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<indicates telepathic conversations>

[indicates intercom conversations]



Aaron woke up at the usual time of 5am, he had a shower and went down to the kitchen, he was surprised to see jean already up


"happy birthday sweetie" jean said giving him a kiss


"thanks babe, anyway you're up early today"


"yeah I just wanna tell ya something before scott comes down, last night I was thinking about what the pigeon said about your powers and codename and I want you to have the codename phoenix and I'll go back to marvel girl"


"don't be daft jeannie you're the original phoenix I'm just an add on, I don't mind dark phoenix it just shocked me that's all and why did you wanna tell me before scott gets here?" aaron asked


"cause I knew you'd disagree and I cant handle two summers boys arguing with me and I want you to be phoenix, I've already talked to professor x and he's changed cerebro's database"


"thanks" aaron replied hugging her, while they were hugging scott walked into the room, he ignored jean and walked straight up to aaron


"happy birthday fuck face"


"happy birthday shit brick" aaron replied as they hugged each other, jean gave a small laugh


"what?" scott and aaron asked at the same time


"just you two, even when you're being rude to each other all I can see is pure love, anyway I'm gonna take a shower, I'll see ya later" jean replied walking out of the room


"I've gotta teach P.E at 7.30 do you wanna do it with me?" scott asked


"hell yeah, I wanna spend our first birthday together and if it means working then that's what I'll do". The rest of the team came down for breakfast and gave scott and aaron their presents, the time they had finished it was time for classes, john, bobby, rogue, delta, jaime and dawn had P.E while the rest of them had math, jean and storm had to go and pick up a runaway mutant in the blackbird.

Aaron and scott orbed out into the grounds and waited while the students got changed, after about 15minutes all of the students were outside


"ok we're gonna start off with a basket ball game and then have a nice little run consisting of 2 laps around the grounds" scott said, there was a couple of moans from the students "but as it's the first birthday with my twin and I'm in a good mood, I'm gonna allow powers in this game".

Professor x was in his office interviewing the boy aaron had met at mercy the night before


"right simon I'm pleased to say that you meet the requirements and can enrol in the school as soon as you like all I need to do is just read your mind to find out what your powers are, is that ok?" xavier asked


"yes sir" simon replied, xavier placed his hands over simon's head and closed his eyes, after a while he was finished


"you're a telekinetic with low level telepathy powers, either marvel girl or myself will train you to expand your telepathy once you've settled in, now would you like a little tour of the school and meet some of the teachers and students?"


"yes please sir" simon replied, they left the office and xavier started with the dorm area's.


Back outside the basket ball game was nearly over and scott was regretting letting the students use their powers, they had destroyed at least 20 balls and aaron had to heal most of the students two or three times


"right, I'm gonna mentally show you the course for the run and there is absolutely no use of powers allowed in this one ok" aaron said as he projected the image into the students minds "right sod off and come back here when you've done, and remember no powers".

Professor x and simon had nearly finished the tour and were in the main hall when rogue, dawn, kitty and a couple of other students came running thru, before they could get much further aaron orbed in front of them


"oh crap" rogue said


"I may have a hangover but I don't remember setting this route in the course" aaron said as he put his hand on his head, all of the students we're standing there like they had been frozen, buffy was coming down the stairs and walked thru the `maze' of students


"I thought sunnydale high was weird but that has nothing on this place, what's going on?" she asked, before xavier could reply aaron's voice was projected in the air <psychic detention>


"and that would mean what?" buffy asked


"when someone is in a psychic detention it slows down time and lasts for hours although in reality its only a few minutes, it takes a lot of control to create these and I'm sure aaron will stop it in a couple of minutes" xavier replied, they decided to wait and it was a good 10 minutes before the students returned to normal, instantly they started complaining


"right get back to the run and no more shortcuts" aaron said with a smile, the students didn't exactly hurry so aaron created a lightning bolt near their feet "come on move it, move it, move it", they soon started to run out of the school still complaining


