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Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald woke up slowly, his eyes fluttering open to adjust to the bright light flooding into his room and across his bed. He stretched slightly, enjoying the cocooning sensation of being wrapped up warmly. He let the truth - that he would soon need to get up - sink in slowly. He rubbed one of his smooth feet across the other and then up across his hairy legs, enjoying the sensation. Finally, with a loud sigh he threw the covers aside and started his morning ritual.

Getting up, he pulled on a dressing gown and opened his door. He padded bare foot down to the bathroom and went inside, locking the door behind him. Miguel always woke up at the same time - growing up with two brothers and two sisters had taught him that if you wanted the bathroom when you needed it, you needed to beat them to it. He dropped his dressing gown to the floor and pulled off his white boxer briefs. It wasn't time for his shower just yet, but Miguel liked to admire himself in the mornings. Standing over the toilet, he let out a long stream of piss, his semi-hard penis softening as the night's load was released. Miguel had a nice body, he knew that - but he was also terribly and secretly insecure. The reason for that insecurity was clenched in his broad-fingered hand. He shook off his dick and stood gazing at his reflection in the full-length mirror on the door.

Broad shoulders topped off his frame, leading down to an impressive set of pectorals and a smooth cut six-pack. His washboard stomach split into large muscled thighs, which lead down to his bulging calf muscles and broad feet. He was a bit squat, but swarthy and attractive. He knew he was the most popular guy at Harmony High. But still, his 'centerpiece' bothered him.

He had a nice patch of pubic hair, which he actually trimmed occasionally (although subtly so that the guys at school wouldn't notice). Miguel was looking forward to the day he graduated just so that he could groom it more extensively. But beneath this pubic hair hung a slim prick, about 2 inches long at the moment, and a small set of balls. When he jerked off it maxed out at 5 inches. He was circumsized, which was unusual for men of his faith, but at the time of his birth the medical community was suggesting that all children be circumsized since it was believed to be healthier. They knew it made no difference now, but what was done, was done. Miguel wished he had that bit of skin, for all the difference it would make...

Miguel pulled his boxers back on and drew on his robe, heading back to his room. Once inside he locked his door, made sure the curtains were closed and stripped down once more. He pulled out a workout mat and started his morning exercises - 200 reps of sit-ups and 200 push-ups. Then he would head out jogging.

As was so often the case in the mornings, Miguel couldn't help but dwell on what he perceived as his smallness. The whole reason (although Miguel was barely conscious of this) that he worked out so much was to overcompensate for his dick. As a little boy he had been infatuated with penises, although after one occasion of public masturbation (on the front porch!) it had been explained to him that this was not proper. So he kept it to himself. After catching glimpses of his older brothers he marveled at their size, and their hairiness. Miguel and Luis used to share a bedroom when Antonio lived with them and at nights after Luis had fallen asleep Miguel would slip out of bed and reach beneath Luis' covers. One quick feel, and slight fondle, and Miguel would rush back under his covers and pretend he was sleeping until finally he dozed off. Little Miguel wanted so badly to have a big dick like his brothers he actually prayed to god to make it happen. Eventually, of course, it did start to happen. The day he found his first pubic hair was among the happiest of Miguel's young life. He grew and grew and grew and... stopped. Surely, Miguel thought, this can't be it? He was not half the size that Luis was. But, that was it. No more growth, no matter how often or how hard Miguel masturbated.

He'd been a late bloomer too - and he had had to endure junior high gym showers with boys much further along than himself. For a while they called him 'Miquelino' to make fun of him. Eventually he had caught up, and although Miguel was smart enough to realize he was about the same size as most of the other boys at school, it just wasn't enough for him. "Average" was not good enough. And so he had started working out, building up his body in order to hide his insecurity over his 'little secret'.

Miguel got up off the floor and pulled on his jogging clothes. He padded down stairs in his socks to the kitchen, where his mother was already preparing breakfast for her family before heading off to the Crane estate. Miguel adored his mother, who since his father's disappearance years ago had raised their large family on her own. He wished her a hearty "good morning mama" and gave her a kiss on the cheek before pulling on his runners and heading out the door. He'd eat when he got back. He jogged down the street towards the Russells and slowed as he saw Chad Harris emerge from the Russell garage. Miguel was surprised - everyone knew that only TC went in that garage. But then right on cue, TC emerged behind Chad, so Miguel guessed everything was alright. He waved to them as he passed by and wondered what was with their strange expressions...

Miguel made his way down Pine Street towards the beach, where he ran every morning. Miguel could feel his package swaying slightly within the confines of his boxers as he ran, and again he started to think about his inferiority. What really galled Miguel, what really made him feel inadequate, was not the other jocks at school - who were mostly on par with him - but his best friend Reese Durkee.

