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Sovereign X-men

Chapter one

Hi my name is Zane. I'm 18 years old. I'm a mutant but I'm also gay. I have a swimmers build and I'm 6'2. I have black hair and brown eyes. My hair is cut short but not short enough to see my scalp. I never told my family that I was gay because I guess I was afraid of what they would think of me. They know that I'm a mutant but that's only because they caught me practicing my powers. My powers are telekinesis, telepathy, psionic weapons, and I'm very gifted in mysticism. I am also trained in different types of martial arts.

I found I was a mutant about two years ago. I was walking down the street when some guys came up behind me and tried to attack me. They threw me on the ground and started to punch me in the face. I put my hands up to block another punch aimed towards my face and I saw them fly backwards into a wall. After they flew back into the wall I got up ran to my house. I went inside and went straight to my room. I couldn't face my parents knowing that I was gay. I told them that they mutant bashers. Since that day I used my powers only a couple of times. My telepathy would sometimes act on its own but I found a way to shut it off right away. One day I was levitating a book from across the living room and my parents came walking in just as it was landing in my hand. They only know of my telekinesis, I haven't told them of my other abilities. They don't know that I practice magic, I don't want to freak them out. I love my magic, with them I can do about any thing that I set my mind to.

About two days ago I was at a park in my home town playing football with a couple friends. When all of a sudden the ball went over the fence and into the road a friend jumped the fence and went to retrieve the ball. Then a car was driving down the road faster than the speed limit and the driver was going to hit him. Someone shouted look out to him and that's when I saw the car driving towards him. I started running towards him and stretched my hand out to push him out of the cars path. After I pushed him out of the way with my telepathy I stepped in front of the car and stretched my hands out in the direction of the car and stopped it. Then seconds later I was hit with rocks and then a football just stuck me in my stomach. I doubled over an landed on the floor. I lifted my head to look at my friends and they were getting ready to beating up on me when all of a sudden a light blue barrier surrounded me. I looked around and saw a lady with red hair with her hands lifted in the air pointed in my direction. Next to her was a lady with white hair, and her eyes were all white. The next thing I knew the wind started to pick up and all of the people around were being blown backwards.

<"I need for you to run when I say go."> Someone said.

" Who said that?" I said

<"It's me the one with red hair."> red haired lady said.

" How did you do that. " I said

<" No time to explain just run now. Follow us." > red haired lady said

She let down the barrier and I started running towards them. They turned around and started running down the street towards a black SUV. They jumped in the car and told me to jump in the back so I did. I did not know these people but they saved me so I figured that I could trust them. I started to ask them questions.

" Who are you people." I said.

"Well my name is Jean Grey an this is Ororo Munroe" she said pointing the white haired lady. " So what's your name" she asked

" Well my name is Zane. So are you guys mutants." I asked.

" Yes we are, my powers are telekinesis and I telepathic abilities" jean said.

" Those are the same as mine plus other ones" I said.

" Well mine is the ability to control local weather" Ororo said. " So what are your other powers." She asked with a smile on her face. It made me want to tell her what she wanted to know.

" Well I have telekinesis and telepathic abilities but I can also make psionic weapons and I have magic powers." I said.

They started to laugh at the mention of magic powers.

"What you guys don't believe me?" I asked

"Well you don't expect us to." Ororo said as she continued laughing.

"Well I guess I'll have to prove it to you two." I said " I told Jean to pull over into an alley way and she did. As she pulled to a stop I got out of the car and stood about ten feet away from the car waiting for the two ladies to step out of the car. They got out the car and stood in front of the car. I pulled my necklace out from under my shirt. On the necklace was a star about two inches big with five points. I threw the necklace into the air.

"Release" I shouted.

A circle appeared around me an in the circle was a star with five points. At each point was a symbol representing the five natural elements. The circle had the sun on one side an the moon on the other. The star on the necklace started to grow bigger until it got a foot big. Then a staff started to appear from the bottom of the star. When it was all over the staff stood in front of me, it was six feet tall an golden in color.

"So is that it." Jean said.

"What you guys want more proof." I said

"Yeah we do" Ororo said

"Fine! I'll show you something I've been working on for a while then." I said, then I started saying a spell. "I call to the ancient dragons of the elements. Lend to me your powers over earth, fire, wind, water, lightning. Show yourself to these non-believers."

