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Chad Harris walked slowly along the sidewalk, enjoying the cool night breeze. It was nice to have some alone time. Lately it felt like all he did was support Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald in her never-ending quest to get together with Ethan Crane. The two were clearly in love with each other, but Theresa was her own worst enemy, constantly putting roadblocks in her own path to happiness. Chad wouldn't care if it weren't for the fact that Ethan was his best friend. More than anything Chad just wanted Ethan to be happy. He spent most of his time with Whitney Russell, who he had been crushing on since he arrived in town. Unfortunately Whitney's younger sister Simone had been crushing on Chad for just as long, and Whitney didn't want to do anything to hurt her sister. In a way it helped to be so caught up in the whole Theresa/Ethan affair since it kept him from dealing with his own stalled love life. Man was he itching to get laid! Not that that was all he was interested in with Whitney, but unlike her he was no virgin and having sampled the delights of sex Chad couldn't help but long for it again.

Chad looked up to realize he was drawing up on the Russell home and he slowed down to gaze up at it. Chad had first come to town looking for his parents, who had abandoned him as a child. At first he'd found Harmony rather lame, but he'd quickly warmed to its inhabitants. How he wished he could have grown up in a home like the Russell's had, surrounded by loving family. In a way he'd become a part of the Russell clan. Despite early misgivings, Eve Russell had warmed to him - and he'd always gotten along very well with patriarch T.C. Russell, who taught gym down at the high school. That was why the whole Whitney/Simone situation was so difficult - he didn't want to do anything to cause the Russells any pain.

A sudden noise startled Chad out of his reverie. It sounded like someone fumbling with a latch! Quietly, fearing a break-in at the Russells, Chad crept alongside the neighbor's house and peeked around the corner. What he saw was not a burglar but T.C. locking up the garage door and muttering himself. Not wanting to disturb him, Chad drew back and watched as T.C. made his way back to the main house and went inside, shutting the door behind him. Not for the first time Chad found himself wondering what T.C. kept in that garage. He knew from previous conversations that the garage was off limits to everyone but T.C. - not even his own family members were allowed in. The garage was T.C.'s refuge, where he retreated when he lost his temper (which could be quite often). But what did he do in there?

In the past Chad had been tempted to take a look, but his respect for T.C. had always kept him away. Not that T.C. was perfect... ironically his obsession with perfection (in his wife and his two daughters) was T.C.'s main fault. That's the one thing that Chad had never been able to fathom about T.C. - why would a man who has so much, has such a perfect life, be so obsessed with making sure his family maintained such an appearance of perfection. Just odd.

"Oh well, none of my business", thought Chad as he started to walk away.

But after taking a few steps, Chad paused. What DOES T.C. keep in that garage? The question was looming over Chad once again - and this time he decided to do something about it. Maybe it was just the desire to do something other than prop up Theresa and Ethan, but whatever the reason Chad decided to let his curiosity get the better of him. He crept quietly over to the garage and examined the lock - to his surprise it was not closed. Upon closer examination it appeared broken, that must be what T.C. had been muttering about...

Slipping the lock out of its latch, Chad slid through the opening and pulled the door closed behind him. The room he was in was pretty much pitch black. He stood there for a few minutes stabilizing his breath (he'd been panting) and adjusting his eyes to the dim light. What he could make out was not much - there was a large metal cabinet along the wall he was facing, the kind with large doors opening into compartmentalized shelving. It appeared locked. To the right were some piles of old junk covered with dusty tarps, but to the left T.C. seemed to have created a little 'living area' for himself. There was a modern looking television set equipped with a DVD player and VCR. A smooth black leather recliner sat facing it, a small garbage can on one side and a half-full bag of chips on the other.

Chad couldn't help but grin... he should have known that a man's man like T.C. would have just this kind of retreat. The mysterious garage turned out be nothing more than a place to watch the game and binge on potato chips. There were a couple of lamps around the room but Chad didn't want to create too much light, so instead he lit a few candles he found lying around. He walked over to the television and, keeping one finger on the volume button so he could turn it down as soon as the set was on, he pressed the power button on the television. The screen turned a bright blue - clearly it was waiting for a picture from the VCR or DVD. So, there was no cable - but then what did T.C. watch out here? Chad couldn't help but be a little curious about the man's taste in movies. He checked the VCR and DVD player but both were empty.

They had to be in the cabinet then. Walking over to it, Chad examined the lock - he'd learned a few tricks in his youth and was able to pick it without any problems. Sliding the doors open as quietly as he could manage, Chad peered inside. The cabinet contained mostly videocassettes, although there was a small pile of dvds. What was odd about them though was their labels - instead of movie names they had dates. The earliest appeared to be January 1990, and each year ran up to June and then resumed in September of that year. The earlier tapes had collected dust, but those from 2001 had clearly seen a lot of use lately.

