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X-men Sorcerer

Chapter Five

Zane turned around an Matt kissed him. Matt forced his tongue into Zane's mouth. Zane accepted the warm tongue. Zane massaged Matt's tongue with his own. All of a sudden Matt backed away.

Matt- "I'm sorry."

Zane- "That's okay it was really good."

Matt blushed when Zane said this.

Matt- "thanks."

Jean walked into the kitchen an scared Matt that his powers activated an sent a powerful blast of air towards Jean. Before it hit Jean, Zane jumped in front of Jean an put his hands together. The blast of air hit Zane's hands, but he split them apart an the blast disappeared.

Zane- "Maybe we should start training tomorrow."

Matt- "I think that would be best."

Jean- "well thanks for the save Zane. Now Matt if you could come with me I can show you to your new room."

Matt- "Okay."

Zane- "I'll see you tomorrow."

Matt- "Okay, see you."

Matt walked out of the kitchen and followed Jean to his new room. Zane walked out the kitchen after finishing cleaning and walked to his room. When Zane got to room he took out some clothes, a towel, then walked into the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a shower Zane laid on his bed wondering if the kiss with Matt meant anything. Zane fell asleep listening to his I-pod and wondering what the next day was going to hold.


Zane woke up at seven the next morning and got ready. Zane walked downstairs an into the kitchen. Zane didn't see a lot of people and wondered where the rest of the students were, so he telepathically contacted Jean.

Zane- Jean where is everyone

Jean- Some of the students are in the cafeteria having breakfast, others are getting ready for class.

Zane- Oh okay I'll just make myself some breakfast.

Jean- That's fine.

Zane then contacted Matt.

Zane- Matt wake up.

Matt- huh who's that.

Zane- It's me Zane. I'm speaking to you telepathically.

Matt- That's cool. What's up.

Zane- Well if you get dressed and meet me in the kitchen I'll make you some breakfast.

Matt- Zane I don't have any clothes to change into.

Zane- Well let me ask the Professor if I can take you shopping or take you to your house to get you some clothes. But for now why don't you wear these.

Zane's eyes glowed blue and in Matt's room appeared new clothes. The clothes on Matt's bed was a dark blue Nike sweat suit, a pair of black Nike shoes, black Calvin Klein underwear, and a black muscle shirt.

Matt- Cool outfit.

Zane- Glad you like it.

Matt- Forgot you can still talk to me.

Matt took a shower and got dressed, then met Zane in the kitchen.

Zane- What do you want for breakfast.

Matt- Whatever you want to make.

Zane- Fine.

Ten minutes later Matt had a plate of scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and toast in front of him.

Matt- this looks good.

Zane- Hurry and eat, were going to go outside by the lake to train.

Matt and Zane ate in silence, when they were finished they put their dishes in the sink and Zane led Matt outside to the lake. Once they were by the lake Zane turned to Matt.

Zane- The style of martial arts I'm going to teach you is called Ba Gua. This style works well with air because the attacks are circular.

Matt- That's cool.

Zane grabbed the star from his around his neck, the star floated in between his hands above his hands.

Zane- Air transformation

The star started to glow bright white. Zane lowered the star to his chest still in between his hands. Zane's clothes changed from the original black sweat suit to a white version of his X-men uniform. Their were no X's on his new uniform and instead there was an outlined star on his chest.

Matt- Whoa, What was that.

Zane- Oh, I just transformed into my air form. It's so that I have a greater control over air. The first thing going to teach you is to manipulate the air around you.

The air around Zane started to pick up, then it collected in his hand. There in his hands was a swirling ball of air.

Zane- See its pretty easy once you learn it. Now you try.

Matt tried to get the air moving but couldn't do it.

Zane- okay maybe that was a little hard. I'll show you something easier. How about this, all you have to do is push the air with your hand forward, like this.

Zane pulled his hand back then thrusts it forward and a gust of air flew from it towards the lake. The gust made a tiny wave that made it's way towards the other side of the lake. Soaking some of the older students that didn't have class.