Reese was loyal to Miguel to a fault; he looked up to Miguel and enjoyed his company. And Miguel liked Reese too; they really were the best of friends and had been their entire lives. Still, Miguel couldn't help but be jealous - and thankful that Reese was so... well, geeky. Miguel had realized years ago that with a little work, Reese could be a major stud - but he had never suggested helping him with this style, never mentioned his bad hair. Miguel knew from gym class that Reese not only had a fine physique (just as buff as Miguel but with a slimmer build), but that he also had a real monster between his legs. The guys at school had started calling Reese 'horse' at one point but he had been so embarrassed by it that they stopped. Besides, Miguel suspected he wasn't the only one who was envious of Reese's equipment.

So Miguel was happy to keep Reese 'in his place' as his loyal sidekick. At times he felt guilty about it, but then gym class would roll around and the jealousy would kick in again. Sometimes it got uglier - Miguel had delighted in humiliating Reese on the basketball court (Reese had never sunk a basket in his life, but was always willing to play), but for the most part their friendship was solid and it was not like Miguel spent every waking moment obsessing over his penis anyway. The last year had offered plenty of distractions.

Miguel rounded a corner and there she was - his chief distraction and the object of his affections - Charity Standish. Her blond hair sparkled in the early morning sunlight and her blue eyes twinkled as she caught sight of him.

"Oh Miguel, isn't it just such a beautiful morning - like heaven just opened up and the angels are smiling down on us" Charity exclaimed as Miguel stopped in front of her, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Yes, it's a beautiful day, almost as beautiful as you are" Miguel replied with full sap. His inner voice was saying something quite different though, something more along the lines of 'god that was corny!' Around Charity it was hard for Miguel to control the things that came out of his mouth. From the moment he had seen her he had felt something seize control of him - it was like fate was drawing them together. Sometimes he felt like he wanted to pull away, that Charity was really too boring and sincere for him, but he could never follow through. Everyone said they were in love, but Miguel never thought love would feel like such a trap!

"Oh, you're so sweet, you're just the sweetest! Why don't we start jogging!" and with that Charity grabbed Miguel's hand and started pulling him along until he started keeping pace.

Miguel had insisted that Charity join him for his morning jogs, despite the fact that this was his alone time. He hadn't wanted to, but then he'd gone and done it anyway - and then acted like he was happy when she agreed. It was almost like he was bewitched, although he new there was nothing nefarious about Charity - in fact she was the personification of 'goodness'. Evil spirits had tried to kill them both on several occasions, and Miguel had even had to rescue Charity from hell on one occasion. When Miguel thought about these events (which he tried not to do often) he couldn't help but marvel at how farfetched it all seemed. If he hadn't been there he would never have believed it. Charity also had premonitions quite frequently, although Miguel tried not to take her seriously. It was just too damn spooky.

"Oh Miguel, I've just had a horrible vision!" Charity screamed, coming to a sudden halt.

Miguel tried not to roll his eyes as he walked back to where she was standing. "Here we go again," he thought. Why had fate designated me to be her hero?! It was at moments like these that Miguel really wished he could be rid of Charity. But nevertheless, the words that came out of his mouth were:

"Charity, I'm sure it's nothing. You probably just didn't sleep well last night."

"No, Miguel, it was a real vision. I saw... I saw... you... you.. uh... were um... not wearing any clothes and -

"What?" Miguel said blushing.

"You, uhm, weren't... you were naked! And people were staring at you."

"Well, I'm sure I'd stare too if some guy was walking around naked" Miguel said with a smile, trying to calm Charity down. Inwardly his mind was racing in panic - Charity had never been wrong before - all her visions came true, even Sheridan's death. That meant he'd be exposed!

"No, it wasn't that kind of staring Miguel. There were people - men - gazing at you as you showered. I... I didn't see anything, just steam, but I knew you were naked and... and... oh Miguel, the way you were being looked at... it was like lust, it was awful!"

Charity had worked herself up into quite the state, and if she kept true to form any moment now she would faint. Miguel was barely even paying her attention though - his brain was elsewhere despite the rapt look of attention on his face. The thought of being looked at with lust - by men - was rather intriguing, much more interesting than making googly eyes at Charity.

"Miguel! You need to be careful, you're in danger!!" and with that final scream Charity's eyes rolled up in head and down she went.

Miguel immediately went to her and tried to rouse her. He heard footsteps running up behind him and knew that once again Charity had made a spectacle of herself. He just hoped no one had heard all that stuff about men lusting after him! Miguel turned to see Reese arriving with Jessica, Simone and Kay a few steps behind muttering to each other. Reese crouched down next to Miguel and he caught a whiff of Reese's aftershave.

