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<indicates telepathic conversation>

[indicates intercom conversation]

The next morning jean and scott woke up around 5am, as scott had training in the danger room with his class at 7am.

"we better tell aaron he's gonna be an uncle before we tell anyone else" scott said as he got out of the shower

"good idea, hurry up and get dressed and then we'll go find him" jean replied

"nah don't worry bout that crap, just call him here"

"if your sure" <aaron could you come here, we got something to tell you>, immediately aaron appeared next to scott, he too had only just got out of the shower and only had a towel wrapped around his waste, jean started laughing at them

"what?" aaron and scott asked at the same time

"I know you two are twins but that's going a bit far" jean replied still laughing, scott and aaron then realised that they both only had a towel on, aaron changed his into a pair of boxers and t-shirt

"is that better for you miss grey?, now what is it you got to tell me?" aaron asked, jean got up off the bed and stood next to scott,

"you're gonna be an uncle sweetie"

"how come?"  aaron asked after a few seconds delay

"how do ya think moron, jean's pregnant" scott replied 

"well how'd that happen?"

"scott honey I think your brother has been gay for too long" jean said laughing

"yeah, I wonder if storm is still holding those sex ed' classes" scott replied, aaron stood there looking at them while they were laughing

"ok, have you two finished pulling the piss?"

"depends on if you've finished being dumb bro" scott replied giving him a gentle punch

"yes I've finished being dumb and would like to say, oh my god congratulations guys!" aaron said pulling them into a hug, they continued to hug for a few moments then aaron pulled away

"ok I'm gonna go down to the kitchen, I need caffeine, see ya both later" aaron said as he orbed out of the room, he walked into the kitchen and busted were sat at the table

"fucked over any leads lately charlie?"

"very funny aaron" charlie replied, aaron sat at the table with them and used his powers to make a cup of coffee and brought it over to himself

"how long you guys staying for?" aaron asked as he sipped a bit of his coffee

"only until tomorrow night, wish we could stay longer tho" mattie replied, they continued to chat for a while then xavier called them all <x men please come to my office>, they all met in his office and within 10 minutes the meeting started

"I'm not really sure how to tell you this as I don't quite understand it myself but I've just had a phone call from a young lady called buffy summers from sunnydale" xavier sensed scott and aaron panicking a bit "don't worry you two she's no relation to you, anyway here comes the hard part, she's known as a vampire slayer, apparently there is something called the hell mouth opened up here in new york and she needs somewhere to stay while she deals with it, so I've agreed for her and a few others to stay here in the mansion for a while"

"what the heck is a hell mouth when its at home?" jaime asked

"to be honest forge I'm not sure, cerebro is doing some research now and I'm sure buffy will explain more when she gets here, scott I'd like you and aaron to go to sunnydale and pick them up", they agreed and soon left.

It only took an hour for them to get to sunnydale and they landed the jet outside the house xavier had told them, as they got out of the jet some people were then leaving the house

"god damn talk about picking us up in style, hi I'm buffy summers and this is willow rosenburgh, xander harris, giles and my sister dawn"

"alright, this is aaron and I'm scott"

"nice to meet you both, shall we leave?" buffy asked

"hang on is there anywhere I can go to legally change my name to summers?" aaron asked

"yeah just a couple of miles down the road, do you want me to take you in the car?" willow asked

"nah, I'll orb it will be quicker, do you wanna come tho?", willow agreed and they orbed into the city, with the help of a little mind control it only took 10 minutes for aaron to change his name and then they met the others back at the house, they loaded the bags in the jet then set off

"scott the radar aint working" aaron said

"its ok jaime can sort it out when we get back", they had been flying for half an hour when the jet was hit by a sentinel

"what the hell is that?" willow asked

"just some sentinels, nothing major" scott replied, he looked over to aaron with a smile, aaron's eyes turned white, the sky went black and lightning started frying the sentinels, there was only a dozen of them so it didn't take him long to destroy them

"nice work bro" scott said

"guys, plane" buffy screamed, they looked out of the front and realised that the jet was about to hit a plane, aaron made the blackbird go into the orbing process so that it flew thru the plane without damaging anything or hurting the passengers on board, when he stopped the orbing, the engines failed both scott and aaron tried to restart them but nothing was working, aaron made sure everyone had their belts on then opened the hatch, he turned into the phoenix and flew out of the jet, once he was outside the phoenix started getting bigger until it was the size of the blackbird, he flew underneath it and gently guided it down towards the ground, when it was about 20ft from the ground aaron flew from underneath and it fell the rest of the way, scott quickly took off his belt and ran outside just as the phoenix was landing, it turned back into aaron by this time buffy and the rest of them had come outside

