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As I lay in the arms of the hairy, sweaty guard I'd seduced with whatever toxins Beast told me about all that time ago, I realized that what I needed was a plan.

All the trouble I'd gotten in, the Nightcrawler rescue, the entanglement with Mephisto and dragging my friends down with me, was all due to my lack of planning.

I needed a plan, a good one. One that I could execute alone. I was alone. In a moving prison Fury had put me in. He was here somewhere. But he didn't matter, what he wanted or whatever reason he had to free me from Mephisto didn't matter. He had his own plans. I had to get back to the mansion... no. Going back to the mansion would be like going to protection. I didn't want to run away. I wanted to stop running. The people chasing me down were Doom, and consequentially Fury. But Fury was doing this against his will. Of that much I was positive. Take out Doom and Fury'll lay off. Mephisto lost interest once his son was compromised. I doubt Mephisto would let Blackheart from his sight anytime soon. So the only issue here was Doom.

So Fury did matter. If I could get to him and convince him to screw Doom over we could both take him down. But why should Fury trust me? He wouldn't go through so much trouble if screwing Doom over was an option.

No, I had to bring Doom down on my own.

But first things first.

"Where are we going?" I asked the guard.

He'd been staring off into the distance since he'd finished. Must be the toxins. He looked at me when I spoke.

"Doom's lair."


* * *

"Bobby, you there?"

"Jesse! You're alive!"

"Yes. I don't have much time. I'm bringing Doom down. Do not come looking for me. I will find you and then we'll leave. Just us. I'm sick of all this."

What was he talking about? Leaving?


"Bobby, the X Men are my friends too, but haven't you ever wondered what it'd be like to just leave? To just go out to somewhere where no one knows who you are or what you can do?"

"Of course I have, but the mansion is my home, these people are my family. I couldn't leave them. Just come home Jesse. We'll figure it all out here."

"No Bobby. Forget about what I said. I'll see you soon."

No you won't.


No I won't.

I shoved my tongue into the guard's mouth and willed him unconscious.

I was too powerful for my own good. Must be nice being normal. Once this job was over I'd leave and pretend like none of it ever happened. I'd forget all the amazing people I'd come across and hope they'd do the same. I wasn't worth all the trouble I caused.

I threw the guard's clothes on, which fit ridiculously loose, but it had to do. I opened the door with his keycard and made my way down the hallway. This wasn't a prison at all, they were just holding cells. I remembered the guys I'd heard before. Craig and Rick. I instantly felt the urge to throw myself onto someone. I needed to keep that under control. There wasn't any room for mistakes.

The plan right now was to get to Fury. Get him to think that I understand why he's doing all this. That I won't be any trouble. I should've asked that guard where Fury was.

I'll ask the next one. I went to the door next to mine and unlocked it.

Craig and Rick were asleep and in each others arms. Both awoke when the door opened.

"If you guys can find a way out, you're both free. Have a nice day." I lingered long enough to see them look at each other and give each other smiles.

Ah love.


After taking down every guard I came across I managed to find out that Fury was in his office, which was on the top floor of the Helicarrier.

I was outside his very door now.

I took a deep breath, hoped for the best, and pushed the door open.

He was standing over his desk with his back to me. It was dark except for the desk light which illuminated little more than his desk top.

He didn't move when I walked in. He didn't move at all.


Nothing. Creepy.

I walked slowly toward him. I figured touching his shoulder wouldn't be a good idea when it came to Fury on any day, so I walked to the side of his desk where I could look at his face and he could see me, if only with his peripheral vision. He still didn't move.

Something was extremely wrong here.

"Fury." Still nothing.

I walked to the opposite side of the desk, across from him, and moved his chair out of the way so I could stand in front of him.

He still didn't move. He just looked at his desk, both fists firmly planted on it.

"Fury!" I yelled.

Again, nothing.

"Fuck this," I sighed and punched him across the face.

