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As there is practically no Young Avenger stuff out there I decided to be the first to try and break the ice. (Hey someone's got to start it) I'm going for a combination of realness and sexiness so let me know what you think, what can be improved on and what you like.      
                                             THE YOUNG AVENGERS
                                              TEDDY AND BILLY
                                              Does He Like Me?

     Teddy and Billy sat on the couch at Billy's apartment. The Young Avengers had only been together for a few weeks but Billy aka Wiccan had already gotten hurt. In the scheme of things a broken leg wasn't that bad but that didn't stop Teddy from feeling responsible. He had dropped by every day helping out with things around the house as well as keeping Billy company. Billy's parents where away on a cruise. They didn't want to leave him alone after he broke his leg but Billy assured them that he would be fine and since they had spent close to $1,000 on the tickets it was hard for them to argue. Teddy assured them that he would drop by every day to help out and keep Billy company. Although it wasn't all that bad in fact it was just about the opposite. Teddy really liked Billy. In fact he knew he liked him in a way he probably shouldn't but he couldn't help it. His would seem to light up when he was around Billy. He knew that the chances of Billy liking him back that way where astronomically slim but he was ok with that.
     Teddy stared at Billy who was sitting at the other end of the couch with his leg up on a stool. He had his eyes glued to the screen of a recent Horror flick and was stuffing his face with popcorn. Teddy took advantage of Billy's distracted state to stare him down. He loved his figure he was one of those skinny types but not too skinny and he could handle his own. Teddy also admired that Billy could seemingly eat as much junk food as he did and never get fat. It took him hours at the Gym every day to maintain this figure. He turned his head back to the screen where the survivors of the film where vowing to remember their dead friends. He never really liked horror movies he thought they were stupid but Billy loved them and he would do anything to make Billy happy.  
     Billy tilted his head ever so slightly away from the screen to watch his friend Teddy's ass wiggle into the kitchen. He loved those tight blue jeans Teddy wore once in a while. They really showed off his toned ass nicely. But it wasn't just Teddy's ass that he liked he liked everything about him. He loved the way that when Teddy walked into a room everything just seemed to lighten up. It made him feel comfortable somehow and although he hated to admit it he loved the way Teddy had been caring for him the last week. He felt... safe with him around. Safer than he did with anyone else even his parents. He took the remote in his hand and changed the channel just as the credits where rolling though. He stopped at the weather channel who was reporting that the subway was temporarily out of service due to snow. This way perfect! He had been trying to coerce Teddy into staying over for weeks. He couldn't be sure but he had a hunch that Teddy had the same feelings for him. Actually it was more than just a hunch. He couldn't explain it but whenever he was around Teddy he felt a certain energy radiating from him. Having physic powers did have its advantages and Billy could tell that Teddy definitely had an energy a sexual charged energy that he had never encountered before. Still he couldn't be sure and Billy being the shy type was hoping that if he was right he could coerce Teddy into making a move and not actually have to do it himself. Push and hopefully get Teddy to push back harder.
     Teddy walked out of the kitchen and stood in the doorway taking a second to stare a Billy. Billy had invited him to stay over practically every week this night and he knew he would be invited again tonight. But he couldn't, it was just to awkward and got for bid he got bold enoph to try and make a move he didn't think he could ever face Billy again. He flipped on the light and walked over to him putting his hand on his shoulder.
     "You need anything else before I get going?"
     "Why don't you stay Teddy?"
     "We've been over this."
     "Well it looks like you going to have to. The news says the subways stop running and it's below freezing out their! You can't make it home and I won't let you!"
     Teddy cursed himself as he looked at the screen. Billy was right there was no way he could make it home in this weather without the subway running. He would just have to control himself.
     "Well I'm beat" Billy said. All of assuden he levitated off the sofa and flew himself too his room broken leg and all.
     "You coming?"
     Teddy was startled for a moment. He was still kind of getting used to the whole fact that they both had superpowers and that his friend could fly.
     "Yea...ill be up in a minute."

Billy shrugged his shoulders and levitated down the hall to his room.
     Teddy turned off the TV and picked up a few pieces of trash. He loved Billy but he was such a slob. He turned off the light and startled over to the window. As the light from the street reflected on him he prayed for strength not to do anything stupid or foolish that could ruin his friendship.
     Billy floated into his room and plopped himself down on his bed excited but nervous. He hoped his suddle advances would be enoph for Teddy to pick up on if he wanted to but weak enoph to laugh off if he was indeed misreading Teddy's energy. He heard Teddy's footsteps and then saw him appear in the doorway. Teddy tried to convince Billy that he would be more comfortable sleeping on the floor but Billy wouldn't hear it and insisted they both sleep together in the bed.
     "By the way sorry I didn't offer you any clothes but I don't think I have anything that would fit you, besides I'm only in my underwear myself."
     As Teddy started to take off his clothes Billy purposefully stared longingly at him. That's when he saw it. For a second a look of understanding and the biggest smile he had ever seen flashed across Teddy's face and Billy new that Teddy did indeed feel the same way about him.
     Teddy (now in just his boxers) got in the bed a little confused. The way that Billy had stared at him had certainly indicated that he was interested in him as more than just a friend, and he knew that Billy tended to be shy about things like this preferring to feel things out before he committed. Still he had been deceived by looks before and needed to be certain. His friendship with Billy was too important to throw away on a miscommunication. He looked over at Billy who almost seemed to be waiting for him to do something. He gently took Billy's hand and placed it on his chest. He looked Billy in the eye begging him to give him a signal. He felt Billy hand move around feeling his rock hard body. Billy's hand suddenly stopped when it reached the tip of his boxers. Teddy looked into Billy's eyes and saw both longing and fear and Teddy knew. He quickly slipped of his boxers throwing them on the floor. He then gently took Billy's hand and placed it on his junk. He then looked back to Billy's face which was still displaying fear and gave the most loving smile. At that moment Billy's face loosened up into a smile. Teddy felt Billy's hand begin to explore his nether region. Teddy leaned over and planted a big wet kiss on Billy.
     Billy was in total bliss, a feeling he never even knew existed. The big blonde was kissing him like he had never been kissed before all while his hand was exploring the blonde's most private area. Teddy's junk was unbelievably big, at least compared to his own. His penis was so huge he couldn't even get his had around it and his balls where equally impressive. He continued to handle the blonde's impressive package and could feel Teddy moaning as they kissed. With his other free hand he managed to shuck his own underwear and placed Teddy's hand on his package.
     Teddy's hand was so big that it encompassed the whole thing. But that didn't stop him from exploring. Although it was smaller than his Teddy liked it. He had never been into huge dicks and felt that Billy was just the right size. They both moaned into each other's mouths as their hands continued to explore. Teddy felt Billy's hand rubbing over his butt and Teddy did the same. Again Teddy liked what he found. Billy's butt was a lot flatter than his own but Teddy found it sexy and continued to rub his hand all over it. Both boys stuck a finger up to the entrance of each other but none went in silently but mutually agreeing to save that for another encounter.
     Teddy climaxed first, after what seemed like an eternity of exploration and bliss. He then watched Billy go and smiled.
     After they cleaned up and climbed into bed to sleep naked side by side Billy asked Teddy to hold him and make him feel safe. Teddy happily obliged wrapping his big arms around Billy as they fell asleep.

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