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I could hear them in the next room, and if I tried hard enough, I could feel what they felt and hear what went through their heads.

It was definitely two guys. And they were fucking like crazy. Maybe execution came in the morning for one of them. Or both of them. I didn't know or care, but since I left Mephisto's realm my powers have been amplified... and so has my libido.

I crave sex the way anyone instantly craves a hamburger when they smell the grease coming from the burger joint down the street.

I see a guard, another prisoner, Fury and BAM, the urge arises... among other things.

It was frustrating and a little annoying. It clouded my judgement and made me forget things. This was Blackheart's fault. I was sure of it. Fucking with demons can't be healthy for anyone.

Anyway, feeling the couple having sex in the cell next to mine was the most action I'd gotten since Blackheart, which wasn't too long ago but that's beside the point.

I could feel Craig (that's the name I gave the top) holding Rick (the name I gave the bottom) by the neck. He wasn't chocking him, just holding him in place. They were both on the small bed, Craig on his knees behind Rick who was on all fours. They were both covered in each others spit and sweat and Rick was so full of lust and passion that he couldn't remember who or where he was. He pushed back onto Craig's hard dick almost as hard and fast as Craig was giving it. The slam of Craig's nuts on Rick's taint was intoxicating. The steady, rhythmic noise drove the both of them. It was a dance they made their own music to.

But Rick's warm and wet asshole wasn't enough for Craig. He needed his lover's mouth, his tongue against his own. He needed to posses Rick with everything he had. He pulled Rick up by the neck, pulled out, threw him over and ignored Rick's groan of pain as he hit his head on the wall in the swift movement and as Craig pushed in again. This time Craig stood on the ground and pushed in from there. He fell on top of Rick and shoved his tongue into Ricks warm, waiting mouth. He tasted lube the guard had given them. Craig held Rick's face in position with one hand and used the other to steady himself. Craig pushed Rick's face up roughly and bit his cheek bones and sloppily kissed his jawline and neck. Rick moaned, lost in the ecstasy Craig's beard inflicted on his own skin and the delicious pain his dick gave his asshole. He grabbed Craig's hair and gripped at it hard. Craig groaned and bit Rick's neck.

Rick cried out in joy, completely overwhelmed with lustful satisfaction and gave up his load on Craig's hairy belly. He clenched his asshole in his final throws and sent Craig into a frenzy. Craig's lover was giving him a warm, wet, tight asshole to fuck and shoot his load into. The though alone drove Craig's hips faster, harder, and with no rhythm. He needed to give himself this. He needed to finish what he'd started. Rick was his, entirely his. He had taken Rick, fucked him like a goddamn champion so many times it was noteworthy. In this moment Craig was the greatest man on earth. No other could compare to him. Only he could give Rick what he needed. No one could fuck like he did, like a god. No one ever would again.

Craig roared, this I heard through the wall, and shot a five-day load into Rick's tight, wet, wanting, waiting asshole.

He fell onto Rick and sucked on his wet mouth. It was sloppy, they were a mess of sweat, spit, and cum. They loved each other.

I came in my hand and fell asleep.


"What the fuck happened back there?"

Logan was angry. We all were. We fought our way through a demonic maze for a prize none of us got to see. But that wasn't the upsetting part.

The upsetting part was that Jesse was gone. Nick Fury had appeared out of nowhere and taken him.

Jesse belonged to him now. Mephisto had said so.

The moment Fury and Jesse went into the portal that had gotten Fury there, we too teleported back to Earth. We were back in Strange's place.

"I doubt the rules applied to Fury as well. He wasn't a contestant in this so-called challenge. Fury took Jesse because he's powerful. The kiss he gave Jesse was solely to upset the lot of you. It apparently worked."

The professor was upset too, but for different reasons I imagine. He put his hands on his temples and continued,

"Which brings me to my next point, the four of you going was not the wisest choice. All four of you have a personal stake and gain in this mission. All four of you would risk entirely too much for Jesse. This puts us all in danger. Jesse is one of our own and so I cannot abandon the mission, but the four of you are not to go after Jesse any longer."

"I don't take orders from you, X" Victor grunted, and spit on the ground accordingly.

Victor, Logan, and I had obvious reasons for looking for Jesse. Victor cared for him and Logan and I loved him. But Scott? Guess Jesse had had some effect on him too. He only looked down. No one mentioned it.

"Professor, we agreed from the start this wasn't an X-Man mission, and since the start this has been personal. I'm with Victor on this one," I chimed in.

Logan just grunted.

The professor sighed.

"Fury will no doubt take Jesse back to Doom."

That's all he needed to say. We had a heading now. Only three of us left the room.