"aaron are you ok" scott asked

"yeah thanks, I better orb back to the mansion and get jaime, so he can sort the engines out" he started to orb but after a few seconds he was back next to scott

"that's weird" aaron said as he tried again, still he couldn't get anywhere, just then cerebro came out of the blackbird

"hey cerebro" scott said

"good morning cyclops, I've told professor xavier what has happened and he's sent rogue, pyro and forge in the blackhawk, they'll be here in about an hour"

"thanks" scott replied, cerebro noticed aaron sitting on a rock rubbing his temples

"are you ok dark phoenix?" cerebro asked, scott and aaron looked at her

"what the hell did you just call me cerebro, that is not my name" aaron said in a firm tone

"last night the phoenix recorded your DNA in my system as aaron summers, codename dark phoenix"

"cerebro dark phoenix has gone, I killed it last year, please change my codename" aaron replied

"I can't change it, professor x has to do that, anyway are you ok?"

"yeah just a major headache". They sat around chatting to each other for a while, then some more sentinels appeared, aaron started to create a storm but it didn't last for very long

"what ya waiting for bro, put a T.K shield around us" scott said as he was blasting the sentinels

"I cant none of my powers are working, turning into the phoenix must have drained them"

"willow cast a protection spell" xander said, willow closed her eyes and instantly a shield formed around them, scott carried on blasting the sentinels then the blackhawk came into view and started firing at them too, once they had been destroyed willow stopped the spell and the jet landed, the hatch lowered and jaime, rogue and john walked out

"ok what have you pricks done to the blackbird?" jaime asked 

"has anyone noticed how polite Australians are?" scott replied, jaime walked over to the blackbird and looked inside the control panel, after a few minutes he came back outside

"I don't know what happened to her but it'll be easier to start again than try and repair it, aaron could you fry it with lightning"

"sorry mate my powers still aren't working" aaron replied

"what if I use the healing thing on you, would that help sugah?" rogue asked, aaron agreed and rogue used the healing on him

"did it work?" john asked

"hell yeah, there's so much energy in me it feels like I'm gonna explode"

"could ya blast this panel for me and don't hold back" jaime asked pointing to one of the many control panels on the blackbird

"hold on to something, this might be a bit wild" aaron said as he started a storm, the winds really picked up, everyone was finding it hard to stay on the ground except aaron and scott, aaron started directing lightning bolts at the blackbird, after a few minutes he stopped the storm, once the smoke had cleared from around the jet, jaime walked up to it and started to re-make the control panels

"how come you two could stand still thru that storm?" dawn asked, trying to sort out her hair

"its simple, mutants cant be affected by their own powers, my optics don't hurt me or aaron and all his crap cant hurt him or me" scott replied

"you call that simple, how come you cant hurt each other?" giles asked

"we're twins"

"sorry, I didn't realise"

"take no notice of scottie boy, we only found out we're twins last night, and the only thing that will affect scott is my telepathy, if I wanted I could make him take his clothes off and act like an ape" aaron added 

"you do bro and ya wont ever be allowed to see the baby" scott replied causing all of the x men to look at them

"what baby?" rogue asked

"yeah who's up the duff?" jaime added

"again we have a typical example of Australian politeness" aaron replied, he waved his hand and froze jaime, rogue and john, "I'll go to the school and get jean", after a couple of minutes aaron returned with jean

"its double trouble with you two isn't it, I'm gonna start calling you the twins from hell" jean said as she walked up to scott and gave him a quick kiss, she then noticed buffy and the others "oh hi, I'm jean", once they had got the formalities out of the way aaron un-froze the others, scott and jean told them all that she was pregnant and after all of the hugs and usual stuff that came with that kind of news, jaime returned to fixing the jet.

"how's it going in here kid?" aaron asked as he walked into the blackbird

"don't call me kid, I'm only six years younger than you" jaime replied

"I know but you're a student and I'm a teacher so that gives me the right to call you kid"

"and now you know that it annoys me I suppose you'll do it more?"

