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X-men Sorcerer

Chapter Six


Matt and Zane walked around the mall for a little while longer. Before they left Zane walked into a movie store. Zane was looking around before he found the section he was looking for.


"Ha! Found it." Zane exclaimed


"What did you find." Matt asked


"A play by Tyler Perry, What's Done in the Dark. It's the only play I'm missing" Zane answered


"Who's Tyler Perry." Matt asked


"You're an actor and you don't know who he is." Zane said


"Sorry, I don't know him." Matt said


"Well I tell you about him later. It's almost time for us to go back to the car." Matt


Zane went and paid for his movie and while he was paying the guy at the cash register was flirting with him.


"Hey, how you doing? You find everything alright" Clerk asked


"Fine and yes." Zane answered


"My name's Nick."


"Zane." Zane replied


"Cool name." Nick said


"Thanks." Zane answered


"I'm not usually this forward but would you like to go out with me." Nick answered


"Hmm I don't know." Zane answered


"Come on please. You don't want me to beg." Nick pleaded


"Okay, how about we go out tomorrow." Said Zane finally


"Yeah, what time." Nick asked


"How about you meet me at my place at around eight." Zane said


Zane wrote the address of the mansion on a piece of paper and handed it to Nick. After they left the store Matt and Zane walked to the car. They waited in the car in an awkward silence for Ororo to come. After Ororo came back Zane started the car and they drove off and towards Chelsea Market. They pulled up to the market and Zane parked the car.


"Do you guys want to stay here or do you want to come in. I'm gonna be in there for about half an hour." Zane asked


"I'll stay here if your not going to take to long." Ororo replied


"I will too." Matt answered


"Okay I'll be back." Zane said


Zane left the car and walked in the market. Twenty minutes later Zane came out with six bags all different bags from different vendors. Zane opened up the trunk and put the bags away. He then got in the car and started to drive to the mansion. When they got to the mansion they park the car in the garage and took their bags out. They left the garage and they each went there separate ways Zane went to the kitchen first and put the food that he bought away marking each one as Don't Touch so no one would mess with the ingredients. After that was done he went of to his room and put away his clothes. Then he went downstairs to get something to eat. While he was downstairs he met up with Marie, Bobby, and John.


"Hey Zane how was your shopping spree." Bobby said


"It was fine I only spent about six hundred dollars." Answered Zane


"So I heard that you were going to cook dinner for the returning X-Men." Marie said


"Yeah." Zane answered


"That's cool, what are you going to make." Bobby asked


"You'll just have to wait till tomorrow. What's wrong John, you're so quiet." Said Zane


"Just thinking about why you asked the Professor for me to fight you and Matt." John asked


"Just a something I have to prove." Zane answered


"Just what would that be?" John asked


"I'll let you know after the Danger room session. And anyways I know that you want to fight me too." Zane explained


"Well it's true, I wanted to fight you that day that you bumped into me and you said that you could beat me." John explained


"Well you'll get your chance. You'll be teamed up with Matt and you will be fighting against me." Zane explained


"Why do I have to fight with the new guy? He probably doesn't even know how to control his power yet." Exclaimed John


"Trust me he has a lot of control. I trained him myself." Zane explained


"I'll still beat you even with the newbie." John said


"We'll see. I'm going to go make something to eat does anybody want anything?" Zane asked


"Sure." Bobby said


"I'll have something too." Marie said


"Me too." John said


Zane walked to the kitchen and started to cook. Within twenty minutes he had four plates of food floating behind him. He walked into the room that Marie and the others were in and floated them there plates.


"Okay, I made a Chicken Kiev with some pasta with some alfredo sauce. And for dessert I have something special." Zane explained


All of them started to eat while they watched TV. After they finished eating Zane lifted all the plates and took them to the kitchen. Zane then came back with four desserts floating behind them. He floated every one a plate and a fork.


"I hope you like chocolate." Zane asked


"Who doesn't." John said


"I love chocolate." Marie answered


"Me too." Bobby said


"Well that's good. Okay I made I very special dessert. Okay, first the chocolate cylinder in the center of the plate has chocolate cake in the middle. On top of that is a white chocolate ganache, and for the crunch some puff pastry that also adds height. I also drizzled chocolate over it as well. So what do think." Zane explained


"It looks fantastic." John said


"Yeah it does." Marie said


"Looks great." Said Bobby


"Good." Zane said


They all ate their desserts and Zane took the plates and took them to the kitchen. When he came back he sat on the couch. The four of them sat in the Rec. room talking. They talked about movie's, their powers and other things. Zane looked at the clock.


