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X-men Sorcerer

Chapter Four

Zane walked with the Professor to his office. Zane wondered what the Professor wanted to talk about. As they walked towards the Professor's office several students were in a group talking. As Zane passed they stopped him.

Girl-"That thing you did for John could you do it for others?"

Zane -"I could but I will not do it for those seeking power."

Zane continued to walk with the Professor. Zane looked towards the Professor an saw that the Professor was looking at him. The Professor smiled an continued to walk to his office. When they reached his office the Professor told Zane to sit in a seat.

Professor-" First I would like to tell you that it was very irresponsible to cage us an to not let us help you."

Zane- "well I can tell you that if your teachers would have fought Magneto than they would have failed an I would be with them."

Professor- "how do you know that they would have been defeated."

Zane- "remember when I said someone was coming well that was part of my vision. I am precognitive."

Professor- "is that another mutant power or your magic"

Zane- "it comes with my magic. If I had not interfered this place would be destroyed."

Professor- "well that doesn't matter now, what's down is down. I have a proposition for you. I would like you to join an elite team of mutants to defend the world from evil mutants an evil people. What do you say?"

Zane- "that would be cool what do I have to do."

Professor- "well first you meet the other mutants on the team. When introductions are done you will put in the danger room to see how well you work together. Then you will need to make up a codename one that describes you and one that is original."

Zane- "Well I'll go an think of a codename. Can I talk to you later?"

Professor- "Yes you can meet me by the grand staircase in the foyer at 6 o'clock."

Zane- "Okay see you then"

Zane walked out the Professor's office an started to walk outside. Zane looked outside an saw a clearing were he could be alone. Zane started to walk towards the woods. Zane walked in the woods an kept walking until he made it to the clearing. Zane sat on the ground and took the dragons off his shoulder an placed them on the ground.

Zane- "So what do you guys think my codename should be."

White Dragon- "Well it should reflect your powers"

Black Dragon- "But he has two different types of powers, his mutant an magic."

Zane- "How about I have a codename that reflects my magic that way it will be original."

Black Dragon- "That is a very good idea and I may have a name that would work for you."

Zane- "Well why don't you tell me."

Black Dragon- "How about you take the name Paladin."

Zane- "What is a Paladin."

White Dragon- "A Paladin is a champion fighting for a cause. In ancient times a Paladin was also some one who practiced magic an used it to help protect people."

Zane- "That is a perfect name. Now all I have to do is wait till 6. I guess while I wait I could look at the book that you guys gave me. But first I want to give you guy's names. Is that okay"

White Dragon- "You can call us what you want to."

Zane- "I'll name you Yue (white dragon) an I'll name you Dagon (black dragon).

Yue- "Why the name Yue an Dagon."

Zane- "Well Yue is the name of a guardian in my favorite manga Card Captor Sakura. An Dagon is a name I heard when I was little and fell in love with."

Yue- "Master we need to teach you some basic things about the Book of Ages. There is one spell that we think that will be useful to you. You will be able to use the elements when you need them."

Dagon- "The spell is a kind of transformation; it gives you extra power but only for a limited time. There are five different stages that you can transform into."

Yue- "They are the element transformation. You can transform into a fire, water, earth, or wind master. Just by saying the element you want to use then saying transformation"

Dagon- "The last stage is the twilight transformation. This stage combines the four elements and gives your magic a powerful boost."

Yue- "The only time you can use this form for is when you are in dire trouble. You have to be careful about using this form or you can die."

Zane- "Why would I die if I'm in that form?"

Yue- "The reason is simple. The magic that enters your body when you transform into that phase is so concentrated that if you get hurt your body would release the magic. The force that the magic is expelled could kill you. So you must use that transformation only in dire emergency."

Zane- "Wow that's intense. I've got to remember that. So I better get the Book of Ages."

Dagon- "You don't have to go get just call it here."

Zane- "So how do I do that."

Yue- "Just think of the Book it'll come to you."

Zane held out his hands an thought of the book. Lights started to appear in in his hands and the book appeared in his hands.