Chad's curiosity, which had fizzled when he'd first seen how harmless the room looked was instantly rekindled. He HAD to know what was on these tapes! Selecting one marked May 2001 he slid the cassette out and inserted it into the VCR. Chad took a deep breath, anxious to see the contents, and pressed play...

The blue screen changed to what appeared to be a locker room - the locker room at Harmony High! Chad had been there before. The sight of it now gave Chad a sinking feeling in his stomach. He suspected he knew what was coming... Moments later his worst fears were realized. Amid raucous laughter a group of teenage boys burst into the room wearing dirty football uniforms. Foremost among them were Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Theresa's 17 year-old younger brother) and his best friend Reese Durkee. Chad watched as they joked around silently - Chad turned up the volume - and listened to them make jokes about practice. They then started to strip off their soiled uniforms, revealing smooth young flesh underneath. The boys were all in fine shape, Miguel in particular being quite buff. Reese though, was a shocker! A nerdy little kid, Reese was your typical klutzy computer geek - or was he? The boy was ripped!

Chad couldn't believe what he was seeing - how could T.C. do this? How could T.C., a grown man be so perverted! But as Chad continued to watch, and saw the underwear and jockstraps hit the floor, he forgot about all his misgivings. Chat had always considered Miguel an attractive young man, but never in the way he was thinking about him now. His smooth six pack lead to a short furry happy trail - which in turn lead to a beautiful tuft of dark black pubic hair. Beneath the hair hung a wonderful young cock, a 2 inch flaccid prick and a set of walnut size balls. Reese's naked body entered the frame and Chad had to hit pause as he gaped at the young nude body before him. Reese was truly a surprise without clothes on - not only was he buff, but his schlong hung at least 4 1/2 inches down flaccid and rested atop a large scrotum. Chad gazed at the two young men in the frame and managed to tear himself away from their extremities long enough to noticed their faces. Reese had a smug look on his face, not an expression you would normally associate with him - and Miguel, the pause button had caught him in the act of a furtive (and obviously envious) glance at Reese's goods. Chad had to wonder if there was a story there...

Chad was no longer even thinking of whether this was 'right' or 'wrong', he was overtaken by his own horniness. Unlatching his belt and undoing his pants he pulled down his pants and underwear (enjoying the feel of the hot leather under his bare ass) before pressing the pause button again. The action resumed as Chad went to work on his 7 inch shaft, working his fingers up and down his thick man meat, lubricating it with the pre-cum oozing from his wide slit. A gorgeous blond stud walked past Miguel and gave him a congratulatory smack on the ass - Chad wished he could see the red imprint... Eventually all the boys made their way past the secret camera placement and Chad was left momentarily looking at an empty locker room before the action cut - to the shower room!

Miguel and Reese were the last two to walk into the large open shower, and Chad got his wish because one of Miguel's beautiful round cheeks had a pink tinge to it from the slap. In the ass department, Miguel definitely had an edge over Reese. Both were smooth and hairless, but there was a nice plump roundness to Miguel's that Reese's lacked.

Chad watched as the boys lathered themselves up, watched the white suds course down their smooth young bodies. His hand was moving at an almost violent rate now, but he didn't notice. He was entranced by the suds sliding down between Miguel's cheeks into his crack. As he stared, Miguel reached one hand quickly around and slid it between, pulling one cheek aside to let the water rinse the suds away. Chad scrambled for the pause button and tried replaying the scene in order to pause it at the exact moment the cheeks were pulled open - he was sure he'd caught a flash of butthole! He didn't stop to wonder why this might fascinate him; he just had to see it. But try as he might, he couldn't get it to appear - and when he finally thought he'd caught the moment, the distortion in the paused picture made it impossible to see.

"That's why I transfer some of them onto DVD" said a stern voice from behind Chad.

Chad jumped out of the chair and spun around, causing him to become entangled in his pants and underwear down around his ankles. He stumbled to the floor and found himself looking up at T.C. Russell!

And he didn't look happy. Chad started to explain, but his throat had seized up in panic and all that came out was a guttural noise.

"Get up" T.C. ordered, before taking a seat in the vacated leather chair.

Chad complied and got to his feet. He opened his mouth but stopped as T.C. reached in his pocket. Panic crept down Chad's spine at the thought of what T.C. might draw out of that pocket - he knew all about T.C's famous temper. Chad had never felt so vulnerable before in his life. Here he was - caught in the act! - pants around his ankles, his dick still semi-hard and leaking pre-cum.

