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X-men Sorcerer

Chapter Three

Zane reappeared outside the mansion in the middle of a lake. The lake occupied by students trying to enjoy the day off from classes. If this was a normal place people would have freaked out seeing somebody appear in the middle of a lake standing on water. But people just looked an shrugged at the person at the school. Zane started walking toward the shore of the lake thinking about what had just happened. He couldn't believe that Jean had attacked him. As he was thinking he made it to the shore an bumped into someone. Zane looked up an tried to apologize but the guy would not take it.

"Hey why don't you try an watch where your going." the guy said

"I'm very sorry I was just..." Zane started to say but was cut off

"Just shut up you loser" the guy said stepping closer to Zane

Zane did not like it when people called him names when he did nothing. So Zane went on the offensive.

"First off don't call me a loser 'cause I did nothing to you. An second don't mess with someone who could probably kick you ass." Zane said confidently

"Oh you think you can beat care to find out." the guy said

"I have better things to do then to whup your ass." said Zane

Zane's comment further pissed off the guy. As Zane turned to leave the guy took out a lighter, lit it an threw a stream of fire at Zane. All of a sudden a guy came out of the crowd that had formed.

"John stop what your doing" the guy said

Zane had seen what John was doing an as quick as lightning touched the water jewel on his bracelet an put his hand up an created a high pressured blast an pointed it at John with one hand. When Zane's water hit Johns fire there was a big hiss an lots of steam floating up towards the sky. Zane's water overpowered Johns fire an knocked him down. Zane telekinetically lifted the lighter out of Johns hand an ripped the lighter apart. Everyone stood back as Zane stated to walk towards the gate, but before he could get there two people ran in front of him preventing him from going any where.

"Where do you think your going bub" the roughed looking guy said

"I'm leaving if that's a problem take it up with someone else. So bye." Zane said

"I'm sorry but we can't allow you to leave the professor told us not to let you go" Ororo said

"I will not stay in a school that allows the teacher to attack a student when all he was doing was helping some one else." Zane said "an for that I will be leaving this place an I want you to try an stop me"

"Listen boy we will keep you here until the professor comes, even if it means detaining you" the roughed man said

"first I would like to tell you not to call me boy I'm not ten, second I wish you'd try." Zane said

Zane started to walk towards the gate again but was stopped when a bolt of lightning landed in front of him. Zane turned around an saw that Ororo's eyes were white an the bolt came from her hands. Seeing this Zane started to speak again.

"Okay you guys want to fight I'll fight don't say I didn't warn you" Zane said

"What's a newbie like you going to do. You probably don't even know how to control your powers." the roughed man said

"I'll show you control" Zane said

Zane pulled his necklace out an released the full extent of his magic. Zane took to the sky with his staff in hand. He stayed in the air an created two circles in the air in front of him, when he finished he snapped his fingers an the two circles became spheres. Zane pointed down to Ororo an the other man. The spheres traveled at astounding speed that Ororo an the other man could not get away. Once trapped in the sphere Zane floated back to ground in front of them an walked up to the man.

"So what do you think of my control" Zane said. The man growled at Zane. "so do you want to tell me your name or do I have to find it out for my self"

"in this school you are not to use telepathic powers on anyone to gain information" Ororo said

"I wasn't going to do that I have other ways of getting information" Zane said

Zane snapped his fingers an created a card in front of the mans face. The card flew through the sphere an landed in Zane's hand. Zane then started to read the information on the card out loud.

"name Logan AKA wolverine, powers advance healing ability, enhanced senses, an adimatium skeleton which allows for claws to produce from his hands height 6'1" weight 200 lbs" Zane said

Zane finished reading the card an looked at Logan curiously.

"So do you have a last name" Zane asked. Logan only growled. "guess not"

Zane turned around to leave but was caught face to face with the professor. Zane heard Ororo an Logan gasp an ask how he was able to stand.

"I want to thank you Zane. It has been so long since I was able to stand. Jean has something to say to you." the professor said

Jean walked up to Zane, but Zane didn't want to look at her an he turned around. Jean put her hand on Zane's shoulder, then she started to talk.