This emitted from him one swift movement. He grabbed my oversized collar, pulled me onto the desk and shoved his tongue in my mouth.

It was about fucking time. I'd seen him walk into my cell to ask me questions and all I wanted to do was to tear my clothes off and throw myself on him. This, of course, was all due to the whole overactive sex drive I'd come into after my affairs with Blackheart. But that didn't make it any less real. I'd stared at this man's ass as he walked away and his crotch whenever he walked in. Apparently he'd noticed.

Of course, this had happened before. I'd given him head once the last time I was on this base.

But this felt different. He felt different. Granted, last time there wasn't much foreplay, but still the fact that he'd been weird not ten seconds ago was too strange to overlook.

I pushed him off and looked into his eyes. They were blank. This wasn't him.

But it looked like him. And it felt like him. And the muscles he showed when he lifted off his shirt were real. He had the perfect amount of body hair. I lifted my legs onto the table and he pulled them toward him. He pushed himself between my legs and squeezed my ass.

Fuck his weird eyes, this was as real as I needed it to be. He ripped my pants at the crotch and I took off my shirt. He was stronger too. The only other man I'd seen do that was Logan, but everyone knew about his uber strength. This was Fury. Ugh fuck that.

I kissed his neck and jawline. His lips and his beard. He pushed me down onto the desk and lifted my legs up, exposing my ass to him. But he didn't pull of his pants. Instead he looked at me with his creepily empty eyes, gave me the creepiest smile I've ever seen and lunged his face toward mine. Before he could kiss me though his face lingered above mine. He looked into my eyes, opened his mouth wider than any other mouth I'd ever seen and more than any mouth ever should, and breathed out a black cloud of smoke.

In about five seconds the entire room was full of the smoke. I pushed him off as hard as I could and prepared myself to start throwing punches, but as I backed away into a corner and looked for him through the smoke, it cleared and Fury was on the ground. Above him was Mephista. Mephisto's daughter and Blackheart's sister. She stood tall on her own and even taller with her headdress. Her bright red eyes turned to look at me and before I could say anything she rushed toward me and I blacked out.


"What do you want from me? What did you do to Fury?"

"Questions, questions little kid. Ever hear of the curious cat?"

"I'm not a fucking cat."

She giggled. I couldn't see anything. Everything was black. And I wasn't really talking, I was thinking. We were both inside my head. She'd possessed me, but not like her brother had. This was a run of the mill, horror movie possession. And I was fucked.

"Am I dead?" I knew for a fact I wasn't that lucky.

"No, but your friends soon will be."

"What do you mean?"

"My father though Blackheart could get you to turn against the X-Men. As you know he intended to use you to remove them from the picture. He's been meaning to for quite some time. But you did something to him," she sounded angry, "And now father has to fix him. So I volunteered to accomplish what my brother could not.

"To answer your question from before, what I want from you I already have. With your body and abilities I'll infiltrate that ludicrously large mansion of theirs and pick them off one by one. Who'd think to suspect their favorite little homo." She giggled again.

"And since I'm not male, and therefore immune to whatever power you wield over men and their penises, you can't stop me. Now, I'm not any demon, so I don't need to take over your entire mind. Just the right amount. You'll be able to see it all happen, and you'll be able to feel everything. But I'm in charge. Think of it this way. You're the puppet, and I hold the strings."

I was in some serious trouble.

"And one more thing, try to resist or fight me in any way and I'll make sure your friends die unnecessarily slow."

My senses rushed back and hit me like ice cold water. I was walking, it was quiet, and I waited for my eyes to adjust.

But they didn't have to adjust. I could smell everyone.

They must have all come here to regroup or something. Ever searching for little old me.

But now I'd come back. And now I was here to kill them.

No. Not me. An angry, bitchy she-demon.

"Ugh don't be so harsh. You seemed to like my brother. Or was it his cock you liked?" Another icy giggle.

I walked up to the huge doors, opened it with ease and walked toward Logan's room.

He was first on Mephista's list.


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