T.C's hand came out of his pocket... holding a small tangerine orange. He muttered something and then suddenly his arm lashed out and grabbed hold of Chad's dick. Chad felt himself pulled roughly forward and fell down into T.C's lap. Chad only had time to think "what the fuc-" when he felt the tangerine forced into this gaping mouth. A moment later he understood why - T.C.'s big meaty hands had started slapping at Chad's mocha ass cheeks. Chad trembled at the beating - he had never been spanked before in his life and certainly never thought his first time would come at 22 years old! The pain was awful, especially when T.C. stopped to rub the burn into Chad's smarting melons. It wasn't altogether unpleasant though, and eventually Chad managed to spit out the tangerine and began to moan pleasurably at his treatment. After what must have been about 10-15 minutes, T.C. gave Chad one last gentle pat on the rump.

He wasn't through though - Chad felt T.C's hands run up his back, lifting off his shirt and sweater. Chad was then slid further forward so that his head and shoulders were resting on the floor. He felt T.C. remove his pants, underwear and then his shoes and socks. By this point Chad was too docile to even resist. He felt T.C.'s body suddenly move and found himself dumped onto the floor, where he lay still in shock, gently playing with his erect dick. He watched as T.C. gathered up his clothes and left the garage, returning a moment later with a satisfied expression on his face.

"Now you won't be going anywhere" was all he said, smiling broadly down at Chad and motioning him to get up.

Chad got p, feeling the cold cement floor beneath his broad bare feet. T.C. was looking at him with a satisfied expression on his face.

"Just like I remember it, although it's definitely nice to see it all up close and in the flesh" T.C. said, leering hornily at Chad.

Chad's hands instantly went to cover himself, which was impossible to do considering his raging hard-on. T.C. let out a bark of laughter then said:

"Oh, don't be covering up that nice cock of yours Chad, in fact you don't touch it at all unless I say so. You wondering what I meant about how I remember you? You're forgetting about when you worked for me last year. Remember one day you had a date with my daughter and didn't have time to go home and get ready?"

Chad did remember - he had taken a shower in the boys locker room. Only, that was not all...

"Oh yes, I see you remember now, T.C. interrupted, you got yourself all worked up in the shower thinking about my daughter. Had to give yourself a good tug didntcha?"

Chad blushed furiously, remembering the moment. It was the first and only time he had ever masturbated in a public area... he'd just gotten carried away. He had spewed his seed all over the walls, and had been forced to clean it off with his hands.

"Would you like to see the video? I have it all on DVD as well - I just love to pause it just as your dick begins to erupt. The look on your face, all scrunched up, is just classic!" TC said with a laugh.

TC walked right up to Chad and Chad couldn't help but shiver in fright. But TC merely put his arm around Chad's broad shoulders and gave him a fatherly squeeze. The 'fatherly' concern didn't last long though as his hand ran down Chad's back before resting on his ass.

"Hope I didn't hurt ya too bad" TC said, somewhat gently.

Chad shook his head no.

"You enjoyed it, didn't you?" asked TC.

Chad nodded his head, reluctantly.

TC walked over to the other side of the garage and pulled something out of the heap of assorted storage. Crossing back over he tossed the item - and old blanket - on the floor next to the leather recliner. TC motioned to it and Chad sat down cross-legged on top of it. He was still in a state of shock, stunned at what was transpiring. He couldn't even bring himself to speak. The school Chad had gone to when younger had not even had showers, so this was the first time he had ever been naked in front of another man.

"Here, I want to show you something" TC said from over near the cabinet. He returned a moment later with a DVD in his hand. He stopped the videocassette and popped in the disc.

"It's not the scene you were trying to grab, but I think you'll like it" he said in a friendly manner, giving Chad a wink.

Chad watched the screen as TC fast-fowarded through the action. He saw the boys enter and seemingly fling their clothes off in seconds. He even managed to laugh when a well-hung young lad walked by, his dick swinging back and forth at an alarming rate! Eventually things moved into the shower.

"Now watch this" TC said in excitement.

The scene was unfolding in normal time. Miguel and Reese's now familiar asses were apparent directly in front of the hidden camera. Reese turned to Miguel and said something, asking for the soap apparently. As Miguel handed it over to Reese the soap dropped and both boys bent down to get it. PAUSE.

"Reminds you of a bad prison movie don't it?" TC asked with an evil grin.

Chad was too busy staring at the screen to pay TC any attention. There before him was the object of his earlier lust. Side by side, asses in the air, Miguel and Reese stood exposed to him. Their bent over posture had forced their cheeks apart and Chad had a clear view of their inner holdings. Miguel had a dark strip of spaced out hairs protecting his tight round pucker, while Reese's inner depths were hairless. Chad licked his lips tentatively and moved to grab hold of his aching hard-on, which was now leaking heavily.