"I'm sorry Zane. I hope you can forgive, I thought that you were attacking the professor. You have to understand that I thought that you were attacking the professor. I would do any thing to protect the professor, I've been with him since I was little. He is like a father to me." Jean said

"I want to ask you something jean. What did you see me doing when you found me?" Zane said. But before Jean could say anything Zane started to speak again. "I was protecting a friend from harm, I would think that proves that I wouldn`t hurt anyone. But just to prove that I won`t harm anyone I'll set them free" Zane said pointing to Logan an Ororo still in the spheres.

Zane snapped his fingers an the spheres disappeared. Then he turned around an started to walk to the gates of the mansion. Jean, the professor an half the school came running towards Zane. The students gasped when they saw the professor standing. The boy that tried to stop John from attacking me stepped forward an started talking.

"Professor how are you standing, I thought that no mutant or scientist could heal you." the guy said

"It was a mutant but they didn't use their mutant power to heal me, Bobby." the professor said

"Who did heal you an how did they do it without a mutant ability." Bobby said

"It was this young man right here" the professor said pointing to Zane. "An as to how he did it I would like to know also. So Zane can you please tell us how you did it."

"you know I used my magic to heal your legs" Zane said

"Magic that ridiculous. There is no such thing as magic." john said

"Do you want proof doubter" Zane said pointing at john "I will show you proof. Come here."

John slowly walked towards Zane wondering what Zane was going to do.

"okay tell me what you want most john" Zane said

"well I want to be able to create fire without the need of a lighter or a fire already made" John said

"fine then I will give you what you wish." Zane said

With that said Zane lifted his staff to the sky an made a circle to surround John. John started to look around at the circle around him an watched as it formed a wall around him. Zane stuck the staff in the ground an sat Indian style on the ground. He then focused on john an with his magic started to reconstruct johns x-gene. Zane remade the x-gene so that john could start fires on his on. Everyone stared in awe when they saw the sight in front of them. Swirls of white light came from inside of Zane an jumped into John. When Zane was finished he retreated back to his body an looked at John. Zane waved his hand the wall disappeared.

"So why don't you try your new power out now" Zane said

"Okay what do I do." John said

"Just think of creating a fire an do it" Zane

"Okay lets see" John said

John held out his hand an pointed it at Zane. Then a stream of fire came out straight towards Zane. People gasped but Zane didn't flinch he simply but quickly lifted his hand an blocked the attack with his telekinesis.

"I gave you this power, I can take it all away an leave you with nothing." Zane said

"You wouldn't dare." John said

"Try it again an see what happens." Zane said

Not wanting his new power to be taken away John backed away. Then Zane looked around an saw the students looking at Zane weirdly.

"What are guys looking at." Zane said

"Well that could be your mutant power. You could be able to change the abilites of mutants" Bobby said

"I assure you that my mutant powers are psionic in nature. I could give you further proof, but that would have to wait because someone is coming. An I don`t think there friendly." Zane said

"All students back into the school. X-men get ready." the Professor said

As the students ran back to the school only four of them remained. All that was left outside was Zane, Jean, the Professor, Logan, Ororo, Bobby, John, a girl with a streak of white hair, an a guy that had white wings an no shirt.

"Zane I think it be wise if you went inside to." the Professor said

"That's okay I`m fine right here I can help fight" Zane said

"Look bub I think you should listen to the Professor" Logan said

"Dude chill I`m fine I can handle myself " Zane said

"Whatever just try not to get killed" Logan said

All of a sudden a helicopter appeared an landed on the mansion grounds an out of it stepped six people that Zane recognized. Magneto, Mystique, Scarlet witch, Quicksilver, Toad, an Sabertooth.

"We've come for the boy." Magneto said pointing to Zane.

"Why do you want me I`m not special." Zane said

"Do not lie we know of all of your abilities even your magical abilities." Mystique said

"So you want me then, come get me." Zane said

"Toad, Sabertooth get him." Magneto said

When that was said Toad jumped into the air straight at Zane. Zane looked at Toad an put his hand up an held him in place. While that was happening Sabertooth was running towards Zane but Logan tried to interfere.

"No! If he wants me he has to get me." Zane shouted to Logan then pushed him out the way with his telekinesis. Then making a cage around the other mutants of the school so they would not interfere with Zane's fight.

Zane dropped Toad on the floor, an stood still while waiting for Sabertooth came at him. When Sabertooth was close to Zane he backed flipped to Toad an made several kunai's. Zane stuck one into Toads head an rendered him unconscious. Zane threw four at Sabertooth an hit his stomach, giving him great pain but leaving no marks on his body. While Sabertooth was on the ground clutching his stomach Zane ran up to him an stabbed him in the head driving him to go unconscious.