Zane- "Wow now that was cool"

Zane studied the book until it was time to meet the professor. Zane emerged from the forest and made his way back the mansion. In the mansion the Professor was waiting for Zane. The Professor told Zane to follow him to the elevator that he took earlier to the sub-basement. When they got to the sub-basement the Professor led Zane to a door next to the Danger Room.

Professor- "You have to get changed in here there is a training uniform in a locker for you. The locker has your name on it and has an electronic lock on it. You have to choose a combination and set your lock with it. Do not tell anyone your code. Go get ready an meet us in the Danger Room through the door at the other side of the locker room."

Zane walked into the locker room an found his locker at the back of the locker room. Zane programmed his locker combo to be his birthday. After dressing into the uniform provided he then went to mirror an looked at himself. The uniform was tight fitting to show off his swimmer body. The uniform covered Zane's entire body. The uniforms color is black and had long sleeves. It came with black boots. Zane walked out of the locker room and walked into the Danger Room. In the Danger Room people were waiting for Zane. All of the people in the Danger Room were wearing different types of uniforms. Zane's dragon was

Professor- "So time to make introductions. I want you guys to tell Zane you name, codename, powers and tell him something about yourself.

Robert Drake- "Hi my name is Robert Drake, but you can call me Bobby. My code name is Iceman. My power deals with ice I can freeze my body to make ice armor and I can freeze anything and make anything out of ice. I love to joke around an do pranks."

Zane thought that Bobby was kind of cute. Bobby stood at 5'11" and had the build of a swimmer. His eyes were so blue you could get lost in them. He had sandy blond hair, no facial hair.

Scott Summers- "Well you met me already. You already know my powers so we'll go on to the next person."

John St. Allerdyce- "Well I'm John St. Allerdyce, my codename is Pyro. My powers pertain to fire I can manipulate fire an now thanks to you I can make fire now."

A couple people gasped because they did not know how it happened. John had dark blond hair and was growing a beard. His body type was slim an a little ripped.

Marie- "Hi I'm Marie but everyone calls me Rogue. My power is to absorb other people's energy and memories in the case of a mutant I gain their abilities. Since I can't control my power I have to wear things that cover my all my skin. No one can touch my skin or they can get hurt."

Zane- "Wow that must suck."

Rogue simply shrugged her shoulders. Rogue had brown hair and a white streak in the front. She wore clothes that covered her entire body.

Betsy Braddock- "Well I am Betsy Braddock. My codename is Psylocke. My powers are Psionic blades, telekinesis, telepathy, immunity to telepathic assaults. My consciousness was merged with an assassin's body an I got her powers an she died in my body."

Betsy was a pretty woman she was slim and had purple hair. Zane thought that she was the coolest looking out of all of them.

Logan- "Well you know about me cause you used your magic get the info so I don't have to say anything."

Emma Frost - "Let see my name is Emma Frost. I'm a very powerful telepath and I can change my skin into a diamond skin."

Emma looked like a very high class woman. She wore a lot of white a looked like a total bitch.

Professor- "Well you already know Jean an Ororo." Jean an Ororo waved at Zane. "There are other members of the X-men an you will meet them later. So let's start with the practice. First we will test Zane's ability to work alone an then we will see what he's like at working together. Let's begin with the Maze program."

When the Professor said this everyone started to walk towards different places in the Danger Room. All of a sudden walls started to appear around Zane closing him away from everyone else.

Professor- "Zane your mission is to make you way out of the maze. The others will try to stop you they can use any means to stop you except to kill and the same goes for you. Are you ready?"

Zane- "Ready as I'll ever be."

Professor- "Ready begin."

Zane walked into the maze. As he continued to walk he thought he heard some thing around him. But every time he saw no one. Finally out of the corner of his eyes he saw something being thrown his way out of a shadow. Zane sidestepped an watched it fly by an stick in the wall. Zane walked up to the wall and he saw that it was a ninja star.

Zane- [So someone likes to use ninja tools. I wonder who it could be though.]

