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I had to wake up and do something! If they continued to play this stupid

game they'd all die. Mephisto had no intention of crowning a winner and

giving him the prize. He wanted these four people dead. This was his realm, he'd have his way. But this "slumber" wasn't something I could wake up from. I wasn't asleep, I was paralyzed. There wasn't anything I could do. Except beg.

"Mephisto, you owe me nothing. I am your foe, a disturbance. I have no right to ask you for anything, least of all here. I apologize for the set backs I've caused. For your son's rebellion and my own defiance to comply. But my friends are about to die at your hands and I your tool to do so. Please, allow me to see them in these last moments. Allow me to see the last moments of those I've called friend and family."

I didn't stay in the dark long after that. I heard him laugh lowly and then I opened my eyes and gasped for breath. I sat up and looked over to the maze below and around me. Holy shit.

I tried to run toward it but that's when I realized I wasn't actually in my body. My body still lay on the table, but some ghost of myself stood above it overlooking the hill. At least I could see now.

I couldn't see any of them, but I knew they were down there. Fighting God knows what trying to win their way here. I could hear demonic shrieks and screams, but no man made ones. At least they were winning.

There wasn't anything I could do. I'd be claimed again, like I'd been claimed by Blackheart. I'd be enveloped by someone else again. Maybe I'd find a way out again, maybe I wouldn't. If I had to choose, I'd be happiest with Bobby. I'd be safest with Logan. I'd be free with Victor. And Scott? I don't know. I don't really care right now. No matter who I root for, I lose.

As this realization sunk in, at the bottom of the hill, right below me, I saw a rustle and a man. Bobby! He was in his ice form and covered in dirt and stone. Right behind him was Victor. Just as Logan and Scott emerged too, Bobby was half way up and just as he neared they all stopped and looked up, their mouths wide open. I looked behind me too and as I looked into the blinding light that shined like the sun itself in this dark abyss I felt someone grab my body and I felt a wet kiss on my lips. The bright light had blinded me completely, but I turned and saw that my four friends were still down there. They'd lost. I turned back to my body, and over it was Nick Fury. He pulled his head up and I returned to my own body.

He threw me over his shoulder and we rose up into the light.

Mephisto screamed and I was out.