"What happened Miguel? Did Charity have another of her visions?" Reese asked.

"Yes - er, no" Miguel replied, and Reese looked at him oddly, though he didn't push the matter.

"Look, she's coming around" Jessica said happily, as Charity's eyes fluttered open.

Charity woke up and they helped her to her feet. She didn't remember her vision, or if she'd even had one, and Miguel was thankful for that. Everyone exchanged hellos and good mornings and Charity suggested they all jog together. Kay looked none-too-pleased about that suggestion but insisted on coming along. So much for 'alone time' Miguel thought...


After the morning jog, everyone had gone their separate ways. Miguel had gone home for breakfast and a shower, after which he'd headed off to work on the fishing boat. It had been a weird day - while Miguel was thankful for this time away from Charity, her words that morning hung over his head all day long. Whenever he glanced at the grown men he worked with on the boat he wondered if it was they who longed to see him naked. And strangely enough, Miguel was really enjoying the idea of himself on display. He still wished he had more of a package to show off, but that didn't stop him from being very turned on. At one point Miguel even had to excuse himself to 'hit the head' and had jerked off furiously in the small bathroom.

He was glad when the boat put to shore that evening and he raced home to shower the stink of fish off his skin. He ate a good supper with his mom (Theresa was out with Whitney Russell and Luis was at work) and then went to his room. Miguel had never even considered the idea of guys being interested in him before, although he knew he drew a lot of attention from the girls. It felt like a whole new world opening up to him. He'd had girlfriends before Charity came along, but they were nothing momentous - they would ask him out and he'd say yes and then after a while they'd get bored and dump him. Miguel had never really been very involved. Then Charity had come along and fate had drawn him to her. But was he really interested in Charity, or was fate forcing the situation? Miguel tried to think back to the many times he'd masturbated, trying to find an instance when he'd been thinking about a girl, but he couldn't find one. When Miguel jerked off he thought about dicks, big dicks on hunky guys - wishing he could BE those guys.

The truth of what this might mean was slowly sinking in on Miguel, and he was afraid. To his knowledge no one in Harmony was gay. It was a pretty devout town, with almost everyone attending church regularly. His family was fervently religious so if Miguel was right, and he was gay, this would cause his mother no end of distress. He had to talk this over with someone, but who could he trust? Certainly not Luis, he would fly off the handle. Theresa might be open to listening but she was much too self-involved to really help Miguel. Reese was the obvious choice; Miguel knew he could depend on Reese to keep any secret.

Miguel picked up the phone and gave Reese a call.

"Hello?" a voice on the other end replied.

"Hi Reese, it's Miguel. Listen, things have been kind of stressed around here lately and I was wondering if I could sleep over tonight, you know, like old times" Miguel said, as calmly as he could manage.

"Is something wrong Miguel? What can I do?"

"Yeah Reese, something is wrong but I'd like to talk about it with you face to face" Miguel replied, hoping Reese would say yes.

"Well, yeah. Come on over then. I'm sure my folks won't mind."

"Thanks Reese, see you soon."

Miguel ran downstairs and told his mom he would be staying over at Reese's. She protested at first because he had to work the next morning, but Pilar could tell her son really wanted to go and Reese's wasn't far anyhow. Miguel packed up some clothes for the next day and headed over to Reese's house.

An hour later Miguel was ensconced in Reese's room. The Durkees were close family friends and were happy to have him stay over. They had dragged a spare bed into Reese's room and placed them both in the middle, about a foot apart and then draped a large blankets from the ceiling over both of them to make a tent. It brought a smile to Miguel's face when he saw the set-up.

"Sorry, Reese said blushing, my mom insisted."

"Just like old times eh?!" Miguel said with a big smile, clapping Reese on the shoulder.

Reese's return smile didn't last long. He walked over the door and made sure it was locked before turning to face Miguel with a look of concern. Miguel was thankful for it - while Luis was a good brother, he was far too judgmental - but Reese could always be counted on. Miguel loved him so much at that moment that tears welled up in his eyes. He was so afraid now, afraid that telling Reese about his fears would end their friendship.

Reese was suddenly next to him, soothing him. His arm was around Miguel's shoulder and he was so close. He smelled so good. Miguel pulled away suddenly and went inside the tent; Reese followed a moment later and sat across from him. He waited for Miguel to speak. And gradually, Miguel did.