While Zane was thinking Betsy appeared out of a shadow behind Zane an was getting ready to throw more ninja stars.

Zane- "Do you honestly think that hitting me behind my back is a smart idea."

Betsy- "Wait how did you know I was here."

Zane- " The reflection from the ninja star. You know you really shouldn't use shiny one."

Betsy- "Really."

Zane- "Yup well gotta go. I have to find my way out."

Betsy- "Sorry I can't let you go."

Zane- "Wanna bet. Now you see me, now you don't."

Zane vanished in a gust of wind then reappeared behind Betsy.

Zane- "Boo"

Betsy- "What the hell. Very good but I can disappeared too.

Betsy jumped into the nearest shadow an vanished.

Zane- [So she can shadow step. I've always wanted to meet someone other then my teacher who could shadow step. Guess I'll have to find her.]

Zane snapped his fingers an his clothes changed into a ninjas. Zane's new out fit covered his entire body an all that could be seen was his eyes. The color was black an tight fitting. Zane walked up to a shadow an stepped through it. On the other side of the maze Bobby was walking up an down the exit.

Bobby- [Why do I always get stuck guarding the exit. There's never any action here. It's not like any of the newbie's ever make it this far.]

All of a sudden out of a shadow Betsy came flying out. Bobby ran over to Betsy to check on her.

Bobby- "Are you all right Betsy."

Betsy- "I'm fine. I underestimated him. I thought that he couldn't follow me through shadows."

Zane- "Did you really think you were the only one that could shadow step." Zane said as he stepped out of the shadow that Betsy was thrown out of. "It was a good thing that I followed you first cause now I see my way out."

Betsy- "You have to stop him Bobby. Just hold him off till the others come. I've already called for them."

Zane- "Crap! I only wanted to face off against a couple people. Guess I'll have to beat you first."

Bobby- "I won't be easy to take down."

Zane- "Is that so. Why is that."

Bobby- "Well you don't know very much about me."

Zane- "That's okay I'll still take you down. Get ready cause here I come."

Zane ran towards Bobby an had several metal kunai's ready. Zane jumped into the air an launched the kunai's at the same time Bobby sent a volley of ice spikes aimed at Zane. The ice spikes knocked the kunai's out of the air. Zane then landed behind Bobby.

Zane- "I like the way you use your powers. I know yours but do you know mine.

Bobby- [Shit! The Professor didn't tell us his powers. All he said was that he was special.] "No I don't"

Zane- "Why don't I introduce them to you."

Zane levitated the kunai's that were on the ground an surrounded Bobby. Then as quickly as Bobby could he covered himself in an ice armor.

Zane- "That's pretty cool. I could do the same thing but mine looks better."

Bobby- "Right" he said sarcastically

Zane then had the kunai's hit Bobby, but Bobby's ice armor didn't even let the kunai's hurt him.

Zane- "That's a pretty strong armor. I wonder if it could stand up to these."

Zane made two psionic swords appear, then he took a fighting stance. Bobby made a ice sword an then took a fighting stance too. Bobby was the first to go on the offensive. Bobby swung his sword down but Zane blocked it with one of his swords then swung the other sideways to strike Bobby, but he jumped out of the way before he could get hit. Now it was time for Zane to go on the offensive. Zane swung one sword down while the other went sideways. One of the swords hits Bobby in the chest an Bobby fell backwards on his ass. Zane then saw the others come to Bobby's aid an surrounded Zane.

Zane- "Shit"

Scott- "You might as well give up right now. You will never win against all of us."

Zane- "Well I did already win against you but I think I'll give fighting all of you a chance."

Scott went first an let out an optic blast but Zane held it off with his telekinesis. Then Jean tried to get into Zane's head.

Zane- "No I won't let you in. There is to many secrets that I can't let out."

Zane struggled to keep Jean from entering his mind an keep Scott's optic blast from hitting him. Zane was getting a headache from trying to hold off both attacks.