"you know it, kid" aaron replied with a smile, jaime gave him an evil look

"anyway it'll be another hour before this thing gets off the ground" jaime replied, aaron came out of the blackbird and walked up to the others

"we're gonna head back to the mansion, are you ok staying here with jaime?" john asked

"yeah, I'll see ya later" aaron replied giving him a kiss, dawn was talking with rogue and noticed john and aaron kiss

"please tell me that was some kind of friendly kiss or something and aaron isn't gay" dawn said to rogue

"sorry sugah, he's gay"

"ok what about scott, surely he aint gay too"

"obviously you didn't listen earlier, he aint gay but he is engaged to jean and she's pregnant" rogue replied

"damn it, how come all the cute guys are always either married or gay", rogue looked over to aaron <you've got an admirer sugah> <who?> <little dawn, she thinks you're cute> <tell her unless she's got a hairy chest and something extra between her legs I aint interested> <aaron summers, you are disgusting> <you love it sweetie>, while they had been thought-speaking, aaron hadn't noticed scott walking up to him

"hey, earth to aaron, snap outta it"

"sorry scott, I wasn't with it"

"that's an understatement, are you ok bro, that was some display of power up there"

"yeah I'm fine, stop worrying" aaron replied

"I cant stop worrying, last year we may not have known that we were brothers but to me it felt like we were and I just don't wanna loose you again, I love you"

"I aint going anywhere, I'm here to stay this time and no-one is gonna split us up ever, like jean said we're the twins from hell and that's how its stayin, now stop acting like a dick and give me a hug" aaron replied pulling scott into a hug, as the others were about to leave jean, rogue and aaron held their heads in pain

"here we go again" rogue screamed

"bloody pigeon" jean added

"I swear I'm gonna make it rain on this fireball" aaron finished just before the phoenix in all of them came out of their bodies and formed one giant bird, once the pain had gone away, aaron did as he had said and made it rain on the phoenix

<aaron please stop that> the phoenix said before telekinetically throwing aaron a few feet in the air, everyone stood there laughing at him, once he had got up and joined the group again the phoenix started talking again <the reason cerebro knows you as dark phoenix is because, I thought it best to give you a name that reflects the power you hold and as phoenix was already taken, that was the next closest thing. I understand I should have consulted you first but to me this seemed right>. Once the phoenix had finished talking, jean started a count down

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and here comes the pain" she said as the phoenix went back inside them

"that's a bird of few words" xander said as they started to walk to the blackbird, once they had left, jaime got back to work on the jet, it didn't take him long to finish

"there she should fly now" jaime said as he walked out of the jet

"thank god, there's a town about 20 miles from here do ya wanna stop and get something to eat?" aaron asked

"yeah that would be great", they went back into the jet and aaron went to sit in the co-pilots seat

"what ya doing?"

"as you've spent the past hour or so fixing the jet, its only fair you get to fly her"

"you serious?" jaime asked, aaron nodded "thanks aaron but I better not, I ask storm if I can have a go all the time but scott wont let her, he reckons I'm too young"

"well as he's not here I guess that makes me the leader of this x team and I say you can" aaron replied

"you know what scott's like, he'll go ape"

"if I tell him I'm letting you pilot her then he cant" <alright bro, I'm gonna let jaime fly the jet home> < aaron don't he's too young, let him do some training in the danger room first...> < sorry bro it's a bad signal I cant hear you, see ya in a bit>

"right I'm starvin, forge get this heap to Mac Donald's"

"scott's gonna kill you" jaime said as he started the jet and raised it into the air

"nah he wont, he loves me too much", they got something to eat and went back to the mansion, once they got back jaime landed the jet in the hanger and they made their way up to the main school

"that was some good piloting jaime well done"

"thanks scott" jaime replied, scott walked beside aaron and smacked him round the head

"I'll give you a bad signal ya prick, if you weren't my brother I'd kill ya"

"stop complaining red eyes, anyway where the heck is everyone" aaron asked

"they've gone into the city to buy us presents, I was then leaving to get yours"

"I've gotta go to my old house and pick up some cd's and crap , so If ya want I can orb you into the city on the way"

"I'll give you a hand if you want" scott replied, aaron agreed and they were about to orb out