As I finished my spell five wingless dragons appeared around me in five different colors. Their was the brown earth dragon, the red fire dragon, the white wind dragon, the blue water dragon, and the golden lighting dragon. The dragons flew into the air an then started to fly towards me. I heard the women gasp as they saw the dragons fly at me and straight into me an disappear then there was a bright flash. After the bright light died away I was covered in a golden armor.

"What is that." Ororo asked.

"This is the armor the of the mystics. This armor is indestructible an gives me the power over the elements." I stated

" Um who are the mystics if I can ask" Jean asked

"Sure I can tell you but I'll have to tell you while were on our way to my house. Its getting kind of late." I said

"Sure we'll go we have to make a call anyways." Jean said "Do you mind if I use the phone at your house."

"You sure can." I snapped my fingers and the armor disappeared. "Lets go."

We got into their car an I told them where I lived. As soon as we started driving towards my house, I started to tell them about my magical powers and where I got them from.

"Well I guess I'll start at the beginning. When I was thirteen my parents took me to Japan for a family vacation one summer. One day they went to go see a show and left me alone to do whatever. I was bored so I left the hotel that I was staying at an started to walk around. I went to little area where they had these charms for sale an this charm was one of them." I showed them the charm that was around my neck. "I thought it looked cool so I bought it. I was walking down the street when I heard a voice calling me towards an old temple. I walked towards the temple an saw an old woman sitting on the steps. Then she began talking to me. 'So you are the new owner of the great magic of the mystics.' 'Mystics who are they.' 'They are beings of immense power. With their magic you will be able to do anything. Just listen to your heart when the time comes to release the charms magic.' 'When will I know to release the magic.' `The charm will begin to glow an you will hear a voice telling you the spell to release the seal on the charm.' then the wind started to pick up around her until she was gone. About a week later when we were back home there was a knock on the door. Before I could even touch the door it was blown off the hinges an standing in the doorway was a man with silver cloths on. He started walking towards me asking me where the magic was. I started running trying to get away from that man but every time I turned a corner there he was. I started to run towards the door before I even got near it the man had shown up in front of the door. He kept asking me where the magic was an I kept telling him I didn't know. Then I remember what he was talking about. I turned around an started to run to my room, when I got to my room I went straight to my closet to look for the charm I got in Japan. As I was looking the guy found his way towards my room. I was thinking to myself if the charm really was magic. I remembered what the old woman said "if you listen to your heart the spell will come." I closed my eyes and tried to listen to my heart. At first it was faint then it became louder, I started to repeat what was being said. "Charm that fights the forces of darkness, show to me your true form, I Zane command you, Release!" That's when the guy came into my room an he said "give that to me." and I said never. He then started to charge at me that's when I ducked out of the way an fell to the ground. I ran out my room an went straight downstairs as I was running I was thinking to myself. [What am I going to do.] Then I heard something in my head [create a spell to get rid of him] Then I tried creating a spell " I call on the powers of heaven an hell. Send this man straight to hell." as soon as I said that I heard the man scream an then a vibration shook the house. "Whoa" I said. Looking at the scorch left on the floor. I thought of something of some way to make the mark go away so my parents wouldn't see it. "Vanishio" I said an the scorch mark disappeared.

I finished telling my story to the two girls just as we pulled in my driveway. I looked at the house an with my telepathic powers scanned the house to see if any one was home an no one was. I went to the door an pulled put the key and opened the door. I showed jean to the living room an let her use the phone. I went to my room an changed out of my cloths. I came back down with a tight black shirt on an tight blue jeans with my necklace showing around my neck. I walked into the living room just as Jean finished talking on the phone.

"Hey guys" I said

"Wow you look really good." Ororo said

"Thanks. So what are guys going to do now." I said

"Oh we were going to ask you if you wanted to join the Xavier School for the Gifted. It's a place where mutants can feel safe an practice your powers." Jean said

"I finished school already." I said

"Oh you won't have to take regular classes. You'll be taking mutant training classes to improve your powers" Ororo said

"I guess that's okay but I'll have to tell my parents." I said

After my parents got home I explained to them what happened an told them the offer the girls made to me. They understood an told me that they supported me. After I got packed an said my goodbyes to my parents I got in my car an followed them to the school.an that was two days ago.

Well that was the first part of my story I read everything about the xmen on nifty so you guys keep writing you inspire me. This is my first attempt at writing this type of story. Please send any comments you have to syaoranlee007@gmail.com I wanna see if I should continue to write this story.