Zane- "Enough"

Zane shouted then a telekinetic wave that knocked everyone down. Zane looked around an was surprised at what happened. People started to get up an dust themselves off. Out of the corner of his eyes Zane saw a fire ball coming towards him. Zane back flipped out of the way of the fire ball.

Zane- "That's it. Its time to end this. Magical Mimicry. Rotation Mimicry."

Zane started to spin around faster and faster till a green dome was spinning around him in sync with him. The green dome expanded till it knocked everyone 30 feet away. Zane stopped spinning an started to run towards the exit. At the end of the maze the Professor was waiting.

Professor- "Very good job Zane but did you need to knock everyone out."

Zane- " You did say that they were allowed to hurt me or kill me. So I knocked them out first before they could hurt me."

Professor- "Very well. Guess we'll have to take everyone to the med-bay till they wake up."

Zane- "Not necessarily Professor I could heal them."

Professor- "I don't want to strain you it is a lot of people."

Zane- "That's okay I can at least try. I did knock all of them out."

Professor- "If you want to go ahead."

Zane stood at the exit of the maze an raised his hands green lightning came out hitting everyone but Scott. Everyone that was hit with the green lightning glowed green. One by one they woke up, looking at Zane they wondered what he was doing. After everyone was healed Zane fell to the ground. Ororo an the Professor came to see if Zane was alright.

Ororo- "Are you okay Zane."

Zane- "I'm fine just a little tired."

Jean- "Zane why is Scott still unconscious."

Zane- "I was going to do something for him. Just to say that I was sorry for sending him to the Med-Bay earlier."

Jean- "Oh Okay"

Zane got up an walked towards Scott. Zane kneeled by Scott's head an placed his hands on Scott's visor. Jean was going to say something but Zane held his hand up to silence him. Zane took off Scott's visor placed it on the ground next to him. Next Zane held his hands over Scott's eyes. Green energy gathered in the palm of his hands. Zane let the energy flow from his hands into Scott's eyes. Scott's eyes glowed green then the color disappeared. Scott opened his eyes then shut them quickly.

Scott- "Someone hand me my glasses or my visor."

Zane- "Scott its okay to open your eyes."

Scott- "No its not. My power will blow a hole through the Sub-Basement."

Zane- "Your power is now under your control. I healed your eyes. Think of this as my way of apologizing. Trust me Scott you can open up your eyes."

Scott slowly opened his eyes an sat up. He looked around an set his on Jean. He ran towards Jean an took her face in his hands an kissed her.

Scott- "Jean what color are my eyes."

Jean- " Their brown honey."

Scott- "I've waited a long time to know that."

Scott looked back towards Zane an saw him walking the other way direction. Zane then bumped into a wall. Scott walked over to Zane.

Scott- "Are you alright Zane."

Zane- "I'm fine."

Scott- "Then why don't you look at me."

Zane- "I'm trying to go change my clothes."

Zane tried to walked away but Scott grabbed his arm an Zane tried to get away. Then Scott turned him around. Everyone gasped when they saw Zane eyes glazed over.

Zane- "I'm fine really."

Scott- "How can you say that your fine, your blind. Is this because you healed my eyes."

Zane- "In a way yes but they should have gotten better by now."

Professor- "Did this happen when you healed my legs."

Zane- "Yes, that's why I kneeled in front of you. I knew what was going to happen. But the reason you didn't see my state was because I was thrown out the control room by Jean. They were healed while I was flying through the air."

Professor- "So when you heal someone you inherit the state that the body was in."

Zane- "Yes. Like in Scott's case. If he was a regular human he would be blind, but because his powers make him able to shoot his optic blast from his eyes, so he really did not go blind."

Suddenly Zane's started to glow green an kept getting brighter. Then Zane's eyes dimmed an his eyes were back to normal.

Zane- "See all better."

Professor- "Seeing as everyone is all better I have a mission for a couple of you. Jean, Bobby, an Zane come with me."

Jean, Bobby an Zane walked with the Professor out of the Danger Room an into another room. The sign over the room said War Room.

Professor- "Please sit." He said pointing to some chairs. "I'm sending you L.A. to bring back a new mutant. He just came into his powers today. I had to track him down. This is a picture of him."