"Useless fools Scarlet witch, Quicksilver bring him to me." Magneto said

"Gladly father" Scarlet witch

"oh a witch maybe I can test my magic against hers." Zane said

Quicksilver ran towards Zane an started to run in circles around him causing the air inside to leave the area. Zane started to have trouble breathing looking down Zane saw that he still had his bracelet on. He quickly touched the earth jewel an created a small pyramid around him large enough for him to stand in. Inside the pyramid Zane started to think on how he was going to defeat Quicksilver, an Scarlet witch. Outside the pyramid Ororo was trying to protect the pyramid from Quicksilver an Scarlet witch by using her powers to keep them away from the pyramid. Scarlet witch was attacking the pyramid with her hex spheres making cracks in the pyramid. While the others were looking at the pyramid a bright light started to shine through the cracks of the pyramid, then the pyramid burst open an out came two Japanese style dragons. One white dragon an one black dragon flying straight into the sky. In the middle the rubble stood Zane with his staff in hand. The dragons started to swirl around till they landed next to Zane.

"Who are you." Zane asked

"We are your guardians. We protect you an the Book of Ages." The white dragon said

"Yeah but why come now." Zane asked

"Because you did not need us till now" The black dragon said

"Well could you guys take care of speedy there" Zane said pointing to Quicksilver "an I`ll take care of the witch " Zane said pointing to Scarlet Witch

"She is no witch, she is a regular mutant with hexing powers" the white dragon said

"Damn an I wanted to try my powers on another witch. Oh well guess I`ll take her out anyways." Zane said

Zane started to make his way towards Scarlet witch. While walking towards her, she started to make her hexing spheres an projected them towards Zane. Watching her make the spheres, Zane stuck his staff into the ground. The spheres came at Zane an before it hit him, Zane held them in place. Zane took the spheres an combined them into one big sphere, out of his right hand a beam of white light came out an hit the sphere changing the color from purple to green. Then Zane sent it back at Scarlet witch. Scarlet witch tried to get away but the green sphere followed her. Finally it caught up to her an she was surrounded by the green sphere she let out a scream an she went unconscious. Zane turned to see his guardian dragons finishing up with Quicksilver .

"So is that you have or do you want to fight me to." Zane said

"let me fight him Magneto" said Mystique

"no we will take our leave for now but we will be back for you." Magneto said

"Oh don`t forget your loser team of mutants " Zane said then picked them up telekinetically an tossing them in front of Magneto

Magneto used some sort of liquid metal an picked them an put them in the helicopter then they left. Zane released the mutants inside the cage. Then they ran towards Zane an started to talk to him but he was preoccupied with the dragons flying towards him.

"so what are you guys going to do now." Zane asked the dragons

"Whatever you want us to do master, we are here to serve you." the white dragon said

"As well as teach you. We have gift for you master." the black dragon said

The white an black dragon looked towards the sky an out of their eyes shot a ray of white an black white light an combined in the sky. Where the two lights converged a book appeared an floated down to Zane.

"That is the Book of Ages" the white dragon "within the that book are the most powerful spells in the world."

"That's very cool. I have another question where are going to stay. I'm gonna want you guys around to help me with the spells in this book." Zane said enthusiastically

"this is our true form. But we can change our size so we can accompany you anywhere to help protect you" the black dragon said. When that was said a gust of wind started to swirl around both dragons started to shrink till they were the size of small stuff animals. Zane bent down an picked up both dragons an put them on his shoulder.

"Here you guys can ride on my shoulders." Zane said

The others all watched as Zane talked to his dragons. Zane finished with his dragons an turned to the others. Zane looked at everyone wondering why they were staring.

"Um why are you guys staring at me." Zane said

"Lets see first off never put us in a cage when Magneto is around you could have been killed an second what the hell are those things." Jean said pointing to the dragons on Zane's shoulders.

"Oh these guys well their my guardian dragons their here to protect me." Zane said

"If there dragons then were are their wings." John said

"The dragons your thinking about are American style. These are Japanese they have no wings, they use their own brand of magic to fly." Zane said

"Whatever dude" John said

"As exciting as that is Zane I would like to see you in my office." The professor said


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