"don't you think 9 hours was a little harsh phoenix?" xavier asked with his trademark gentle smile


"maybe but the little buggers sure as hell wont cheat in my class again, I better get back to one eye, see ya'll later" aaron replied orbing out of the room


"what are your powers?" simon asked buffy


"well I've got powers but I'm not a mutant, I'm called a slayer and I've got super strength and agility, heightened senses and rapid healing factor"


"how strong are you"


"very strong, I cant show you because I'll hurt someone"" buffy replied, they started to walk outside when the school's alarms started going off, cerebro appeared in front of them


"it's magneto and a fleet of sentinels under his control" cerebro said,<aaron please guide all of the students including those in the x men to the danger room and stay with them all other teachers come to the front off the school> the metal gates to the school came flying towards them, xavier stopped it and set it safely on the ground


"you should know better than to come here looking for trouble erik"


"telepathy cant affect me old friend" magneto said as he pulled the metal structure from the school and started to wrap it around them, he pulled logan's hands onto scott's throat and turned scott's head to face logan so neither of them could use their powers.


In the danger room the kids were scared and aaron was finding it hard to calm them down


"delta, can you use your powers to see what's happening out there?" john asked


"I'll give it a go, I haven't really had training in that area" delta replied, she closed her eyes and managed to project a image to the others but it only lasted a couple of seconds, that was all they needed to see, dawn totally freaked out about seeing buffy tied up against the school with metal


"buffy" she screamed her hair had turned white


"dawnie, your hair" willow said


"you must be a weather mutant like ororo" rogue added, dawn walked out of the room "damn it, delta you're a stronger telepath than me, find aaron" rogue said


"its no good, there's too many brain signatures I cant make his out, we'll have to look the old fashioned way" delta replied


"to hell we will, locate" willow said and a green ball of light started to fly around the danger room, they all followed it and soon it was floating above aaron


"aaron, the x gene has activated in dawn and she's gone upstairs" jaime said


"bugger, I'll go sort it out you lot stay here ok" aaron said as he started to run for the exit.


Outside professor x was starting to worry as there was no way for him to attack magneto all he could do was put a shield around them to protect them, the weather started changing dramatically and they all thought that jean and storm were back, it wasn't until dawn walked out of the building that they realised where the power was coming from


"leave my sister and friends alone and get away from this school" dawn cried as she started a cyclone, it didn't last for long as magneto threw her back into the building with his powers knocking her out


"you cannot stop me" magneto laughed as he set the sentinels attacking the building, aaron had got upstairs and saw dawn on the ground, he knelt next to her and healed her


"you've had your powers for what, five minutes and already you're trying to be a super hero" the building was shaking and rubble started falling from the roof "go back to the danger room you'll be safe in there, I'll finish this off" aaron said changing into his uniform, dawn got up and started running for the danger room, aaron turned around and faced the door

"come on get a grip, you've done this before there's nothing to be scared of, phoenix you can do this" aaron said as he tapped into the phoenix's powers, he walked out of the school


"aaron davies, now I am surprised I thought you were dead" magneto said with a smile, aaron looked over to scott for a moment and then back to magneto "come on phoenix no going back now, do it for your brother" he whispered to himself, all of a sudden aaron changed there was flames coming from his body, his eyes and hair had too turned into flames, instantly the smile on magneto's face disappeared


<not close magneto, you aint even looking at aaron summers, I am phoenix and I'm going to end your reign of terror>, magneto started to back off and was making a barricade using the sentinels to try and slow phoenix down, but the phoenix was just walking thru them <you cant stop me magneto>.