Zane- Sorry.

Zane shouting over the lake. Zane waved his hand and a couple of orbs flew out and went to the other side of the lake and covered the older students and dried them off.

Zane- So you wanna try.

Matt went up to the lake and tried to do the same thing as Zane. Matt successfully made a gust but not as powerful as Zane's.

Zane- See that was good try. Now all you have to do is focus even more.

Matt tried again and this time did the same thing as Zane.

Zane- See that was good.

After a couple of hours of training Zane got a telepathic message from Jean.

Jean- If you guys have worked up an appetite from training you guys can come in and have lunch.

Zane- Okay, Were Coming. Matt lets go inside and get some lunch.

Matt- Okay, I'm starving.

Zane- I'll race you back to the mansion.

Matt- You're on.

Matt started to run, Zane started to fly. Zane flew over Matt and waved goodbye.

Matt- Hey that's cheating. I'll get you.

Matt took to the air and tried to catch up to Zane. Zane landed on the on the stairs and waited. Matt landed on the steps and looked at Zane.

Zane- What.

Matt- You know what you cheated.

Zane - First off you need to chill out. Second I didn't saw that you couldn't use you powers. You just started running before I could finish talking. Well I better change to my normal clothes.

Zane waved his hand over the star on his chest. His clothes changed from the air uniform to the clothes he was wearing earlier. They both walked in to the mansion and walked into the foyer. Zane telepathically looked for a large group of people. Zane found several groups of people but decided to go look for the biggest group, Zane led Matt to the cafeteria. When they arrived at the cafeteria, Marie waved them over to where to where she was sitting. Marie was sitting with Bobby and John. Marie took Matt and Zane to the lunch line and they all got food. They sat back down and started eating. While they were eating Marie started to asking Matt questions.

Marie- So Matt what are your powers.

Matt- I can manipulate the air around myself.

Marie- That's cool, how's your control over your power.

Matt- I don't know, why don't you ask Zane. He's the one training me.

Everyone was looking at Zane, but he was too busy thinking about the strange energy that was coming from Matt and John. Zane looked up and saw that everyone was staring at him.

Zane- What's up.

Marie- we asked Matt how his control over his powers was and he said to ask you.

Zane- Better then it was this morning.

John- How is it that your training Matt, didn't you just here a couple of days ago.

Zane- It's true that I started here a couple of days ago, but I've had my mutant powers since I was five and my magic helped me to control my mutant power.

Zane didn't realize that jean had walked up behind him until she put her hand on his shoulder.

Jean- Matt and Zane, the professor would like to see you guys in his office after lunch is over.

Zane and Matt both nodded. After Jean walked away, Zane stood up an started to walk away.

Matt- Hey were are you going.

Zane- I'm going to go talk to someone. I'll meet you in the foyer twenty minutes.

Matt- Okay.

Zane walked out of the cafeteria on his way to his room. As soon as Zane got to his room he bit his thumbs to make them bleed. He swiped the blood on the side of him on the floor.

Zane- Magical Summoning, Dragon Summoning.

Dagon and Yue appeared.

Dagon- How can we helped you Master.

Zane- Well I'm getting these strange energy's coming from Matt and John. I didn't get these feeling from John when I first met him, only after I changed his power did this feeling come out.

Yue- What do you mean you changed his power.

Zane- Well I really didn't change his power. He always had power over fire. It was like he was always meant to be able to create fire his own fire, but some thing happened to where he could only control it.

Yue- Can you describe the feeling you get when your around them.

Zane- Well I've only been around the both of them at the same time once. But it feels like when I use my magic, the energy that surrounds me.

Dagon- Maybe they have a connection to each other and to yourself.

Zane- maybe. I'll just have to keep a closer eye on them. Well I should go Matt is probably waiting for me downstairs.

Dagon- Until you need us again Master.

The dragons disappeared an Zane walked out of his room and walked downstairs to meet with Matt. Matt was waiting patiently at the foot of the stairs.

