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In the Introduction, Anakin dreams about an erotic experience with his brother Anakin, only to have his mother find out. In Chapter 1 (The Talk), Anakin must sit through a sex talk with his father while he reflects on his own development and his limited experiences with others. However, his father withholds one aspect of Jedi puberty--something that he will have to hear from another Jedi. And so, Anakin's quest to uncover the secret begins...

The Young Jedi Chronicles:
Chapter 2 - The Search Begins

     Anakin woke up.
     The room was dark, the air damp. Anakin's cot was soaked with sweat. The air refreshers were malfunctioning again, allowing the heavy Yavin IV air to fill the temple that housed the Jedi Academy. Anakin struggled to remember what had jarred him so violently from his sleep.
     Another nightmare, he concluded. He'd been having more lately, although try as he might, he could not remember the details of his dreams. All he knew was that they were terrifying. As he lay in the darkness, Anakin realized that he would not be able to fall back asleep. It wasn't yet first dawn, but the giant gas planet that was called Yavin would come up over the horizon slowly, followed by the system's sun, creating a dual-sunrise that rivaled those his Uncle Luke witnessed as a boy on Tatooine.
     Strenous training over the last few weeks had left Anakin sore and more tired than he could ever remember. Just entering puberty, his muscles were finally starting to respond to the workouts they were submitted to on a daily basis. His body was becoming more defined, he knew, and he was physically stronger than ever before. Yet his nightmares continued. No matter how strong he grew, he couldn't fight off the demons that plagued him while he slept.
     Anakin rubbed his abdominal area, the part of his body most sore from yesterday's training sessions. Duck and roll, flip and crouch, strike and parry, these were the actions that defined his day--certainly not typical for a newly-minted teenager. While normal thirteen-year-olds roamed the broad avenues of Coruscant, explored the vast prairies of Naboo, or did whatever served as fun on the many thousands of worlds that made up the New Republic, he was stuck here. Anakin certainly didn't regret his life's calling. Being a Jedi student had its advantages. After all, students weren't always relegated to the temple. Adventures often presented themselves to the Solo children, and, like their father, they had never been ones to turn down a little fun, even if it meant risking your life in the process.
     Anakin also wasn't alone. Many students called the Academy their home, and Anakin was thankful for that. Even though he longed for the endless possibilities that a more populated world would provide, he knew from experience that living with his parents on Coruscant often proved to be a more lonely existence than living on Yavin IV, where the only population was Jedi and Jedi trainees. It was amazing to him that the center of the known universe could be such a solitary place.
     While Anakin preferred the company that the Academy provided him, he was alone now, and he found it most unsatisfactory. He was wide awake and growing bored with laying on his still-wet bed contemplating his life. He looked down and noticed that his hand was still rubbing his lower torso; it had apparently been on auto-pilot while Anakin was lost in his reverie. Shirtless, Anakin watched the muscles of his lower abdomen contract and relax under the kneading of his fingers. As he stared at his own body, he realized that he was becoming aroused. His shorts were beginning to tent, a telltale sign that his penis was going to need attention.
     Even though puberty had not yet graced him with the growth spurt he so desperately wanted, he found that his penis had developed a mind of its own even though it hadn't developed much physically. Now at full attention, his boy penis begin to poke out of the hole in the front of his shorts. Giggling, Anakin exposed what was quickly becoming his best, albeit small, friend. Measuring three-and-a-half inches in length, it had grown a half inch since his father had subjected him to "the talk." While Anakin was proud of his little friend, he desperately longed to be a man--and look like one, too.
     Anakin grasped his penis with is hand which, at his current state of growth, fit together perfectly. He began moving his hand slowly over the shaft of his penis, reveling in the sexual sensations his mastabatory actions were providing.
     Suddenly Anakin felt a ping through the Force. Was it a message? No. A call for help? No. A question? Maybe. He concentrated, focusing both on the feelings his penis was providing and his connection with the living Force. The first person he sensed--the first person he always sensed--was his brother Jacen, whose quarters were only a few rooms away. Jacen was awake, and open to the Force as well. Then Anakin realized that it was Jacen who'd connected with Anakin; it was he who had caused the ping. Stroking his penis faster, using a tighter grip, Anakin opened himself up even more.
     Then he stopped. He felt like he should. He felt like . . . he should go to Jacen's room. Why? Anakin wasn't sure, but the desire was there. They'd made a connection; perhaps it needed to be resolved. Anakin slowly stood, his joints rejecting the movement with stiffness. Unfortunately, stiffness of his joints weren't his only problem. Looking down, Anakin noticed that his penis was as erect as he'd ever seen it, definitely stretching beyond his last measurement. He had to calm down, had to relax. What would Jacen think if he saw him like this? Probably that he was some kind of pervert. Normal people didn't sit around in the dark playing with their penises, that much Anakin was sure of. Thinking of the worst thing possible--his mother's approximation of Correllian blood stew--Anakin managed to force his penis back down to its flaccid state. Hanging limp, it looked so much smaller, so much like a boy. A little boy. With a sigh, Anakin pulled his shorts up and headed for Jacen's room.