Professor x, buffy, simon, logan and scott were watching and were all scared shitless, simon had never seen a powerful force in his entire life, although buffy had seen a lot when willow turned to black magic, she hadn't seen anything this strong  and the others hadn't seen jean like this before


"he'll be ok scott" logan said sensing how scared scott was


"even jean has never tapped into the phoenix like this before and look how long she's had it in her"


"I know but she's never walked out of the school on her birthday and seen her twin pinned to the wall and about to be killed"


"you mean this is because of me?" scott replied


"yes, he cares about the rest of us but you are his only family, you're his world".


Magneto had picked up every piece of metal he could manage and for the first time in his life was feeling the pressure from stretching his powers to the max, it was his last attempt to escape he dropped all of the metal onto the phoenix and raised up into the sky as fast as he could, the metal started to melt and the phoenix went soaring into the sky after magneto <now I will reverse all of the damage you have ever caused this planet, today your reign will end>, the phoenix grabbed magneto's head and started its work, the first thing to get set right was the mansion instantly it was repaired to its original state and glory, a lot of things were changing and the phoenix had nearly completed its desire <what's this magneto, you are the reason my hosts mentor has to spend his life confined to a wheelchair, I stretch out with my mind and done, no more will charles xavier have to sit in that contraption and for my last act of god I will see it that you never hurt anyone again> the phoenix and magneto started to glow and in a flash of bright light magneto disappeared, the phoenix came soaring back down to earth and landed in front of the others


"phoenix what's happened to magneto, is he dead?" xavier asked <no he is not, that would be going against everything you've taught my host, use your powers to look five miles below the danger room charles>, xavier closed his eyes and after a few seconds a smile crept across his face, "a plastic prison, very ingenious phoenix"

<magneto should not be able to escape but if he does I'll be waiting for him, now I will leave you all alone but I must warn you when I go my host will fall unconscious for a while, he will be ok but needs to rest for a few hours, I will make sure this world will never forget that aaron summers is my host and he is mine> with that aaron's hair and eyes went back to normal, his shirt started to melt away and there was a phoenix burnt onto his chest, he looked at his friends

"bloody pigeon" was all he could manage to say before he fell to the ground unconscious.


"we must get him to the med bay" xavier said, logan was about to pick aaron up when he rose into the air


"I've got him" simon said, they started to walk down to the medical bay and when they got downstairs the students were beginning to leave the danger room


"professor?" bobby said as the x men left the room


"he'll be ok, he just needs to rest, could you please watch the other students for me while I make sure aaron is comfortable" xavier replied, they nodded and started to leave "thank you my x men", xavier checked aaron's blood pressure and then left scott alone. The others were in the living room explaining to jean and storm what had happened while they were out, <dawn please could you come to my office> xavier sent to her, she said bye to the others and made her way to see xavier, she got to his door and knocked <come in>, she walked in and took a seat in front of his desk


"you're not in any trouble dawn, I just wanted to say thank you"


"for what sir, what did I do" dawn replied


"for what you did earlier, your powers had only just kicked in and you tried to protect the school, its students and teachers, you were very brave and for that I would like to offer you a place in the x men"


The others were still in the living room, when busted walked in


"alright, we just came from the games room and there's a couple of kids in there talking about aaron, they told us that he's a freak and murderer" charlie said sitting next to jaime


"oh god this is all we need, what should we do?" delta asked


"maybe we should see the professor and let him sort this out, it is his school" jean replied, then dawn came running back into the room


"hey guys guess wha... what's wrong?"


"some of the kids are spreading bad rumours about aaron" jean replied


"do you want me to hit them with lightning?"