Zane- Ready to go.

Matt- Yep.

Zane led Matt to the Professor office.

Professor's Office

Jean- Professor I think Zane isn't telling as everything about himself. Earlier when I went to talk to him, he was telling Bobby, Marie, and John that he had his magical powers since he was five. Compared to the story that he told us before, it doesn't match up.

Professor- I do see your point Jean. When he gets here we'll talk to him . Which should be right now. Come in you two.

Outside the Professors Office

Before Zane even knocked on the door the Professor had already said for them to come in.

Zane- You wanted to see us.

Professor- Yes, we were just talking about you.

Zane- What about.

Professor- Well we wanted to know why the story you told us and the story you told John, Marie, and Bobby were different and why you didn't tell us you had a magical teacher.

Zane- Well until yesterday I didn't think I would see him again. Plus I didn't know that he would be evil.

Professor- Zane we need you to be honest with us. You need to tell us about him and the truth about your magic.

Zane- Okay, I'll tell you, but before I do. I would like you to have the rest of the X-men to come here.

Professor- Why would you want them to be here.

Zane- The same reason that I want Matt to stay here. If I'm going to tell you about my past I want anyone who is going to be affected to be here.

Professor- Okay I'll call them.

Zane waited a couple minutes before people started to show up. Once everyone had shown up the Professor started talking.

Professor- I know you guys are wondering why I asked you to come here. Zane here has something he wants to tell us.

Zane walked to the Professors desk, while the Professor walked to the side of his office.

Zane- Well I haven't been truthful about my past. First I wanna say that my mutant powers showed up when I was five.


A five year old Zane and his mother in the kitchen. Zane's mother was beautiful 5'11", 28 year old Puerto Rican woman, with long black hair, brown eyes.

Mom- Zane, honey were moving to Japan.

Zane- But why mommy.

Mom- Your dad's company transferred him their.

Zane- But what about my friends.

Mom- I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll make new friends in Japan.

Two months later in Japan. Zane is in school

Principal over intercom.

Principal- Will Zane Quinones please come to the office.

Zane arrived at the principals office and knocked on the door. The principal opened the door and told Zane to come in. Their were two people in the office.

Zane- So why was I called to the office.

Principal- Well this man right here would like to offer you a place at his school. His name is Toya Haruno

Zane- Why.

Toya- Well, because we at my school believe that you have a lot of potential.

Zane- But I'm nothing special.

Toya- Oh, But your wrong. You were top of your class in America and your top of your class here. So would like to attend.

Zane- I would like to but I'm going to have to ask my parents first.

Principal- We already asked and they said that the decision was yours.

Toya- Oh, and I have to tell you, if you go to our school your going to have to live there. You can visit your parents on the weekends and during vacations. I hope that doesn't change your mind much.

Zane- I think that maybe I will go.

Toya- Okay great. I will meet you at your house tonight. Were gonna have to leave tonight. So pack the things your gonna need.

Later that day.

Mom- I'm going to miss you honey.

Zane- Don't worry mom I can come visit you on the weekends an during vacation.

Dad- Don't worry about your mom she will be alright. Look son I know you'll do great in your new school.

There was a knock at the door, and Zane's mom went and opened the door. Standing in the door way was Toya Haruno.

Toya- Are you ready to go Zane.

Zane- Yep, just let me go get my stuff.

Zane ran upstairs and dot his bags and brought them down. Zane said his last goodbyes to his parents, Toya took Zane's bags to the car and put his bags in the trunk. Toya got in the drivers seat while Zane got in the passengers side. Toya turned on the car and pull out of the driveway. Out of the window Zane waved goodbye to his parents. Toya stopped the car twice on the way to the school to fill up on gas and to get food for Zane and himself.

Toya- Were about half an hour away from the school, but there is something I have to explain to you before we get there. When we get there things might be a bit strange.

Zane- How strange.