"Wow it's 12:30. I better get to bed I have a lot of things to do tomorrow." Said Zane


"Well see you tomorrow." Marie said


"See ya." Bobby said


"Bye." John said


Zane walked out of the Rec. room and up the stairs to his room. In his room he took a shower and then went to sleep.




Zane woke up the next day around eight. He took a shower and got dressed in some black sweatpants and a black wife beater and some black flip-flops. He stepped out of his room and saw kids, teens, and adults walking up and down the hallway. Most of them were carrying books and Zane guessed that they were going to classes. He saw Jean in the hallway and stopped her.


"Hey Jean I have a question for you." Zane said


"What is it." Jean asked


"Well I was wondering if this place had a gym to work out in." Zane asked


"Yeah we do. I can show you where it is I have to pass it in order to get to the class I teach." Jean answered


"Thanks." Said Zane nicely


Jean led Zane down the stairs, down a hallway with classes being started. They went down a ramp and took another turn and found themselves outside a door that said "Gymnasium".


"Here you go. So are you ready for tonight." Jean asked


"You mean about making dinner." Zane asked


"Yeah." Jean said


"Yeah, I bought everything I needed yesterday. I gonna start cooking around noon maybe later. If I get distracted." Zane answeded


"OK, see you later." Jean said


"Bye." Said Zane


Zane walked into the Gym and looked around. To the left he saw work-out equipment and to his right he saw a whole gymnastic training area. The gymnastic area was at least 60-by-70 feet, it contained a set of rings, uneven bars, and even bars, a 30-by-30 foot blue matted floor for practicing flips, and training. Zane walked over to the blue mat, took off his shoes and his socks. He then stepped onto the mat. Zane took a running start and did a series of flips, cartwheels and round offs. He landed on the other side of the mat facing the window. He turned around and did another series of flips, turns, and round offs. Zane went from one thing to another when he was finished he looked at the clock on one of the walls. It was 3:15.


"Holy shit." Zane shouted


Zane didn't even bother to change he just teleported himself to one of the kitchens and started to cook. Zane teleported all the ingredients to the counter so he wouldn't have to go looking for them. Four and a half hours later Zane had all the food on the counter.




Yes Zane


The food is done. Where do you want to food brought too.


Okay, I'll ask all the X-men to assemble in the X-men lounge. I'll show you were it is telepathically.




Zane teleported up to his room and took a shower got dressed in some new clothes. Zane wore a tight black long-sleeved Calvin Klein shirt, and a pair of black pants. He teleported back to the kitchen and started to pick the food up telekinetically. He walked out of the kitchen, out into the hallway and down to the elevator. Zane entered the elevator and took it to the sub-basement. When the elevator stopped he got out and walked down the hallway to a door that was marked "X-men Lounge" "Senior and Junior X-men Only". Zane walked in but left the food floating in the hallway. As Zane entered the room all eyes were on him.


"Hey." Zane said


"X-men, I would like to introduce the newest of the Senior X-men Zane Quinones A.K.A. Paladin." The Professor said


"Professor, I'm sorry to interrupt but could we hurry with the intro's I have a date coming in about 2 minutes." Said Zane


"Sure. X-men that have not met Zane please stand, say your name, powers, and code name." the Professor said


"My name is Warren Worthington the 3rd, Codename Archangel, Powers I can fly with the wings on my back and I have an advanced healing ability." Warren said


"I'm Dr. Hank McCoy , codename Beast, my powers are me being a genius and superhuman ability's, and this change to my outer appearance." Hank said


"My name is Kurt Wagner, my powers are teleportation and this outer appearance of a blue demon, codename Nightcrawler." said Kurt in a thick German accent.


"I'm Katherine Pryde but everybody calls me "kitty". My codename is Shadowcat, and my power is I can phase through any solid matter." Kitty said in an uppity tone.


