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The Young Jedi Chronicles:

     A steady thrumming sound emanating from the practice room slowly roused Anakin from his peaceful state of deep sleep. Soon, he was fully awake with eyes wide open. He looked around his room. Everything appeared normal.
     Still, the sound was undeniable. Someone was in the practice room. Anakin threw off the thin sheet that covered his young body and sat on the edge of the cot that served as his bed. After listening for a few moments, Anakin concluded that whoever was in the practice room down the hall from his sleeping quarters was engaged in a lightsaber training routine.
     Wiping the sleep from his eyes, Anakin stood. Normally he would have stretched, but his mind was not concerned with such matters at present. He wanted to know what was going on. Moving quietly to the door of his room, he keyed in the code and it whooshed open. The corridor was dark and damp, due no doubt to Yavin IV's muggy jungle atmosphere. He stepped out onto the stone floor, his bare feet touching the hard surface.
     The warm air outside his door greeted him, and Anakin was instantly glad that he was dressed in a pair of shorts and nothing else. The students at the academy were required to wear more restrictive garments--usually Jedi robes--during the day. They had all learned to deal with the discomfort; after all, they were knights in training. Even so, Anakin enjoyed the simple pleasure of sleeping nearly naked; his private room afforded him at least that much.
     The sound of a lightsaber slicing through dank air caught Anakin's ear again, and he continued down the corridor to the entrance of the training room. Holding his breath in anticipation, he keyed the door release. It flew open.
     A sense of shock filled Anakin as he got his first look into the brightly lit chamber. In the middle of the vast space stood his fourteen and a half year old brother, Jacen, wearing absolutely nothing. He made no effort to cover himself, and Anakin was glad. Anakin hadn't seen his brother for a few days, and it had been even longer since Anakin had seen him in his natural state. So long, in fact, that the last time they had seen each other naked was when they still bathed together, almost eight years ago.
     Jacen had certainly changed since then. Standing 5'8" tall, he easily towered over Anakin's 5'3" frame. His body was solidly built; Jacen no longer carried any of his baby fat, as far as Anakin could tell. Puberty had also treated Jacen well. A layer of coarse brown hair had replaced what Anakin remembered as smooth, hairless skin on Jacen's arms and legs. Like their father, a sprinkling of dark brown hairs covered Jacen's chiseled chest. Further down, the hairs became thinner, coving his belly with a fine layer of downy fuzz, only to be replaced by a dark line of curls leading from his navel down to his pubic area.
     Since Uncle Luke was away on business, Jacen was being lazy and careless--which explained his unauthorized presence in the training room in the middle of the night. And, if there was any doubt in Anakin's mind whether or not Jacen had begun shaving, it was completely forgotten now. In the few days since Anakin had seen him, Jacen had grown enough facial hair to adequately replicate their father's own "rugged" look. While still a little too sparse to be a full beard, only a few bare spots remained on Jacen's cheeks; otherwise the facial hair was equally distributed from sideburns to chin, dark brown, and about one-eighth of an inch long.
     No matter how sexy his brother looked with several days worth of growth on his face, it was Jacen's midsection that attracted most of Anakin's attention. In a wild nest of almost-black, untrimmed, wiry pubic hair lay the largest penis Anakin had ever seen: a full six inches flaccid, the Force only knows how long hard, and as thick as Anakin's forearm. Their father, Mr. Save-the-Galaxy himself, couldn't come close to matching Jacen's manhood.
     Anakin found himself unconsciously licking his lips. He started walking towards Jacen, who seemed to be eagerly awaiting the moment Anakin would reach him. As he walked, Anakin began removing his shorts, exposing to his brother what he had to offer. It was the least he could do, considering the show Jacen had already given him just by standing there.
     His shorts around his ankles, Anakin reached out to his brother. His fingers grazed Jacen's toned pectorals as they reached for his hardened nipple. Glancing down, Anakin noticed Jacen's penis growing and much bigger could it get?
     Anakin finally reached his brother, who promptly threw down the lightsaber he was still holding in his right hand. He lifted his arms up as if to embrace Anakin, exposing tufts of sweat-drenched brown hair under his arms. Anakin could smell the musky aroma of his teen brother, and longed to bury his face in Jacen's armpit. Instead, Anakin accepted the invitation and fell into his brother's arms. He nuzzled his face against Jacen, exhilarated by the feel of his stubble as it rubbed against Anakin's still boyish, smooth face. Anakin fell his own penis rising and leaking lubricant. 
     "Jacen," Anakin tried to say, although his voice was muffled by Jacen's neck as he kissed everywhere.
     "Anakin," came a response, although very clear. Too clear.
     "Anakin," the voice said again. It wasn't Jacen's voice.
     "Anakin!" This time the voice was loud, right next to Anakin. It definitely wasn't Jacen. It wasn't even male. Shaking his head, Anakin looked around once more.

     Anakin opened his eyes and found his mother staring into them. And suddenly he remembered.
     He wasn't on Yavin IV. He was on the Millenium Falcon. On the way back to Yavin from Coruscant. He had gone home with his parents, and now they were taking him back.
     How much of his dream had he acted out? And how much had she seen? Anakin couldn't tell, although the concerned look in his mother's eyes spoke volumes. Looking down, he noticed that the sheet that had covered him on the couch in the Falcon's lounge had been pushed aside, exposing him to the open air. Just like his dream, Anakin was wearing nothing but shorts. He struggled to assess his situation.
     One hand on his stomach.
     One hand...inside his shorts.
     Gripping his penis.
     A fully erect penis.
     Anakin looked up, wide-eyed, at his mother, hoping for some kind of sign that everything was ok. The concerned look remained, and as Anakin opened his mouth to speak, she put her finger in front of it.
     "Ani, I think you need to have a talk with your father."

More to come...