Zane- "Oh my god. That's Matt Dallas."

Professor- "You know who he is."

Zane- "Of course."

Bobby- "Who's Matt Dallas."

Zane- "Shut up, you don't know who Matt Dallas is." Bobby nodded no "You kidding right. He plays Kyle on Kyle XY. Man he is so sexy."

Bobby- "Wait your gay."

Zane- "Didn't I mention that earlier."

Jean- "No you didn't."

Zane- "Guess I forgot to mention that, but who cares."

Professor- "It doesn't matter. In this school we teach students tolerance. Lets us continue. You will be taking the black hawk. So be careful we don't know what his powers are. Jean please take Zane to get a uniform an to get his codename."

Zane- "That won't be necessary. I can make my own uniform an I already have my codename picked out."

Professor- " I really must insist that we give you a uniform. They are designed to give you some sort of protection from attacks. Its pretty much a flexible armor."

Zane- "Well all I was going to do was copy the material an just make a uniform with my own little flair."

Professor- "Well I guess that would be okay. Would like to do that now."

Zane- "Sure."

Zane touched the star around his neck an a star formed on the floor. The star started to rise an Zane's clothes changed. Zane's ninja clothes changed into his uniform. His boots were black with a white stripe on the side. Zane's shirt an pants were black too an had a white stripe going down the side. On Zane's right side of his pants a pouch was their holding kunai's ready to be used. Zane's costume was tight but not tight enough to where he could not move. On Zane's belt their was a silver X an on his chest their was an X too.

Zane- "So how do I look?"

Jean- "You look fine now come on we have to go."

Professor- "Wait before you go Zane I need your codename."

Zane- "Oh okay I chose the codename Paladin."

Professor- "A very fitting name. Ok you may go now."

Jean led Zane an Bobby out of the War Room an to the elevator. When they got in the elevator Jean pressed a button an a voice was heard.

Elevator- "Name, codename, an access code."

Jean- "Jean Grey, codename Phoenix, access code JGP-0324"

Elevator- "Access Granted."

The elevator started to move then came to a stop. When Zane stepped out of the elevator he stared in awe at the sight before him. Their in the hanger was three air crafts. Their were two identical high tech jet an a high tech helicopter. There was a big space as if for a fourth air craft was suppose to go there.

Zane- "So what's suppose to go there." he said pointing to the empty space.

Bobby- "The X Jet goes there. Its I bigger version of the two smaller ones over there." Bobby said pointing to the two smaller jets on the side.

Zane- "Wow that's cool."

Jean led them to one of the smaller jets an they all got in. When Zane got inside the jet he was surprised at the amount of technology that was onboard. Jean an Bobby sat in the two front seats an Zane sat behind them. Jean started up the jet an the roof opened up. The jet lift off the ground vertically an then they were off to LA.

Zane- "Bobby I sense that you have something you want to say to me."

Bobby- "How do you know."

Zane- "The same way I can tell that Jean has something to ask me too."

Jean put the jet into auto pilot an turned around in her seat.

Jean- "Because he's a telepath. There is something that I want to ask. You don`t mind if I do ask do you."

Zane- "No I don't mind at all."

Jean- "Well what was that attack that you used to beat us all in the danger room."

Bobby- "Yeah that was pretty cool, I think I've seen it before."

Zane- "You probably have. Have you ever watched Naruto." Bobby nodded yes. "Well that was Neji's rotation attack. The spell I cast was that a mimicry. Which means that anything that I've seen a can mimic perfectly. Kind of like this. Magical Mimicry. John Mimicry."

A flash of bright light appeared an their in front of Jean an Bobby was a perfect replica of John St. Allerdyce.

Bobby- "That's very cool."

Jean- "So you can mimic anything."

Zane- " Sure can."

Zane, Jean, an Bobby talked for about an hour an a half before arriving in LA. Jean landed the jet in a open clearing outside of LA. Jean, Zane, an Bobby exited the jet an set out to find Matt Dallas.