Toya- Well this school is no ordinary school. It's a for people with unique potential.

Zane- With what kind of potential.

Toya- The potential to do magic and become a great ninja.

Zane- Wait, I don't have the potential to become a ninja or do any magic. The only thing I'm good at is controlling my mutant powers. Oops.

Toya- It's okay Zane, we already know about your mutant powers. That just means you'll be a better ninja then the rest.

They pulled up to a three story house.

Toya- This is were you will your going to be staying here from now on. There are five other students staying here plus your teacher.

Toya took Zane inside and up the stairs to an empty room.

Toya- This is your room. Someone will be by in the morning to pick you up and take you on a tour of the school and the training areas. So take care.

Fast-Forward Ten Years

Sarutobi- It has been ten years since you came here Zane. You have surpassed all my other students. Today will be your first mission. You will go to Tsukiyomi Temple and report to the shrine maiden, her name in Lady Tsunade. She will tell you the rest of the mission.

Zane- Yes, master.

A woman is walking down a path in Tsukiyomi Temple, she stopped and looked around then continued to walk. The lady arrived at the door of a building.

Woman- If you were sent by Sarutobi you can come out.

Out of the shadows on the ground Zane came out kneeling in front of the woman.

Zane- Are you lady Tsunade.

Woman- Yes.

Zane- I am Zane.

Tsunade- Aren't you a little young to be taking on a mission like this.

Zane- I assure you I am more then qualified for this mission. I wasn't suppose to finish my training until I was twenty, but I top of my class and was able to finish earlier then all the rest.

Tsunade- Okay, Well I'm going to tell you the rest of the mission. Your mission is to protect something of great importance.

Zane- What is it.

Tsunade- Come with me, I'll show you.

Zane followed Tsunade through the doors of the main shrine building. Zane kept following Tsunade and made their way through a door to room that had a floating necklace in the middle of the room. (The necklace in the middle of the room was the one that Zane wears.)

Tsunade- Here in the Tsukiyomi Temple, there is a great power hidden here. For many years we have kept the power a secret. Every year we ask the Order of the Ryu to come help protect on this day.

Zane- What's so special about today.

Tsunade- Today is the day that the Tsukiyomi pendent will try to find it's new owner.

Zane- How the pendent find the owner.

Tsunade- It was foretold that when the owner is near, at midnight the pendent will start to resonate with the aura of the owner.

Zane- So how long will the pendent search for it's owner at midnight.

Tsunade- The process only last for five minutes. Many people have tried to steal the pendent during this crucial moment, but none have succeeded.

Zane- You don't have to worry about it today either. I'll have it under control. So have you put up any wards to protect it.

Tsunade- We have put some up, but not a lot.

Zane- That's okay, I'm going to get started. I will meet you back here in at 11:30 pm.

Zane spent most of the day preparing. At 11:30 Zane was at the door to the pendent room waiting for Tsunade. Tsunade came walking down the hallway in full shrine maiden garb.

Tsunade- So do you have everything ready.

Zane- Everything is in order. There are detection wards on the perimeter of the shrine. Then there are other wards in the pendent room to protect it to, plus other traps to guard it too. If you'll excuse me I will leave. I will be in the shadows so you can do whatever you need to.

At midnight Zane's detection barrier was set off. Zane showed up at by the east gate and saw a man sneaking through the woods of the shrine. Zane followed the man to see where he was going. When the man started to get close to the pendent room Zane made his appearance.

Zane- If you are here for the pendent you must leave or suffer the consequences.

The man stopped walking and turned around to face Zane.

Man- You will not stop me from getting what I want.

Zane- Then I will have to stop you.

Man- What are you going to do, your unarmed. You have nothing to protect yourself with.

Zane- Just cause you don't see my weapons doesn't mean that I am unarmed.