He started with Charity's vision that morning and went from there. He told him about his thoughts since then, taking a moment to try and explain his strange pull towards Charity and his misgivings about the relationship. He told about being 'aroused' on board the boat and then shamefully confessed his masturbatory fantasies. The words came out in a torrent, and Reese never said a word, he just sat there listening with a blank expression on his face. As his story petered out Miguel felt even greater humiliation as his insecurity over his penis size somehow became part of the days events, and even his jealousy of Reese's dick was put on the table. When he was done he sat there, tears flowing down his reddened face, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Spilling all that out had been incredibly painful, and Miguel had never felt so ashamed in his life.

Reese still had a hint of red to his face after blushing when Miguel had started raving about his penis (words that Reese, no doubt, had never expected to hear). Miguel darted a glance at him and noticed Reese was not angry, in fact he looked only concerned. Gradually, Miguel raised his head and met his eyes.

"Wow" was all Reese finally said when he spoke.

"I'm sorry, I should go" Miguel said quickly, getting to his feet.

"Sit down" Reese said firmly.

Miguel glanced at him and did so. He wasn't sure what Reese was going to say, but he was sure it would not be good. He should have kept control over what he was saying instead of going off about dicks, it had just made him look more ridiculous.

"I've fantasized about guys before too" Reese said suddenly, the words drawn out slowly.


"All my life I have. Mostly, I've dreamed of...of uh... guys from school. So you're not alone, and you're not weird or bad."

Miguel could hardly believe these words! Was Reese saying he was gay? How could he have kept that a secret all the years they had known each other?

"Why didn't you tell me?" Miguel asked.

"Because I was afraid. Miguel, what you just did took a lot of courage. I could never have done that! You know, I don't have brothers and sisters the way you do, the only people I have are my friends. I could never take the chance of losing any of you, especially you."

Miguel was very touched by this; he knew how much Reese relied on his friends. His parents were very distant and not openly affectionate, which is why Miguel had always fought to include Reese in every school event, why he had always hung around with him. Miguel got up and sat beside Reese, putting his arm around his shoulder.

"So I guess we're just a couple of queers eh?" Miguel asked jokingly, feeling better than he had all day. Reese grinned happily in response.

"Geez, look at you - you come over here for comfort and you end up helping me out! You're too much Miguel, you're too good."

"Please! Don't say that word, you sound like Charity!" Miguel said laughing.



"You were so honest with me, I think I have to be completely honest to you" Reese began reluctantly.

"You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to -

"I know, but listen please. Before when I said I fantasized about guys at school, I was exaggerating. There's really only been one guy I've dreamed about all these years. And that's you."

Reese was looking away from Miguel, obviously afraid to meet his gaze. Miguel was stunned. All these years Reese had been dreaming of Miguel? Maybe he was the one in Charity's vision! No, that couldn't be right, she had mentioned 'men' not 'man' and besides she said their was something lustful and disturbing about the staring, and Miguel knew that he could trust Reese never to intentionally harm him. He loved Reese, and clearly Reese loved him. Everything just felt so perfect at that moment, and Miguel didn't want to dwell on Charity's vision.

Miguel inched closer to Reese on the bed and reached out and gently turned Reese to face him. They were so close, only inches away from one another. Miguel reached up with his other hand and removed Reese's thick glasses, marveling at his beautiful eyes. The distance between them was closing in without either really being aware of it - no one pushed, no one pulled, it just... happened. Their lips met and it was like a spark energy surged back through both their bodies. Lips parted and tongues darted, and Miguel realized for the first time that he was tasting his young friend. He could feel his young member press against his pants, yearning to be free. Reese's hands reached down and then guided Miguel's shirt off his torso. Miguel could feel Reese's smooth hands all over his body, cupping his pecs and tracing their way down his stomach, twirling around his navel. His nipples were hard as Reese bent down to suckle them, his tongue playing lightly around each sensitive nub. Miguel let out a moan of pleasure and Reese giggled in delight.

"You think that's funny eh? Let's see how you like it!" Miguel laughed, lifting up Reese's shirt and exposing his beautiful physique.

Miguel leaned in and gently nibbled Reese's earlobes. This felt so RIGHT! His tongue played with the lobes gently before descending down Reese's neck. He lapped his way across Reese's smooth chest and then concentrated on each nipple. He could hear Reese muffling himself with his hand, refusing to let out a moan. Grinning, Miguel continued lower...

Miguel undid the button and fly of Reese's jeans and lowered them to the floor. He paused there, getting a mischievous thought. He removed Reese's socks and then suddenly descended on his toes, running his tongue all around the big toe. Reese squealed in response and instinctively kicked Miguel backward, one of the beds moving with him and stopping him from sprawling. Reese jumped to his feet, horrified, but Miguel was laughing. He jumped to his feet and tackled Reese, his shoulder cutting into Reese's midsection. Using his momentum, he picked Reese up over his shoulder and started slapping his ass.