"hang on guys, could ya drop me off at the mall?" jaime asked, they dropped him off at the mall and then went on to aaron's old house

"scott could you just bring the car out of the garage for me?" aaron asked, throwing the keys to scott, he continued to pack cd's, books and dvd's into a box and after about 20minutes scott came back into the house

"I cant believe you own a Mazda RX-8, you bastard and its only got 78miles on the clock"

"yeah I only got it two or three days ago, you like it?" aaron asked

"of course I like it you idiot, who wouldn't"

"you can have it"

"what?" scott asked

"you can have it, call it part of your birthday present" aaron replied, he continued to pack stuff and didn't see scott practically jump thru the air to hug him

"thank you so much aaron"

"calm down bro, its only a car"

"don't talk like a twat, we hent even known for 24hours that we're twins and you're giving me a very expensive car for a present" scott replied

"well you like it and tomorrow is our first birthday together so it doesn't matter about the price, I mean I love you and would do anything for you, as long as I've got you in my life I could go thru anything, even dark phoenix taking over me again, and I'm so gonna stop now this is getting to soppy"

"I don't intend on going anywhere so you hent gotta worry about that and more importantly dark phoenix has gone, even if she was still around she wouldn't even think about taking over you, anyway lets get this stuff in the car and get back home".

Once they had got back to the mansion aaron put the boxes in his room and then went to the gym, scott had decided to stay outside and polish the car. After about three hours aaron left the gym and made his way to the living room, he saw dawn sitting on the sofa with a sketch pad and joined her

"hi aaron" dawn said, she looked up at him "oh dear god you're all sweaty and shirtless- I'm in heaven"

Aaron smiled at her, "that's cause I've just come from the gym, what ya got there?" he asked taking her sketch pad "is that me?"

"yeah I'm just really bored and decided to see what you'd look like in a different uniform, when I finish school I wanna be a designer"

"its good, shall we see what the real thing looks like?"

"how?" dawn asked

"I can change the clothes I'm wearing into anything I want, just add some X's to it then I'll try it out", just then one of the students came into the room, thru the wall

"its good to have you back Mr Davies, we've all missed you"

"thanks kitty, oh and it's a long story but scott and me are twins so its Mr Summers now"

"are you still gonna teach P.E with cyclops?" kitty asked

"as far as I know I am, we haven't really talked about it yet" aaron replied, kitty was about to leave when she realised dawn

"hey I'm kitty pryde"

"dawn summers, nice to meet you" dawn replied handing the sketch pad back to aaron, he got up and changed his shorts into the new uniform, it was a sleeveless t-shirt and trousers, both were very tight black leather and the buckle on the belt was a large silver X in a circle, and there was a x on the chest of the shirt and one on each leg and the same on the gloves and shoulders.

"its cool, but does it have to be this tight?" aaron asked

"yeah it does, you'll be the hottest guy on the whole x team" kitty replied before dawn could open her mouth

"well I may be gay but I know never to argue with women so I'll leave it how it is, anyway I'm gonna take a shower, she ya later" aaron replied walking out of the room

"what I'd give to see him in the shower" dawn said to kitty <I heard that and its never gonna happen so get over it>, they laughed and then went off to the games room. When aaron got out of the shower john had just got in the room

"shit, don't look for a minute babe"

"ok, what's the time?" aaron asked

"its about half five, you can turn around now" john replied, aaron got dressed and sat on the bed, he was deep in thought and had ignored a couple of things john said

"when I was dead was there..." aaron started but john stopped him halfway thru the sentence

"no there wasn't anyone else I never stopped loving you for one minute"

"I thought I was the telepath"

"you're just too predictable babe, I knew you'd be worried that you might be pushing me away from someone, but like I said I never stopped loving you... although I did start developing a crush on scott" john replied, aaron got worried until he saw john's smile

"you ass" aaron said as he kissed john

"scott is very cute but I've definitely got the best summers boy, come on lets go downstairs dinner will be ready soon". They went downstairs and john went to sit with bobby, rogue, delta, jaime, angel, busted, kitty and dawn, while aaron sat at the teachers table, buffy, xander, willow and giles were also at the teachers table, halfway thru dinner rogue noticed john looking a bit distant

"hey john, are you ok sugah?"

