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In the last chapter (Introduction), Anakin shares a sexually-charged experience with his older brother, Jacen, only to find that it was just a dream. He finds himself on the Millenium Falcon, staring into his mother's eyes, with one hand inside his shorts clutching his penis. His mother determines that it's time for "the talk."

The Young Jedi Chronicles:
Chapter 1 - The Talk

     Anakin rolled his eyes. He'd been trying to keep count of his eye-rolling, but had given up. His father, Han Solo, had been talking for what seemed to be at least three standard hours, but Anakin knew it was more like ten minutes. It had all started innocently enough....
     "Son, listen. Your mother told me about what happened and I want you to know that we're not mad. Every boy goes through this. I just wish you'd been with your brother when his body was changing, so you could have seen it first hand. To be honest, I was hoping to avoid having this talk with you altogether, but I guess Jacen didn't see the need to take some initiative with you."
     Anakin remembered thinking, Oh great, he doesn't even want to be doing this. After his brief introduction, his father went on and on about emotional changes, sexual feelings, and physical development. It was the last part that caught Anakin's interest. He knew what happened when a boy started to become a man, but for some reason Anakin was different. He was thirteen, but had barely started puberty. At least he didn't think he had.
     "Anakin, when a boy starts having all these new feelings, like you probably have, his body starts changing. One of the first things you'll notice, if you haven't already, is some hair around the base of your penis."
     Anakin thought back to when he'd found his first hair sprouting from the smooth skin above his penis. He'd felt triumphant, but unsure of what to expect. After all, it was only one hair, and now that it was two months later, he still only had a few hairs. They were certainly nothing to boast about.
     "After that, or maybe around the same time, your voice will start changing. You might not notice it at first, because sometimes the change is gradual. But, if you're anything like your brother, you'll wake up one day and have a new voice.
     Anakin remembered the first time he'd heard his brother's newly changed voice, almost two years ago. Because Anakin lived with his parents on Coruscant while finishing up his general schooling, he couldn't be with Jacen on Yavin IV while all these changes were taking place. Jacen's new voice had been revealed to him during one of the family's routine holo-calls to Yavin IV. Anakin had been surprised at the time—his brother was growing up, and he wasn't even there to see it—but no one else acted that way. His parents didn't even mention the difference, and so Anakin assumed that it was just "one of those things." Maybe if they'd said something....
     "One of the other changes you might notice, and this is a very personal thing, is your penis growing larger. Sometimes it's hard to tell how big your penis is unless you have an erection. Do I need to explain that?"
     Anakin shook his head.
     "Good. Well, anyway, when you have an erection, you might notice that your penis has gotten longer. It will also get thicker, too." His father held up his hand, forming a ring with his thumb and forefinger. Making a small ring, he continued. "Right now, your penis may be this thick. In the next few months, it might get this big." With that, Han Solo let his fingers form a larger ring.
     Anakin was thrilled. Right now, his little penis was no more than three inches long and about as thick as his thumb. The thought of having something larger than that to stuff into his pants was an exciting prospect. He'd often admired the bulges that older boys sported at school, and sometimes tried to manipulate the placement of his small penis to simulate what he longed to have. Anakin had seen other boys at school naked, of course, during his physical maintenance course. Because the class was so intensive, the students were required to take sonic showers after each session to not only eliminate the smell of sweat but also to physically and mentally refresh the boys. It was during these showers that Anakin had seen other boys naked (besides Jacen during bathtime) for the the first time. Because schools on Coruscant were organized by age group, most of the students in his 12th-year class were his age, but they showed a wide variety of physical development.
     In fact, Anakin remembered seeing every aspect of physical development his father had described so far in the the boys from his class. Some of the boys had begun to grow hair around their penises, while others were completely smooth. Several boys--the popular ones--already had experienced at least some sort of voice change, thereby setting them apart from the rest of the boys and allowing them to be percieved as more mature, regardless of what was happening under their clothes. Even fewer sported what Anakin considered to be penises that were larger than average for the group. While there were only two or three, they made sure that the rest of the boys knew they had matured in that area. Instead of covering up with a towel or turning their backs to the room when changing, the "big" boys walked around freely, their seemingly pendulous penises swinging back and forth with every movement. To Anakin, those boys seemed huge, and he longed to be like them. Little did Anakin know that the boys were nowhere near full-grown, with erect penises jutting, at most, only four inches from their groins.
     As Anakin reflected on his experiences at school, he became slightly concerned, but forced his face to remain neutral. He didn't want to upset his father, who was doing his best to tell Anakin all he needed to know. His last sessions at school, at the end of the academic term, were almost three months ago. By that time the term ended, the number of boys who had "matured" by Anakin's limited standards had grown from three to eleven out of the twenty-four students in his class—not a majority but cerainly a lot—and Anakin hadn't been one of them. Because so many of the boys hadn't matured, there really was not any shame in still being small, but Anakin still felt left out. His penis was only a quater inch longer than it was when the term had started. He knew his brother was changing, or had already changed, and they'd always done everything together. Why couldn't this be the same way? After all, they were only a year and a half apart in age. How much longer would he have to wait?
     Anakin slowly tuned back in to his father's droning, and he caught something about having sex.
     Sex was something Anakin hadn't even thought about yet.
     "Pay attention, Anakin. I'm almost done, and this is for you're own good," his father insisted.
     Anakin nodded.
     "As I was saying, sex will be an option for you in the future. Be smart about it."
     Gathering courage from somewhere, Anakin managed to sqeak out a question. "Dad, you keep mentioning 'the future.' But what I really want to know is, how long am I going to have to wait?"
     "That interested in having sex, eh?"
     "No, Dad! That's not what I meant! I just want to know, when I'm going to be fully grown...down there."
     "Actually, that's the last part of our little talk. I'll be honest with you, Ani. You're running a little late, and there's nothing wrong with that. But I think I have a pleasant surprise for you, one that I know you'll like."
     "What is it, dad?"
     "I think your brother should tell you. It's a Jedi thing."

More to come...