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I'm going to try to write in third person to see if the story is told better.

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X-men Sorcerer

Chapter two

It has been two days since I've arrived at school. I haven't left my room since I got here. The room is pretty big an I have my own bathroom a queen size bed, a desk with a lamp, an a huge closet, an some selves those will be useful I love to read so I will put some books there. A knock came from the door.

"Who is it." Zane said

"Its me Jean" Jean said

Zane open the door telekinetically an Jean came in wearing a green blouse an a pair of tight Capri's. She walked over to the window where Zane was sitting an began talking.

"So why haven't you left your room Zane." Jean asked

"Because I don't know any body here." Zane responded

"You know me and Ororo." Jean stated

"I only know your names and your powers." Zane said

"Anyways I'm going to take you to see the professor today an then I'm going to show you around the mansion. Is that okay." Jean said

"I guess that will be cool. What does he want to talk to me about." Zane asked

"Well first he'll probably ask you what your powers are an then he will take you to the danger room to see how well you use your powers." Jean said

"Um what's the danger room." Zane said

"Its just a big training room with holographic imaging that is as real as it can get." Jean said. "Its where the X-men train and we test out our powers safely. You can get hurt in the danger room but it can't kill you. Come on lets go."

As we started the long trek to the professors office we kept talking. She asked Zane what he liked to do an Zane told that her that he liked to cook but his true passion was baking. She told me that she was a pretty good cook. Zane told her that he would cook for her an she could try his cooking an she said yeah. Finally we made it to the professors office an before we even knocked he said to come in. We walked into large office an the professor told us to take a seat. The professor sat behind his desk but Zane could tell that he was in a wheelchair. We sat down the professor began to ask me questions.

"So Zane what are your powers" the professor asked

"Well lets see my powers are telekinesis an telepathy an I can make psionic weapons" Zane said

"How often have you used your powers an how is your control. This will allow me to see what kind of training you will need." the professor said

"Well actually I can control my powers very well even though I haven't used them that often" Zane said

"How is that possible, new mutants can hardly control their powers without at least practicing to some degree." the professor said " I think we are going to test out how good your control is."

"So when do you want to do it." Zane said

"We will start in one hour. I want you to change into some clothes that are comfortable because we will be testing your fighting skills too." professor said

After we talked he dismissed me so I could go change an he told me to meet Jean in the foyer an she would take me to the danger room. Jean was still in the professors office talking about Zane to the professor.

"I have a feeling that he's not telling me something an with his telepathy its hard trying to know what it was. Jean do you know what he's hiding." The professor asked

"No professor I don't know what it is." Jean said lying "well I'll see you in hour sir"

"Goodbye Jean" professor said

An hour later Zane was going down the stairs to the foyer to meet Jean. He was dressed in a white wife beater an gray sweat pants with his charm hanging from his neck. He met Jean at the bottom of the stairs an she started leading the way to the danger room. They headed towards an empty hallway that only had one door in leading to the outside. Then suddenly Jean stopped in the middle of the hallway an touched a spot on the wall opening the wall to expose an elevator. They stepped into the elevator an Jean pressed a button marked B-4. As they waited to reach their destination they started a little conversation about what they do for fun. Finally they reached the sub-level of the mansion an jean started to lead the way again. She lead him to a door marked Danger Room.

"Here we are. Go through this door an we will start you evaluation, I'll will be the control room watching you with the professor" Jean said

"Okay cool" Zane said

As Zane walked through the door he was amazed at the size of the room. It was bigger than the house he lived in before coming to the mansion. All the room looked like was all metal plating an a glass window thirty feet above the floor. Then the professor's voice came over the intercom in the room.

"Alright Zane we are going to start with some combat evaluating to see how well you can fight." the professor said "you will be fighting our residential combat trainer Cyclops."

"Excuse me but what kind of name is Cyclops." Zane said

"Its my codename when I'm on the field, but my real name is Scott Summers." said a very handsome man coming from a door on the other side of the danger room. He was wearing a leather suit that showed his great physic. He had a strange looking visor over his eyes.

