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When aaron woke up the next morning john was hugging him tight, as it was 5am he decided not to wake john and orbed down to the kitchen, when he was in the kitchen he made a coffee and sat at the table, he was lost in thought and didn't notice rogue come in

"morning sugah" she said as she poured a glass of orange juice, Aaron didn't say anything

"morning sugah" rogue said again but still didn't get a reply so she kissed him on the cheek draining his powers, he quickly pulled away when he started to feel weak

"god rogue are you trying to kill me?" he asked, she gave him a smile

"no sugah I was trying to get your attention, what were you thinking about anyway I said morning to you twice and you didn't realise I was here"

"sorry sweetie I'm just tired but I can't sleep, got too much going on in my head"

"you can say that again, you hent even got dressed that aint like you, do you wanna talk about honey?". As she was saying this john walked in

"morning" he said as he sat down next to aaron, rogue could feel that she still had aaron's powers inside her, so she started thought speaking with john

<do you know what's wrong with Aaron?> <no he was alright last night, hang on how can you do this?> <he was totally out of it so I kissed him on the cheek to startle him> <has he told you what happened last night?> <no what happened?> <I'll let him say>. They sat in silence for a while, Aaron was lost in thought again and john wondered if he was regretting the kiss.

<its good to have you back john> <rogue how long did you touch him?> <bout 20 seconds why?> <you shouldn't be able to do this>, she thought about it when she absorbs someone's powers it only last for a couple of minutes and she had touched arron at least 10 minutes ago, jean had came into the kitchen while they were thought speaking.

"jean I touched Aaron about 10 minutes ago and I've still got his powers, do you know why?"

"sorry I don't but prof x will, come on I'll go with you". They said bye to the others and went to Xavier's office, as they passed the dorm rooms rogue grabbed her head in pain

"what's wrong rogue?" jean asked concerned

"I can hear voices in my head". Jean placed her hands on rogue's head and put up a mental barrier in her mind

"what was that jean?" she asked

"it's Aaron's telepathy running wild, you were hearing everyone's thoughts". They continued to walk to Xavier's office when he sent them a message <I know what's happening, go to the med bay I'll meet you there>.

Prof x done some tests on rogue and after an hour he was finished.

"rogue when you touched Aaron some how you've permanently absorbed his telepathic abilities, but the strange thing is you haven't got anything else"

"how can this be possible sir, I should only be able to borrow a power not steel it"

"you haven't stolen it rogue Aaron has still got it himself". They sat in silence for a while then jean had a thought.

"the phoenix did it" she said

 "what do you mean jean?" Xavier asked

"rogue would've absorbed part of the phoenix and as it's an entity she has kept that part of it"

"rogue we will start to dissolve the mental barrier a little bit at a time so you can get accustomed to your new powers"

"thank you sir" she replied and with that they went back to the kitchen to finish breakfast

Aaron and john had gone back to the room so they could talk in private

"what's wrong aaron?" john asked

"I'm worried that you're regretting last night, when you said that you love me it made me very happy and I don't want to lose you"

"don't be stupid I love you and I aint ever gonna leave you", he pulled Aaron into a very long kiss, then Aaron noticed the time

"oh shit I've got training in 15 minutes, I hent showered yet" he said as he got up and walked to the bathroom

"need a hand?" john asked with a mischievous grin on his face

"save it for later" Aaron replied as he got in the shower "and we better tell them we're together". It took him about 20 minutes to get ready, he gave john a kiss and orbed to the danger room.

when he arrived the whole team were waiting for him

"you're late" Scott said with a pissed off tone

"sorry red eyes I was busy with something" he replied, rogue gave him a smile <do you mean something or someone?> <ok it was john, but don't tell anyone yet> <you're secret's safe with me sugah>.

They started training with a sentinel program and then after about 2 hours the program ended.