The man back-flipped and threw two smoke bombs at Zane. The smoke bombs exploded in front of Zane. When the smoke cleared the man was nowhere to be found. Then near the pendent room another detection barrier was set off. Zane jumped into a shadow and reappeared near the pendent room. Zane saw the man about to open the door to the pendent room. Zane made a kunai and threw it at the man. The kunai whizzed past the mans head and hit the wall. The man turned around and looked at Zane.

Zane- I told you to leave this place. Now you leave me no choice, but to force you to leave.

Man- Try it.

Zane made several kunai's and telekinetically lifted them in the air.

Man- So you're a mutant.

Zane- So what if I am. I still have to stop you.

Zane let all of the kunai's go and the man tried to get out of the way but was hit with a couple of the kunai's and he fell to the ground. The man got up and pulled out a piece of paper. The paper had some writing on it. The man put the piece of paper around the handle of a metal kunai and launched it at Zane. The kunai landed in front of Zane, and Zane just looked at it. The man put two fingers to his face and shouted Hi.(Pronounced He) Zane knew what was going to happen so he jumped forward over the kunai's before they exploded. When the explosion happened the man went through the doors into the pendent room. Zane followed the man in the room and saw that he was getting close to the pendent. Zane telekinetically threw the man against the wall. The man tried to get up but Zane would not let him.

Zane- All I have to do is keep you there for about another two minutes.

Zane looked back at the pendent to make sure that it was still safe. When Zane looked at it, it was glowing very bright color of red. Then Lady Tsunade came in and distracted Zane. That was the chance that the man needed to escape Zane's telekinetic. The man jumped up and went to grab the pendent. Right before he touched the pendent a barrier appeared protecting it.

Zane- You didn't think I would let the pendent be unprotected. I put the most powerful barrier I know around that. I'll make sure that you don't get the pendent ever.

Zane entered the mind of the man and made him go unconscious. He then took every memory of the man fighting Zane, the whereabouts of the pendent, and any thing to do with the pendent. He even erased the mans training of being a ninja. Turning to Tsunade who is still in the room.

Zane- When he wakes up were going to have to lie to him and tell him that we found him unconscious on the road and we brought him here.

Tsunade- So what did you do.

Zane- Wiped his memory of the pendent and anything to do with him being a shinobi.

Tsunade- Well that fixes that problem, but we have another.

Zane- What's the other problem.

Tsunade- The time is 12:15 and the pendent is still glowing.

Zane- I thought that it only lasted about five minutes.

Tsunade- It is. This must mean that the next owner is near, and since you're the only one here you must be the owner. Go up to it and see if you can touch it.

Zane- Okay.

As Zane got closer, Tsunade could see Zane's aura becoming visible, the color was blue. Zane's aura and the aura of the Tsukiyomi pendent started to pulsate in time with each other. Zane reached it out and grabbed the pendent. Once the pendent was in his hands it started glowing even brighter. The aura of the pendent mixed with Zane's aura turned into a gold one. Zane then saw a vision.


Man- Hello there Zane.

Zane- You can see me, and who are you.

Man- Why yes, and my name is Tsukiyomi Takomi. A long time ago I put a spell on the pendent so whoever was to get it next they would get a message from me. I must tell you something.

Zane- So what do you want to tell me.

Tsukiyomi- Well first you must not tell Sarutobi that you have this pendent. The magic that is within this pendent can only be controlled by you. No one else can control it. He will try to take the pendent away from you so you must leave this place.

Zane- But why would he try to take this away from me.

Tsukiyomi- Because he knows that you are the chosen one. He knows that you would be able to get the pendent.

Zane- Well I guess I could go back to America. I always wanted to go to a culinary college.

Back to Flashback

Tsunade- Zane what happened.

Zane- Well I had a vision. It was with Tsukiyomi Takomi.

Tsunade- You actually met Tsukiyomi Takomi. What did he say.

Zane- Well he basically said not to go back to the Order of the Ryu.

Tsunade- So what are you going to do.

Zane- I'm going to go back to America.

Tsunade- Well I wish you the best of luck.