"Jubilation Lee but people call me "Jubilee". which is also my codename. My power is I can shoot plasma fire works out of my hands." Jubilee explained


"My name is Amara Aquilla, my code name is Magma. My powers are control of fire and earth when combined I make magma." Amara said


"My name is Jaime Madrox, codename Multiple Man. My power is I can make copy's of myself." Jaime explained


"Name's Ray Crisp, my codename is Berserker. My power is control over electricity." Ray said


"Rahne Sinclair, codename Wolfsbane. My power is that I can transform into a wolf, or a human/wolf hybrid" Rahne explained.


"Roberto Da Costa, codename Sunspot. My power is to absorb the suns energy and it gives me super strength". Roberto said


"Remy Le'Beau's the name. Codename Gambit, my power is I can charge any object I want with kinetic energy and use it as a mini bomb." Remy explained


"Okay I guess that's everybody." Professor stated


"Cool, well Professor I got to go. I'll let you tell them about me and you can tell them about my real past. So here you guys go." Zane said


Zane went to the door and opened it. He floated the food in. He set it all on a very long table.


"Okay, I hope you like what I made." Zane explained. "I made some rice and beans with pepperoni, some roasted pork shoulder, roasted stuffed bell peppers, bacon wrapped asparagus, grilled chicken, Caesar salad. And for dessert I made three different kinds of cheesecake. Chocolate cheesecake, Strawberry cheesecake, and a New York style cheesecake. Help yourselves, I got to go bye."


Zane waved good bye and teleported to the front door of the mansion, just as the doorbell rang. He opened the door and their was Nick in a tight white turtle neck that showed off his hot body, and tight black pants that showed off the package he had.


" Wow, you look great." Zane said


"Thanks, you look better though." Nick retorted


"Thanks, I just got these clothes yesterday." Zane said


"Well they suit you just right." Nick commented


"So what are we doing?" Zane asked


"I thought that we would go see a movie then we eat, and after that we could go to a club." Nick answered.


"Sounds like fun. Let's go." Zane said


Zane followed Nick outside to his car which was a black range rover.


"Nice car." Zane commented


"Thanks, it cost me a pretty penny." said Nick


"I bet it did." Zane said


They both got in the car and started to drive away. They drove well into the city and came to a restaurant that Zane knew all about. The restaurant they pulled up to was the owned by the one and only Bobby Flay.


"Wow, we're gonna eat here." Zane said impressed


"Yup do you like it." Nick said


"Yeah, I've always wanted to come here. He has such an amazing way with food." Zane said excitingly.


"Now's your chance to try his food. Come on." Nick said


Nick and Zane walked into the restaurant and were greeted by a waiter.


"Welcome to Mesa Grill. Ah Mr. Swarsdon, it's so nice to see you again." The maitre d' said.


"Thank you." Nick said


"So you come here often." Zane asked


"Mr. Swarsdon is one of Mesa Grill's best customers." The maitre d' stated.


Nick blushed a little, and continued talking


"My regular table, please." Nick said


The maitre d' led Nick and Zane to a table in the back of the restaurant.


"Here are your menus and can I interest you in a drink." The maitre d' asked


"Yes, can I get a glass of Chardonnay please?" Zane said


"I'll have the same thing." Nick said


"I'll be right back with you drinks." The maitre d' said

"So, you live in that mansion?" Nick asked

"Yeah, I just recently moved there from my home in western New York." Zane told Nick

"Oh, where in western New York? I have friends down there." Nick asked

"Cool, you know where Buffalo is." Zane asked

Nick nodded.

"Well I live about forty-five minutes outside Buffalo in Dunkirk. It's a small town not very exciting." Zane said

"How far is that from Tonawanda." Nick questioned

"It's about an hour and fifteen minutes if you drive the speed limit. Which no New Yorker ever does." Zane said

Nick laughed, "So true, us New Yorkers never drive the speed limit."

"My best friends are from New Jersey and Massachusetts. Now they are some crazy drivers too." Zane said.

"Oh I know about the Jersey drivers, but I don't know any Mass. drivers." Said nick

The waiter came back with the drinks.

"Here you are. Can I take your orders now?" The waiter asked as he set the drinks down.

"Yes you can" Zane said

Zane and Nick placed their order and gave the menus back and continued talking.