"Ooh, you like that eh? Now don't you touch that dick of yours yet... you don't have permission" TC teased from beside him.

Chad looked up at him in anger, desperate to unload himself, and was shocked to see that TC had taken out his own raging hard-on. It was damn impressive, fully 10 inches long and with good girth to it. Chad, who had always been proud of his member felt suddenly insignificant.

"Come here" TC gestured Chad to come closer and Chad did so, kneeling right up against TC's thick hairy thigh so that he could keep one eye on TC and one on the smooth boy butts on screen.

"You ever mess around with another guy before?" asked TC gently.

"No, not ever. I... I don't know what's happening" Chad stammered in reply, finally speaking. TC placed is hand soothingly on the back of Chad's head.

"You know, TC said, I got married a long time back. I loved Eve then and still do. We had great sex, and still do. We created two beautiful daughters who I couldn't be more proud of. I had never in my entire life thought about another man. Then one day I got a job coaching at the school and I started to have these other feelings too. I've never acted on them, not with any of those boys - but I do like to look. And every so often I go out of town and find myself and nice little 20 year-old twink like yourself and come back happier than ever. Am I gay or straight? I don't really care, all I knows is I'm happy and clearly you are too."

"I.. I uh.. it's just that..." try as he may Chad just couldn't respond, couldn't deny.

"Now, said TC in a different tone, just stick out your tongue."

Chad felt his head guided forward by TC's strong hand on the back of his head. He was being lead towards TC's fierce looking cock. Tentatively he did as he was told, sliding his tongue slowly out of his mouth. He felt it make contact and instinctively tried to pull away, but TC held him firmly. Slowly, Chad's tongue slid out from between his full lips again and licked across the breadth of TC's large member. There was a slight taste of salt and sweat but not much else. Chad thought of the best blow-job a girl had ever given him and tried to emulate. He reached up and grabbed the base of TC's unit and began to squeeze and pull, all the while lapping at the underside of the large prick - from base to tip, just teasing slightly around the head. TC was groaning lustfully now and muttering "that's a good little bitch". Chad tried not to dwell on those words and what they could mean, instead throwing himself with vigor into the task before him. He thought of the two young men on the screen behind him and how delightful they had been to watch and he thought of the impressive father-figure before him, whose job it now was for him to pleasure. He knew instinctively in the back of his mind that he would do what TC told him to, he relished (for the first time in his life) the discipline that had fallen over his life.

Chad's tongue slid out from the underside of TC's meat and onto its broad swollen head. His tongue slid into the slit that had opened wide to spew its juices. The taste was new and intoxicating, and Chad could not help but begin to suck - like a newborn kitten finding its mother's tit for the first time. There was no way Chad could fit such a large dick into this mouth, so he worked hard on the sensitive head, his tongue sloshing around in his mouth with the juices pouring into it. He was aware of his nipples beginning to hurt in their hardness and of his own swollen dick leaking heavily. It just felt so damn good being down here on his knees, this was where he belonged... He shuddered as his body hit orgasm and his seed flew out of his body violently, splattering over the front of the leather chair. TC was thrashing around from side to side now, grunting with pleasure. His hand seized the back of Chad's head once more and Chad felt his head forced down further onto TC's cock. He was being speared and could feel the sides of his mouth stretch to their limit... any moment now they would crack. And then he felt splashes of warm liquid crashing against the back of his throat. Whether to 'spit or swallow' was not even an option as his mouth was bypassed altogether and the volleys of semen flew into his depths. Chad got the impression that TC was hardly even aware that he was there at that moment - he was just a receptacle. Finally it ended and the pressure on Chad's mouth subsided as TC's swelling went down. Chad fell back onto the floor, gazing up at the dusty ceiling. He could hear TC's panting mixed with his own.

"Lick these clean now" TC said, breathlessly.

Chad saw that he was holding out his feet, which were splattered with Chad's cum. Chad got up onto his side without hesitation and lapped up his own spew - something that just an hour ago would never have entered his mind. He didn't even stop there - the juice was like nectar to him now, and he had to have more. He lapped it up off the leather chair, he squeezed the last drops out of his sagging cock and licked those up. He descended on TC's now flaccid penis and slurped up whatever remains he could find.

TC watched all this with a very pleased expression on his face. Looking up into that beaming face, Chad couldn't help but smile broadly in return. Chad suspected Mr. Russell wouldn't be hanging out in the garage by himself anymore.