"no honey that isn't necessary... yet, anyway what did you want to tell us?" storm asked


"oh its nothing important, I just wanted to tell ya that professor x has given me a place on the team, he said that with storm being the local weather expert, you should choose the codename for me" dawn replied


"well I think maybe cyclone would be good, I mean that's the first thing you created, shall we go talk to xavier?", they agreed and made their way to xavier's office, they knocked on the door and waited for a reply <come in>, they walked in and took a seat


"I know why you're here and the answer is no I wont talk to the children, I want you, as x men to do it" xavier said


"but wouldn't it sound better coming from you sir" angel asked


"no I think you should handle this, aaron isn't just your teacher and colleague, he's your friend also the students need to understand that the people they have class with are x men and have a big say within the school, you can do this my children"


"sir I don't know how jean and logan feel about this but maybe it would have even more affect on the students if we stay out of this one" storm said


"I have to agree with storm on this, ya know with us being teachers they expect a bollockin' from us, but not from the people they sit next to in class" logan added


"and although I wouldn't have phrased it like that, logan and storm are right, we should stay out of this" jean replied


"ok then that's settled, the P.A switch is over on the wall, who would like to call the meeting?" xavier asked, to begin with no one spoke up, they were as nervous as hell


"I'll do it" angel said "shall we tell them 3pm, that'll give us an hour or so to get ready" they all agreed and angel walked up to the P.A, he took a deep breath and turned it on [students of the xavier institute, this is the x men, we normally wouldn't disturb you like this but there are a few things that need to be discussed, we want every student to report to the main hall at 3pm, lateness will not be tolerated]


"you should go change into your uniforms, my office is free you can meet back there ok" jean said


"dawn, we're about the same size so you can take one of my old uniforms for now" storm said leading dawn to her room, they got inside the room and storm opened the wardrobe, dawn noticed a picture on the desk


"storm, how come there's only you, jean, scott and logan in this photo, where are the others?"


"that was taken a few years ago when it was just the four of us, bobby and john were attending the school at the time but not on the team" storm replied


"I like the way you've got your hair up there, its really nice"


"here you go, it's a bit revealing but we'll find a better one later, you can put it on now, the bathroom is just thru there"


"thanks but I'll go back to my room cause I need to wash my hair, there's still dust in it from the school starting to fall down" dawn replied


"well if you wash it here, I'll put it up like mine was in that photo"


"thanks storm" dawn said walking into the bathroom, she was in there for about 20 minutes and then came out "you're right it is revealing, but its still cool", it was thigh high boots, hot pants, t-shirt/bra that only just covered up her chest there was a silver lightning bolt that joined the two together and she had a cape that was pinned to the shirt with an x in a circle, all was dark blue/black in colour, it didn't take storm long to put dawn's hair up and they left the room, they heard a wolf whistle so turned around and saw charlie


"dawn you look great" charlie said


"thanks, I bet you'd look even better in it"


"nah, I think my legs are too hairy for that"


"you'll have too show me someday" dawn replied


"come on we better get back to the others" storm said dragging dawn away.

Back in the med bay scott was sitting next to aaron's bed, he ran his fingers lightly over the mark on aaron's chest


"stop it, that tickles"


"hey, how ya feeling bro?" scott asked


"lousy, what's the time?"


"nearly 3pm" scott replied, aaron started to get up "you need to rest"


"rest can wait, I'm not wasting another minute of this day, we we're meant to be spending it together" aaron replied, he got off the bed and nearly fell to the deck but scott caught him in time "I can walk on my own ya know"


"yeah whatever" scott replied not loosening his grip on aaron, they got upstairs and aaron noticed that nobody was around


"where the heck is everyone?" aaron asked


"oh the x men have called a meeting in the main hall, I hent got a clue what its about"


"lets go have a look"


"aaron you need to rest" scott replied


"ok I'll rest, but I'll do it sometime that isn't now".