"yeah I'm fine, I was just trying to thought speak with aaron but he doesn't seem to hear me"

"its probably too noisy in here for him to hear, I'll try with my telepathy, it'll be louder" rogue replied, she closed her eyes and after a few seconds she opened them again "he aint there, I'll try jean" after a little while she spoke again "jean aint there either"

"I'll give it a go" delta said as she closed her eyes "nothing, rogue I cant even get you", rogue got up from the table and walked over to the teachers table, as professor x was there she thought she'd better use the formalities

"Miss Grey, Mr Summers sorry to disturb you but I think there's something wrong with us, delta's telepathy isn't picking any of us up, its like our minds don't exists"

"damn bird, don't worry guys I've had this happen before, its hard to explain but we've got a build up of telekinetic power and the phoenix needs to release it, we better get to the danger room before the phoenix takes this into its own hands or wings anyway aaron could you orb us there please sweetie"

"oh jean, I mean Miss Grey, cant we finish eating first?" rogue asked

"no we better go now, the stupid pigeon is gonna release the power anyway so we better get to a safe environment.. crap its too late, guys turn into the phoenix and fly out of the window", they done as jean said and changed form, as they were flying jean spoke to the rest of the school <all telepaths put a shield around the school>, bobby, scott and john went running to the window and saw there were balls of energy flying around the sky and some were hitting the building but the shield managed to withstand them, this went on for a few minutes and then finally it stopped, the shield was dropped and the birds started to come flying back into the building, none of them had noticed the three guys standing at the window and nearly hit them but they started to go into the orbing process and phased thru them safely. The birds turned back into their normal selves

"are you three ok?" xavier asked them

"yes thanks sugah, the phoenix needed to release some energy that's all, oh god we didn't damage the school did we?" rogue asked

"don't worry rogue the school is fine" xavier replied, they sat back down at the table and finished the meal,

"hey guys, do ya know any decent clubs?" buffy asked

"mercy is good" aaron replied

"cool, do you guys wanna come?" they all agreed "aaron just ask the others would ya" buffy added <delta we're going to a club after dinner do you guys wanna come?> it was a couple of minutes before delta replied <yeah that would be fun>

"the others wanna come" aaron said to buffy. They finished the meal and then went back to their rooms to get changed, aaron was standing in front of the wardrobe in his boxers trying to decide on what to wear

"have I ever told ya you've got a great ass?" john said walking behind aaron 

"everyday, god I don't know what to wear"

"try this, it'll go well with those faded jeans" john replied giving aaron a t-shirt

"this is yours you burke, it's a size too small for me"

"so it'll show your muscles off more, just do as your told and put it on bitch", aaron grabbed the jeans and shirt and started to put them on

"bloody hell what is it with the people around here, dawn designed me a new uniform earlier and its as tight as a donkeys arse and now you want me to wear a shirt that's too small"

"what do you expect, you're the hottest guy on the whole team and the rest of us  are perverts" john replied as he was getting dressed, once they had finished getting changed they made their way downstairs to meet the others, everyone was there except buffy, they had been waiting for about 10 minutes when buffy finally turned up

"sorry I took so long, I couldn't decide what to wear" buffy said, they were about to leave when they saw dawn

"hey dawnie, I thought you were playing on the ps2 with that girl" willow said

"yeah I was but she's got homework to do and I don't really know anyone else yet so I'm just gonna go to my room for the night" dawn  replied looking a bit sad

"don't be daft it's only 7.30, I'll stay here with ya" john said

"oh no you don't have to, I'm ok, you go out"

"I don't mind, clubbing aint really my thing so I'm gonna stay weather you like it or not" john replied

"thank you honey" buffy said giving john a hug

"I'll see ya later babe, have fun" john said kissing aaron, they started to walk out of the door

"who's driving?" delta asked, before anyone could reply aaron orbed them to a alley near mercy "god I wish you'd warn us before doing that" delta said, they went to the club and aaron and scott got the drinks while the others found a table, they had been there for a couple of hours when bobby noticed aaron looking sad

"what do you thinks wrong with aaron?" he asked

"oh god it's so obvious" buffy said

"what is?" jaime replied

"I know there's busted and us lot here but you guys are practically the whole x team and you're here with your partners and the one member who isn't here is john, aaron's partner"

"good point, he's missing john" scott said, buffy got up and walked over to aaron

"come on honey we're dancing" she said as she pulled aaron up and started dragging him to the dance floor