"Okay, well I have to tell you that I do have some fighting experience." Zane said

"That's okay but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you." Cyclops said

"I wouldn't expect you to, but I don't want to embarrass you" Zane said

All of a sudden a table materialized in-between us an then the professor started to speak through the loud speakers.

"Okay here are the rules you guys will begin sparring, you may use your powers an may use any way to defend yourself. On the table are an assortment of weapons you may both choose any of the weapon to use. Cyclops knows nothing of your powers an you know nothing of his, this will be a level playing field. Choose you weapons." professor said

As the professor finished his explanation Zane an Cyclops began walking towards the table in the middle of the room. On the table was all kinds of weapons from little daggers to crossbows to swords an long staffs. Cyclops picked up a Japanese style sword an held it in hand an said that that he was finished. Zane went straight to his favorite weapon the sai's. Zane had been practicing with sai's for awhile, he liked how easy they were to maneuver with. As soon as Zane picked up his weapon the table dematerialized an the professor started talking again.

"Okay you guys know the rules, you may begin" the professor said

Cyclops caught Zane off guard by running towards him as soon as the professor said go. Zane caught on to what Cyclops was trying to do an back flipped to get away. As Zane landed he put his sai's in a defensive manner. Then he started to cartwheel an flip away from Cyclops attacks. As Zane landed behind him, Cyclops swung his sword to hit Zane but missed when Zane used his telekinesis to push Cyclops away.

"Okay so your telekinetic" Cyclops said

"Sure am and telepathic" Zane said

"So your like Jean huh" Cyclops said

"Actually I have other powers but I won't tell you" Zane said

Control Room

"What does he mean by other powers Jean his only other power is the psionic weapons " professor asked

"I don't know professor" Jean said knowingly

Danger Room

Zane now went on the offensive an started his attack on Cyclops. Cyclops could not believe how well Zane fought. Cyclops could hardly evade his attacks an got hit a couple of times. Now it was time for Cyclops to use his powers. Cyclops touched a dial on his visor an blasted Zane with an optic beam. If Zane had not put up a barrier he would have got hurt badly. Cyclops kept up his blast at Zane's barrier until it got weaker an flickered out. Cyclops prepped for another blast while Zane was laying on the floor. As Zane was on the floor he had to think of a way of not getting hit by the blast, finally he decided to use his third power. Cyclops fired his blast an just before it hit Zane had made a shield with his psionic energy power.

"Oh so you can make weapons out of psionic energy" Cyclops said

"Sure can" Zane said

"Bet you it won't last because your untrained" said Cyclops

An Cyclops was right, the shield only lasted a couple of minutes then faded away. Zane was thinking of a way to finish this fight finally he decided to use his magic.

"Its time to end this fight Zane " Cyclops stated

"Your right dude I will finish this. Earth, fire, wind, water, lightning, earth, fire, wind, water, lightning, earth, fire, wind, water, lightning." Zane said chanting.

"What are you doing" Cyclops said

"You'll see" Zane said snapping his finger

As Zane snapped his fingers a gold bracelet appeared on his right wrist. It had five different colored jewels around it. On each jewel there was a Japanese character meaning the five elements.

"You like it. This is what's gonna help me beat you." Zane said

"That piece of jewelry is gonna beat me. I'd like to see that." said Cyclops.

"Come get me then." Zane said

As soon as Zane said this Cyclops started charging him. When he got a couple feet from Zane, he tried to kick him in the face. But Zane was ready for him, he raised his hands an touched a blue jewel on the bracelet. Zane separated his hands an a wall of water formed in front of Zane stopping Cyclops's attack.