The students had all gone to the hall and were waiting for the x men, busted were standing outside and, buffy, xander, willow and giles were then coming to join them


"what's going on, what are they doing, who stopped by, what have we missed?" buffy asked


"well one, the x men have called a school meeting, two, the students are waiting for them, three, no one and four, nothing" mattie replied


"cool, don't suppose anyone's seen dawn about?" buffy asked


"er yeah" xander replied pointing down the corridor, the x men were then walking towards the hall, buffy was pissed about what dawn was wearing but she was also proud and all she could do is give her little sister a smile


"well be standing at the back of the hall if you need us" logan said, the team took a deep breath and walked into the room which instantly went quiet


"ask them to fight sentinels and they're ok, ask them to call a meeting and they're nervous as hell" jean said with a smile as they walked inside the door, the others were at the front of the hall ready start, everyone had decided that angel would start off, he took a step forward and started to speak


"I'm sure that by now most of you have a vague idea of what happened today, so before I explain things as they happened I want you to know how disappointed the x men are in all of you, everyone who comes to this institute, whether they be students, teachers or members of the x team are all powerful people in their different mutations and all are potentially dangerous as well, all of you have faced hardships and come to terms with being a mutant, but today you have judged another person like you, someone who has faced more hardships then most of you could ever imagine and you condemned him for something that he done to protect this school and the lives of everyone in it", angel paused to let his words sink in, he looked up and saw scott and aaron walk into the back of the room, jean turned around to see what he was looking at, <carry on sweetie>, angel still couldn't manage to say anything so dawn stepped forward and continued for him


"today magneto came to this school with the intention of destroying it along with every one in inside, there was no one here, not even the professor, who was powerful enough to stop him, so Mr Summers surrendered his body to the phoenix, what the phoenix done had nothing to with Mr Summers, he was not controlling it, and until someone tells him, he wont have a clue what happened. The mark that most of you saw on his chest, was left there by the phoenix to remind the world that aaron summers is its host", aaron had woke up when he felt scott's hand on his chest but thought no more about it, he didn't know what dawn was talking about, he looked down and saw the burn in shape of the phoenix, it was too much for him and if it wasn't for the fact that he was as weak as hell, he would've left the room. Bobby was the next one to step forward


"look guys we know you were just scared as hell but there was no need for you to say the things you did, only 30 minutes before all this happened some of you were outside playing a game of basketball where we were allowed to use our powers, how many of us had to be healed by Mr Summers when we got hit by an energy ball or T.K bolt. As far magneto goes the phoenix did not kill him, he's in a plastic prison about 6miles below this school, where he'll never be able to hurt anyone again". Aaron knew that they had nearly finished so walked away before the students saw him, it was a couple of seconds before scott realised he had gone and quickly went after him and put his arm around aaron for support


"I'm ok"


"no you're not, just let me..." scott started but aaron soon cut him off


"get off me scott, I don't need your help, just leave me the hell alone ok" aaron said in a very angry tone


"I want to help you bro"


"don't call me that, how do we even know its true, we're only going on what the phoenix has told us and I don't know if I can trust that stupid... whatever the fuck it is, I spent a year of my life thinking I was someone else and then when I got my memories back I'm told that my friend is actually my brother, its seems my whole life has been a lie, the only thing I'm sure of is that I wish the phoenix had left me dead"


"aaron please don't say that"


"why not, it would've been a lot simpler for everyone, especially you, its turned your whole life upside down" aaron replied walking off


"the only thing this has done for me is given me something I wished for since I was thirteen, all I wanted is a family, someone I could love and now I've got you, the phoenix has made our lives better" scott said causing aaron to turn around


"no it hasn't before that night, we were just team mates, nothing else and now you want to act like brothers, supposing its true and we are twins, its still obviously not meant to be cause if it was we wouldn't have been separated, lets face it neither of us want this, we just got caught up and confused with everything the phoenix said", aaron started walking off again, he looked at the wall where the teacher photo's were, his was next to scott's and underneath them it said `scott summers- team leader' and `aaron summers- assistant team leader', he raised his hand and made his plaque explode, he continued to walk away leaving scott standing there confused, neither of them had realised that half the school was watching them, scott walked off and jean quickly followed him


"scott honey, what was all that about?" jean asked


"you were there jean, what do you think it was about, aaron hates the thought of us being related, he doesn't want it and to be honest I don't think I do either"


"yes you do, you both need some time to think about things"