"no buffy wait, I cant really dance" aaron started protesting

"don't talk crap, you're gay of course you can dance, now stop arguing" buffy replied, aaron knew he wasn't going to win and went with the flow, he was dancing well but not too close to buffy

"I'm the slayer not a vampire, I don't bite" buffy said pulling aaron closer to her "I know you're with john, I'm not trying to come on to you" after that aaron relaxed, the others followed them onto the dance floor, even logan which surprised the rest of them, they had been dancing for about an hour when the rest of them decided to take a break but buffy and aaron carried on, after a while the others joined them again

"fuck I need a drink, do you want one?" aaron asked buffy

"yeah, I've just gotta go to the bathroom first" buffy replied, aaron went to the bar and ordered the drinks, he had been waiting for a while but just thought typical women when buffy called to him <aaron help>, he used his powers to find buffy, there was three young lads standing in front of buffy, aaron walked to buffy's side

"what the fuck do you want , piss off" one of them said

"do you honestly think that using telepathy to pull a girl is gonna impress your mates" aaron asked

"how  the fuck do you know"

"you aint the only telepath in this club Simon, so why don't you leave my friend alone"

"like I'm gonna do that"

"have it your way" aaron replied, his eyes turned white and the boy grabbed his stomach in pain "that's just a thunderstorm in your large intestine, leave my friend alone or I wont stop it"

"aaron its ok I'm back now, thank you" buffy said hugging him, aaron stopped the thunderstorm and they started to walk off, before they got too far aaron was thrown thru the air in a burst of telekinetic power

"I gotta give it to ya, that's some power you guys have got there" aaron said

"yeah well we've been training, we want to be x men" one of them replied

"oh dear god I don't believe this, do you really think the x men are gonna let you in when you use your powers for personal gain"

"like they're ever gonna find out about it"

"have you heard of scott summers?" aaron asked

"yeah of course we have, he's cyclops the x men team leader, he's one of the people which decide who gets into the team"

"well I'm not sure he'll let you in when you just decided to throw his team mate and brother 20ft thru the air"

"what are you talking about?" the boy replied

"I'm aaron summers codename psyche, host to phoenix and destroyer of dark phoenix"

"hey aaron, are you ok bro?" scott asked

"you... you're cyclops, you're even better looking in real life"

"err thanks but you're talking to the wrong summers boy, aaron's the poof not me"

"yeah but scott's the one who doesn't know how to have fun, boring old git, you wouldn't like him much if you were related to him",

"ok we get it aaron gay, scott boring, look I'm sorry for using my powers on you aaron" the kid replied

"that's ok we don't need any new members on the x team but I'm sure if you want professor x will enrol you in the school, call and see him tomorrow", the kids walked off and aaron and scott went back to meet the others

"you two are cute when you argue" buffy said

"shut up and dance with me" aaron replied, they continued to dance for the rest of the night and at midnight they decided to go back home, aaron went up to his room and john was still awake-just

"alright, did ya have a nice time?" john asked

"yeah it would've been better if you were there tho, how's dawn?" aaron replied sitting on the bed

"she's fine, I introduced her to a few people and then we played on the ps2, the horny little bugger spent most of the time talking about you and how fit you are"

"really, god the girls like me I'm cured, I'm gonna find buffy she's single" aaron said with a smile

"hey, you aint going anywhere Mr Summers, you're mine" john replied

"don't panic I'm staying, its just I don't understand why people like me the way they do, and I don't just mean in the fancy way I'm talking about friends and stuff, tonight scott called me a summers boy without thinking about it, like it's been that way forever, I mean that's the biggest thing, him liking me the way he does I just don't get it" 

"he's always liked you, when you died he took it as bad as I did, he stayed in his room for about a week, he wasn't talking to anyone not even jean, when he did finally come out he wouldn't go on any missions and storm had to take over as team leader for a while, and at Christmas he wouldn't come out of the room again, when anyone asked him why he just said that you were the closest thing to having a brother and how could anyone expect him to enjoy Christmas without you, he loves you"

"god I always thought he hated me in a way, we were always arguing"

"you've only been back for a day and already you and scott have had more arguments than the rest of us have in the whole year, come on lets get to sleep babe" john replied, they had a final kiss and then settled down for the night, as always john was the first to fall asleep <night scottie, love you> <I love you too bro>

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