Zane- "So how are we suppose to find Matt Dallas."

Jean- "Well the Professor gave me directions to his house."

They walked into the city an took a cab to Matt Dallas's house. On their way there Jean told them what they were going to say to him. Ten minutes later they arrived at his house. They exited the cab an walked up to the house. They noticed that the front door to the house was kicked opened. The three of them got ready to attack if the need be. As they walked into the house they heard noises in the back yard. The team ran to the back yard to encounter Matt being attacked by a man in a black robe and a black staff with a red jewel on top of it. The man stood at 6'. He had a scar on his cheek.

Zane- "Hey what are you doing to him." the looked up an looked at Zane

Man- "Ah Zane so good to see you again."

Bobby- "Do you know that man."

Zane- "Yes I do. He was my teacher, he taught me the basics of magic. Why have you come here Magus."

Magus- "I've come to get the air elemental. He his part of my plan to take over this world."

Zane- "Why are you doing that. You taught me that doing evil is the worst thing that a sorcerer could do."

Magus- "I have seen the errors of this world an I will right them. There is nothing you can do. I only taught you little things."

Zane- "I have my own powers."

Zane held out his hands an used his powers to make a bow an arrow appear with his psionic weapons powers. Zane took aim an shot the arrow at Magus. Magus simply waved his hands an used his magic to brush the arrow away. The arrow hit a tree an then disappeared.

Magus- "So Zane you're a mutant."

Zane- "Got a problem with that."

Magus- "I should have known that you were a mutant. I could feel your presence coming from a mile away."

Zane- "Jean, Bobby take Matt to the jet. I'll deal with Magus."

Jean- "I don't think that's a good idea."

Zane- "just do as I say. He could kill you if you not careful. I have to concentrate so I could get you guys home safely."

Zane started to use the water that was in the pool an brought it towards him. The water was flowing around Zane like it was alive. Zane waved his hand towards Magus an spikes of water flew at him. When they got close Zane froze them so they would hurt more. Magus tried to get out of the way but one clipped him in the shoulder. As he spun he slipped on some ice that Bobby put there with his powers. As Magus fell Jean pulled Matt towards her with her telekinesis.

Zane. "Now you guys have to go I'll hold him off."

Bobby- "We can't go without you the Professor..."

Zane- "Will you just go. I'll catch up with you when I can."

Jean took Bobby an Matt in her arms an flew away with them towards the jet. Zane bit both of his thumbs till there was blood coming out. Zane swiped the blood on the wall behind him.

Zane- "Magical Summoning."

Two circles appeared an Zane's two dragons appeared.

Yue- "What can we do for you master."

Zane- "We need to keep him busy so the others can get away." pointing to Magus.

Dagon- "We will do as you say master."

The dragons flew at Magus an started to attack him.

Magus- "So you want to play the summoning game. I'll play too."

Magus reached in his robe an pulled out a card.

Magus- "This should look familiar to you Zane you use to play this when you were little."

Magus threw the card into the air above him an pointed his staff at it. Out of the staff a red beam of light came out an hit the card. The card transformed into a white dragon with blue eyes.

Zane- "You have got to be shitting me. You fucking summoned a blue eyes white dragon. That's a fucking Yu-Gi-Oh card."

Magus- "Well you have fun. I will be back to get the air elemental."

Magus tapped his staff on the ground an disappeared in a puff of smoke. The blue dragon started to attack Zane an his dragons.

Zane- "Do you guys think that you can keep that thing busy."

Dagon- "Of course master."

As the dragons fought amongst themselves Zane summoned his book magic book. Zane searched the book for a way to destroy the blue eyes white dragon before it destroyed the city. Then Zane came upon a page that he thought could be useful. Zane made the preparations for the spell.

Zane- " I hope that this works. Heavens Charm."