I woke up just as the guard was unlocking the cell door. I'd slept naked last night and the sheet they'd given me covered my groin and went between my legs, which I opened as the guard came in. I hadn't seen him before. He was tall, had a red face and a mustache. He had a beer belly. Bet it was hairy too. Perfect. I looked up at him and saw in his eyes the effect I was having on him. This was that stuff Beast had told me about all that time ago. The stuff I secreted. This was it. I could get anyone to do anything for me. I could get anyone to love me. Its why I had so many friends. I attracted them. I brought something up in men that they didn't know they had. Men who'd never looked at another man that way looked at me and needed me. I'd never seen it before, but I saw it now. It made perfect sense. The only man who liked me after knowing me was Bobby.

Bobby. He was good. I was more than someone to fuck to him. He cared. Victor and Wade too. They protected me not because they wanted me, but because they legitimately cared. I could feel it in them the way I could feel the blood rush into this guard's dick. He walked in and closed the door behind him. I opened my legs a bit wider and his mouth opened a little bit, his eyes glazed over. He took of his hat slowly and unbuttoned his shirt. He slipped it off and removed his undershirt over his head never taking his eyes off me. He was an older man. He had a full head of black hair which was nice. His belly was perfectly round and hairy. The hair continued down his pants.

I sat up and motioned for him to sit next to me. He did so. His mouth was still open. He sat there just staring, expecting nothing. His mind was completely occupied with me. I reached up to his face and moved my lips to his. He moaned and I stuck my tongue into his wet mouth. I pushed him down and laid my naked body on top of his hairy torso. I continued to kiss him and he continued to moan. I rubbed my hands across his hairy chest and his hairy belly. He reached for my ass and squeezed it with both hands. He rubbed it and reached in between and rubbed my asshole. It felt so good!!

He spanked my ass with his other hand and I moaned into his mouth.

I pushed my hand under his pants and reached for his hairy, short, uncut dick. He groaned. I jacked him off slowly and he started to stick his fingers in. Fuck, I needed this man in me NOW.

He sat back up and reached into his pocked and took out a small tube of lube. All the guards must've had them. I shuddered at the reason.

I got on my knees in front of him, pulled down his pants and pushed my mouth down on his dick. I took it all in without hesitation, he howled out.

"Fuck!" he groaned "Fuck yeah," he breathed.

I made sure to get him wet. I took the lube and stood up. He took his dick in his hands and jacked himself of slowly, watching me spread my ass cheeks and rubbing the lube on myself. He smiled and laughed a low breathy laugh.

I smiled at him and pushed him back. I straddled him and grabbed his dick to push it in. He grabbed my waist. I pushed down on him and he threw his head back and groaned loudly. He stretched me open and I felt the familiar pain in my asshole. That pain that resides slowly and lets you feel the inside of your ass you never knew was there. I needed this. So did he. I could feel it. I was about to give him the fuck of his life.

Once he was completely inside I clenched my asshole. He moaned. I moved slowly, making sure his dick stayed in place. Instead of moving up and down and stroking his cock, I moved forward and back, clenching my asshole and grabbing his dick skin with it and rubbing his dick the way he would when he gets off on his own.

Once he started pushing and pulling my waist on his own I placed my hands on his chest and pinched his nipples. His eyes were closed and he was lost in lust. So I started to move faster. I started to move up and down, pulling up and taking his dick out just below his tip, and pushing down all the way down. He started to push up too and so we slammed into each other. I started to move faster. He grunted and sat up and hugged me and pushed me into him. He kissed my neck and scratched my back. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back so he could kiss my neck. My other hand stayed on his chest and belly and my legs continued to work on getting his dick to bury itself into my asshole. I kissed his mouth and our tongues pushed against each other. He tasted of whisky. Drunk sex, hot.

My dick rubbed up against his hairy belly. This was heaven. His hands moved back down to my waist again and he just pushed and pulled to my own rhythm. Holding me in place, kissing me and filling me with his testosterone. I prepared to cum and put my forehead on his shoulder and he kissed my neck. I dug my nails into his back and moaned as I emptied myself on his belly.

He grunted and picked me up and put me on my back so he was on top. He pushed both my legs up under his arms and held himself up with his arms.

He looked into my eyes and continued to fuck me at a fast, steady pace.

His balls slapped my ass in the rhythm.

"Come for me," I whispered.

His eyebrows knit together, his eyes focused, he slammed into me hard and fast, and he pushed his tongue into mouth and finished inside me.

He fell beside me face up. He put one arm under his head and placed the other one under my arm. He looked up at the ceiling, a smile on his face.

I cradled up beside him, taking in his scent, and rubbed his perfectly round, perfectly hairy belly.


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