"no I don't want it jean, I hate him, I..." scott took a breath "I wish he hadn't come back"


"scott how could you say something like that, surely you don't mean it?" jean said with a tear rolling down her cheek


"yeah I do, I love him so much and it hurts cause he doesn't feel the same, I just wish he wasn't here" scott was crying hard now, he usually wouldn't let his feelings show but at the moment he was too hurt to care


"go find him, talk to him scott you need each other, whether you want it or not, just go talk to him honey" jean said pushing scott towards the mansion, scott knew jean was right, hell she always was, and he started to run into the mansion, he got to aaron's room first and not thinking that it was johns room too he just ran in without knocking, john was then about to get in the shower and only had a towel on


"scott what the hell are ya doing?"


"oh god sorry, have you seen aaron anywhere?" scott asked, really embarrassed


"not since the meeting" john replied smiling


"ok, sorry john" scott replied running out of the room, "note to self, your brother does share a room with someone, knock next time you idiot", he ran up to the roof and saw aaron sitting by the edge of the roof, there was a bottle of beer next to him and he was smoking


"I didn't know you smoke" scott said sitting next to him


"I don't usually, I confiscated the fags and beer off a student last night and thought what the hell, how'd ya know I was up here?"


"not sure, it just seemed a good place to look" they sat in an uncomfortable silence for a while, neither sure what to say, scott picked up the pack of fags and lit one, aaron passed him the bottle of beer


"ya think this is good, wait til ya catch them with marijuana" scott said taking a sip of beer, aaron reached in his pocket and took out a small bag


"asshole, how come you get it all in one go"


"just lucky I suppose" aaron replied, there was another uncomfortable silence and then aaron spoke again "I do love you scott, ya know that right?"


"yeah and I love you too, I'm sorry for upsetting you earlier"


"you didn't, it was just everything the students had been saying and then this mark on my chest, it was too much, I shouldn't have flipped at anyone but especially not you"


"I only want to help you aaron, you're the only person I care about" scott replied


"don't let jean hear you say that mate, she'll kill ya", scott gave a weak smile, aaron sensed his mood change dramatically "what's wrong?"


"it's the first time you've called me mate since ya got back"


"just like old times hey" aaron replied, again there was another silence,


"we were so strong, where did it all go wrong, it feels like I'm losing you and I cant take it aaron, I need you"


"it seemed right, but now I just don't know what to think, I mean what if the phoenix is wrong and we aint twins"


"but what if it was right and we are?" scott replied


"I don't know scott, it feels like I'm swimming against the tide, I'm praying for a lifeline, but it seems there aint one around, god that makes no sense"


"yes it does, I felt the same way when my powers kicked in, I was living on the streets and had a blindfold on so I didn't open my eyes, I thought that would be how I'd die, but then professor x found me and helped me, he was my lifeline, please aaron I want to be yours, I'll help you thru the phoenix thing, I'll never leave your side"


"I don't know what I done to deserve you scott, you have every reason to hate me but instead you offer me support" aaron replied, he pulled scott into a hug


"how can I hate someone I love so much, so are you ready to admit we're twins?" scott asked


"yeah, I'm sorry scott I should never have doubted it, or us"


"come on lets go inside, it'll be diner soon" scott said, aaron got up and again nearly fell over, he was still completely drained and making his plaque explode didn't exactly help, scott put his arm around aaron's waist and pulled him to his side


"after diner can we do something together, I mean before we lose our first birthday" aaron asked


"anything you want bro" scott replied, as they walked back to the main school, they saw charlie heading for his room


"aaron have ya got a minute"


"I'll catch ya up" aaron said to scott "what up?"