Zane lifted his hands towards the sky an a green circle appeared. Out of the circle appeared a gold bow an landed in Zane's left hand. In the other a green arrow landed in it. Zane docked the arrow an took aim at the dragon. Zane let go of the arrow and it went soaring through the air till it the blue eyes white dragon in the heart. The dragon disappeared and all that was left was the card used to summon it. Zane aught the card in the air an looked at it, then it burst into flames an Zane let it drop to the floor. Zane felt a little dizzy an fell to the floor. Zane's dragons flew down to him an picked him up an flew to where Jean an Bobby were.

Jean- "I hope he's okay. We should never have left him alone."

Bobby- "He knew what he was doing. He's probably on his way back right now."

Jean- "I hope your right."

Bobby- "Look Jean that's probably him riding his dragons right now."

As the dragons got closer Jean gasped at the sight of Zane in their arms. The dragons landed an laid Zane on the ground in front of Jean.

Bobby- "Oh my god is he dead."

Yue- "No he fainted after using a spell that was too powerful for him to use this early in his training. He will wake up shortly. Tell our master to summon us when he gets back to the mansion so we can explain what happened to him."

Dagon- "Till we meet again. Farwell."

The dragons faded away till they couldn't be seen anymore. Jean picked Zane up with her powers an carried him onto the jet an laid him on one of the seats in the back. Jean walked to front of the jet an got the jet in the air an headed back home. In the back Zane was glowing green. Zane opened his eyes an saw that he was back on the jet. Zane stood up an walked to the front of the jet where everyone else was.

Bobby- "Look Jean he's awake."

Jean turned around in her seat an got up an hugged Zane.

Jean- "I'm glad that your okay."

Matt- "Thank you for saving me from that madman."

Zane- "It's quite alright. He never used to be like that. I wonder what made him change. So Matt you're an air elemental."

Matt- "I guess so. I've noticed weird things happening to me. Like when I move my hand I feel a strong gust of wind after wards. Or when I get mad the wind starts to act up."

Zane- "Well I can teach you how to use your powers. If you'd like."

Matt- "You can control the wind too. When I saw you back there I thought that you could control only water."

Zane- "Well not really. My mutant powers are telepathy, telekinesis, an I can make psionic weapons. I'm also a sorcerer."

Matt- "you must be really strong."

Zane- "Not strong enough to stop my former teacher."

Matt- "that's not true you stopped him from kidnapping me. An for that I'm thankful."

Zane- "well your welcome." he blushed. "well this is Jean an that's Bobby" pointing to them.

Matt- "So what are you powers."

Bobby- "Well I can freeze things an make ice when ever I want."

Jean- "I have telepathy an telekinesis."

Matt- "Those are really cool powers."

The rest of the ride home was pretty quiet. Once they got to mansion they landed the plane they were greeted by the Professor. Jean explained to the Professor about what happened.

Professor- "Well if you guys are hungry the kitchen is open."

Zane- "Hey Jean if your hungry I can make you that dinner that I promised you."

Jean- "That would be great. What are you going to make."

Zane- "Whatever's in the kitchen. You guys are more then to welcome to join us."

Matt- "Thanks I would love to."

Bobby- "I'll come to."

Zane- Will you be joining us too Professor."

Professor- "No I'm sorry I already ate. Maybe another time."

Zane- "Sure you just tell me when and I'll do it."

Professor- "Thank you."

Zane- "You guys can meet me in the kitchen in about two hours. Matt you can come along if you want."

Matt- "Sure."

Zane led Matt to the kitchen while the others changed out of their uniforms. When Zane reached the kitchen he turned the lights on. Zane snapped his fingers an his clothes changed in that of a chef. Black chef coat and black pants an shoes.

Matt- "That was cool how did you do that."

Zane- "I just used my magic."

Matt- "Oh sweet."

Zane went the fridge and looked in the freezer. Zane took out a package of boneless chicken breast. Zane then went a cupboard and took out a container full of rice. Zane took out other ingredients to use. Zane started to cook but at the same time he started to sing.