"cerebro start real simulation B.O.M 7" Scott said in a clear voice. The danger room turned from its normal silver to a battle scene with magneto and the brotherhood, just as they were about to start Aaron noticed that pyro was still in the simulation

"I'm not gonna do this program until john's image is removed" he said, the rest of the team looked at him

"why?" Scott asked

"please just remove it"

"cerebro remove pyro from the simulation", with that john's image disappeared from the room

"what was all that about?" bobby asked, Aaron wasn't sure if he should tell them without john being here <you better tell them sugah> <rogue I cant, what if they hate me or something?> <they wont but if you want I'll tell them> <thanks sweetie>

"hey guys leave him alone, wouldn't you be annoyed if you're partner was in a fight simulation" she said as she walked over and put her arm around Aaron in support. The rest of the team stood in silence for a few minutes

"is that why you were late for training?" Scott asked, Aaron couldn't say anything but nodded

"why didn't you say so, I wouldn't have stressed at you" Scott replied smiling. Aaron was pleased that they had accepted it although bobby hadn't said anything he still wasn't to bothered.

They spent the next 45 minutes in the danger room then called it day, they went back to their rooms to change before lazing about for the rest of the day

"hey how did training go?" john asked as Aaron walked into the room

"it was fine until one of the simulations had you in it and I kinda flipped a bit, so they know about us now"

"how did they take it?" john asked with a worried look

"they're pleased, Scott even said if I had told them he wouldn't have had a go about me being late"

"bloody hell Cyclops not having ago that would be a first, well I'm gonna go down stairs, see ya in a bit". John started to walk out of the room

"hang on don't I get a kiss?" aaron asked, john came back to him and gave him a quick kiss then went down stairs. As he got into the hall bobby came over to him

"hey john, aaron seems happy he's got a boyfriend, but I swear if you hurt  him in anyway I will make you suffer a slow and very painful death". Bobby walked off leaving john confused.

When aaron got out of the shower he noticed john laying on the bed

"hey I thought you were going down stairs" he said

"yeah I did but decided to come back", aaron noticed john had been crying

"what's wrong?" he asked

"nothing it doesn't matter"

"come on you can tell me" he said pulling john into a hug

"when I went downstairs bobby had a go at me, suppose I don't blame him after all I did walk out on them"

"what did he say?"

"you don't wanna know" john replied

"yes I do, please tell me"

"he said that if I ever hurt you, he'd kill me". Aaron couldn't believe it, he got up and started to leave the room

"aaron where are you going?" john asked

"to speak to bobby" he replied

"don't just leave it"

"sorry john I cant, I aint having him talk to you like that", before john could say anything else aaron orbed to gardens. <rogue where's bobby?> <round the back of the mansion>, he walked round the corner and saw bobby sitting on the grass with rogue, delta and one of the other students.

"why the hell did you threaten john?" aaron asked using his powers to lift bobby off the ground,

"cause I don't trust him anymore"

"its got nothing to with you, he's my boyfriend and you have no right to speak to him like that"

"well sorry for trying to protect my best friend" bobby replied now shouting

"Bobby in case you've forgotten, I was a kick ass powerful mutant and now I've got some stupid turkey inside me making me one of the most powerful forces in the fucking universe, I can take care of myself"

"that doesn't mean you cant be hurt emotionally you moron"

"just because you cant handle emotions doesn't mean the rest of us cant" aaron replied getting even angrier

"what's that supposed to mean?" bobby asked

"when Michael kissed rogue you came running to me for protection and the kiss was only an experiment, it didn't mean anything". Aaron had put bobby on the ground by now and bobby punched him in the mouth, it didn't take long before they were having a full fists on fight

"guys stop fighting" delta pleaded, but they didn't even acknowledge her

"don't make  me do this" she said as she used her powers to throw them apart, they landed about 30ft from each other, they stood up and looked at each other

"for your information aaron I didn't come to you for protection, I came because I was confused and I thought you was the only person I could always trust, but our friendship is over". 

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