Reese squirmed in delight but soon caught hold of the elastic waistline at the back of Miguel's boxer briefs and pulled upward, giving him a wedgie. Miguel gave out a girlish little squeal and quickly dropped Reese back onto a bed, pouncing on top of him and planting a sloppy wet kiss all over his face. Reese meanwhile was undoing the front of Miguel's pants and pushing them down his legs. Miguel helped kick them the rest of the way off. They were both panting and grinning like fools, enjoying the contact of their nearly naked bodies. Miguel was well aware of the large hard dick pressing up against his thigh from inside Reese's underwear. Both boys were starting to toy with each others briefs when someone knocked loudly on the door.

"What the heck are you boys doing in there!" came a cry from a very angry sounding Mrs. Durkee.

Miguel quickly got off of Reese and Reese jumped to his feet.

"Nothing ma, we were just play wrestling!" Reese called back.

Miguel and Reese glanced at each other - both sported large wet stains on the front of their tented-out underwear.

"Well try to keep it down, your father's trying to sleep!"

"Yes mom"

"Sorry Mrs, Durkee."

They heard Mrs, Durkee walk away and turned to face each other with 'little devil' grins on their faces. They eyed each others stretched and moist underwear.

"Hey, you still have socks on!" Reese exclaimed suddenly, jumping down on top of Miguel and pulling off his black socks.

With a grin, Reese started licking at Miguel's feet, sucking at his toes the way he had briefly done to Reese. Miguel didn't kick away though, instead he laid back and moaned contentedly. This only encouraged Reese, who kissed and sucked his way across both Miguel's feet before beginning to make his way upward. By the time Reese reached Miguel's crotch his white briefs were transparent with wetness. In one motion, he pulled the briefs downward and off, flinging them to the floor. Reese gazed down at Miguel's naked figure, savoring the moment he'd dreamed of for so many years. Miguel was looking up at Reese with such love in his eyes. Miguel didn't feel exposed lying there nude in front of Reese, he felt at peace. He reached down and fondled his 5 inch hard-on, squeezing more juice out onto his slick stomach.

"Take yours off too" Miguel said quietly, and Reese slid out of his briefs.

Miguel had tried to picture what Reese's dick would look like hard countless times, but nothing prepared him for the site of it. It was big, but not the thick ghastly impaler he had always imagined. It was long, slender and beautiful.

Reese eased himself down onto Miguel's body and their cocks touched and rubbed together as their lips met. Slowly, Reese began to grind into Miguel as they tongue-wrestled. Miguel starting humping back as the two bucking bodies created more friction. They were both moaning now, unashamedly. Miguel could feel his testicles swelling in preparation for orgasm and the look on Reese's face told him he was almost ready to go to. Miguel tried to gasp out a warning but at just that moment Reese planted another warm kiss on him. Miguel felt his dick convulse as it shot upward, the liquid squeezing out between their two hot sweaty bodies. Reese came a second later, adding more juice to the puddle on Miguel's torso. Long strands of cum hung down between them, joining them together.

"Wow" they said simultaneously and giggled.

They pulled apart and sat there staring at one another. Both their bodies glistened with sweat, pre-cum and semen. After a moment Miguel leaned in, and curiously licked at the sheen covering Reese's body. He tasted of salt and sweat and ... something else, but it was not unenjoyable and soon Miguel was licking up the remains across Reese's body. After a pause, he descended on Reese's still semi-hard cock. His tongue ran around the sensitive edges of the circumcised head. Reese's dick responded to the treatment by stretching out to full length again and Miguel was happy to run his tongue up and down the length of it. This felt so weird! Only this morning Miguel would have been shocked and outraged if someone had suggested he was a cocksucker, but here he was enjoying his best buddy's cock like it was a Popsicle.

When he was done, Reese returned the favor, with much less hesitation. Where Miguel had only licked around Reese's large unit, Reese bobbed up and down on Miguel's. This was a series of firsts for both the virginal young boys and they were enjoying every minute of it, every new sensation. Finally they were spent and they lay down next to each other, comfortable in each other's embrace.

"Thank you lover" Miguel said suddenly, knowing the term was appropriate.

"No, thank YOU lover" Reese replied with emotion.

Miguel felt so warm and nice all over. What had started off as one of his worst days had turned out to be the best day ever, and what was even better is that the future looked great too!

"Oh, by the way, remind me to show you all my favourite gay porn sites tomorrow" Reese said suddenly and both boys laughed happily before falling off to sleep.