Present Day

Zane- While I trained at with the Order f the Ryu I learned six different styles of fighting including Tai Chi, Hung Gar, Northern Shaolin, Ba Gua, Southern Praying Mantis, and Caporeira. I also learned to speak several different languages including French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Latin, and German. After I came back to America I went to Johnson & Wales, and I got my bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. When I finished college I went back home and that was when Jean and Ororo found me.

Professor- Thank you for telling us about your past. Does anyone have any questions.

John- What does Ryu mean. You said it a bunch of times but you haven't mentioned what it means.

Zane- Ryu is translated to mean dragon. So it's the Order of the Dragon.

Betsy- My Japanese history may be a little rusty but isn't the Order of the Ryu just a myth.

Zane- The Order of the Ryu is anything but a myth.

Zane lifted his shirt and waved his hand over his chest and on his peck there appeared a black dragon wrapped around

Professor- Everyone may leave now. Zane if you may stay I have something to ask you.

As everyone left people were whispering to each other. Zane knew that they were talking about and what he told them. As the last person left Zane turned around to face the Professor.

Professor- Well the real reason that we called you here wa sto tell you your mutant class. You are a class four in telepathy, telekinetic, and in psionic weaponry. We were going to test Matt but after learning this I'll move it to Friday.

Zane- Why can't we due this tomorrow.

Professor- Well tomorrow the rest of the X-men are coming home, and the second reason I called you here was to ask if you can do me a favor.

Zane- It depends on the favor.

Professor- Well I was wondering if you can make dinner for the returning X-men. They have been gone for over two weeks and it's been a while since they had a good meal.

Zane- That's cool, I'll do it. But I kind of have a favor as well. If I may ask a favor in return.

Professor- Within reason.

Zane- Well it's kind of two favors. The first is when you test Matt could I be the one to fight him and could you invite John to fight too.

Professor- I don't see why not, but could you tell me why you want John there.

Zane- I think that him and Matt are some how connected when their together I feel a weird mystical energy emanating from the both of them. The danger room is the perfect place to test out my theory.

Professor- Well okay then. What's the second favor.

Zane- Well I would like to go into the city an gather some groceries to make dinner.

Professor- That's fine would you like to borrow one of the school cars.

Zane- Thanks that would be perfect.

Professor- But you have to take one of the other X-men with you.

Zane- Okay I think I'll take Ororo with me.

The Professor reached inside one of the drawers of his desk and took out a set of keys and handed them to Zane.

Professor- Ororo will meet you in the garage when your ready.

Zane- Okay thanks a lot.

Zane walked out of the Professors office and walked to his room to change. Zane took a shower and changed into a tight black Brooklyn Express jeans and a tight red and white Brooklyn Express shirt that showed off his body. He also wore a pair of white K-Swiss shoes. Zane walked out of his room and down the hallway. As he walked the hallway people were staring at him. Zane reached the stairs Matt was coming up them.

Matt- Wow Zane you look really good. Where are you off to.

Zane- I'm going into the city to do some grocery shopping. I'm going to make dinner for the X-men tomorrow.

Matt- That's cool can I go with you to the city maybe we could stop by a mall and buy some clothes.

Zane- Just let me talk to the Professor. Professor could we take Matt with us so he could buy some clothes.

Professor- You may take Matt with you but please be careful. He is still a celebrity and the public still does not know he is a mutant.

Zane- Thank you Professor and we will. The Professor said that you can come with us but we have to be careful because your still a celebrity and your fans don't know that you're a mutant.

Matt- Thanks a lot.

They walked down the stairs to the foyer. As they reached the bottom of the stairs Ororo was waiting there.

Zane- Hey Ororo, you ready to go.

Ororo- Lets go to the garage.

Zane and Matt followed after Ororo. They went down a hallway an turned right, then went down a flight a stairs. They went through a door and enter the garage. The garage was lined with about twenty cars and a couple of motorcycles. Zane pulled the keys out of his pocket and hit a button on the key chain that turned on the car. A black SUV lights turned on and they walked towards the car. Zane got in the drivers side while Ororo got in the passengers side and Matt got in the back seat. Zane drove the car out of the garage and out onto the road to the main road.