"So what do you do?" Nick asked

"Well I have my Bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and I use to work for a bakery back home. My dream is to own my own bakery though." Zane explained

"How come you don't have your own bakery yet?" Nicked asked

"Well I don't have the money to buy or rent a place yet. Let alone buy the equipment. I'm hoping with this new job at the institute I'll be able to start my own bakery." Zane said

"So what do you do at the institute?" Nick asked

"Well right before you came I finished doing a catering job for the headmaster. So I guess you could say that I'm a chef there." Zane explained

"That's cool. Maybe you can cook me something on our next date." Nick said

"Only if this date goes well." Zane said

The food arrived and they ate and continued talking. They finished eating and Nick paid for dinner and they left.

"So what are we gonna do now." Zane asked

"Well I thought we could go dancing at the club down the street. How does that sound." Nick said

"Sound likes fun." Zane said

They were walking down the street when they heard a scream in an ally.

"Whoa what was that?" Nick said

"I don't know. Let's check it out." Zane said

"No we can't it could be a mutant." Nick said

"So, even if it is we have to help. Come on" Zane said

Nick and Zane went over to the alley and peered around the corner. In the alley they saw a mutant using some kind of blue bands keeping a woman held to the wall, while the mutant was searching through her purse.

"What's he doing?" Nick asked

"I think he's robbing her. Okay, I'm gonna distract him, and you need you need to go and grab the lady and run. I'll keep him busy while you get the MRD." Zane said

"That's crazy you could get killed." Nick stated

"It's a chance I'm going to have to take. Just hurry back." Zane said

Zane turned into the alley and grabbed the mutant's attention.

"Hey!" Zane shouted "What do you think your doing."

The mutant looked around and spotted only Zane.

"Who are you?" the mutant asked

"It doesn't matter who I am. You need to let that woman go." Zane said

"That's fine with me; I was finished with her anyways." The mutant said

The mutant raised his hand and the bands holding the woman flew off and went into his body.

"Now!" Zane shouted to Nick

Nick ran into the alley and grabbed the woman and ran back out.

"Oh, so now you saved the woman what are you going to do now." The mutant said

"I'm going to keep you here till the MRD arrive." Zane stated

"And how are you going to do that." The mutant said

"I have my ways." Zane said as he got into a fighting stance.

"Oh, so now you think you're a hero. I guess I'm going to have to make you think otherwise." The mutant said

The mutant lifted his hand and two bands appeared in the air in front of him and he threw them at Zane. Zane tried to back flip out of the way but one of the bands caught him on his leg and pinned him to the wall. Zane struggled to free himself from the band but couldn't break free.

"What the hell is this crap?" Zane shouted

"Those are the psychic bands I can create. No one can break free from them." The mutant said

"Oh I`ll get out of this." Zane said

Zane teleported out of the band; and reappeared standing on the floor five feet away from the wall.

"See I told you I would get out of that." Zane said

"Oh so you're a mutant too." The mutant said

"O I'm so much more then that." Zane stated

Zane lifted the mutant into the air and threw him backwards and into a dumpster. The mutant stood up and created more bands in the air front of him. He sent them hurtling at Zane. Zane tried to get out of the way but one attached to his right leg and one to left arm.

"I forgot to tell you something about my powers. Once one of my bands attaches to a part of my victims body, I can control that part of their body." The mutant said

"Crap!" Zane exclaimed

"That's right, your mine now." The mutant said

He made another three bands and threw them at Zane. Zane moved his head before one of the bands attached to his head. But the other two attached to his left leg and his right arm.

"Now I have control of almost your entire body. I just need one around your head and I'll have access to your powers and your memories." The mutant said making Zane start walking towards him.

"I will never let you control me." Zane shouted

Zane started to send telepathic bolts at the mutant trying to get him to make him make the bands go away. After seven or eight telepathic bolts the bands started to shimmer. Zane kept hitting the mutant with telepathic bolts until the bands disappeared. Zane lifted the mutant in the air and held him there.

"I should kill you but that would lower me to your level. But I'll just let the MRD take care of you." Zane said

Zane threw the mutant to the mouth of the alley. Zane looked at the mouth of the alley and there standing was Nick with two MRD agents.

"SHIT!" Zane said


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