"right this is gonna sound really lame but, with everything that happened we never got a chance to thank you for helping us out last year, if it wasn't for you we would have been screwed, so thanks, I really appreciate it"


"you're a soppy twat aint ya" aaron replied, just then dawn was walking past


"alright dawn" 


"hey charlie" dawn replied giving him a wink, charlie just gazed at her like a love sick puppy


"charlie, close your mouth mate you're drooling" aaron said, charlie didn't acknowledge him to begin with "why don't ya take her out tonight?"


"I cant, my bank is playing up and I cant take any money out until tomorrow besides I hent got a car over here, it aint gonna be romantic if I take her out on a bus" charlie replied, aaron fished around in his pockets


"here ya go, one set of car keys and a credit card"


"don't be daft"


"take them, the car is actually scott's but he wont mind" aaron said forcing the keys and card into charlie's pocket


"stop trying to touch me up summers" charlie replied with a smile


"don't flatter yourself, now shut the fuck up and find dawn before I kick your ass", charlie started to walk off and then turned around and give aaron a hug "thank you" he said before he did leave, aaron went to the hall and scott was waiting outside for him


"are you ok with this?" scott asked


"yeah I'm fine, I don't care what the students think anymore, if they want to give me strange looks and talk about me then that's up to them"


"if you're sure, come on I'm starving now", they walked into the hall and sat at the teachers table, scott noticed a few students looking at aaron and it took a lot of self control for him not to bollock them, aaron noticed scott getting angry <are you ok scott?> <those students are beginning to fuck me off> <do you want to go?> <yeah, orb us out of here>, aaron orbed them out of the hall into his room


"ya know ya wanted us to do something together, well hows about we go to the edge of the grounds and get absolutely pissed and high?" scott asked


"yeah that would be great, scott I'm really sorry for being a cunt earlier, I do love you" aaron replied, they orbed into the city and got a couple of creates of beer, while they were there, they found a dealer so they could get some more drugs and then headed back to the mansion, they sat against a tree and scott started packing the pipe with marijuana


"are you sure this is a good idea doing it out here?" aaron asked


"don't be a pussy bro, its not as if anyone will look for us here, plus we're teachers, its our right to do this"


"true, fuck `em" aaron replied, once scott had finished packing the pipe, aaron let some of the phoenix flames out and held a small ball of fire above the bowl, scott inhaled deeply


"see there are some advantages to having a flaming bird inside you" scott said as he passed the pipe to aaron


"yeah I can see it on my C.V, aaron ashley summers, special talents: keeping the pipe lit", they sat there for a while each taking turns, aaron didn't say much but scott was pleased to be spending time with his brother


"I missed you" scott said taking a sip of beer, aaron didn't reply, scott looked over to him and he looked sad "hey what's wrong?"


"I cant say that I missed you too, when I was ryan I didn't know you existed"


"I reckon its hug time, I love you aaron more than life itself, you're my soul mate, my universe and we are never ever gonna be away from each other again", scott looked into aaron's eyes and smiled


"what?" aaron asked


"we've got the same colour eyes"


"well spotted pike"


"huh?" scott replied


"oh in England there was this comedy program called dads army, there was some stupid boy in it who always spotted the obvious and the captain just said well spotted pike"


"so you're referring to me as a stupid boy"


"yeah, you know it" aaron replied.


An hour had passed and they were laying next to each other on the grass, totally out of their minds


"have you fucked john yet?" scott asked


"freak, that's not the kind of question you ask your brother"


"that it is"


"not yet, I don't think he's ready, I mean I rushed him with getting engaged, I'm not gonna push him anymore, don't get me wrong I really want to but I'll wait until he's ready, now shut the fuck up and pack the pipe again" aaron replied, scott sat up and started when they heard jean <I'm gonna stay with john so you can have our room when you're finished, night boys>, aaron grabbed scott's hand so they could reply together <night jeannie>. They continued drinking and getting stoned and at about 3am decided to call it a night, aaron tried to orb them to the room but only made it as far as the staircase, he was too high to concentrate enough to take them all the way, once they were in the room they dived onto the bed and almost instantly fell asleep.


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