"What the hell. How did you do that you said you only had telepathic, telekinetic, an make psionic weapons." Cyclops said

"No I said I had other powers or weren't you listening. I have magic powers to, I'm not just a mutant but I'm also a powerful sorcerer." Zane said

"I don't care if you can do magic I can still beat you." Cyclops said

"Try it." Zane said

Cyclops touched his visor an shot a blast straight at Zane, but Zane was more then ready he first lifted him self into the air using telekinesis an touched all the jewels on the bracelet then started throwing balls of fire at Cyclops so he couldn't shoot his beam at him. As Zane landed on the floor he used the wind to launch himself at Cyclops. As he was racing through the air he created a horizontal cyclone an sent it at Cyclops, an sent him flying to the wall. As Cyclops was flying through the air Zane was charging up the electricity in his hands forcing it into a ball then launched it at Cyclops. Before it hit him it was deflected by a barrier around him. Then the professors voice came over the intercom.

"that is enough Zane you have won the fight. Jean will take him to the med-bay to see if he has any injuries. I would like for you to meet me in the control room to talk." the professor said urgently

"I hope I didn't hurt him to bad" Zane said sincerely

"Well you did throw him across the room an you were trying to hit him with fire balls." Jean said as she walked through the door heading for Cyclops.

"Sorry I was just wanted to win" Zane said

"The whole reason we did this was not to see who wins but how well you have control over your abilities." the Professor said over the intercom

As Jean levitated Cyclops to take him to the med-bay, Zane walked to the door leading to the control room an walked through to talk to the professor.

"I would first like to ask you how you learned to control your powers so well an what did you do in there that let use the elements to your disposal." the professor asked

"Well to answer your first an second question it was my magic that allowed me to use the elements an control my powers." Zane said

"An may I ask where you got your magic from." the professor asked

Zane told the story of where he got his magic, the same story he told Jean an Ororo. After he finished the professor was shocked at the tale. The professor asked for a demonstration of Zane's magic.

"Well what do you want to see." Zane asked

"What do you mean what I want to see" the professor asked wondering

"Well I am a powerful sorcerer or did you miss that part of my story" Zane said sarcastically

"You can stop the sarcasms, I didn't think that you had unlimited magic. Why don't try an surprise me." the professor said

"Fine here I go" Zane said

Zane went an stood in the middle of the room an stood with his hands together flat in front of his chest an started chanting to himself.

"I call on the powers of mother earth lend to me your power, please give to me your great power of healing." Zane chanted

As Zane was chanting little green balls of light started to swirl around Zane. Then Zane outstretch both hands with his palms facing up an the lights started to collect in his hands. As two spheres of green light gathered in Zane's hands, Zane started to walk towards the professor. As Zane stood in front of the professor he kneeled in front of him an placed his hands on top of the professors legs an let the green energy flow through the professor to heal his legs. The door opened an in walked Jean unaware of what was happening.

"What are you doing" jean shouted surprising both the professor an Zane

Before Zane could say anything Jean threw Zane out of the control room an into the danger room telekinetically. Jean ran to the window an jumped down to the danger room floor an stopped her decent before landing softly. Jean picked Zane up with her telekinesis an started to choke Zane. Zane could see that Jeans eye color changed from green to red an was wondering why.

"Why were you trying to hurt the professor" Jean shouted

"I ...wasn't" Zane said trying to breath

"Lair!!! I saw you" jean shouted again "I guess I will have to rip the information out of your mind."

"No!! I won`t let you" Zane screamed struggling to break free of Jeans telekinesis. Finally Zane shouted "teleportato" an Zane disappeared into thin air.

"Shit" Jean shouted

Jean looked backed to the control room an remembered about the professor. Jean levitated herself back to the control room an was shocked at what she saw. Standing in the middle of the room was the professor looking at himself an smiling.

"Professor how are you able to stand." Jean said stuttering

"It was Zane that healed my legs I felt it when he touched my legs with that green light" the professor said happily

"Oh my god what have I done" jean said

"Jean what did you do" the professor asked sternly

"I thought that he was trying to hurt you so I threw him out the window an tried choking him to get some answers. An when he wouldn't answer my question I threatened to rip the information out of his mind. He screamed that he wouldn't let me an then he disappeared into thin air." Jean said

"What were you thinking. We'll talk about this later, but first we have to find him. Let us hope that he does not know how to shield himself from Cerebro." The professor said

To be continued

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