Zane- "It was so easy then

We were the best of friends

Those days were innocent

So beautiful and kind

You held my little hand

Till I became a man

It must have been so hard

To watch me leave your dreams behind

But beliefs were made to do

Dividing those with different views

But I believe that love is big

Enough to cross the great divide

I'm trying to build this bridge

And close the distance

Before time gets away

Your finally trying to do this and

I like thinking maybe

Were okay

There's no one here to blame

Just an unfamiliar thing

It's not important to that

You see thing that are eye to eye

I wanna laugh with you

Hear what your going through

Know your hand before the joy that's in my life

So I'll do what I know to do

Stay with you an talk it through

Cause I don't think any one of us

Wants to be a stranger anymore

I'm trying to build this bridge

And close the distance

Before time gets away

Your finally trying to do this and

I like thinking maybe

Were okay

And I'm not going anywhere

My love for you is always there

And love is still the greatest truth

An love is what will get us through


I'm trying to build this bridge

And close the distance

Before time gets away

Your finally trying to do this and

I like thinking maybe

Were okay

I'm trying

Maybe were okay

I'm trying

Oh maybe were okay

I'm trying

Maybe were okay.

As Zane finished singing he turned around an saw Matt staring at him.

Zane- "Why are you staring at me."

Matt- "Oh My bad. It's just that your voice is so mesmerizing. I just couldn't stop."

Zane- "That's okay."

Matt- "So what was that song you were singing."

Zane- "It's We're Okay by Levi Kreis. It's one of my favorite songs ever. Its about a gay guy telling his mom that he's sorry that he become the son that she wanted him to be. Its really great. You want to see the video."

Matt- "Sure it sounds cool."

Zane held out his hands an his laptop appeared in his hands. He longed onto the computer an went on youtube.com. He typed in We're okay an clicked on the first video that popped up. They waited a couple seconds till the video loaded, then pressed play. While Matt watched the video, Zane finished cooking. Just as the video ended Jean, Bobby, and Ororo walked in the kitchen.

Ororo- "What are you guys watching."

Zane- "Well he was watching a music video on youtube, while I finished cooking."

Jean- "What video were you watching."

Zane- "Were okay by Levi Kreis."

Bobby- "I'm not surprised he's an independent artist. Would you guys like to watch it."

Ororo- "Sure."

While they watched the video Zane got out plates and started to serve them food. After the video ended Zane picked up his computer an sent it back to his room.

Zane- "So how did you like the video."

Bobby- "It was kind of cool."

Jean- "I thought it was great."

Ororo- "Me too."

Matt- "I thought that it was very real. Like that really is about a real person."

Zane- "I kind of related it to my life."

Matt- "Wait so are you gay."

Zane- "yeah. So who wants eat. I made Spanish rice with baked chicken an steamed broccoli. An I made a very special dessert."

Matt- "So what's for dessert."

Zane- "I actually made a bunch of desserts. I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, pineapple upside-down cake. And for you chocolate lovers I made the best chocolate cake."

Bobby- "Why did you make so many desserts."

Zane- "Well before coming here I was going to go to Johnson & Wales to study Baking & Pastry."

Matt- "Well that's cool."

The rest of dinner was filled with conversation. Everyone was getting to know one another. After everyone finished eating dinner an dessert Zane stood up an started to take the dishes to the in kitchen.

Zane- "so does anyone want to help me do the dishes."

Matt- "I can help you."

Zane- "Thanks. I wash an you dry."

Matt- "Sure."

Zane an Matt walked into the kitchen an started to wash dishes. Zane was using his power over water to wash the dishes.

Zane- "Why don't you use you powers to dry the dishes."

Matt- "I'm not sure if I can control it."

Zane- "Yes you can. Just try an blow on it lightly."

Matt- "Okay I'll try."

Matt blew lightly on a plate an the air coming out dried the plate in seconds.

Zane- "See I told you, you could do it."

Zane an Matt continued to wash an dry the dishes with their powers after all the dishes were done an put away Zane turned around an at that moment Matt kissed him on the lips.


To be continued

I know that this is a weird place to stop but I wanted to get this out to the public. If you have any questions, comments or snide remarks just send them to syaoranlee007@gmail.com till next time so blessed be.