     As he was about to knock on the door, Anakin noticed that it was already slid partially open. Peeking in, Anakin saw his brother lying in his bed, a thin sheet coving his wiry frame from neck to feet.
     "I knew you'd come," he said cryptically.
     Shrugging, Anakin walked in to Jacen's room, carefully avoiding the small animal cages that dotted the floor.
     "I felt you. That's why I wanted you to come here," Jacen said, adding more confusion to Anakin's already befuddled mind.
     "Felt what," he asked, trying to sound confident even though he was terrified of what his brother might say.
     "Felt you playing, you know, with that," Jacen said, pointing to Anakin's crotch. Anakin's face must have twisted into some expression of horror, or guilt, or both, because Jacen was suddenly taken aback. "Anakin, no. It's not a bad thing. I was doing it, too. That's why we connected. Sexual energy is very strong in the Force."
     "Oh . . . ."
     "Well, don't look so scared. All guys do it. It's natural to play with your cock--I've been doing it since I was twelve."
     Cock? That was a new one. Obviously, Anakin still had much to learn. "Err . . . I just started not too long ago. After me and dad had 'the talk'."
     "Hmm, yeah. Dad told me about that. Must've really sucked."
     "Yeah. So . . ."
     "You want to see it, don't you? It's ok, you know, to be curious about older guys. And I'm your brother, so you can relax. I won't tell anyone."
     "But first you have to show me yours." This worried Anakin. He was so small, how could he ever show it to Jacen without running away in shame? Looking down, he noticed that size was less important since all this talk of playing with cocks had made his rise once again to its bigger-than-full-size condition. Anakin, still shirtless, slowly slid down his shorts, first revealing his few wispy, newly grown pubic hairs. Anakin saw Jacen lick his lips in anticipation. Did his brother like guys? No. He was always hot for Tenel Ka. And besides, they were brothers. They could be naked in front of each other, even if this was the first time in eight years. As he continued to lower his shorts, Anakin's penis flopped up and hit his belly, creating a slapping sound that Jacen seemed to find amusing. Jacen smiled. "You've got some growing left to do, but it looks real good. What is it, about four inches?"
     "Three-and-a-half, last time I . . . um . . . measured."
     "It's okay, Ani. I measure too. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Anyway, it looks longer than that to me."
     "Yeah, I think it just grew."
     "Mine too."
     "Yep. So, are you ready?" Anakin nodded. "Do you want the slow version or the quick one?"
     "All right then. Here it goes." Anakin could barely contain his excitement. He'd dreamed of Jacen naked not too long ago, but this was no dream. This was real. Anakin new that Jacen wasn't as manly has his dream had made him out to be, but Jacen was still far ahead of him as far as puberty was concerned, and Anakin was very interested in seeing what the family genes might one day give him.
     Jacen moved his arms, still covered by the sheet, so his hands could grab each of the top two corners. Slowly, they began to travel down his body, taking the thin piece of cloth with them. The first thing that Anakin noticed was Jacen's well-formed chest, with large, brown nipples sitting atop toned and tanned pectorals. While not overly hairy like in his dream, Anakin did have small crowns of hairs around his nipples, and a sparse patch between his pecs that, given some time, would surely spread. As the sheet moved lower, it revealed more of Jacen's torso. The line of hair between his pecs had stopped at the top of his abdomen, only to start again around his navel to continue down below where the sheet still covered.
     Anakin could barely contain his excitement. The image that had become the focus of his dreams--at least the ones that weren't nightmares--was about to be revealed to him. The sheet keep moving, slowly, until the uppermost reaches of Jacen's pubic hair were revealed. Anakin took a deep breath and fought the desire to close his eyes until Jacen had completely lowered the sheet. Instead, he looked down at his own exposed cock. It too was twitching with excitement.
     As a barely audible moan of pleasure escaped Anakin's still-boyish vocal chords, it was drowned out by the blaring--at least it seemed like blaring--of the morning bell. It was breakfast time, and soon the older Jedi would be coming down the halls to make sure the stragglers got a good morning meal. Jacen quickly covered himself with the sheet as he struggled to slide his shorts back into position. Knowing full well that he shouldn't be out of his room this early, Anakin started for the hallway. At the door, he turned and looked at Jacen. A crooked smile, inherited from their father, was spread across his face.
     "We'll do this some other time."
     Anakin smiled back, then headed to his room. If his new plan was going to work, the last thing he needed was trouble.