noticed when I could no longer hear what Bobby was thinking. It was confirmed when I couldn't absorb anyone's powers. All that was gone. And I was okay with that.

"I'm sure, professor. I feel its best I learn more about the new stuff on my own. But I will be back, I promise."

I hugged each and every one of them. Jean, with tears in her eyes, Ororo, with a proud smile on her face. She'd been there since day one in this place. I feel she was the only one who truly saw how far I'd come. Rogue and Remy hugged me together. Two of the most comforting people I'd ever known. I would miss them. Piotr picked me up when he hugged me. So did Beast. Bishop was too big to wrap my arms around and when I pulled away he smiled and said "Take care of yourself."

I reached the last two members of this family I had left to say my good byes to.

Hugging Scott goodbye required that I get on my tiptoes. "Thanks for not killing me," he whispered in my ear. I laughed, "Don't mention it."

I'd always wonder what it would've been like had he and I gotten together. He was a good man. An admirable one. But I'd made my decision.

The last person to say good bye to was Bobby.

Bobby, my bestest friend. I'd broken his heart deciding to leave. But he understood my decision. And I understood his to stay here. I wasn't sure we'd be alright after this, not with everything we'd confessed to each other. But as I pulled away from our hug, he kissed my forehead, looked behind me and in the most serious tone I'd ever heard him use said "You look after him."

"You ready to go?"

With him I was ready for anything. I took one last look at the X-Men. At my family. And they looked back at me the way I'd always wanted my parents to look at me. All of them looked at me with approval, with love, with support. I would return someday. I would join them. But right now I had to learn about this new me. I'd planned on doing it alone. I was afraid of discovering something within the demon I now was that would hurt someone. But he wasn't just anyone. He was Logan. Wolverine. The strongest man I'd ever met. He didn't flinch at my eyes, or my new name. He accepted me. He loved me.

And I loved him.

It was as we drove away into the night, past the outer gate of the mansion grounds, that I realized how much had changed. I'd come to this place lost, confused, and rejected. I was leaving it strong, accepted, and with a determination I'd never felt before. Maybe it was all the mental growth I'd gone through. Maybe it was Logan. Maybe it was both.

"Where are we headed?" I asked him, my hand is his.

"I own some land up in Canada. Secluded, cold. Thought it'd be the best place for you to learn about your new self."

"And to keep warm," I joked.

He put his arm around me. I placed my hand on his thigh. He gave a low laugh.

"Logan, how long has it been?"


I stayed silent waiting for him to catch on. When he didn't I ran my hand over his crotch.


He didn't hesitate to pull the truck over and park it. There was no one around, it was dark, and the road we were on was surrounded by forest. But a truck was too small for him to maneuver in. So we got out and walked into the forest.

When we had walked for about a minute he grabbed me and pulled me onto him. He pressed my body to his and grabbed my face to look at. The moon was full and I could see him perfectly. And he could see me. "I've missed you," he kissed me. His hands ran over to grab my ass. He squeezed it, patted it, and after a while he forced his hand into my jeans and placed the tip of his finger at my hole, massaging it slowly but roughly. I could start to feel his dick getting hard under his jeans and through mine.

He pulled my jacket off and threw it on the ground. He threw his own jacket beside it.

In one swift movement he took me in his arms and placed me on the ground. He never stopped kissing me, keeping his hands on my ass. I loved his rough hands on my ass. I loved his stubble on my chin and along my jawline. I loved him.

I had swift moves of my own now. I pushed him off me and straddled him, never letting go of his kiss.

He grunted. "Let me do all the work," I whispered.

I bent down to kiss his lips. And his stubbled jawline. I lingered on his neck as I undid the buttons of this shirt, pulling it off to reveal his strong chest. I kissed the middle of his chest, licked his nipples and enjoyed the vibrations in his chest as he moaned in pleasure. I went on to the sides of his abdomen, his belly button, and went back up to play with his nipples while I undid his jeans. He grabbed the back of my head as I flicked my tongue on his nipples and moaned quietly.

Once his jeans were undone, I went up to help him out of them. He lifted his ass to let me pull his jeans and boxers off to reveal his raging hard on.

I didn't hesitate to take all of it into my mouth. "Oh fuck!" he grunted, lifting off the ground and grabbing the back of my head to keep it down on him. With his cock completely lodged in my mouth he fucked up into it, his cock hitting the back of my throat and his balls tapping my chin. He kept moaning and as he let go of my head and fell back onto the ground he breathed out a long "Fuck!"

I took his dick out of my mouth, and took it in my hands, using my spit to jack him off as I went down to lick his balls. I took one nut into my mouth and sucked on it softly and massaged the other with my tongue. He kept on moaning and grunting and I could feel the first spurts of his precum start to come out. I kept on massaging his nuts with my mouth and jacking him off.

I got up quickly to try to take off my jeans but didn't notice him reach up to rip a hole in my jeans. He pulled me back onto the ground and I positioned myself on top of him. He laid back down, placing his hands on my hips as I reached down to place his cock at my hole. I bit my lip and focused on his heaving chest as I slowly pulled myself down onto his dick. He was grunting and squirming, folding his legs up to support me and squeezing my ass roughly as I took my time, wrapping my tight hole around his cock.

He couldn't take it anymore and placing his hands on my hips pushed the rest of it up into me. I winced at the slight pain but moaned at the pleasure it gave me. He kept his hands on my hips as he continued to fuck up into me, fast and rough. I looked down at him and he had a pained expression on his face. He was focused, he was lost in my body, in me. I pushed down onto his dick as he slammed up into my ass and supported myself by placing my hands on his furry chest.

I tried to look up into the night, to enjoy the pain, the rush of his fuck, but the second I broke eye contact he reached up to my face to pull it back into his gaze.

After a while he sat up, to kiss me and I continued the motions of our fuck.

Wrapped up in his arms and lost in his kiss, my orgasm snuck up on me. I moaned in to his mouth and clutched his hair and pulled myself down onto his dick rougher and faster, tightening my hole as my dick shot out my cum onto his stomach. With my ass tightening and bouncing on his cock, he pulled his mouth from mine and heaved and grunted into my neck, grabbing me tighter than ever before and cumming deep in my ass. He kept fucking through his orgasm and I could feel his cum drip out of my ass, down his dick and onto his nuts.

I slowed my movements to a stop but stayed in his embrace, pulling his face up to kiss him.

I loved this man. I would always love this man.

After a while of uninterrupted silence and eye contact, we got up to put our clothes on. I felt the breeze on my ass from where he had ripped the hole in my jeans. I groaned.

"How the fuck am I supposed to make it to Canada in assless chaps, Logan?"

He laughed and walked over to slap my ass, leaving his hand on my cheeks in a tight grab.

"I could cover it for you whenever we stop for food."

I laughed and with him beside me and his hand on my ass, I swung my arm across his back.


And in the middle of the night, arm in arm, we walked back to the truck and kept on going toward home.


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