Zane- The first thing were going to do is go to the mall and let Matt get some clothes and do some shopping. After that were going to Chelsea Market and do some grocery shopping there. Is that okay with you guys.

Matt- That's cool.

Ororo- Fine with me. Oh, before I forget here are two of credit cards for you. The one with the silver X on it is yours. It's for being on the X-men, you get $2000 dollars every month and if you don't use it they just roll over to the next month. The Professor said he added another $500 dollars for your services for tomorrows dinner. The one with the gold X on it is for the food that your going to buy, just charge it to that one.

Zane- That very cool.

They drove for about forty minutes before they reached the mall. Zane parked the car and they all got out. They walked on the mall and started to look around.

Zane- How about we split up and meet back up at the car. Matt you have money right.

Matt- Yeah, I brought my credit cards with me so I'm okay.

Ororo- We will meet back at the car in two hours. Is that okay with you two.

Zane- Fine by me.

Matt- Me too.

The three of them split up and went different ways. Zane walked into a JC Penny and started to look around. He picked out three shirts and four pants. Zane paid for them and continued shopping he walked into a shoe store and was looking at the shoes. Zane picked out three pairs of shoes and tried them on. He kept two of the pairs and put the other one back. Zane paid for his shoes an left the store. Zane didn't feel like lugging around all his bags so he made his way back to the car and dropped off his bags. After dropping off his bags he walked to a Calvin Klein store an looked around. Zane felt someone watching him, when he turned around he saw a older lady maybe in her mid thirty's staring at him.

Zane- Hi.

Woman- May I help you look for something.

Zane- No, I'm just looking for now.

Woman- Okay.

Zane turned back around and continued looking at the clothes. Every once in a while Zane would look over his shoulder and would see the woman still watching him. Then Zane heard something that got him mad.

Woman- Stupid spic I hope he's not trying to steal anything. He keeps looking over here I wonder if he knows that I'm following him to make sure he doesn't steal anything.

Zane- Ma'am sure I don't need any help, but I think that couple over there needs your assistance.

The woman turned around to help the couple and Zane took the opportunity to get away. When the woman returned to keep an eye on Zane, he was with Matt. Who had walked in looking for clothes also.

Zane- That woman is looking over here again isn't she.

Matt- That lady by the jeans.

Zane- Yeah that one.

Matt- Maybe she likes you.

Zane- Uh no! In her mind she shouted that I was a spic, that she thought that I was going to steal some clothes.

Matt- That fucked up. Are you going to do any thing.

Zane- Not unless she says something out loud. Cause I can't say that I read her mind, then I would probably start a riot. Come on I want to pick out some nice clothes.

They continued shopping and Zane picked out a nice black suit, some shirts, sweaters and pants. They went to go pay for their clothes and at the register was the lady that was following Zane. The lady rang up the clothes and Zane paid for them. As they left Zane said something to the lady.

Zane- Next time you follow some one maybe you should do it more discreetly.

Woman- I wasn't following you.

Zane- oh but you were. I knew you were I was watching you the entire time out of the corner of my eye.

That said Matt and Zane left the shop.

Woman- Fucking spic thinks he's so cool because he knew I was following him.

Zane heard this but did not turn around. All he did was keep walking, then all of a sudden they heard a crash and Matt looked back but Zane didn't. Matt saw all the clothes in the store on the ground and the mannequins were broken and on the ground. Matt looked at Zane and saw that he was smiling.

Matt- you did that didn't you.

Zane- Unless she knew it was me then I have no problems.

Matt- did she think something bad again.

Zane- yup.

I know this is a weird place to stop but I wanted to get the story out the public. Any questions, comments, snide remarks can be emailed to syaoranlee007@gmail.com

Soon I will have a place where you can see pictures of the people in the story. But till then keep you minds open to the possibilities.